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Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Salt Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Much of what we have been considering has focused on garden variety forms of fraud carried out on a massive scale. 

We've seen the bait and switch of one Presidential Office for another, the bait and switch of one State-of-State business organization for another, and even the bait and switch of Constitutional and limited governments replaced by rapacious territorial governments run by foreign, for-profit Municipal corporations in the business of providing government services.  

We've seen these substitution schemes carried on in endless variety, even down to the level of personal identity.  The living people have been impersonated by infant decedent estates and subjected to non-consensual trustee relationships with members of a foreign professional association whose members operate as Executors de Son Tort -- pillaging the estates of the living victims however they see fit. 

The members of the Bar Associations have acted as tax collectors for Rome since the Second Century BC, and came to Britain as the Companie of Merrie Men in the waning days of Elizabeth I.  Since then they have spread throughout the world, bringing the same legalistic and linguistic fraud schemes and constructive artifices with them. 

They take their portion off the top, and remit the rest to the British Monarch, who takes their cut, and who then forwards the rest to the Holy See, which distributes the majority of the loot from this system however it pleases--- typically assigning a portion to reinvestment, a portion to humanitarian works, and a portion for administration.  

We have established this from the bank transfer records. 

All of this mimics a much older system of governance, that of Imperial Rome.  No Classics scholar can miss this point.  

The Empire Charles III inherited is an Empire of the dead, an empire of corporations spreading around the globe, including England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, like a vast spiderweb, all controlled by The Chair of the Estates. 

We can now clearly see which "estates" are being referenced: all the infant decedent estates and the estates of the vacated governments of the living people being run as trusts by incorporated commercial corporations --- all aping and claiming to represent the long-dormant land jurisdiction governments they usurped by fraud and guile under color of law. 

We have mentioned the "glories of Rome" --- its far-flung trading empires, its armies, its discipline, its architectural and engineering feats, its efficient if severe justice system, its philosophers, its logical language, its reliable monetary system --- but we must also note the ugliness of Rome and the way that its system of governance predictably ends in corruption and moral degradation and alienation.  

Rome was (and is) a slave empire.  

There were two kinds of slaves in the Roman Empire -- its own citizens and everyone else.  

The Roman citizens served the Empire as indentured servants, enabled to vote in various elections, and obliged to serve in various administrative and military capacities, while enjoying certain social advantages. 

The vast armies of Rome also functioned as indentured servants of a different, lower rank, although one might be a citizen of Rome and a member of the military at the same time; these Dual citizens were subject to military law while in the service, and civilian law during retirement. 

This is the same exact structure we see being run by the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia today

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens are roughly divided into two classes -- a political class and a professional military class and as in Ancient Rome, they function as indentured servants, have Dual citizenship working under contracts known as Constitutions.

The rest of the population is stuck in the political status of pre-judged criminals and slaves, arbitrarily presumed to be "citizens of the United States" Municipal Corporation. 

The Ancient Romans considered their vast population of slaves in the same way a farmer regards a herd of cows or flock of sheep -- a resource to be husbanded and controlled and milked and bilked as efficiently as possible.  

We see the same attitude being expressed by the management of the Municipal Corporations today: they refer to the American General Public as "livestock" and to work accomplished in the nation states of the Union as being "down on the farm".  

Slaves occupied the same, if only slightly higher, position as animals in the Roman scheme of things, and, then as now, the Romans discussed administration of the slave nations in the same way a farmer discusses the management of livestock, right down to breeding and sterilization programs. 

We don't have to look far or long to determine the source of the problems that have been visited upon us by the planners of the pandemic. This, like Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood,  is part of the Eugenics Scheme introduced by the British Lord Pirbright and Cecil Rhodes in South Africa, and it is the same exact scheme embraced by the Nazis in the name of Racial Purity. And all this evil, all this wrong-thinking, comes to us directly from Imperial Rome. 

We have seen it before and have no need to see it again.   

