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Monday, May 22, 2023

What's Going on With "Our" Judiciary?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Glad you noticed.  Too bad (almost) nobody noticed back in 1990-91, when the Congress changed the Oath of Office required of Judicial Officers to a watered-down and virtually meaningless gobbledygook that does three very damaging things: (1) judges no longer have to render decisions ``agreeable" to the Constitution; (2) judges have no personal liability for malfeasance or negligence or much of anything else they might do on the bench; (3) the judiciary lost its independence and became a creature of the Congress. 

This destroyed Constitutional obligation, accountability, and separation of powers all in one fell swoop, and all it took was deleting a line here and a word there to accomplish.  

Those who were watching raised the hue and cry, but everyone was so busy watching  "Poppy" Bush laying the groundwork for Corporate Fascism with morbid fascination, or, alternatively, chewing their cuds, that we couldn't get anyone to focus on the Judicial Oath of Office.  

We were left standing in the rain with nobody but the John Birch Society in our corner. 

I admit, it sounded so boring back then.  

What was left of the Judiciary fell over thirty years ago, and almost nobody noticed.  

People glazed over when I walked into the room.  I could catch the drift. Oh, not this again.  Save the nation.  The country is going to hell in a handbasket.  Yeah, right.  

What could go wrong with Ex-CIA Director Sir George Herbert Walker Bush in charge? 

And now they are asking in a frantic, bewildered tone of voice: "What the happening?  Why is there no enforcement against obvious major crimes?"  Devin Nunes sounds as bewildered as everyone else. 

The Judiciary was corrupted, blown away, politicized, rendered useless for any good purpose over thirty years ago. Now, the judicial officers are nothing but political hitmen compromised by the Dirty-Dirty Democrats and single-minded Revenue Agents in it for the cream pouring off all those guilty verdicts guaranteeing the Court Bond Investment Opportunities. 

Court Bond Investment Opportunities?  What?  

You missed out on that one, too.  

All the Court Case Numbers are Bond Numbers.  And just like the mortgages, they are bundled together and traded as speculative investments. 

With 96% of all court cases in this country yielding guilty verdicts under the presumptions provided by the crooked Corporate Constitution's 14th [By-Law] Amendment, Court Bond Investments are one of the safest bets with the best yields in town, and so sought after that only people like Larry Fink, and Grandma, of course, know a thing about it. 

So not only is the Judiciary broken, unaccountable, and politicized, it's crooked, too, just like the Congress. 

And why is this such a terrible, pernicious, overwhelming problem? 

You missed that one, too.  The final nail in the coffin was driven home by the United States Supreme Court thirteen years ago during the Obama Administration, when it decided to allow unlimited corporate special interest spending on Presidential and Congressional Elections. 

For once, Barack Hussein Obama and I were on the same side -- opposing it. 

That's how we wound up with multi-billion dollar political elections and the country turned upside down every four years.  

With that kind of money entering politics everything --- and I do mean everything --- predictably goes to crap, and it is, right on schedule. 

So it was me, Barack Obama, and, again,  the John Birchers ---odd company indeed, all yowling about that one--- not that the rest of America woke up.  The Mainstream Media, as usual, was worthless and silent. 

The Corporate Fascists have been piling it on ever since.   We have clear evidence that Mark Zuckerberg rigged the last Presidential Election with a modest investment of $180 Million, but forget anyone ever investigating that. 

The Russian Collusion Narrative and the FBI-CIA meddling has captured the attention of DC, and wherever it goes, you can bet it won't track back to Zuckerberg and his spending.  

Betcha didn't know this one, either: 

The FBI, the CIA, and DHS are all owned and operated by the Municipal DOD, INC., and that PENTAGON, INC. mess is owned and operated by the United States of America, Incorporated. 

Are you getting the picture here?  

This is how, when, where, and how you have been completely marginalized by the mega-wealthy corporations that are intent on destroying you.  

Why?  Because you are, collectively, their Priority Creditors, and they don't want to pay their share of the freight. 

Why did the United States Supreme Court do this awful thing?  Because under the weight of their political masters in the Congress, they caved in and accepted the idea that corporations have rights. That lapse of sanity also, predictably, happened under the direction of Sir George Herbert Walker Bush over thirty years ago.

