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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

To All White Hats and Military Officers and Diplomatic Officers

 By Anna Von Reitz

There were 36 States formed prior to the 1860 Fraud that fundamentally damaged and partially vacated our actual American Government, but as of October of 2020, all those Original States were in Session and polled by Roll Call Vote to accept and enroll the 24 Territorial Confederate (States of States) as actual States of the Union.  That action was unanimously approved with one abstention. 

As a result, all fifty (50) States of the Union are present, fully enrolled, and accounted for.  

The former Territorial States are endowed under the Due Process of the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine with every right, protection, and prerogative of the sovereign States that existed prior to 1860. 

So, the People of this country, which means the State Citizens of the individual sovereign States, have already decided the issue of the status of the Territorial Confederate States. 

This issue has been properly decided by those who have the inherent birthright political standing to decide the issue, who have also properly declared and recorded their birthright political status and provenance, who have accepted the responsibility of State Citizenship, and who have lawfully "returned" to the land and soil of this country and brought their States back into Session. 

This has already been done.  There is no reason or need to do it a second time.  As our States are republican in nature and not democracies, it does not require large numbers of people to make decisions or take action for our State Governments; only a few with the proper standing and allegiance are required to conduct business.  


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  1. We are all children of the most high God, what is all this status and historical nonsense why we need to prove anything to these retards?

    1. Right! Why should we have to claim anything to these corrupt corporations and people!

    2. What does status matter when YOUR creation cant see YOU?, how did this end up being? Sounds like hijacking whats already has been hijacked...why do you need to steal back what has been stolen in the first place? Sounds like accountability needs to be acknowledged in that department first.

    3. from fbeaudet2@gmc.. to anonymus at 7:35 >> because this is the world we live in and if you think you dont have to fight the people and things trying to take your rights god gave you, you are delusional,, so just di already.

    4. To anonymous who spoke of the noahhide law, that's one of the best descriptions I ever heard kudos!

    5. Noahide laws come from here and your civil obedience to their interpretation is required else you will be banished from heaven aka earth

    6. Click on the links to the right and see who is making the interpretations of what the bible says and what is required of you in order to stay alive in their theocratic world

      Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Avodas Kochavim 9:4
      Christian gentiles are idolaters.

      Mandated punishement for violation: Banishment from heaven

      You think they added that ICD-10 beheading code to their revenue billing codes for shits and giggles

    7. bull dung. Noah was a man. he was not God.
      and no man has to follow Noahs "Laws".
      he cant make "Laws" for any man but himself. just like any other man can for himself.
      get real.

      first you follow Gods law for man: harm no man; and then you can make up as many or as few "Laws" for yourself as you want. knock yourself out.
      but they apply to you, not to anybody else. just you.

      im telling you, so that you have no excuse now:
      you people who are trying to shove people up under another MERE MAN'S 'private' "Law" system, who doesnt choose to go there himself, are going to be held responsible for adding to Gods law and words. just as you should be.
      ref.: jesuis: woe unto you scribes and pharisees, hypocites; woe unto you lawyers. luke ch. 11. verse 51: from the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias which perished between the altar and the temple: verily i say unto you, It shall be required of this generation..... -- jesuis (Fr. 'i am');
      verse 54: laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him.
      no man or demon is going to take what belongs to God alone.


    8. Bull dung. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Noah was a man and his word was God. Any man or women that can comprehend what im saying also holds this fact when they speak.

    9. Anony mouse 7:35PM
      NO! We are NOT all God's children. Eve sold us to Satan at the tree. Yeshua paid our ransom and it's up to every individual if they will be a child of God. Those who don't are not our brethren, period.
      John 8:44 [in part]...
      "Ye are of your Father the devil and the lists of your Father ye will do."
      47..."He that is of God heareth God's words ye therefore hear them not
      bcuzye are not OF GOD."
      Quit parroting ignorant people that say we are all God's childrenbcuz he created us all. Doesn't work that way.
      We were only his by creation but Satan hijacked mankind and it's up to each individual to return to God.Also: Rev. 21:7..." He that overcometh, l will be his God and he shall
      "* BE MY SON.*

