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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Music of the Spheres

 By Anna Von Reitz

Mathematics is a Geek Pursuit by all accounts and "comforting" is the last word associated with it; still, I am telling the truth, it comforts me.  

This fact begs the question of, "Why?" 

As a young person, I couldn't formulate an answer, so I stopped trying. Now, in the autumn of my life, I think I am ready to try with some brilliant assistance from a Youtube video: "What is Going On Here?  This is Mind Blowing!" 

This brief little video summarizes a lifetime of wisdom and intellectual pursuit, and opens up a hidden realm of contemplation that will comfort you, too.  It discloses the Sumerian and Mayan mathematics that in turn reveal the harmony of life and the mathematical underpinnings of it all.  

One of the most harmful things the Rockefeller Cabal did was to change the Tuning Standard of the musical scale from 432 to 442 frequency -- an act that not only flew in the face of Nature, but has grated on all our nerves at a subliminal level for decades.  

Rock and Roll isn't evil so much as it is off-key. 

The same thing can be said for all modern music tuned to this unnatural scale. It excites and jangles our nerves in the same way that a fire alarm does, releases adrenaline, which we are naturally addicted to, and sells more records. 

Was there a more sinister reason for changing the Tuning Standard? I would argue yes, and the rest of the evidence would support me in that.  It undermines our health.  

Chronic adrenaline stimulation has direct chemical consequences for our mental and physical health, and our addiction to it results in "thrill seeking behavior", as we unconsciously crave the high that adrenaline gives us. 

We find ourselves quarreling with family and friends to get the stimulant we crave.  We find ourselves unable to sleep.  We find ourselves watching war movies and crime movies and horror movies in an effort to get that unconscious craving satisfied.  We climb walls and mountains we shouldn't climb.  

My Mother was an adrenaline junkie.  It's not pretty.  She wasn't aware of what she was doing to herself or why she was doing it, but she was in a constant state of self-induced fear and anger --- and all her relationships were corroded by this.  

I speak up as her daughter so that more people become aware of this silent addiction and how it is most likely preying upon you, too.  

We can fight back by insisting that the Tuning Standard be returned to a 432 scale and by listening to music known as "Wholetone" Music that is tuned to this traditional scale.  Wholetone music promotes health because it speaks the language of nature. It comforts us and heals us. 

Take a few minutes and listen to the video referenced above.  In its understated way, it reveals the Secret of the Ages and the Music of the Spheres --- and it will comfort you and give you faith.  


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  1. Secret of the Ages Music of the Spheres

  2. Old enough harmonicas are tuned to the old scale. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Alice in Chains tuned down to use the older frequency. A harp whose strings are not fretted really sings when tuned to the 432. Math entered into a conversation getting heated can calm down people when switching to number thought


    Youtube video: "What is Going On Here? This is Mind Blowing!"

  4. I am a member of an international online flute ensemble. We always tune to 432 GHz. So, I would correct the statement, to say that live music is more pleasant to listen to because it is at the correct frequency, whereas RECORDED music that we hear on the radio or in movies and on Tv is generally off-key.

  5. Max Plank identified the pixel of the universe the smallest unit of measure that everything divides into.
    Knowing that common dominator you can use natures favorite golden ratio 1.618 .
    If you want coherent constructive wave interference.
    Mind you the universe is 99.99% plasma or call it a cloud of charge a standings wave a sloshing cup of water is (matter).
    Plasma can be hot explosive a red color
    In a state of decay (Big Bang) entropy.
    The opposite is cold plasma associated with color blue it’s Meg entropic/ constructive wave interference.
    Cold plasma is soul energy longitudinal
    Natures matrix virtually instantaneous communication call it soul call it a cold plasm array- you need cold plasma charge in order to give it shaman -Jedi.
    May the cold plasma be with you, gods steward ,