Corporations are things.  Things don't have rights.  But shhhh!  Don't tell anyone.  

The United States Supreme Court Justices won't tell you the biggest news of all the news you missed along the way, but I will.  

We aren't talking about American courts. 

These run amok institutions and all the confused people asking, "What has happened to our judiciary?"  are asking the wrong question and arriving at all the wrong answers. 

There is nothing wrong with the American Courts.  It's the US Courts that are Deep Sixed and 99nd. 

It's not "our" Judiciary that is TU and floating belly up in the water. 

It's their Judiciary, which they gutted and corrupted all by themselves. 

Unfortunately, what impacts our employees to some extent also impacts us, and if there is going to be an answer, it has to come from the rest of us finally waking up and grabbing hold of our end of the situation. 

Our American Court System needs to be fully repopulated and brought up to speed.  Public Law needs to be enforced.  

All the commercial and Municipal Corporations need to get back in line, back in their boxes, back in their appointed places, without separate political rights, without any claim that free speech belongs to them, and without any more evil in high places promoting nonsense. 


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  1. As you know there are Cases that take these things out pretending to be "law-men-woman" called judges, DBA Incorporated Courts, but they left the FOLLOWING cases that can "Take THEM OUT" DBA courts/ pretended Judicial Agents mask-ka-RAIDING as courts!
    Here they are...making US Private Attorney Generals and or Private prosecutors, whom call forth a "GRAND JURY INCITEMENT!"
    In other words as you may know,
    KING v. LUKENS, 1 U.S. 5 (1762)
    VANHORNE'S LESSEE v. DORRANCE, 2 U.S. 304 (1795)
    Caha v. United States :: 152 U.S. 211 (1894)
    HALE v. HENKEL 201 U.S. 43, 44 (1906)
    AGENCY HOLDING CORP. v. MALLEY-DUFF & ASSOCS., 483 U.S. 143 (1987)
    Rotella v. Wood :: 528 U.S. 549 (2000)

    And beside "we the people," (now we DUH people,) can take down the BIGGEST Corp-o-rat DBA a pretend-a-federal agency such as the HHS, FDA, CDC etc and any other Title 42 U.S.C pretended courts, and all their gang members! Along with any other NON-RATIFIED "NON Positive Law 1. Looks like a court, or 2. smells like a court, 3. BUT sure happy I didn't step in it..."court!"
    And IF push come to them shoving back there ONE Constitution Court left in der usofA!
    And if that isn't enough for us legal beagles, there is the link to the International Court(S) . . .

    Ill send you an email stating the same stuff!

    1. Always researching and learning.

  2. There are only three jurisdictions left, Equity, Maritime, and Admiralty, since our government is bankrupt it doesn't have the resources to run Common law courts anymore.

    Almost every judge will appoint a lawyer if there's a chance of going to jail and with the proper bonds and letters to the lawyer, clerk, judge and prosecutor, you can hire that lawyer to follow your letter the term I don't recall, Rogatory, or something close and use International common law. I believe you must be a SPC for this, and get a bond to compensate your lawyer too. Please forgive the mistakes written here, as I am new to this stuff.

  3. Pay attention because these cocl roaches have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves

  4. Gab has a group site for American State Nationals that might be a good place for our over 3100 counties to organize around, to begin with. It appears Anna is correct in that the Raj in India technique may be the answer here in North America and everywhere else. Lots of work ahead of us.

    1. Do you all not realize that the defacto is "organizing" against state nationals by using tools such as, but not limited to, social media to herd us, and then misdirect and ultimately squash our efforts to take them down?

      Don't participate in these websites -- they cannot be trusted. We can no longer even trust our own state national public Assembly meetings online, because they have been infiltrated.

      Use discretion and organize PRIVATELY, and please don't communicate using cellphones -- your private conversations are NOT private on those devices.

      Anna, please open up the decentralized, private e-mail server that would allow us to contact other verified state nationals without defacto survelliance.

  5. Send this article to all the douchebags on Mattermost on the “ Litigation Channel”, have them chew on this from their cult leader.
    I was right again you idiots.

