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Friday, February 3, 2023

Second Release -- Polluting the Blood 2.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first email attempt was disrupted in transit, so no copies were saved to those recipients who need to see this, except on remote servers.  I don't have the original handy to post back as a result.  

Here's the essence of it.  

What Fauci discovered as an extension to his AIDS research is a means to transfer genetic material directly into the human genome using an artificially constructed lipid "pod" that can access the receptor sites on our cells.

This can serve as a Universal Carrier to introduce new or different genetic material-- even genetic material from different species--  directly into the human genome on a cellular level.    

We now have reasonable proof that this kind of genetic transfer engineering is of ancient origin and was used for interspecies genetic engineering in the past.  

How do vampires create more vampires?  By biting (injecting) something in their saliva.  How do werewolves become werewolves?  By being bitten.  How is AIDS transferred?  Bodily fluids.   

Following the mapping of the Human Genome, the real reason that AIDS is so difficult to treat was discovered---  it is a permanent genetic change, one that produces foreign protein.  The immune system of the victim fights this internally self-produced foreign protein until it can fight no more.

In VAIDS, the body is tricked into producing the foreign "Spike Protein", which the victim's immune system is forced to attack until it is exhausted, and the victim becomes vulnerable to any other opportunistic condition or disease. 

In this way, the human genome is permanently altered via a simple injection--- with or without the victim's knowledge or consent. In this case, the actual intent and nature of the injection was deliberately obscured and falsified and presented as a "vaccine" deployed for public health reasons. 

Instead, it is a foreign "gene therapy" that permanently alters the genetic code of the victims, none of whom were given appropriate disclosure, and many of whom were coerced to accept these gene-altering injections under color of law. 

We now know how "homo sapiens" developed so rapidly, without the benefit of millions of years of evolution and natural selection. 
We also know how our lifespans were shortened via a simple genetic tweak of Chromosome Two. 

Instead of investing in development of beneficial applications of this "gene therapy" technology, the madmen and the war-mongers among us, have used it to promote a depopulation and medical racketeering scheme.  

All this gives additional credence to the rumor that AIDS was a biological depopulation weapon specifically targeting homosexuals. 

All this injury has been promoted by "governmental services corporations" masquerading as governments and by other foreign, for-profit, commercial corporations.  As such, the guilty corporations have attacked and murdered millions of innocent people.  We have every right to dissolve them and hold their officers and board members accountable. 

The Church of Rome and the Pope are specifically responsible for dissolving corporations that engage in unlawful activities, and all of this is as unlawful as it gets.  

In addition, every country and State of State organization also has laws and processes for the involuntary dissolution of offending corporations. 

The Jurisdiction of the Air is governed under Ecclesiastical Law.  Go now, to your religious leaders worldwide and demand the involuntary dissolution of all these offending corporations, including the WHO, DOD, CDC, NATO, Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, etc. 

The religious organizations are already organized and funded and competent to bring the necessary legal actions and make the appropriate diplomatic and political demands. 

The rest of us are not powerless, either.  We can locate wherever these corporations are registered or chartered and bring action to dissolve them under the dissolution provisions of the individual countries and states. 

Our lawful government in international jurisdiction, The United States of America (Unincorporated), has already leveled demand on the Vatican Chancery Court and the Office of the Pope, to take action to dissolve these offending corporations, remove the corporate veil, deny bankruptcy clemency, confiscate the personal fortunes of the Officers and Board Members involved in these activities, and remove their privilege to charter, register, or be involved in the administration of any corporation ever again.  

Bottom line --- we have a natural right to exist.  Corporations do not. 

When corporations injure living people and destroy life on this planet, as in this instance, the offending corporations must be "killed" and those responsible for their misdirection must be punished.  That's the Law. 


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  1. My question now, as it has been since joining my state assembly 3 years ago, is exactly how are we going to enforce any of this?

  2. People are getting impatient , lets do this!

  3. In order for any of the Assemblues to be proactive we will need access to th ideas and activities of other assemblies. Where is this information please? We are not functional without this.

  4. Religious leaders, environmentalist groups, etc., are all hamstrung by their non-profit status. Speak up, lose your 501c-3 status. This has been discussed extensively by Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch. As long as money rules our world, not many are willing to stand up and risk their paychecks and pensions in order to do the right thing.


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