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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Mr. Potter v. George Bailey and The Witch of the North

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember Glinda, the Witch of the North, the glittery fairy-like being that first greets Dorothy when she arrives in the Land of Oz, and who saves the day when opium poppies threaten everyone, and who also comes in at the end of the story to give Dorothy the Key to returning home? 

There's a very crucial point left out of the movie, but not out of the book: in the movie, Dorothy's slippers are made out of ruby, but in the book her slippers are made out of silver. 

She just clicks her silver slippers three times and recites a little doggerel, prayer or spell, and she is finally back home in Kansas. 

You, too, can be transported home using your silver slippers. In fact, the half billion United States Silver Dollars still in circulation have prevented the Perpetrators from succeeding in their evil aims, and the vast, unpaid and unpayable amount of silver that the guilty Principals owe you stands against any claim that you have ever been a debtor. 

You are still a Kansan and Kansas is still yours.

Remember Glinda dismissing the bad guys with a tut-tut, begone, you have no authority here?   That's me. 

Remember, also, the Jimmy Stewart Movie, "It's a Wonderful Life"? 

Here we see the crisis of faith of one George Bailey, just at Christmas time, too, a small town operator of a Credit Union, who is attacked by the venomous and evil Mr. Potter from the local bank, who seeks to bankrupt George Bailey and the good common people of Bedford Falls who have joined together to build a Credit Union that competes with the bank.

Review George Bailey's impassioned explanation of what a Credit Union is and how it works.  

Everyone pools their credit and loans it out to the other members of the credit union and together they all walk forward, depending on each other's good faith to succeed. 

At the end of the bank-caused run on the Credit Union, George and his wife had exactly two dollars --- and the love of their community --- left. 

We are seeing the same thing now.  A man whose entire experience has been with commercial banks, Eddie Valesquez, has acted as Mr. Potter, hoping that there will be a run on the fledgling Credit Union that George Bailey (Hunter) won't be able to weather. Why? Because it competes with the banks.  

If people follow the principles of Ubuntu, there will shortly be no need for banks.  Banks will not be able to charge usury if usury-free loans are available, and that will kill the whole business opportunity. It will leave the Rothschilds and other Middlemen (also called "Mediums" because they traverse between the world of the living and the dead--ha!) without a way to siphon wealth, too. 

So, old Mr. Potter has called the card on George Bailey (Hunter Aki) and he is betting that George (Hunter) won't have enough money to clear the demand on the traditional Credit Union.  

That's because in Potter's bank and all the banks that Mr. Potter (Eddie)  is used to, the depositors money is counted as a liability for the bank-- not a credit--  at the same time that bank loans out ten times more "credit" based on the blocked assets of the depositors. (This is a form of gambling enforced under color of law so that the "house" always wins.)  

Imagine that I give you a secured ownership interest in my car worth $35,000, and you use that as collateral to loan out $350,000 worth of credit without paying me a dime. From the first receipts you set aside $35,000 to give me as a "loan", and with all the rest, you benefit yourself with my credit and hold me responsible for paying you back $35,000, plus interest --- of my own credit, based entirely on my assets. 

That's what they've been doing. With car loans.  With house loans.  With business loans. No wonder the banks are rich and their customers are poor. 

Of course, the banks in such a system are all bankrupt and "floating" on "margins" of leveraged usury.  They could never survive a real bank run. So, they assume that George (Hunter) can't survive, either.  And they start this ugly little rumor campaign to kill off their competitor.  

So far, all the people who have been helped and who have helped others via their little Credit Union are scared like stampeding cattle, with no clue that they are only hurting themselves and giving away control of their lives and their credit.  Mr. Potter is sitting in the background, gloating over their stupidity. 

It remains to be seen if they will remember George Bailey and finally understand what a traditional Credit Union is all about. 

And who underwrites it all, either way.


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  1. Well, my my, someone pissed in your Wheaties today?

  2. The analogy would hold **IF** Hunter's credit union had made any loans ... but there was no possibility of that. After months, there wasn't even a way to even access your own account on a daily basis, no card, no checks, nothing! ... only wire out and then it would take at least 3 days to transfer. Were any 'loans' made? Who got them? How much was loaned to the 'community' and what for?? If the money wasn't loaned out it should be there in people's accounts and no problem to get it out. what is taking so long?

  3. Wheaties are gmo poisoned. nobody eats that shit unless your starving to death and its all there is. Annie sounds like Shes done her due diligence and sick of the deception.. I tend to believe Anna Von Reitz is under demonic control and a real wicked witch that knows what she does is a sham and a scam but still does it anyway because she thinks her witchcraft is something when it is nothing but hell craft against herself her and her witchy work. Just saying, no empathy , no genuine care for others, she has done nothing but shoot the shit in words and in person its obvious she is not there, empty shell, bitter angry, defensive when anybody disagrees with her shit. You can bow down to Baal if you want, if you like swimming with aligators.

  4. She is a Jesuit dame...allegedly

  5. A crazy nutter ranting on the Internet solves nothing in this world. It only causes more discord, eh Anna?

  6. Whats your plan? Do you plan on being in the line fire and stand or are you going to stand by and watch from afar and hope somebody saves you or your equipped to save yourself , or are you going to join them , only thing i didn't mention is lay down and die like i see many have already done.

  7. there already is a plan. its ancient. not many of us are using it... YET!... we will be though. i believe: this has to be next. theres really no other way i can see.

    we are man, we belong to our creator, not to any man.
    1. when we have done no wrong to (another) man:
    we stand clean before both our creator and man and we full-fill the entire law.
    2. if we do wrong to (another) man:
    we are outside of law and are required to restore (that) man in order to re-establish our right standing before creator and man.
    3. if we refuse to restore man we wrong:
    then we remain (a) lawbreaker, are outside of right standing with both our creator and man, and pay the price for breaking Gods law: harm no man.

    no one escapes this law.... there is no amnesty for breaking Gods law: harm no man. there might be forgive-ness, but only the man who suffers the wrong can forgive the law-breaker.
    this is (the) common law on (the) land for man... and ref: is the same law jesuis taught. See: red words in matthew, mark, luke, and john for details.

  8. once (the) man who (another) man law-full-y makes claim that (he)/man broke Gods law: has stood in court with records before God, man, and a jury: fourteen honest man who judge the claim true, then if the man who is judged: broke the law, does not restore (the) man (he) harmed, then (other) man on the same land can step in and require the restoration be made.
    said another way: if a man is judged, before God and man, in a court of record under authority of the common law for that land by a fair jury of fourteen honest men who judge he broke the law:dont harm man; and he refuses/fails to restore the man he harmed, then the man living on that land can, and have duty to, see to it that he does restore the man he harmed.
    common law.

    this is what theyre afraid of.

  9. Agreed Janmarie, well said. Jury in their fake court would not be jury of our peers. There is no justice if you consent to these courts deciding fact and law for you. If we are following Gods Law and stand for righteousness instead of being sucked into hate and fear, i don't see you needing any man made nothing.