    1. Anonymous May 23, 2023 at 6:31 AM may be of the "death dealing cultures." Evidenced by "egotistical declaration "I was right again you idiots."

      The word "cult" (Latin cultus) is an abbreviation for "culture." There are good/worthy "cultures" (Latin cultus) and there are also "hideous evil death dealing "cultures" (Latin cultus) which, as you may imagine, the death dealers (evil) "self-destruct" - eventually.

      "Good" does not "self destruct" but instead is subject to various forces plus is often under attack and infiltration, especially by the "death dealing cultures." and all the gray categories in-between.

      So the declaration "chew on this from their cult leader" is ambivalent and is a dissembling of the word "cult' (classic tactic of mind control) None can be certain what is meant? Thus language as bait and trap.

      To all you among the bamboozled. Get a good dictionary. And use it.
      Use it sooner!

  6. How exactly (step-by-step) do we enforce the Public Law? Most people don't have the courage to go arresting these criminals, because they are stopped cold by the badge and uniform or the title; they can't wrap their head around the fact that these criminals have ZERO authority, and are paralyzed with fear of being thrown into one of their concentration camp prisons, or just outright shot for refusing to comply in situations like traffic "shops", uh, I mean stops.

    Please tell us that we personally can do something proactive to stop the criminals, short of shooting them all dead! Don't tell us that it requires getting our own courts up and running, because I can tell you that isn't happening as it should. CIA operatives, infiltrators, "law students" and misinformed people, especially those still trying to protect their precious pagan god the Catholic Church municipal government and Pope, have come into our Assemblies and are taking that effort of the rails. They are purposely undermining it, either due to ignorance or malfeasance.

    Continuous read of your articles would suggest that contacting the Provost Marshal in our state would be how to have these criminals arrested. However, I contacted one and was told that they only handle crimes committed on a military base.

    So, where do we turn for enforcement of our Public Law? Are we back to the wild, wild West, where we all have to carry a rifle and handcuffs, then proceed to hunt them down and horse-whip them into compliance, or personally deliver them to Gitmo?

    Without clear direction and guidelines on how to handle being our own enforcers of the Public Law, we are either left to be abused by the criminals or just striking at the wind. The answers are NOT coming from the misinformed, misdirected and dubious intention Assemblies -- they're off chasing territorial and municipal laws, protocols, studying how to beat them using statutes, legislation, UCC Codes, various IRS forms, etc., etc., and learning how to be a state national version styled "David Straight", causing much confusion and harm in so doing. Please, Anna, set the Assemblies "straight" that we are to be learning and implementing the Public Law, not the inferior laws of the defacto.

    But, getting back to the original question, please inform us how to effectively arrest these criminals without shooting them, or getting shot ourselves. Because, we are FED-up with their crime, crimes against us, and the destruction of America.

    1. Damn Skippy! Glad its not just me getting tired of the Endless claims and neverending education about how we're all being screwed while theres no avenue to correct course. Feels like Annas become the string quartet on the Titanic... playing on while everything Burns Down or Sinks into the black.

    2. Per your "getting tired" you are dismissed, to turn of your' computer and take a nappy. And don't come back.

      Alternatively go bang your head against a wall - and experience "reality." OR learn to say NO to power, pestilence, and perverts.
      You weak-link.

    3. Hey, Anonymous at 11:11 AM: Your comment is abusive, not helpful or appreciated.
      Leaders ASK for direction and clarity, instead of just following orders, which is how we got into this mess of having to deal with tyrants.

    4. Hey angel-cakes at Anonymous May 23, 2023 at 3:46 PM

      Are you "getting tired?" If so you may be dismissed.
      Please turn off your' computer. Would you like a nap?
      If you prefer you need not bother to return to this forum.

      What value is, as they say, banging ones head against knowledge. Experience can be a great teacher, better than bogus royalty (reality)
      Fact is fact. Act is act.

      Please practice saying NO to: power, pestilence, perverts & pendejos. What is a pendejo. Please be nice.

      It is not good to be weak-kneed about evil, it makes you a weak-link.
      Please comment in reply.

