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Friday, February 3, 2023

The Rush to Find Narratives

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are three groups responsible for the present condition of our planet: banks, militaries, and commercial corporations. 

These groups form a self-perpetuating and self-promoting economy that excludes their employers and customers. 

Think about it.  

The banks/investors/corporate governments pay the military to protect their corporations and the corporations pay the banks/investors/corporate governments with profits.  

It's a three-way split, with nary a mention of the people who work in their factories, buy their products, and who are supposed to own all the resources these three pigs pillage for their own advantage. 

At most, the actual owners of all the resources get the scraps from their employees' tables. 

And now that this filthy business has been thoroughly exposed and the lawless nature of the commercial corporations has reached its final conclusion in the deployment of criminal "gene therapy" cum "vaccines" that are killing millions of innocent people, we have cause to examine the 
"triumvirate" of institutional interests that have been terrorizing people on this planet for far too long. 

The first thing we notice are the banks, especially the central banks.  Central banks are organized for the express purpose of rigging commodities markets and controlling access to commodities. Period. 

Somehow this fact has escaped the knowledge of the General Public and the entire topic has not been part of the discussion, but the fact remains that every country that has a central bank is artificially manipulating the flow, the volume, the trade, and ultimately the cost of commodities.  All commodities including currencies. 

All the commercial banks are, of course, incorporated.  They are incorporated directly under the auspices of "independent, international city states" --- that is, they are Municipal Corporations, or, they are British Crown Corporations.  

The so-called Empire of the Cities includes the United Nations enclave cut out of New York City, the Inner City of London cut out of the City of London, the Municipality of Washington, DC, cut out of the City of Washington, DC, and the Vatican City cut out of the City of Rome.  

There are other examples of this same thing throughout the world. 

If anyone wants to know where the bombs need to go, these are the locations where the Serpent lives and breathes and has its being. 
Unfortunately, the criminal cowards are taking shelter behind a human shield of millions of innocent, clueless civilians, and it will not be possible to bomb any of them without mass death and destruction.  

So what are our other alternatives?  We can simply use the involuntary dissolution of corporations laws applied in numerous countries across the globe, to force the liquidation of their commercial arms.  

Without their organizations, without their computers, without their money, these paper bug-a-boos and those in "command" of them, will be put in their place and the rest of us can pick up the pieces.  

The banks are just a specialized form of corporation, and so are the "governmental services corporations" specialized sectors in the corporate world.  None of them are immune to dissolution, worldwide. 

To the extent that they are engaged in unlawful activities, they need to be gone, and that is the exact provision of the agreements that allow the existence of corporations.  

Now that the end has come there is a grand rush of finger-pointing in all directions. 

It's the banks. 
It's the commercial corporations. 
It's the city-states. 
It's the mercenary military. 
It's the E.T.s.
It's the politicians.
It's the Catholic Church. 

God knows, there is plenty of blame to go around. 

As the months drag on and the guilty parties spin out of control, we are all treated to one grand spectacle after another, while they try to keep control and excuse themselves from liability all at the same time. 

We've been asleep and they have raped us so often that they have totally lost respect for us, their employers and customers.  

They think we are so clueless and stupid that they can feed us any amount of garbage and we won't be able to connect dot-to-dot, or that we will be such cowards that we will fail to do so anyway. 

They have only themselves as a standard to judge by.  

Be aware that all these guilty parties are desperate to: (1) keep control of you and your assets, and (2) avoid liability for this Mess themselves. 

Expect the military to dream up all sorts of nifty garbage and excuses to minutely surveil your every movement and control every purchase you make as if you were the guilty ones. 

That's how they propose to keep your attention focused away from them and their role as the actual source of the problem. 

They are the ones who have been in control of the money since 1863, so it's pretty apparent who is responsible for the money laundering, phony scrip, illegal taxation and illegal confiscation, and phony trust claims. 

Keep your focus, people.  

You didn't do any money laundering.  You didn't guard poppy fields in Afghanistan.  You didn't orchestrate the Jab.  You are not the criminals here and you don't need to be watched and controlled by those who really have failed their duty to you and to this country.  

What needs to happen is for the military to become a lawful military again and get back to doing its job while we do ours.  

You deserve your privacy, your freedom, control of your own money and assets, and no more crap from your employees. 

Don't settle for less and don't buy any wooden nickels from these characters.  They are just selling your own property, your own gold and silver, and your own intellectual property back to you.  

And they even propose to make a tidy profit doing so. 