    10. I judge no one and am entitled to the same. I have and will always question everything, no matter who or what spreads the narrative. All and every subject all through history clearly has 2 sides but even that can be deceiving. For a group or organization to state, for instance, the sky is blue is taken for granted and believed. So forever more the masses will believe it. I prefer to dig deep and research the heck out of what I question, I despise liars, deceivers, to lie is to insult. The bigger the lie the more the masses accept it, throw in some mind control and masses will believe anything and everything their idiot box tells them, so much its useless to converse fairly no matter the amount of evidence found. I respect a persons opinion and will never force my opinion onto others as though it is the only true opinion. With that said, I have dug to the root narrative of the belief in "Bible God". Every ancient culture has numerous similarities of the Gods they worship, passed down through what was documented centuries ago. Physical evidence about their Gods will also include world history at that time. A century of 100s and 100s of brillant experts in their fields; Religious Leaders, Scholars, Historians, Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Academics have all agreed there is NO evidence "Bible God or Jesus" ever existed. None. No mention in all the ancient cultures at all. The old testament was created in the last 2,000 years with 77 added versions. Seen in many conflicts of the old and new testament. Ancient text from Greece states Romans created the new version. With numerous authors to each version makes it suspicious at best. I dont need an insecure entity that threatens, intimidates, manipulates his followers(slaves) and DEMANDS he is the ONLY true God and must love/worship, believe only his word. Or demand I obey only him, a dog obeys, not a human. To even claim a newborn infant is born of sin and shall spend eternity begging and pleading for his forgiveness, repent, repent is absurd. What kind of God only favors or loves 1 race or religion and not all his sheep equally? He declares only his chosen ones are his people, why create other races then? All others are his followers, which in Hebrew means SLAVES. What has kept "God" so busy the last 2,000 years of millions and millions of babies/children begging, pleading, praying for God to save them from horrific acts of torture, sodomy, rape, murder to pleasure a group of perverted and disease ridden LGBTQ pedophiles despicable deviants? Forcing transgenderism onto small innocent and vulnerable children? I control my own divinity, morals, values, beliefs, to treat all others goodwill. With no ill will or harm.

    11. Well said! Thank you challenging the religious narrative! Organized Religions are responsible for the most violent, destructive acts on this planet not to mention all the blood shed. And still people buy into this fairy tale! Unbelievable!

  2. I feel stupid. What does this mean? We don't need to "re-inhabit" the republic? What's your take on the re-inhabit people?

    1. You're not stupid you are actually using your brain
      These military bait and switch websites and blogs are everywhere
      This 'Mark of Freedom' here has been in operation since 2007 relieving folks of their hard earned fake dollars and selling them packages to SET THEMSELVES FREE of their debt
      And what do ya know they have Republics too
      See all the testimonies of their fake ass 'MEMBERS'

      They have '36' meta modules for you to reeducate yourself in how this new PYRAMID PONZI SCHEME works

  3. does this have anything to do with the contract you said (in the article
    published january 31, entitled Attention H.E. Cardinal Mamberti) you placed before Satan/ Satan's Empire of Lies, and was accepted by same?
    was that for 235500 Americans "lost" or injured ? covee? or other?
    did you set up accounts for each "lost" or injured American yet?
    have you contacted the "lost" Americans' families yet to tell them about the TrillionDollars?
    how do they access what belongs to their deceased family member?

    that contract wasnt that Satan agreed to pay you/who? the $235,500,000,000,000 in gold and then once they knew who was boss and had appropriately Co-Operated with you, then you would let them walk away?... without "fanfare"?

    was that the contract you placed before Satan,
    or was it something else?

    1. Sign up sign in donate volunteer

      While they steal your donations they steer the herd in the direction they wish them to go telling their audience they will be free and have abundance the likes of which they've never seen before

      Meanwhile you will be tasked with cleaning up the mess the crooks created in the first place and praised that you are saving the earth and humanity while the real culprits slide off to their islands, yachts to live out their golden age years undetected by the goy

      I say we put the culprits of this mess in the fields and let them plant the trillion trees and shovel shit and do the grunt work all chained together at the ankles while we the people stand over them with our automatic machine guns and see just how in the hell they like it
      I say we shoot them up with every vaccine that they have subjected out children to all at once and feed them bugs and flouridated water

      You bet your ass I'm awake and it has nothing to do with me doing any paperwork for the fake promises of a pot of gold, UBI, GAI, NESARA, GESARA BULLSHIT at the end of the rainbow

      Maiming your kids for the retarded 'workforce solutions' of the future

      Workforce Solutions is what they rebranded the unemployment offices as

      Planned decades ago after they started their poison them all campaign
      12 minutes in

      Where in the hell was Kennedy then? Or all these other so called new found fame starts on the world stage being shoved down our collective throats

      Childrens Advocates Health Association or whatever the hell else name they want to give their fake associations posing as front to help your kids

      Go after the ISSA not CPS they are just paid grunts in the dumbed down field of what is labeled as child welfare MY ASS

      Dethroning these corps is part of the so called solution through Democracy is world parliament and self government BULLSHIT

      They can take their earth CONstitution and their democratic world parliament and shove it where the sun never shines

      The Word Foundation and their DEMOCRACY NOW (NWO) television programming

    2. I know for damn sure I won't be headed to a doctor, hospital, dentist or any provider of hell services EVER AGAIN

      It's all compromised and if you think that it isn't then that's on you

      And to use the word genesis in her article to me is a dead giveaway as to her association to this overall pull the wool over your eyes while on the other side of the isle the real culprits move forward