Their attempts to justify their own criminality by asserting the inferiority of others, led the Ancient Romans and their Followers of the present day, to make the same mistakes. 

As the Romans demean other men and women, the unavoidable logic of Nature dictates that they demean themselves, too, so that they rapidly become corrupt and alienated and cruel. 

This is because they can no longer see themselves mirrored in their fellowman.  As they objectify others, they become objects. 

A dog-eat-dog mentality takes over and the criminals willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder, and abuse others, take refuge in theories about "survival of the fittest" and "natural selection" --- never noticing how inbred, sickly, and unfit in all respects they have become. 

This is a direct result of Rome's dependence on slavery.  One cannot enslave another, without becoming enslaved to something worse oneself.

Each time Rome trespasses on the Law of Freewill, the Law self-enforces the complete mental, emotional, and physical debasement of the trespassers. 

Rome never had an economy apart from war for profit and enslavement of conquered nations. Even its vaunted trade networks were driven by slaves and slaves were a major part of Rome's commodity output and net worth. They made their money by waging war for profit and by selling slaves.  They still do.  They refuse to learn anything better or different and keep butting their heads against Nature herself, with predictable results. 

Nature wins.  The Romans and their followers self-destruct, hopelessly debased and wallowing in the mental and emotional corruption that results from the practice of slavery.  Soon no drug is strong enough, no sexual perversion titillating enough, no cruelty vile enough, there is no low thing below them as they plummet head first into the pit of their own making. 
It is no mistake that the Federal Civil Service under the administration of the City Government fought on the side of the Southern State-of-State organizations in the so-called American Civil War.  

Rome could not be funded in its traditional way without institutionalized slavery.  

Knowing this, the leadership clawed its way out of the rubble they created with the so-called Fourteenth Amendment to the Corporate Constitution adopted by the British Territorial Municipal Corporation in 1868.  

While abolishing private slave ownership with the Thirteenth Amendment, the Perpetrators turned around and re-established institutionalized enslavement by creating public slave ownership via their unilaterally imposed and self-adopted Fourteenth Amendment.  

They further defined all criminals as slaves and left themselves the privilege of defining crime via legislative acts instead of Public Law.  

They were, themselves, already criminals under our Public Law, having committed treason and armed insurrection and conspiracy against the very service contracts that define them and allow them to exist and to have residence in this country. 

Because they supported the losing side ("the South") in the war, the City-operated Municipal Government owed war reparations to the British Territorial-operated Municipal Corporation -- the District Government, a circumstance that led to defining all Municipal "citizens of the United States" as criminals --- and slaves, under the Fourteenth Amendment scheme.  

The private estate trusts established by the Holy See owed money-- "war reparations" to the public estate trusts established by the British Crown. 

None of this had anything to do with rank-and-file Americans. 

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens were collecting debts from "citizens of the United States" --- the Federal Civil Service employees and their dependents. 

It was convenient for both sides to mistake average Americans as participants in this arrangement.  The more Municipal citizens of the United States, the more targets to collect from-- in the view of the British Territorial Subcontractors, and the more Municipal citizens of the United States, the more the debt was spread out -- in the view of the City-operated Subcontractors. 

Both sides of this situation were highly motivated to mistake average Americans as citizens of the United States, and so they did, via all the various private contracts the Perpetrators offered and enforced under color of law and conditions of non-disclosure. 

This includes but is not limited to the registration of births, the undisclosed copyrighting of Given Names, the creation of public and private infant decedent trusts and associated accounts, the conferring of foreign citizenship obligations, the coerced enrollment in such programs as Social Security and Selective Service (the military draft), licensing of common professions and occupations, taxation of private earnings, and subjection of the victims to foreign laws that were otherwise never applicable to them. 

Using these constructive trusts-- that is, theoretical public and private trusts, established in the name of every living American -- the pillaging of these trusts began in May of 1865, with the establishment of Military Districts and military District Courts.  

