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Friday, February 3, 2023

More Proof of Deliberate Sabotage and Murder -- Notice to the Court

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to all whom these presents come and especially to Pope Francis and the members of the Vatican Chancery Court: 

The following research has been published since 2020: 

Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2  spike protein variants to human ACE2

  • PMID: 33191178
  • PMCIDPMC7608017
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.intimp.2020.1071
  • Keywords: Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies; IgY; Neutralizing agent; SARS-CoV-2; Spike protein variants. 
    Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Further Notice to the Pope and to the members of the Vatican Chancery Court: 

The deliberate infection of flocks of chickens in this country with Avian Flu and the consequent destruction of entire poultry farms resulting in skyrocketing egg prices is additional circumstantial evidence of deliberate murder and malfeasance and corporate lawlessness requiring action by the Vatican Chancery Court and Pope Francis to force the involuntary dissolution of the guilty corporations involved in creating, promoting, and profiting from fraud, medical racketeering, medical profiteering, and genocide. 

As you all know by now, the principal method of murder chosen by the guilty profiteers is a form of AIDS nicknamed "VAIDS".  

VAIDS gradually overwhelms the immune system, because the body is itself producing a foreign protein, called "the Spike Protein", which the immune system has to fight and fight and fight....until it gradually wears out.  

At that point, any number of opportunistic infections or organ failures finish the patient off. 

In effect, the Vermin have given everyone who received the vaccination a form of AIDS, which just happened to be Dr. Fauci's specialty and claim to fame --- AIDS research.  

This has actually been done with malice aforethought by corporations who thought they were immune from prosecution for their crimes. 

The insurance corporations were eager to get rid of the "end of life" expenses of millions of American Baby Boomers.  So the elderly were targeted. 

The pharmaceutical corporations were eager to sell the government corporations billions of dollars worth of products, both PCR tests that don't work to test for any disease, but do work to help spread diseases, and, "vaccines" that cause disease directly via poisonous serum components and the injection of foreign mRNA.    

The hospitals and doctors that were licensed by the same guilty government corporations acted under coercion, for fear of losing their licenses.  That was used as "the stick" to insure their participation and compliance.  They were also rewarded with a very attractive "carrot" in the form of kickbacks --- rewards --- for using only approved "covered countermeasures" known to be ineffective and harmful, e.g. Remdesivir, and more kickbacks in the form of generous payments for every patient the doctors and hospitals identified as having died of so-called Covid.

Under Ecclesiastical Law which governs the functions of the Air Jurisdiction, the Pope is uniquely responsible for dissolving any and all corporations caught engaging in unlawful activities.  The injury has been adequately demonstrated in the "excess" death statistics that have accrued and now amount to 7,500 excess deaths per day in The United States alone, in the five-fold increase in medical services / hospital visits, and in the vast harm done to both local and international economies.  

We, the People, defined as the State Citizens of this country, and our lawful government operating in international jurisdiction, The United States of America --- Unincorporated, call upon the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court to take prompt and effective action to dissolve the WHO, INC. organization responsible, the World Bank, which engaged in fraud via the issuance of "Pandemic Bonds", the White House Office, Inc. being run as a shell by Joseph R. Biden, and the guilty franchise PERSONS/Persons associated with this gross crime, including by not limited to the DOJ/Department of Justice, Inc, the HHS/Health and Human Services Department, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., and all other corporations that have created and voluntarily participated in these crimes against the living people and their lawful governments.  

We also wish for the immediate dissolution of the IMF/International Monetary Fund and the so- called US Treasury and U.S. Treasury and United States Treasury, and the return of our inheritance to our lawful Government and the people of this country to whom all physical assets belong.  

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  The United States of America. 


  1. Nice statement, but unfortunately, there are no 'teeth' behind it to enforce it.

    1. It sounds like a repeat of the Notice put out a week ago.

    2. Where do the people of America get the authority and enforcement to hold the appointed and elected officials who/when they commit any crime(s) against the people and their duty and office and the American peoples unalienable rights.
      Not about the cake guy/person

    3. enforcement comes from the barrel of a gun, no different then how it currently operates. Freedom aint free.

