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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The RV and IMF Monopoly Extortion Club -- Britain, Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Merchant Bankers formed the IMF after World War II as part of the Brettonwood System, and promptly formed a monopoly cartel. 

That monopoly cartel has been going around to countries all over the world and making insane demands of the governments in exchange for credit and payola ever since. 

This is because the Merchant Bankers think that they are better able to direct world affairs than anyone else, and that they can make more astute development decisions for countries than the governments ---- and certainly, they could make decisions more favorable to their own bottom lines and commercial interests, so they did. 

The result has been an unmitigated disaster for the whole world and especially for dozens of countries who have had their resources stripped, their people left unemployed, and their governments corrupted by graft.  That includes The United States, which has been illegally and immorally managed as a British Territorial (Military) Protectorate since 1863. 

The much-vaunted RV is part and parcel of the same pattern.  

The IMF, NATO, and associated thugs force countries to sell out their mineral wealth, for example, to the bank's investors, which vastly increases the value of the victim's national currency.  The Perps buy up the target national currency on the cheap prior to the value increase, it is then "revalued" when the value of the minerals is added to the currency backing, and at that point, the banks and their agents get involved in the exchange process.  

They force whoever is holding the revalued currency to go through their banks to exchange it for local currency --- for example, exchanging Zimbabwe's Zim currency for USD, and of course, they only give 10% of the face value of the Zim, and keep the rest.  This is called "discounting".

The actual currency holder-owner gets 10% of the face value and the Merchant Bankers who have maneuvered their way into the middleman seat get the rest.  

Thus they contrive to recapitalize their quasi-criminal bank monopoly by selling resources they don't own to their cronies and investors, and then run the equivalent of an Insider Trading scam on the international currency market planning to capture 90% of the value of the minerals (or whatever other asset is targeted) without risking a thing themselves. 

They wouldn't have the coercive power and the jack-booted thugs to force the sale of the minerals and cheat the people of Zimbabwe (or other target country) on the deal,  if they didn't have the IMF cartel of Merchant Banks calling the shots and setting the exchange rates. 

The end result of all this is that the poor stay poor, the land gets stripped, the country loses its natural resources without gaining anything substantive in exchange, the crony mining companies get rich, the paid-off politicians get rich, some currency holders make a pile out of nothing, and the criminal banking cartel takes 90% of the value in a rigged currency exchange. 

No wonder the currency holders have to enter a military base and sign non-disclosure agreements in order to get 10% of the deal.  

This is why we call everything that came out of the Brettonwood fiasco the New Underworld, and once again, we point out that Britain is at the bottom of the dogpile.  Always.  Monotonously.  Without exception.  

Now, if any of us had an actual Government handling this, it wouldn't happen this way. 

Zimbabwe wouldn't be coerced to sell at a disadvantage.  The mineral sales wouldn't be brokered in-house to cronies.  The international currency market wouldn't be rigged.  The politicians (and their less-than-savory relatives) would be under close enough surveillance that they couldn't get to the payola trough. The exchange rate wouldn't be rigged.  The "discount rate" wouldn't be high-balled, so the bankers would never be able to extract 90% for themselves. 

Until the people of each country wise up and repopulate their own governments and tell the British Raj to go home, we can only look forward to ever-increasing criminality.  

If you really want to get a good look at the history and how the Brits are the backbone of the worldwide fraud and the pillaging and plundering of America, both, and all under color of law--- go here:

Although some of the lecture might raise hackles, please be aware that the facts are facts.  These groups really do exist and they did what they did. 


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