The original slave population of Federal Civil Service employees and their dependents was promptly augmented by all the former plantation slaves who unwittingly had "citizenship of the United States" conferred on them by members of the Territorial Congress, and so their earthly estates were seized upon and pillaged and used as collateral backing the debts of these monsters.  

The original Forty Acres and a Mule resettlement offer extended to former plantation slaves was promptly amended to the much less expensive expediency of unlawful conversion of the former slaves' natural political status. The vast majority didn't begin to grasp the impact of having "Federal citizenship" conferred on them and so, didn't resist.  

The few who did object and did resist the assumption of Federal citizenship, including savvy Native American leaders, were silenced by murder, by unlawful incarceration, and by internment on so-called Indian Reservations. 

The lack of full disclosure voids any contract, but people have to know about the existence of a contract before they can object to it. We have seen this non-disclosure fraud throughout --- non-disclosure to the Mothers signing paperwork at the hospitals, non-disclosure to the people "volunteering" to enroll in Social Security, non-disclosure regarding the offices being occupied, non-disclosure about the private elections substituting for public elections, non-disclosure regarding the mercenary nature of the Armed Services, and on and on and on.  

Even though it is completely illegal and unlawful to "securitize" living flesh, the Perpetrators of this fraud scheme endeavored to excuse their actions 
as being technically allowable, because they were addressing their actions and claims to incorporated franchises belonging to the other Municipal Corporation involved in orchestrating this fraud -- not the living people that all these corporations were named after. 

In the theoretical realm, these legal fictions could pound away at each other all day long without doing any harm to the people they were named after, and the people would be none the wiser.  

In real life, the living people were consistently misaddressed by the  Military District Courts and foreign franchises "State of State Courts" and abused as slaves even though the vast majority of these Americans didn't participate in The American Civil War and didn't owe war reparations and were not citizens of the United States, and never worked for any Federal Employers.

By keeping this impersonation and "mistaken identity" fraud going, the offending Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have continued to collect war reparations resulting from their own activities for 160 years.  All the expenses of these wars for profit were borne by the victims and all the profits were hauled home to London and Rome. 

When it came time to pay the soldiers, the Perpetrators pretended they didn't know where they were. 

Beginning with the Second World War, the men drafted and enlisted and otherwise enrolled to serve in "the US" Armed Forces, suffered from further legal presumptions.  

If they didn't write a letter to their Branch Commander saying otherwise, it was presumed that they stayed forever in Federal jurisdiction and chose never to go home to the nation states of the Union when their tour of duty ended.  As a result, these veterans couldn't access their Constitutional Guarantees or collect the stock portfolios and other perks they were owed. As a result, they remained subject to the foreign private law of the Municipal Corporations, and were forever deprived of the freedom they fought for. 

What began with the U.S. Citizens in the U.S. Military claiming war reparations from the Federal Civil Service citizens of the United States, has been turned around so that as veterans, they are viewed as citizens of the United States themselves.  All of this chicanery is taking place between two Municipal Corporations, both of which are ultimately owned by the Pope, and millions of Americans have been caught in the middle of it, misidentified, targeted, and defrauded. 

As both of these corporations are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope it is indeed ridiculous to pretend that they are at war, or that taking from the left pocket to pay the right pocket is significantly different in its net result to taking from the right pocket to pay the left.  

As the lawful government of this country, we wish for this criminal activity on the part of our Federal Subcontractors and the promotion of phony wars to stop.  

The de facto enslavement of the Municipal citizens of the United States and the undisclosed unlawful conversion of millions of Americans into this foreign political status continues to this day; when cornered, the Holy See has claimed that all this is "voluntary" and that the victims of this scheme are receiving "benefits" from it. 

The IRS Commissioner and numerous employees of that private extortion ring have also claimed that payment of Federal Income Taxes by the majority of Americans is 100% voluntary.  