      A snippit from the article

      The genesis of the first Transatlantic Summit of Mayors lay in a series of discussions between Ambassador Felix G. Rohatyn, U. S. Ambassador to France, and Conference of Mayors Executive Director J. Thomas Cochran, beginning in January 1999.
      The Role of Mayors and Cities in Globalization

      Another snippet
      The mayors agreed that their own role is changing as a result of globalization. They are no longer the traditional city planners of the past 100 years, but rather ombudsmen and innovative leaders of important communities and regions. Mayors can no longer afford to deal only with local stakeholders.
      OMBUDSMAN ties directly in to WORLD PARLIAMENT folks
      And it links back to SWISSY LAND

      21 minutes in

      And that shit slogan
      Where we go one we go all and the deaf dumb and blind repeating the shit was done on purpose
      21 minutes in

    3. janmarie and others you might want to have a listen

      Babylonian Talmud you say

    4. And this one oh boy

    5. And being that they planned it that way and can kick their weather warfare off at any given time

  4. How many people in each state decided this? When will we see records of the states’ decisions and who voted on them?

    1. One.

      im only guessing at this, based upon past Articles, and may be entirely wrong, but...:
      i think only anna gets to vote.
      and shes creating this thing, so the records may never be released because its private.

      ((((( "anna" ))))), please correct me if im wrong on the above sentences.

    2. Woman:janmarie, you are in fact wrong.

    3. Ask your state for the records.

    4. anony212p,
      no, i dont believe youre right about that....last paragraph.

      its not *my* state!!!! no!!!!

    5. Woman:janmario, according to your reply, you have in fact not read Anna's articles. Because you are in fact wrong. And the reply about asking ones state wasn't for you....

    6. no, i dont believe i am wrong about it at all.

      i believe you are wrong about what you wrote.

      again, this last paragraph settles any question.

    7. well, if youre commenting to just one man, you need to be responsibile and put their name on it, otherwise, youll just have to learn how to deal with comments from others.
      its your responsibility and you didnt full-fill it.

    8. Woman:janmario... anonymous isn't a name... which is why it was put in a separate reply. But you keep being

    9. i didnt say anonymous is a name, youre the one bringing that up, not me; what i said is if youre commenting to just one man you need to be responsible and put their name on it otherwise other people are going to comment on what you say.
      and youll have to learn to deal with it.
      youre being irresponsible otherwise.
      because its your own fault if you make a generic comment and somebody besides the one you have designated in your head as the OnlyCommenter makes a comment.
      you need to take responsibility for your failure to be clear.
      you need to make it veeerrry clearly known that you only allow certain commenters to comment on your comments.
      otherwise you cant whine around about it.
      (well, really, though even if you do put a name on it, other people will probably reply. because they want to. and they can.)
      whaddya gunna duu about that?
      well, here are a couple of suggestions:
      if you want to run this comment section by rules that you make up in your noggin for your comments only, why dont you put up a little sign before your comments saying who can comment and who cant? you could probably also include a little blurb about what the commenter can and cant say too;
      maybe paul will set up your own little section for you ONLY; and you can gate-keep... and say who gets to talk and who does....
      you can be *DaBigBoss*. :):)

      another thing: people are already being who they are. lol!!

      hope this helps you adjust. :)

    10. Woman:janmarie, you are a fighter, especially an off topic fighter. It happens when you get called out and then you go on a tangent about something different. Doesn't work with me. Read Anna's articles, start at 1 and work your way to the newest....

    11. me generously and patiently repeating what i said to you the first time in hopes of assisting you to adjusting your expectations of people being able to read your mind hardly qualifies as a tangent.
      thats very unappreciative of you.

      here i was trying to assist you in correcting your irresponsiblity in posting comments, broady, on a blog that goes international, without naming anyone in specific that you were talking to, but expecting the world to know what you are thinking! a ThankYou might have been forthcoming.

      but im generous of heart and so i will try again to assist you:

      if youre talking to just one person, again: its YOUR responsibility to let that be known in your comment... otherwise other people may comment when its only YOU who knows 'you werent talking to them'.
      itll work out alot better if you just take the time and put what youre thinking on the blog.
      that will likely eliminate 90% of the confusion YOU create, and, apparently, dont like.
      pretty easy!

      hope thats easier for you to understand this time around. if not, i will try to explain it to you again. and again.
      yeh... i knoe... :):) im just superdooper nice like that. :):)

  5. So we don't need everyone to be a member of the new republic, just some representatives for the populace in order to re-populate and conduct business?