So, don't believe any nonsense.  You have employees to deal with. 


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  1. saying:
    "Shut down all the Corporations" that the people depend upon for utilities, food, and communic/transport- ation makes no more sense than saying:
    "Let's take all their gnuns".
    in FEBRUARY, just how exactly are milions of people going to keep warm?
    gardens wont be producing for 6 months, what are people going to eat? zoo aminls like we hear other countrues have had to do?

    dont be stupidly ridiculous.

    the only logical and workable thing to do is REMOVE the people CORRUPTING the NEUTRAL Corporations and let the NEUTRAL Corporations run, UN-CORRUPTED, continuing to provide services to our good people while our good people make the changes we decide to make.

    1. I believe its a stretch to assume the result of halting corporate evil doers would starve people. However, I have seen those same criminal corporations working diligently to starve and poison people with fake, polluted, nutritionally void foods and toxic serum injections. Kathryn Austin Fitts calls it "The Great Poisoning" Those corporations have systematically destroyed a long list of food production, processing and manufacturing facilities. Those behind this are responsible for destruction of cattle for beef and crops to feed them. Chicken and therefore egg production has also been attacked using the fake PCR test. Eggs across the country are 8+ $ a dozen if you can find them. Many food production plants have been blown up or burned up by the same murderers that plan to keep murdering. Those corporations already have caused food shortage. Truth is... real American people are benevolent resourceful folks who want to live and let live. When the evil profit driven corporations have been disassembled, God willing, people will rise up to needs that present. My complaint and concern is that regardless of the pope's "Ecumenical Law" (his legal standing and responsibility to dissolve the steal, kill, destroy corporations) he will not lift a finger to act because he serves the evil one. The evil one's obvious intent is to continue to steal, kill, and destroy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood... We do wrestle ...against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    2. youre inverting, then mirroring what i said....many say Satanists do that.... just sayin.

      anyway, example: i didnt say halting corporate evil doers would starve people: thats just totally disingenuous to even try to twist my words up into something like that. do ya'll ever have an actual point you can make that can actually stand on its own? :):):)
      i said saying shut all the corpss down, espec. in FEBRUARY, is like saying take all the gnuns.
      neither the gnuns nor the Corpss can do anything on their own. its the people who run them that are responsible for what they "do".

    3. Anonymous; EXACTLY. Agreed on every point.
      woman: paid shill

    4. why dont critics who scream "PaidShill" ever have anything verifiable to disprove the contents of my comments?
      you never do.
      prove yourself.
      oherwise, people are learning to ignore you.

    5. @womaon:jan - you are so triggered by everything Anna says. Immediate reaction, jump to conclusion triggered. Your perception, judging by your statements are that you think Anna would make a grand proclamation and end all the offending corps in one edict. Destruction to follow guaranteed. Well, I agree if that is what might happen, the results for sure. However, no level headed being would do such a thing. LEAST of all her. You don't seem able to perceive the level of dedication to careful study and action that her and all the others helping her come to in reality. To suggest that she would be that reckless is simply being spiteful and willfully engaged in libel. So I would suggest to any that heed this woman:blah blah is low intellect and thoughtless. The evil one is always ready to serve up to those low vibration souls a feast of iniquity. Quit while you are ahead.

    6. i agree. woman Jasmine - never a solution only distruction . Her very weak mind is here, for every and ever. if she's so SMART, do it your own way. But she cant , just a leech, a destroyer. very hard to create, so weak minded spirts only point fingers and destroy.

    7. making up unfounded insults about us, the good actual American people, is NO substitute for you bringing actual, proveable facts:
      what comment have i made that you have proof is prove is not true? :):):)

  2. Meanwhile those frozen food express trucks, upwards of a lot of others, streaming through springfield underground and similar others.

  3. Dissolving the corrupt incorporated entities is, in essence, removing the people corrupting the business of providing essential services that people need. How does dissolving a paper-created entity inhibit the physical flow of water, the flow/delivery of energy, the physical delivery of food and goods?

    For someone who constantly bemoans the "man-made" this and that, and continually pointing out things that do not apply to "man", why the concern over dissolving "man-made" corporations and their relating internal "man-made" rules (charters)?

    To suggest that dissolving an entity that exists only on paper will somehow result in people freezing or going hungry is a bit naive. People can still work the power grid, and the water supply, and the gas lines, and the tractors, and semi-trucks, etc. None of these essential services require a "corporation" to function and operate properly.


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