What they are failing to address is the lack of disclosure and force under color of law that attended the creation of all the purported "voluntary" private contracts supporting these claims of "voluntary compliance"----and all the vicious enforcement actions that result when the volunteers no longer comply.  

It's impossible for a contract to be voluntary if its not 100% disclosed, and it's also impossible for it to be voluntary when it is established under coercion --- for example, being told that you can't have a job in America without a Social Security account, being told that you can't pay a debt except with more debt, being told that you "have to" sign up for Selective Service, and all the other directives and self-interested mandates which apply only to the Federal citizenry being foisted on average Americans, instead.  

A closer examination of the circumstance shows that the victims aren't even aware of what they are supposedly volunteering to do, and the purported benefits are all paid for by the victims themselves. 

The citizens of Ancient Rome received "benefits", too --- in the form of salt allotments.  Roman foot soldiers received salt as wages.  This is the origin of the saying, "You are worth your salt."   

The Roman Government outlawed the ancient practice of harvesting salt from the sea, and arranged to use salt mined from its own salt mines instead.  Thus, it created an arbitrary value and market for salt, one of the most common minerals on Earth, and paid itself for paying its own soldiers and citizens a salt allotment that the victims ultimately paid for via taxation. 

Remember Gandhi's March to the Sea, and the British Raj standing in the way of people seeking to harvest salt from the sea?  There they stood in their uniforms with their billy clubs and rifles, beating down and firing upon the crowds of unarmed people peacefully asserting their traditional right to harvest salt from the sea.  

It's the same exact thing, another rerun. The British, like the Romans before them, outlawed harvesting salt from the sea--- and for the same reasons.

The people of our country and all the other countries impacted by this criminality have been told that they have to sign up for a Social Security Number and have a Social Security Account in order to have a job. 

This is a half-truth at best, as it only applies to Federal employment.  

The rest of the populace, who have all been deliberately misinformed and who were never seeking Federal employment in the first place, are coerced under color of law to enroll in Social Security, a Federal pension program for Federal employees and their dependents. 

Even the fact that this program is designed for Federal employees and their dependents is never disclosed in any of the enrollment literature. There is no discussion of who a "dependent" might be, and whether or not you are one. 

Yet, the Holy See and its British Territorial Subcontractors describe this action as "voluntary", and claim that it creates a lifetime private agreement to accept servitude and taxation as a Municipal citizen of the United States in exchange for these benefits that the victims pay for.   

The Perpetrators use this as an excuse to collect 7.5% of the victim's total lifetime earnings as a Social Security Tax and charge their employers a matching 7.5% tax.  They also use this purported private contract as an excuse to collect Federal Income Tax and take another 30% to 40% on average of the victim's lifetime earnings.   

Like the Salt Tax, there is no actual benefit involved; quite the opposite. 

If the victims were allowed to simply keep their earnings they would enjoy a substantially better standard of living throughout their lives, and if they invested just half of it, in a low interest bearing account, they would be able to continue to enjoy that elevated standard of living and pay for their medical insurance and their own end of life expenses.  

Instead, they pay not only for themselves, but for all the other slaves who didn't work and earn and contribute to this system.  This is not a chosen and willful act of charity on the part of those deprived; it's a political and administrative choice made "for" them by the Executors de Son Tort operating the public and private trusts that have been named after them.

If the unproductive or injured or unemployed slaves don't receive basic support, they get restive and turn ugly. so they must be provided for, but obviously, the Roman slave masters don't want to give up an extra dime, and it is overall more convenient for the other slaves to pick up the dead weight and carry the burden of their fellow slaves' support.  

The Perpetrators have used the City-operated Municipal Corporation and its millions of franchises as a Universal Debtor and oppressed its ill-gotten population of slaves accordingly.  Millions of Americans have been imposed upon by these criminals acting under color of law and in the guise of their own Federal employees.