    4. LOOKIE, LOOK at all the ignoramus Trolls you captured from the incendiary woods!
      You should know you'll not be paid when posting as anonymous. Most definitely no payment made when reply to you as "Anonymous".

      Of course, IT COULD BE YOU - the very same "Anonymous" writing various sick demented comments encouraging fools to remain in low vibration victim mentality. The Phoenix will find you.

    5. Greetings,

      You said "enforcement comes from the barrel of a gun, no different then how it currently operates. Freedom aint free."

      Enforcement comes from different apparatuses besides from the barrel of a gun; those that want you and I dead like yesterday just wish the populace would rise up and go "ape" on each other and them to give them a reason to definitely finish everyone off efficiently and quickly. My current criminal conspiracy case is about to be turned up a notch and is going to teach the whole world how it is done, every single government officials and employees are about to be out of a job with all pensions stripped and maybe prison time for some of them. Henry David Thoreau once said "There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one striking the root"; I am the only person on Earth striking the root to file claims against all of them single handily and lawfully wipe them out completely for "accidents", just like a car accident insurance claims... to be continued!

    6. P.S. "The problems are great, but the solutions are simple." - Dr. Phil MsGraw

    7. P.P.S. This criminal conspiracy case against the judicial system is not something I was intentionally trying to attempt, but came from being a victim of the judicial system for the last 45 years of my "Truman Show" by those in the judicial system attempting to teach me a "lesson" not to go over their heads for anything; well, now, I am in the driver's seat as the Plaintiff "Victim", and now they are all about to get a lesson in that when you perpetually victimize someone for a long extended periods of time, the victim is eventually going to figure out the victimizers weak spot (loop hole, just like a pinhole that sinks great ships) and plan for the escape and seek justice. I have focus all my attention for this very moment in time during my personal life and I am starting to feel like a 1000 pound weight off my chest and a 500 pound Silverback off my back, what a relief, starting to feel like what normal feels like when you no longer fear the victimizers and non-existent anxiety from their presence! I have won some legal battles and lost some legal
      battles in my fragile lifetime, but this time it is for the total war against victimizers all across the board with no mercy which is the only way to stop this intentional madness against the victims. "There is no such thing as a well adjusted slave." - Dr Wayne Dyer

    8. P.P.P.S. Correction: "The problems are great, but the solutions are simple." - Dr. Phil McGraw

    9. Above "Anonymous" after "Make it Happen' is from "Make it happen"

  2. Question: Why would a Jesuit pope have any interest at all in protecting a predominantly Protestant nation like America when the singular reason for the existence of the Society of Jesus is to totally annihilate by any means necessary the Protestant faith and all of its adherents?

    1. how many other so-called religions doing the same - Kufra, Goya


  3. The Pope is played by actor, Jonathan Pryce.

  4. Anna's articles are helpful in educating folks about our history. But unfortunately, her imagined plan to rebuild America is a toothless tiger and producing no meaningful change. She hasn't been successful in funding her bank, she has no military backing, and she hasn't been able to persuade many people to become American State Nationals.

    1. LOL, You had better think again!

    2. Anna is NOT our savior!

    3. No one ever said she was!

    4. That's good, because her 'plan' ain't workin.

    5. You have a better plan,

    6. how about the plan in the UnanDeclar and ArtofConfed? Bible's good too. why dont we do those three and see what happens?

    7. I'm beginning to lose faith and trust in Anna, way too many empty promises gone unfulfilled!

  5. Where is the 'ISSA' in that there list

    Under the UNPLAN everyone on earth will be marked with an SSN or as they are in Canada with a SIN as part of their Agenda 2030 plans
    aka World Parliament

    And if you don't want to be a part of their planned utopia well tough shit they don't give a rats ass

    They will use their bought and paid for assassins to rid the world of you and anyone else that stands in their way unless of course you are ACTING as an ACCOMPLICE aiding and abetting them in their quest for

    As old Olivia New Town John sang
    She's been moved to a new role in the play I'm sure
    Her and Travoltas hidden son is who played the role of the whack job in OZtralia that they miraculously wrote an ACT to take away their means to defend themselves against the culprits

  6. Even if he had the balls he'd be dead before the sun set. And he's one of them anyway. He plays for the other team. It's naive to believe otherwise. He is a Jesuit after all.