  7. Congress did not have any authority to change the Oath of Office required of Judicial Officers. Nor, did it have a right to give "rights" to corporations allowing them unlimited donations to congressional or presidential elections.

    True, it was THEIR foreign corporation being affected, however, they were still operating as OUR EMPLOYEES. Employees don't have any right to change their service contracts.

    Fraud vitiates everything. So, its all null and void. Correct?

    So, we ignore it, and hold their feet to the fire.

  8. The Neverending Education about what was done wrong, whats still done wrong intentionally, and no means to effect a change to any of it continues.


  9. NO Delegation to the Vatican as of may 23, 2023
    ONLY Rant, Rant, and more Rants for two hours and twenty three minutes
    New paper book book soon.
    Send donations

  10. My Lord. you have a massive ego Anna.

    1. You should show everyone your' very tiny mind! Wow!

    2. You already did, sycophant.

  11. BEWARE: U.S. Border and national security expert, Christie Hutcherson has a critical warning about the invasion occurring through the state of Texas right now. Eagles Pass Texas has a military camp where they are housing & bringing young adult military aged men, from the river onto white buses, into this facility. “This has been a plan coordinated effort to take down the United States of America from inside.This is an active, well-coordinated invasion into the nation. We have Iran’s Revolutionary guard & Qst forces flying into Venezuela & the Venezuelan government is then giving them passports and proper documentation. If you think that fertilizer is not going to be utilized, those ammonium nitrate that can be used as massive bombs.”


  12. Keep looking at the screens
    Keep staring at the screens
    The hynotists says
    Project blue beam is right in your face
    It's the black box blue screens
    They even have a patent for it

    Meanwhile they are bunkered down in their bases

  13. CIA (CYA) a 'production corporation'?

  14. The Gollum Warlock. Closest depiction I could find of Bill Gates to a lizard.

  15. It take one signature of one specific man in office to rid us all of this evil shenanigans... And that would be rescind the Proclamation 2040 signed by the President.
    Let's get it done.

  16. The video link doesnt work, it says 404 error code. Over 2 decades ago I came across a website that had countless documents, articles, graphs, charts and statements. The website owner was being severely harassed by govt. He warned that at any time his site would go down and by the time he could get it back up a lot of his "evidence" would be gone. I downloaded as much as I could but his site went down. 2 days later his site was gone. I was able to only download 6 items. 1 of the items had Anna Von Reitz, it was hard to read since the words were so light. What I was able to read referred to, I believe, was a pdf I seen later. I learned then about the filthy dirty Brits and the Treaty of Trust. It was so shocking I was literally stunned, I couldnt really make sense of it, it had to be a mistake. I couldnt sleep or focus only any tasks for a week. Although I have been a critical thinker since grade school, Anna's pdf brought things to a whole new level. I despise liars and theives. I want the truth, facts, honesty, I dont care who you are, I wont tolerate lies thats a pushed button for me. Im sure anyone can see how difficult this is, here in this country. Severe anxiety in the least. This has tripled since Trump was selected(I havent voted for 3 decades). Made even worse with his distraction of Q and a flood of new sites decoding Q and his "truthers" of nearly 400 sites. The amount of disinformation and blatant lies pushed me to the brink. Then I found Anna's site what a breath of fresh air. I wanted to tell her how thankful and grateful for her site. I am extremely appreciative for all the hard work she and her team have done for the people and this country. Thank you so very much.


    Latest texas event is associated


  19. Their golden calf

    CAFR and the hidden loot

    End Game
    Annagram WLA (law)

    Annagram wealth (the law)

  20. Circle floor, like in SQUARE dancing
    They love mocking us with their compass and square and circle jerk BULLSHIT
    Change the story change the lead

    And wasn't the guy hanging out with Field McConnell on that story and telling the so called truth about that while hanging with Field while he danced around on the you tube stage in his pink underwear
    You know like the pink undergarments they make the prisoners wear as they house them in tents in the Arizona desert under the watchful EYE of sheriff Joe
    I forget his name
    Why hey here is sheriff Joe and the 3rd Continental Congress
    And there is Clownsource the truth CHEATERS host Joey Greco
    Of course he was killed and was resurrected as this clown

    They RECYCLE(resurrect) them over and over and over again and we the blind sheep can't see it