The money and later, the credit, collected for the Social Security Administration (another public-private subcontractor of the Federal Subcontractors) was promised to be set aside in a separate trust fund for the benefit of those contributing to it, but the rapacious Territorial Congress reinterpreted the agreement after the fact, and put all the Social Security money into the General Fund to be spent by their own precious selves on whatever pleased them. 

Now these same guilty and profligate Municipal Corporation(s) masquerading as and claiming to represent our government are going bankrupt and telling millions of American Seniors that their Social Security account payments may be interrupted or not paid out at all, depending on the actions of the United States Trustees, who were never appointed by us and who have no business even being here. 

There is no contract or treaty allowing a probate court to exist in this country, so the institution of "the United States Trustees" and their disposition of our property is another self-interested swindle.

Please note that there is a fundamental difference between a benefit acquired as a result of hard work and contribution, especially hard work and contribution to a trust, and a benefit received free gratis as a gift.  While both may be beneficial, one is owed as an obligation both in business and in moral conscience --- and the other is not.  

Those who worked and contributed their "forty quarters" worth of taxation, a period of ten years labor, minimum, are owed the full benefit of their contribution, whereas all the freeloaders being benefited from Social Security without paying into it, are in a completely different status. 

Further self-interest on the part of the Municipal Corporations has allowed the prejudicial and arbitrary practice of disinheriting a surviving spouse, denying them services and benefits that they and their spouse are both literally owed by these corporations. 

Seniors throughout the western world should be comfortable in their old age, having earned support for everything they need. Instead, they are eking along with substandard services and penurious payments, because the Corporate Administrators have spent their pension and medical insurance money giving benefits away to, and buying votes from, people who didn't contribute a dime. 

Now, even the substandard services are in jeopardy. 

Thanks to this modern day Salt Fraud, calling goods and services we pay for "benefits" and converting our rights into privileges based on the false claim that we are all voluntarily adopting Federal citizenship, millions of seniors are going hungry and losing their homes and this is directly attributable to the Municipal Corporations paying themselves and their cronies out of these same pension and medical insurance funds. 

We wish for all funds collected by the Social Security Tax from 1933 to date to be audited.  

We wish for the contributions of Americans who were never Federal Employees or were Federal Employees for short periods of time during their working career, but not eligible for Federal Retirement, to be set aside as the first priority obligation of the Municipal Corporations and Principals responsible for this debacle. 

We wish for an immediate and permanent stop to the disbursement of Social Security funds for the purposes of vote buying and refugee resettlement.   

We wish for both an end to the current genocide efforts aimed against the Priority Creditors of these Municipal Corporations, and the illegal and unlawful importation of foreign workers to replace those same Priority Creditors. 

We wish for top-rated health and rehabilitative care for our Seniors.

More than enough money could have been and would have been generated by the Social Security Fund itself, if the Perpetrators had simply left the program alone and let it function as advertised.

Instead, we have another example of non-consensual "redefinition, rebranding, and relabeling"  resulting in fraudulent and non-consensual substitution of an inferior product under color of law, and the continued misrepresentation and malfeasance of proxy-holders acting in an undisclosed capacity in conflict of interest. 

We have, again, the theft of funds belonging to one population, going to benefit another population, and while this is cloaked as philanthropy, it is better known as vote-buying on someone else's nickel. 

This all by itself should be sufficient to justify the immediate and permanent liquidation of these offending Municipal Corporations and the return of their assets and all associated public and private trust interests  to the people who have been injured.  

It should also be sufficient motivation to strip all Congressional retirement benefits from those members of Congress who have promoted and allowed these conditions to impact the General Public while keeping very nice pensions and perks for themselves.  

They should also be punished for exempting themselves and their families, and their staff members and their families, from participating in the forced vaccination program they foisted on nearly everyone else. Nothing speaks their guilt and bad faith more plainly than their avoidance of the evil they pushed on everyone else. 

We wish for all those who participated in re-instituting slavery after the Civil War and during the Wilson Administration and also during the arbitrarily created Great Depression, to be exhumed, cast out. and buried at sea.  These white-collar traitors to this country and to humanity, deserve no peaceful resting place on our land and soil. 

