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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

District of Quantico --- Here We Go Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

As I have explained on numerous occasions to Americans and people throughout the world, the District of Columbia was carved out of two of our States of the Union, Virginia and Maryland, to serve as a separate and distinct base of operations for our three (3) Federal Subcontractors --- one American Federal Republic, one British Territorial Democracy, and one Municipal Theocracy, which were to do their organizational business within the District and use the District of Columbia as their administrative headquarters.  

This is the way it was set up and the way it was run for decades, and then, with the Civil War, the American Federal Republic fell dormant and silent, because the original American Confederation of States that operated the Federal Republic was never "reconstructed".  

There was really nothing to stop the States from completing the Reconstruction of both the Confederation and the Federal Republic, except that they were not told what was going on, and those men who could have solved the riddle were systematically murdered, unjustly branded as outlaws, burned out of their homes, robbed, and forced to flee by Undeclared British Agents. 

The District of Columbia was established to house the Federal Subcontractors.  If you examine the paperwork associated with this, you find that the District exists under a use permit; so long as it is used for the purposes agreed upon, it is allowed to remain.  A similar agreement attaches to the Municipality of Washington, DC.  The land and soil was never ceded by the Maryland or Virginia Legislature, either one. 

Efforts were made by the State of Virginia Legislature to annex the land and soil back to Virginia in an acrimonious wrangle about the misuse and abuse of the use permit, however, the State of Virginia and its Legislature had no clear standing to make this move, because the use permit was granted by the State, Virginia, not a State-of-State business organization.  The State of Virginia established that the use permit was indeed being violated, but because they were not Party to the contract, they could not actually enforce it.  

The Municipality of Washington, DC, was similarly set aside as an enclave within the District meant to serve as "sacred ground" where business could be conducted on a safe and even playing field.  The members of the American Federal Republic Congress were supposed to serve as the plenary Government of the Municipality, but with the American Subcontractor out of the way, the Brits took over the District of Columbia for its operations, and the Holy See took over the Municipality

Now, out of nowhere, we hear that U.S. British Territorial Citizens are setting up shop in what they call the (District of) Quantico Virginia.  This is apparently based on the fact that the land and soil underlying the Quantico base was set aside as a Federal Enclave and has specific use, however, the organizers of this go a bit beyond any grant made by the underlying State and claims that this "district" is the Seat of National Government ---- apparently the British Territorial National Government and its citizenry, the U.S. Citizens, have been kicked out of the District of Columbia, and are seeking to establish a new base of operations.

This does not mean that our States have agreed to this change of use, nor does it imply the existence of  a separate "National Government" involving  the General Public of this country. 
The British Territorial United States has always been a separate foreign "national government" and the U.S. Citizenry attached to it have always been acting in a foreign international capacity. 

As we have explained before, many nations may inhabit or live in the same State of the Union at the same time.  The U.S. Citizens make up one such "nation" and if they need to establish a new seat of government for themselves, they can do so, so long as the State has actually granted the land and soil under Quantico and dedicated it for their use. 

Otherwise, Quantico could not serve as a seat of government for them. 

The actual State Assemblies of Maryland and Virginia, the Grantors and Donors issuing the original use permit, stand ready to accept back the District of Columbia and claim it as property abandoned by the Subcontractors. 


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  1. Ok ! now for action, lets clean house.

  2. Explains why the presidential acting is carried out upon the property of various other sound stage companies.


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