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Sunday, December 11, 2022

For God's Sake, Take in the View

 By Anna Von Reitz

How would you feel, if you created this entire beautiful and varied world, and wished for nothing but peace and beauty and good?  What if you wanted to be with your children and be part of their lives? 

And instead, an evil thug prevented this?  Usurped against you? Told all sorts of lies about you?  And began a process by which your precious children self-destruct? 

Who is the True God, if not our Creator, who wrote his name on our DNA?  (See Gregg Braden.) What causes us to draw in the Breath of Life?  Who calls the Breath to clothe our dry bones?  

Anyone who has simply lived their life and learned to read who is now reading this, has cause to know from instinct alone, that we did not come to "be" by accident.  Encoded in our DNA is a story that is billions of years old. 

Everyone has cause to know that death is not natural to us, that that, too, was encoded by the Enemy of Life and added to our genome. 

That prior tampering, among other reasons, is why the Vermin have been at work trying to "pollute" our blood, which is the transmitting medium of our soul, and are busily trying to mess around with our genetic code in an effort to claim that they own us, as Genetically Modified Organisms -- and so, deny that we belong to the True Creator. 

They are and they have always been Liars, Thieves, and Destroyers, just like their Father, the Father of All Lies.  

Lies and half-truths and confusions are their stock-in-trade. Deceit is their middle name.  And now they are finally tossed out, like so many cockroaches on a blanket, plain for all to see. 

Other than Satan, who is the most famous Liar?  

Jacob, the Patriarch of Israel.  Jacob is the "Patron Saint" of all Liars. 

Jacob didn't give his brother, Esau, any full disclosure. And he deliberately fooled Isaac, too. He stole the birthright from his own Father, Isaac --- not Esau.  Remember, the birthright had not been given to Esau yet, so Esau never came into possession of his lawful inheritance.  

There is no rocket science here.  Read the book.  Esau may have been a reckless hot-head, but he was honest. It was Esau who, later in life, forgave Jacob, for Jacob's deceits and thefts. Jacob had nothing to forgive, only his own guilt and lack of moral compass to live with. I

So in case you are wondering who the child of Satan was, it was Jacob, and it is Satan who is speaking when the scripture says, "....Jacob I have loved."  

It hardly matters now, if Michael McKibben is right.  All the actual Hebrews started dying out 2000 years ago, their mission fulfilled, and they no longer exist in this world. All those that remain in this Hard School are "Jews who are not Jews".  

Even the name "Jesus" is a Lie, and so is the title "Christ". 

Our Beloved Teacher's name in English is Joshua, and despite the obstacles of understanding created by the deliberate substitution of "Jesus" in reference to him --- "Jesus" does actually mean, "Hail, Zeus" --- we ought to pay attention to the Truth and call him by his name.  

If we stood in the street and screamed out, "Jesus!" as many do, Joshua would not have cause to hear us. 

How is that for a good reason for unanswered prayers?  We are misaddressing them.  

And then, when we close with "Amen" we misaddress our prayers again, to Amen-Ra, and they go straight into the dustbin again. 

Who taught us to pray in a way that would guarantee that our prayers and pleas went unanswered and unheard? 

Who is trying to cut us off from communicating with both our Creator and our Redeemer?  Who but the Liars?  Those who have taught us to lie, and who have caused us to lie unaware? 

Who has taught us to swear that we will tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth --- when we are incapable of knowing the whole truth?  And so condemn ourselves as Liars? And guilty of the practice of "swearing", too? 

Who created the "office" of Christ and put "Hail, Zeus!" in that office? 

Who claimed to be the heir of Peter as Bishop of Rome, when Peter was never Bishop of Rome? 

Who started the "Christian Church" but Simon Magus, horning in on the "new trick" as he saw it. 

The Good corrupts the Evil and the Evil corrupts the Good, and in the end, it depends on us to develop the discretion and discernment to put an end to this. 

"....and worship in Spirit and in Truth." 


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