    Tel Aviv Zion aka television or tell a vision

    For an audience reduced to cattle


    And CPS is working to come for the children in every instance they can invent

    These sons of a bitches are outright crazy

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  24. 13 beneficiaries to ARIZONA land trust

    I've been telling you forever about their plans and paperwork is horseshit
    It's an agreement that you are the debtor through their fake ass SHETAR

  25. Their Saudi partners in crime get the water in Arizona REALLY

  26. They have their own systems they will take the ones provided to us down

  27. How the hell do you know who knew and who didn't? Are you in contact with everybody? That is a bold and arrogant statement. You sure do live and love to pat your self on the back.

  28. 'G' I wonder about this ACT
    Digital Commission Act 2023


    Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
    meity (time)
    Sounds like diety with a different spin

  29. The BILL for their 'SERVICES'
    Digital Identity
    Section 4 Improving Digital Identity Task Force
    Be sure and look under Section B and it's reference to your birth certificate

  30. IBM, Harvard and the 4 pillars of
    Digital TRANCEformation


    Hmm there is that word FEDERATION
    FAL Federation Assurance Level

    authenticator assurance level 3

    And WHO is authneticating the 928 documents that you present to these 'unincorporated state assemblies'?

    And what an interesting article this one is
    The Board is responsible for the governance, legal and FIDUCIARY well-being of the district council.

    It's like an invasive species I tell ya
    Funny this 'federation' has Coordinators
    Area 1 Coordinators plus two more AREA COODINATORS 2 & 3 positions within the FEDERATION

  32. This coming from Anna on May 24th that the comments are shut off because the majority knows it’s a lie. Anna who clearly & precisely has said not long ago that Yahushua/Yeshua Removed ALL the Commandments but 2, meaning He sinned, did away with His Fathers Commandments, Laws & Statutes that He, Yah told us we’re an everlasting covenant. Anna absolutely 110% percent lied to thousands or maybe even millions of people when she spewed her lies about this. So go ahead Anna eat that bacon, commit adultery, covet your neighbors wife & possessions, after all we are free to do anything we want and it’s ok because you spoke for Yeshua and said there’s only 2 Commandments. This did it for me, I lost all respect for Anna and will never support her again, but once a Catholic always a Catholic huh Anna.
    Stick with TASA and leave Scripture to those who study and know Yahushua would never go against His Father, especially while He Himself Followed ALL 613 Commandments with the exception of a few since animal sacrifices were done away with and the Commandments were no longer something WE had to do on our own, after Yahushua allowed Himself to be murdered the Father gave us the Ruach HaKodesh, meaning the Commandments were now written on our hearts, so it went from us trying to obey them on our own to having His spirit teach, show and put them on our hearts and Yahushua then said HIS FATHERS Commandments were NOT burdensome!
    Burn your King James & NKJ Bibles that the scribes, Pharisees, translators, priests & rabbis changed, just like Yahushua said they would do and YOU out of all people should know about men changing original texts, documents & writings, but it went right over your head because you think you know more than you do and you lead people away from the Son instead of being a fisher of men.

    Try watching on YT 119 Ministries, Unlearn the Lies, Triumph in Truth (a mega Sunday Pastor turned Torah) to start with and if it finally sinks in that you aren’t the theologian you pretend to be, then ask your brothers & sisters for forgiveness, get on your face before Yah, repent of your horrific sins against His Word and learn His Real, Everlasting Word, then and only then will you redeem yourself and get back His favor & our respect, or stay prideful and learn the very hard way. It’s up to you now.

  33. Interesting

    'G' I wonder if the 'Colorado 9' are 'linked' in some fashion

    But they seem to have 'vanished' according to the 3rd link down according to the author

  34. The ONE eye patch pirate gets 18 (thats 6+6+6)

    Touted on this very site as an upstanding outfit out to set your ass free, this 'agent' is still getting paid is my guess and very well
    It's all in the families
    And you can bet they are running internet scams and selling all of us BULLSHIT and stealing us blind and smiling all the way to their made up banks

    They're generating lots of 'revenue' and keeping the CON going leading you right to where they want your asses
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  35. you best have a look