To recap:  

Slavery was outlawed in this country by the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 and then, reinstituted by the Fourteenth Amendment to the so-called Corporate Constitution in 1868.  

Slavery was outlawed worldwide by the League of Nations in 1926, and then, resuscitated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933.

Thanks to Rome, slavery has been suffered by the living population of this planet more or less continuously since ancient times, each time with the same result: the utter debasement and corruption of those who enslave others, and theft from and abuse of those enslaved. 

Slavery is a practice that ruins the slave owner through debasement of  moral conscience, and which ruins the slave through abuse.  It has absolutely no redeeming value and has been repeatedly outlawed as a result. 

The one force that continues to advocate in slavery's favor is the same stubborn and unrepentant government that has refused to give up its addiction to slavery as a means to promote its own unjust enrichment--- the City of Rome and, in the present time, its Municipal Corporations. 

If the Romans love slavery so much, let them contemplate their own enslavement to ---and dependence upon--- evil. 

Having resolved to end slavery as an institution, we did not agree to the abolishment of private slave ownership merely in order to make way for public slave ownership. We have learned the lessons of slavery and learned them well.  We have seen them before and have no need to see them again. 

We wish for the total, complete, and permanent end of slavery in any form in any venue whatsoever.  

Rome's excuses for practicing slavery and its penchant for mercenary wars for profit, have never been sufficient at any time in Rome's history, and they are still lacking now.  

We maintain that a man having basic and unalienable natural rights may not be deprived of any of those rights as a condition of employment or by virtue of some legal contrivance seeking to redefine the nature and status of mankind, including but not limited to impersonation of living people as corporations nor secret alteration of mankind's genome by criminals without conscience. 

We wish for immediate and drastic correction of the present body representing the Holy Roman Empire Successor interest and the owner-operators of both these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia.   

Members of the Bar are Prime Movers in setting up the confidence rackets and name games we have described throughout. 

They, members of the Bar, have willingly set up and have run the unauthorized military district courts and probate courts as for-profit enterprises disinterested in justice. They have harvested the profits from their neighbors, friend and foe alike, and have benefited themselves from this legalized racketeering against the same people who are their ultimate employers and to whom they owe good faith under contract. 

None of these frauds upon the Public would be possible without the willing participation of the members of the Bar Associations and their abject refusal to prosecute crimes that bolster their own economic interests. Indeed, these men who hide behind the sanctity of their assumed offices, do not blush to commit crimes every single day that they operate as bank officers pretending to be ministers of justice. 

All that we have discussed here and throughout our presentation amounts to commercial crime; there are no politics of black or white, republican or democrat, no Catholic or Protestant --- all have suffered equally from the criminal Breach of Trust and dishonored Service Contracts. 

As in Ancient Rome, a military putsch led to the Empire of the Cities, and now leads to destruction as a result of criminality and resulting immorality.  

We wish for this sickening cycle of stupidity to stop and call upon those responsible for it to stop it.  

All of this has come about as a result of: (1) idolatry of money; (2) the Doctrine of Scarcity; (3) Roman refusal to find another way to make a living; (4) Bad faith and legal chicanery; (5) Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contracts; (5) institutionalized crime enabled by members of the Bar Associations. 

We wish for an end to the human-centered cosmos theory and all the nasty small-minded grasping and dishonest activities associated with it. 

We are all beings of light living in a body made of dust. We have better things to do with what time we have than to fight and cheat and lie and steal and murder 

We must be set free from the repetition of all these fraud schemes and  atoned--  no longer subject to Satan and his nonsense, fully apprised of the banal and duplicitous nature of evil, whether such evil is found within or outside of any given institution, personified as an idol, named or unnamed. 