  6. Buckmister Fuller (geo) dome inventor
    Had in his toy box what he called vector flexor also called jidder bug ,
    A geometric soccer ball looking ball on movable soft connections were they flexed .
    A sphere / geo -dome of pyramids touching tips we the jidderbug was flexed it would fold into itself were pyramids on outer circumference would not just touch tips but all sides touched (transforms) signifying a implosion of neg- entropy ,not entropy .
    Implosion is constructive
    Explosion is destructive.
    Birth of a star

  7. It was changed to A = 440 Hz

  8. frontline flootistMay 13, 2023 at 9:21 PM

    I hate to burst the bubble or to be contrary in any way, but I am a professional flutist who has studied music and various performance practices of the different musical periods for a little over 50 years. There are many theories of pitch relationships. Pythagoras came up with one of them. Johann Kirnberger came up with another. And I could enumerate others but that would have no meaning here. Baroque pitch standards varied from A=392 to A=432. Instruments weren't built to a single pitch standard until fairly recently. This tuning pitch tended to vary depending upon geographical location, too. It was very hard on traveling musicians that there was no standardized pitch. The pitch of the keyboard instruments would dictate which other instruments had the capacity to sound well in tune with them. (String instruments have much more flexibility with setting the tuning than do wind instruments. It used to be that flutes were built in various keys just to be able to navigate these variances. Also because flutes had very little hardware and mechanical parts in the early days, a different flute was required for practically each key signature.) Musicians had to be able to transpose at sight if the key being performed in was changed to facilitate the range of the vocalist, for example, or because of the range of the compliment of instruments playing in ensemble that night. Great strides were made in the 19th century to perfect several of the woodwind instruments, especially those in the flute family. Acoustics play a role in the choice of materials for each instrument, as do physics, metaphysics, engineering, metallurgy, and woodworking, and who knows what other sciences and trades. Not only is the material important but so is the distance between tone holes. This controls pitch relationships on the instrument so the player of it doesn't have to manipulate each note so much just to be in tune. Tuning standards were another aspect effecting pitch relationships. If I play an instrument built at A442 but I am performing with a piano tuned to A444 in Austria or Germany, this small variance changes ALL the relationships across the 3.5 octaves of the instrument. In short, it's very hard work! (It wasn't until ca.1847 that Theobald Boehm forever improved the modern flute. He discovered, firstly, that silver was the best medium for the modern orchestral flute because it was the only material which could balance the sonority of the oboe! At various times nickel, tin, gold, platinum and titanium (ugh), and alloys and combinations, were experimented with. And Boehm was the first individual to give special attention to distances between notes, and therefore, tone holes. This alone helped modernize and perfect the flute, expanding it's overall agility as a solo instrument.) When the pitch was standardized in the 20th century, it was for convenience and consistency. However, there was disagreement about where the tuning note ought ultimately to be. In Europe it was set at A442. In the States it was set at A440. But you will find a few orchestras here which also tune to A442. Baroque ensembles may tune to A415, or A432. The European conductors and soloists prefer this pitch A442. Regardless of all this, when any two notes are played simultaneously, a difference tone results. Harmony is experienced at any pitch standard as long as the difference tone resulting from the two primary tones is "in tune." Meaning, it lands firmly on the harmonic series of the tonic note (scale step one). This is called sensitive tuning. When harmony exists, healing is possible. It's not about the A.

  9. frontline flootistMay 14, 2023 at 9:35 AM

    ...having said all of that, if you'd like to listen to music tuned to A432, listen to Baroque ensembles which honor performance practices of that era. I always enjoyed early music most and I attribute that to the pure intervals and simpler harmonic progressions. But calling for a universal change to the standard of tuning from A440 down to A432 is HUGE and would require musicians to shelve or throw away beautiful and expensive instruments and begin a new collection and some serious shift in musical perception. Just buying new instruments alone can be traumatic as the options are almost endless and potentially confusing. And the financial resources for this are under strain just now. So with all due respect, this is impractical and most professional classical musicians would not be in a position to support this change.