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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A Little Thought Exercise for Ron Vrooman, Et Alia

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ron is always asking for proof, receiving the citations, and then refusing to read them and is perhaps unable to read well enough to extract what the public records, court cases, etc., are telling him.  My reply is always the reply I got from my own Mentor: you can never prove anything to anyone, especially an Army Mule, but you can observe the facts and make them liable for them just the same. 

So I do not belabor myself attempting the impossible; I observe the facts and let the chips fall. 

This goes for the Oregon pseudo-Assembly that Ron is trying to organize and for all the so-called "National Assemblies" that different groups are trying to float --- 

Imagine that you are plunked down in the middle of America --- in Kansas City, perhaps. 

You can start out from Kansas City and walk as long as you like in any direction at all.  You can go to the tip of South America, you can go back the other way and hike through Canada and slog your way over the pole, you can reach Russia and China, one step at a time, and then you can go East or South or both and tramp around India and Burma and Pakistan and all the Middle East and Africa and then you can stomp your way north and back around the Levant to Anatolia and Greece and the Balkan States and make it all the way to Europe, too.  

But you will never, ever, ever be able to walk to Australia starting out in Kansas City. 


Thanks to having your "birth" event registered and all the manipulation that went into creating clearinghouse certificates in your name, your political status has been changed, and your identity has been transported off the land and soil of your Native Country, so that it appears that you are a British Territorial Warrant Officer, adrift on the High Seas, missing. presumed dead, and all your estate rolled up in a Cestui Que Vie trust run by the Municipal United States.  

You aren't counted as an American anymore.  You are not even counted as being alive, 
And even if you come staggering back like Robinson Crusoe and establish who you are and reclaim your rightful identity and your reversionary trust interest in your Good Name and Lawful Estate, you can only do so by entering the same door you exited from.  

And that door only exists in International Jurisdiction.  

You can travel all around the globe in the Jurisdiction of the Air and just like Kansas City to Australia, you can't get back to the land and soil from the Jurisdiction of the Air.  You  can also circumnavigate the Earth as many times as you like on the High Seas and never get to port. 

There is only one way to unravel the ball of wax, and that is supported by Maxim of Law: As a thing is bound, so it is unbound. 

You have to retrace your steps from where you find yourself marooned as a Municipal Estate Trust or a Municipal Public Transmitting Utility or whatever else they dream up and attach your identity to, come back to life as a British Territorial Person, and then back-track and reclaim your Lawful Personhood on the international jurisdiction of the land ---- and finally, you get to populate your County and stand on the soil again.  

It's a mental exercise, granted, but if you've been kidnapped and marooned on Puerto Rico, cast adrift, declared legally dead, and suffered all the rest of the Great Fraud seeking to separate you from your identity and political status as an American, you have to pay attention.

You can't just walk to Australia.  

There is only one State Assembly per State, and no reason for anyone to claim that there are two, three, or however many more.  So, go to: to connect with your State Assembly.  

Anything else calling itself a "National Assembly" or a "Jural Assembly" or anything like that is not --- by definition -- The State Assembly, which is what you want to support and belong to if you are an American and not a Federal Employee.  


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  1. Many tribes wore face masks and played monotonous music to keep ego down. Seems some folks always gotta try and come up with something to put a feather in their hat with some new idea when they dont even carefully and completely understand what it is they are trying to fix or make better. Cars repair is like that with many theorists and only a few who look at the actual problem, find the errors and fix the trouble, returning it to the way it actually works as intended.

  2. The real problem with this movement is that it's too difficult to sign up. We need to stream-line it more, make organized help available, and make it easier for old guys like me. You done a wonderful job, Anna. You are incredible in both the quality and quantity of your essays. Wish you well.


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