  7. If you sit quietly, listen intently, you can hear the wisdom. Big Lake must be beautiful this time of year.

  8. Asking the perpetrators pretty please to just "knock it off"
    These articles are better than the Onion

    1. Yep. I think she's been hiding out in the wilderness of Alaska too long and lost touch with reality.

  9. A good while back I told you about those there $2 bills

    And whats funny when you read this

    When you fold the $2 bill in the manner in witch is displayed within the acticle above, the word that is revealed is
    with the so called 'beloved'
    pictured immediately below the word STATES

    MY ASS
    They ain't my daddy or father

    The picture of Jefferson on the front of the bill looks like
    Buddy Epson from Barnaby Jones and the Beverly Hillbillies

    Now who do we know that has haarped to us forever about the significance of the capital letters in the word STATE or State or state

    How about a 'state of being' and out of the trance and they can no longer manipulate our asses to do shit to further their cause

    And I'm tellin you right now I have a $2 bill (1995 series) and have folded the sucker as displayed in the article above and STATES is what it displays along with those so called FOUNDLING fathers pictured right below the STATES

  10. With all these letters and filings to the Vatican , has there been a responce to any of them

    1. Yes, but just ONE. It was signed by Francis and read "GO FUCK YOURSELF".

  11. 'Diplomacy' is a delicate issue, and requires patience not rush into quick rash of timing communication or lacking. Just an unbiased view.

  12. We could all have a lot of fun with American States Assemblies, meetings, articles, blog postings by Anna and those 50 state coordinators. We can also dial in to all the live weekly sessions - weigh in your input, questions and comments at the floor. Listen in on state business. Participate. Many states are doing a lot on the web. How to have fun? Imagination. Producing our public facing service centers. Start doing for our state again what "Statutory Cities" do in our stead.

    1. people are realizing that a Federation is not what our ancestors built.
      and also, the inherent dangers to freedom of being in one.
      glaring example: "anna" already just published just a few Articles back that just a few people can run a republic/ federation without the others' input or agreement.
      how can you miss that?

  13. Ahh here ya go the future 'G' in the DOD

    Just as they planned decades ago

    It's for your SAFETY ya know

    And the latest news is China is flying baloons over the continent and the pussycat joe and our so called defenders of the universe are standing down
    Hmm I wonder who thunk this shit up

    Paul the baloon flew right over your head up there in Montana

  14. Shelby: 2:01 PM
    You're driving your own self nuuutz. "A Beautiful Mind" ring a bell perhaps? Why are you so paranoid? A
    Dilation and Curetage
    {D&C} otherwise a spontaneous aborted pregnancy or aborted mission, but in case you didn't know, even an uninduced miscarriage is also called a "blighted ovum or "an abortion" from nature. lt doesn't always have to be caused by the desired ending of a pregnancy.
    Many women spontaneously abort/ lose a fetus without wanting to. D&C is a medical procedure that is necessary after an unplanned miscarriage that removes "left behind tissue" {uh duh umm} from a failed midterm pregnancy due to the interruption of the normal course that a pregnancy takes to prevent infection evidenced by continued bleeding among other things. lt was not planned. lt's nature at work.

  15. shelby,
    that you are sharing possibilities, as well as food for thought, along with immediately provable facts, is appreciated and many people have thanked you for saving the rest of us hundreds of hours of re-search.
    at this point, imo everything is up for a second, third, or fourth look, so keep "bringing it". people can keep sorting through it all themselves and set aside things that dont seem plausible at the moment.
    hugs, janmarie.

  16. For fucks sake they taught us that we evolved from monkies

    What in the hell makes you think they would not do the things I've posted

    I'm not driving myself nuuuutz nor am I paranoid
    Speak for yourself

  17. Mother GAIA/EARTH = SATAN


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