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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Value of Your Snot

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, we have paid private security personnel called "law enforcement officers" to sneak into public bathrooms to capture your snot, blood, or whatever other body fluids you might just toss away -- and then using this purloined evidence to connect you to crimes, real or imagined.  

It's a bizarre and demeaning job for them, and entirely detrimental to you, because the DNA they capture can inevitably be sold as "abandoned property" and  used in a variety of ways to make new drugs and products and even developed into a full-scale clone of "you". 

We should all know by now that our "meat body" though spectacularly engineered and divinely inspired, is, in the end, just a space suit we live in while sojourning on Earth.  The DNA that directs the nature and construction and functioning of the body is what's precious, and so, no surprise that the theft, sale, trading, and commercial exploitation of DNA is well underway.  

We missed a crucial turning point when we allowed laboratories to experiment on lines of stem cells culled from aborted babies, when we legalized abortion (thereby allowing the sale of abandoned baby body parts and DNA), when we assumed that hospitals properly disposed of placentas and blood and tissues that accrue during childbirth and surgeries, when we failed to react to the international black market in organs, tissues, and body parts --- ghastly "natural products" collected by evil men and sold to other evil men, all eager to make profits from a whole new "industry".  

Your DNA which encodes enough information to write a single line of genetic code back and forth to the moon 500 times is very valuable.  It contains a record that is 13.5 billion years old.  And every copy is unique.  If you never thought that you were special, think again.  Maybe even take a bow. Your DNA is supremely valuable, and you are just throwing it away --- leaving it as "abandoned property" ---or so the Perps claim. 

All those organizations like "" might provide a nice service and connect you with long-lost relatives and might give you some basic information about your heritage and racial mix, but what they are really designed to do is to steal your DNA and pass it on to other buyers.  There is nothing in your contract with them preventing that. Buyer beware now and forever. 

Just recently, all over the internet, are all sorts of health coaches and health analysis services and testing services of all kinds ----- same issues apply.  You send in a blood sample to have it analyzed, and it gets analyzed alright.  In an increasing number of cases, it also gets fractionated and your DNA gets sold on.  

Your DNA is also the stuff needed to do advanced cloning procedures and make the Med Bed hum.  

Now, you can get all excited if you want to, but when the Dry Bones were breathed upon and the flesh assembled ("Come, Breath......) it was assembling according to a pattern preserved in those bones as DNA.  Your physical pattern is written there, for better or worse, as well as in the mind of God, from which it can never be erased.  At least, not by us. 

These Med Beds are reading your DNA and looking for any obvious errors or undesirable cell memories in your entire organism, so that they acquire a template for correcting and rebuilding you --- which is really just a different kind of cloning process with a different overall purpose. 

So if they have Med Beds they have cloning and if they have cloning they have Med Beds. 

It's not science fiction.  It's science that is very, very old.  

Now that you know that the name of the game is to steal your DNA for nefarious purposes, use alterations of your DNA (by adding patented scraps of DNA to it to make claims of commercial ownership of your body as a GMO) and pollute and experiment on your DNA to make hybrids and test bioweapons, it's time to put this information under the noses of the members of the corporation's "Congress" --- the same men and women who exempted themselves and their families from this horror of science run amok. 

It's time to tell them and the local mayors and the tax collectors and doctors and everyone else point blank that they are going to liquidate the offending corporations, exempt everyone from all aspects of this nightmare, make health care a non-profit economic sector again, hand the guilty parties over to us or to the military for prosecution, and no, the offenders are not going to be allowed to profit by bringing forward other "vaccines" as the answer to the problems they have created. 


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  2. Old Rockefeller seemed to get old like a lot or em. The crisper technology with DNA, why not use it to reverse aging of the body or make new one as the cells regenerate if the DNA secret of life is so far developed, infiltrated and the Universes secrets figured out by smart scientists? Wave effects, harmonics in tune with someone's internal individual song or frequency if interrupted does make a lot of sense and the damages possible well documented with electricity frequencies wreaking havoc on life forms. Most of the stuff they have and do is with ill intent for profits and the medicines they peddle poisoning cells leading to more profits ( sick people who will buy ore poison) DNA experiments likely will lead to a lot more sick and deranged people with these attempts to correct or make better Creators creation. A natural farmer, quite successful proved Gods way is perfect and as he was a scientist first he knew and said the biggest error is assuming nature is wrong, and needs corrected or conquered.

  3. Hahaha... They could Clone me, but they can't clone the life experience. And no doubt my clone would come to the same conclusions I have about the plethora of narratives all imploring action while keeping their OWN bacon out of the fire.

    Sit and Spin Charlatans!

  4. [thats-interesting:dear]


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