  6. Thank you Anna for answering my question concerning reconstruction of our worcester county here in Massachusetts. It would appear that once the State Assembly is up and running the rest of our unincorporated Republican form of government as stipulated under Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution for the united States of America is fully constructed. The Massachusetts Assembly has made it's claim as per Stories' Commentaries on the Constitution for it's Republican form of government. What I don't get is if Story says a claim need be made and you have stated a claim must be made for our blueberry patch then why would not worcester county need to make our claim to the Massachusetts Assembly? An answer would be appreciated.

  7. You'll need permission and a pass if you want to leave your 15 minute city district - sounds like hunger games.

    Franklin Roosevelt, "anything for my banker friends"

    1. 15 is a special number to the freaks of this shit shew
      Not a coinky dink that they chose that number

  8. It is not debatable that live birthed girls and boys have been "captured" from nearly their first breath. They've been named with a number and sold on the "stock exchange" many times over because they are considered "stock" to the dirty rotten bastards (DRBs for short) . If you don't believe that then that is a serious void in your knowledge base. That "numbering" of babies creates many consequences for the duration of that child's entire life. Not many of the consequences are beneficial to the "numbered child". To all who have commented pejoratively herein regarding claiming back one's birthright to the soil you were birthed on, from the ship you were determined lost on and dead at sea on... you have a right to your belief's. Your denial of the "numbering fact" compounds the unbeneficial consequences of being numbered at birth. Too bad for you because you are forming your belief's by leaving out the truth of your own enslavement. Your momma didn't know either and being a momma, I really hate the enslavement facts over my children. I hope to help them WISE UP. Waking up is a regular act for live men and women. WISE UP is what's needed. Anna, please reconsider your directives for people to wake up. IMHO, men and women need to WISE UP. There are undeniable laws of nature and the lawmaker that structured them expects us to be law abiding. Bringing one's self OUT of the bastardized system of evil theft is law abiding. It's a directive of Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    1. goosebumps. :)....... excellence.



    At 11:40 minutes in he mentions POSEIDON
    Belus - son of POSEIDON and Lybia (11:37)
    At 14:25 he talks about this Belus founding a colony on the Euphrates aka THE PRESIDIO?

    And just a day or two ago I compared POSEIDON to the PRESIDIO
    RION are the letters that don't map one to one from the two SPELLings
    Add and O and you get ORION

    'shh'its a secret
    22:43 in to the video
    * San Francisco founded with the PRESIDIO
    * Longest continuously operate base June 26, 1776 - October 1, 1994
    * Berth of United Nations plans during WW2 or WWII (eleven)

    And now all this so called shhhit in article after article written by a scribe the plan is to take away their so called INCORPORATED status and MERGE the UN with WORLD PARLIAMENT
    THAT 'ACT' with WORLD PARLIAMENT, WLA (annagram, grandmama anna, it you get LAW)
    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
    World Legislative Act #54 Remedies and Corrections Act
    World Legislative Act #55. Surveillance Limitations Act
    World Legislative Act #56. Crowd Dispersal Ban
    World Legislative Act #57. Collegium of World legislators
    World Legislative Act #58. Neonictinoid Ban
    World Legislative Act #59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act
    World Legislative Act #60. Paid Informant Ban
    World Legislative Act #61. Fracking Ban
    World Legislative Act #62. Fission Power Generation Closure
    World Legislative Act #63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act
    World Legislative Act #64. United Nations Merger
    World Legislative Act #65. Global Sustainability Directorate
    World Legislative Act #66.
    World Legislative Act #67

    The scribes haven't even written the context of that ACT up yet - it's in PROGRESSIVE (think insurance commercials and FLO) mode
    Might I also remind you that Progressive did a commercial while back haven't seen it BROADCAST for some time now
    Where their AGENTS are practicing and singing 'We'll Make Heaven a Place on Earth'

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it

    Don't forget the movie they did with Nick Cage 'National Treasure'
    Where they find the treasures from EGYPT in a CRYPT beneath the TRINITY CHURCH in downtown MANHATTAN near WALL STREET

    'Cage' (interesting name) also did the movie with Meg Ryan 'City of Angels' where he fell from Heaven and mated with Meg Ryan the human
    IMDb says this
    "An angel (angle) considers becoming human after falling in love with a Los Angeles 'heart surgeon'"
    Annagram heart you get Earth
    And what are the odds that she is a 'HEART' surgeon
    In the movie they have Meg picking out some nice juicy ripe PEARS (not apples) and this is what is scattered all over the ground when she is hit by a TRUCK

    They leave nothing to 'CHANCE'

    Funny 'CHANCE' was a part of the game board called MONOPOLY
    You could draw a 'get out of jail free' card
    She gets killed in the movie, HIT BY A TRUCK, and he is now stuck here on Earth without her
    Last scene he puts his footprints in the sand and dives in to the ocean (born again or like Aquarius and being washed with water)

    This is some major mind control going on here folks


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