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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Montana Senator Theresa Manzella Comments on Expulsion of Rep. Zooey Zephyr

 In an incident that gained international attention during the waning days of the 2023 Montana legislative session, transgender representative Zooey Zephyr (HD 100) was expelled from the floor of the house after supporters demonstrated in a manner that was aggressive enough to have the Police called in to manage the protest.


  1. No, you canaan-not do whatever you want. The Supreme Laws of our Creator forbid sexual impurity and immorality.. He has clearly stated that those who practice it shall be annihilated and tortured eternally in the Lake of Fire.

    Therefore, any religion or government that condones it or the Ideaologic lie that you can do as you please, shall also be cut-off and annihilated.

    Better get this through your stubborn, compromised skulls, because despite your ignorant, liberal views, God shall NOT BE MOCKED!

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  2. "In the absence of appropriate actions on the border, and with a declaration of invasion, a group of Texan citizens have been emboldened to come to that aide of the State and the Nation to respond to the current and mounting exigent circumstances. This response team will provide operational center focused outreach and support to public and private safety organizations facilitating crime deterrence as well as coordinating actions to deploy resources specific to disaster relief in potentially semi permissive environments and humanitarian aid."

    Message from Doc Chambers;
    "Fellow Citizens & compatriots- We are besieged on all sides by chaotic circumstances and we have sustained long enough. I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch - If this call is neglected, we are determined to sustain ourselves as long as possible & act like former soldiers who never forget what is due to our own honor & that of our country - Victory or Death."
    Doc Chambers
    P. S. The Lord is on our side

  3. The Biden administration has brought back a Trump-era immigration rule the day before Title 42 is scheduled to sunset


    The Biden administration has brought back a Trump-era immigration rule the day before Title 42 is scheduled to sunset and encourage a wave of illegal immigration into the U.S.​ The rule, finalized and published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, disqualifies migrants from applying for asylum in the U.S. if they neglected to first apply for asylum in other countries they traveled through, such as Mexico. Hundreds of asylum officers were trained in how to enforce the rule on Tuesday ahead of Title 42’s expiration, according to CBS News.

    The new rule, a reversal of President Joe Biden’s campaign promises, comes as the administration has failed for more than two years to control historic levels of illegal immigration into the U.S. The ongoing crisis at the southern border is widely expected to worsen later this week when Title 42, a health order authorizing border officials to immediately expel migrants without processing, is repealed at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday.

    Immigration officials have seen a steady surge in illegal migration in the weeks leading up to Title 42’s end. Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz reported on Monday that Border Patrol averaged nearly 9,000 migrant apprehensions per day and tallied over 7,000 gotaways, illegal immigrants who were seen entering the U.S. but could not be apprehended. On Tuesday, more than 11,000 migrants were reportedly caught crossing the southern border.