We have passed the tests and must be released. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 21st 2023


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  1. Thank Anna, James, Paul, et all patriotic alia
    18 May 2023

    R.I.P Dr. Rashid Buttar - Was he assassinated?
    Claims he was poisoned after CNN interview...

    of We The Peoples
    For We The Peoples
    By We The Peoples

    But instead
    We The Living On Land and Walking on Soil People
    have unelected Governments

    of We The Persons
    For We The Persons
    By We The Persons


    Please Free-D.O.M.izeFromUnhealthyPrivateColorsOfL.A.W.*




    dMorallyThinking ThePeoplesWithFiduciaryForTheU.S.A'sAnnaVonReitzinger'sProposals:
    "We wish for(AllOf)these offending Municipal Corporations createdViaColorsOf(L.A.W*1)
    To be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful

    money and lawful government" - AnnaVonReitzCOM,



    1. Please learn how to copy/paste a link:

  2. Check out Romney Stewart @ Justinian Deception-YT and then check out Steven Spiers and @ welcome home Australia-YT

  3. Yes it is true
    Dr.Rashid A. Buttar R.I.P
    was one of a kind.
    A genuine man who spoke the truth and lost his life because of it. I'm proud I was one of the first 1000 in the Dr.Buttars TAP group.
    We miss you already and remember be like the bison!!

  4. Our most powerful power is our ability to consent.
    We consent to slavery when we sign a contract and register our children at birth. We are the ones who sell our own flesh and blood into slavery. This is indeed evil that Satan can call himself innocent to this horrific trick that has been so easy for him to set up for the people of the world.(since 666 year of our Lord, the beast number esp.)
    Everything evil going on in the world lies in our power to consent or to not consent.
    Agreed there was no disclosure, but we didn't ask did we?
    We cry we "weren't told!!!" We signed though didn't we. We act like imbeciles signing away our children on these BCs. Lets wake up folks. Granted we are all CORRECTING our status and that of our children, and now sit and watch slavery run rampant.
    The lies about the debt, the lies about who owns our property, the lies about who our government really are, all set us up for usery. And we CONSENTED.
    Do you still have a drivers licence? Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then.
    Do you have a real estate licence? Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then.
    Do you have a doctors licence?Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then.
    Do you have a conceal and carry licence? Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then. Etc....
    Do you have a credit card? Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then.
    Do you have a mortgage?
    Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then.
    Do you have insurance? Ok so you consent to being a US CITIZEN then.
    Get it?
    You are consenting to being defined as
    a US CITIZEN then.
    Is it getting clearer?
    I know fraud vitiates all but didn't you just pay your electric bill that has ALL CAPS name on it.. Well you just consented to answering to the all caps "bill". It goes deep and we all need to go deeper in this ability to consent or not. Stop doing it and start living free as living men and women.

    If the bill is for the all caps tell the agency billing you that you are not the ALL CAPS and that entity is over there in the ALL CAPS account that the Treasury keeps tabs on. I am not that entity. See ya!
    If anything I am, and you are, the beneficiary of the ALL CAPS account and not the TRUSTEE that the US CITIZENSHIP makes you. Don't be a US CITIZEN stop consenting.
    Receive the benefit of the greatest trust ever created and God Creator is the Grantor of and Jeshua 12 Melkizedek is Trustee to. It is the sacred trust I'm referring to.
    The trustee of the sacred trust had a task which he completed perfectly...we owe Him the debt of our lives, turning your hearts toward the truth and the love and living in the light of our God Grantor and Creator.
    Thank You Jeshua for all you did for our salvation, we pray we all wake up to the magnitude of our work ahead. To choose wisely and well and only consent to goodness, truth and beauty.
    Do not consent to evil ... that's all folks.

  5. This war reparations is a scam the victors torture the looser usually with starvation till the people cry out to any contract/peace treaty .
    It’s criminal color of law like the treaty of Versailles and the what was forced on in Second World War term you must obey never mind you don’t agree too bad.
    Then the killing of 13 million after 1945
    This is a Jewish war against Christians allwas was .

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