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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Make This Go Viral Folks. Your Lives and Pocketbooks Depend on It.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, our phony "government" corporation is at work protecting and profiting itself at your expense. 

The Feds are buying up all the unpolluted food stocks and socking them away in giant underground bunkers so that they have something to eat while your rotting irradiated corpses are littering the ground, victims of 5G "mercy killings" and Russian nukes that these warmongers are making inevitable.  Listen very carefully to what Biden actually said. 

They were talking about ways to do what?   "How we could increase and disseminate.... food shortages...."   He just admitted that they are manufacturing food shortages deliberately, and it's easy to see how they are doing it. 

That is, by blowing up meat packing plants and creating artificial epidemics of bird flu and foreclosing on farmers hard hit by inflation these Vermin are deliberately causing, and creating monsoon like floods, followed by droughts, and, last but not least, using your money to buy up vast quantities of food for your feckless disloyal Public Employees, which empties the shelves and makes the cost of what is left skyrocket.

We want Pink Slips now.  Lots of them.  Better step up your communications to all the "local leaders" and politicians. 

And what's their "worst case" scenario from doing this?  They have vast stockpiles of food that they can use to coerce people to do things, and once the new currency is established, if we somehow "fail" to have a nuclear war and kill ourselves off as a species once and for all, they will be able to sell food for more than gold.  Call it an investment win-win. 

Unless vast numbers of Americans wake up and I do mean --- WAKE UP!----everything and everyone will be destroyed by these madmen.  We have to get rid of them, because they are actively, with malice aforethought, making their move to get rid of us. 

Go to: and join your lawful State Assembly Militia  
Convene together and make your plans to protect and provide for your families and neighbors. 

And pass the word!  Make sure everyone on your Christmas Card List gets this.  


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  1. Not really seeing anything nefarious here:
    Says this is a former limestone mine that is now used for storage of anything. Ambient temperature is 62 degrees. You can lease room there, or work there. It's not a government facility. So maybe Kraft has overstock they want to store there. So what?

    1. The so what is that it's quite concerning for any "business" to stockpile any kind of food when store shelves are emptying out at an alarming rate. If Kraft or any other business has that much "surplus". Then it should all be in stores.

    2. I’ve been inside here before, the food companies use this as cheaper refrigerated storage instead of above ground warehousing. I don’t think this is anything new, it’s not like they are holding back millions of pounds of their fake cheese product to screw us over . And yes, there are all kinds of businesses in the underground. Lots of data storage and cold storage.

  2. I saw a similar YooTu several yrs ago, truckers were taking their loads to an underground tunnel in either Springfield, MO or another location in the mid- West locations. Very interesting, caught Them Red-handed,

  3. I am hearing from relatives and other people that some items are hard to get. Of course there are bound to be some shortages with no Ukraine wheat.

  4. I’ve talked about this with people before. I’m Tin hat in their eyes. Blank stares and “wow, really?”’s.

  5. I heard months back the Alliance had captured huge amounts of unpolluted food stashed by the Elites. So who is in charge and when was this happening?

  6. Only one thing to say: if the elites are planning on surviving on Kraft food, they’re not gonna last long. The stuff is poison.

  7. I have been in a similar facility in Kansas City Mo.

  8. They do nothing by chance or without symbolism

    KRAFT versus CRAFT

    It wasn't named KRAFT by accident

    Have you noticed the Pearl Milling Company is now the label on the syrup? Since 1889 it says so why the name change?

    Because Aunt Jemama is racist

    They just rebranded to fit the narrative same crooks running the corporation

    Owned by PepsiCo one of the few CORPORATIONS who distribute all

    Like COSTCO

    Which is why they outsourced everything to China and created COSTCO

    Part of their trading/sleeping with their enemy ACTS

  9. Ya know like Stonehenge and the
    'Ministry of Works and the Society of Antiquaries'

    Well gee I wonder if it could be related to the
    'Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources'
    headed up by ole Patrick and Medici Ventures

    All things blockchain and VERMONT land titling

    Well hell no there is no connection

    MOU's being signed all over the damned place
    The only thing missing is the SE


  11. Hey Anna, suck your sons off.


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