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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Pre-Judgment Equals Prejudice

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is literal. So pay attention.  Prejudice is an issue for things other than race or religion. 

We constantly hear about prejudice in the phony race war and excuse card rhetoric of the brainless among us, who fall so effortlessly into the trap of being divided and conquered. 

But prejudice means something quite different than what we commonly suppose. 

"Pre-Judice" actually refers to "Pre-Judgment" --- that is, the practice of legally declaring someone or something guilty by definition, prior to them doing, saying, or even intending anything at all. 

They are simply guilty, no questions asked, no facts or evidence required. 

We see precisely this sort of "prejudice" set up in the infamous Fourteenth Amendment to the British Territorial Corporation's 1868 "Constitution". 

According to that, all "citizens of the United States" are criminals by virtue of being "citizens of the United States" ---and they are criminals by definition, by pre-judgment.  No other facts, acts, or laws matter.    

This is crucial for Americans being misaddressed as Municipal CORPORATIONS to understand. 

It doesn't matter what else you say or what you did or failed to do.  
According to the British Crown Corporation operating "the" United States of America, Incorporated, you are a criminal, and in the same breath, the same bit of corporate doggerel intones that criminals are slaves. 

Slavery is abolished (Thirteenth Amendment) ..... except.....(Fourteenth Amendment). 

This is why so many passionate patriots sit in jail and why so many people have been railroaded and fleeced based on "Legal Presumptions" provided by the By-Law Amendments of a Scottish Corporation that has been defunct for over a hundred years. 

Talk about Night of the Living Dead, eh?  

This Pre-Judgment relates to the collection of war reparations from the Southern State-of-States and their Municipal (Papal) Allies in the Civil War.  It gives a broad license to the victorious Northern Allies and their British Territorial Allies to act as Privateers to collect "bounty" from their defeated enemies. 

The Bounty Hunters in the Old West?  And now?  That's them. 

But there are obviously many problems with this whole "legal supposition scenario" --- chief among them the fact that the Scottish Corporation that adopted these By-Law Amendments is long dead and gone, its shareholders are long dead and gone, even the issues it was addressing are long dead and gone. 

And there is no rational reason in this world or the next to continue on with this absurd charade. 

The Municipal citizenry no longer owes anything to the Territorial citizenry, and the American citizenry never owed anything to either one of them at all. 

Which is a key point in bringing the "U.S. Military" and their "Military District Courts" to heel.  

Even if their pre-judgment of 1868 held water, which it doesn't, it doesn't apply to Americans at all. 

Yet, millions of Americans, their actual Employers, have been misaddressed as Municipal "citizens of the United States" and railroaded and suffered illegal confiscation and illegal detainment and every other sort of abuse by their own Employees just the same. 

The Carpetbaggers Courts were never shut down.  They were expanded and extended to completely cover the entire country with "Military Districts" which, strictly speaking, are illegal and unauthorized. 

So are Probate Courts. 

There isn't a shred of authority to run probate courts of any kind in this country, much less use them to address American State Citizens of The United States. 

We should note that "pre-judgement" is illegal and immoral and so is "prejudice" yet we have suffered this scourge of criminality from our own employees for 154 years and counting.  

That is why it is essentially important for anyone receiving anything addressed to a Municipal PERSON to object, and if a court addresses anything to a Municipal PERSON, it must be immediately returned to the attention of the Court Clerk. 

There are only two foreign jurisdictions and two cases that require us to rebuff the senders.  

The first is the common case, where the court sends a bill, citation, or summons to a Municipal CORPORATION using our NAME.  We have to write "Returned Service: No UCC Contract Trust" on whatever paper is presented, sign it: By: Your Name, and date it, for example, 11th of October 2022. Return it to the Court Clerk. 

When this estoppels their effort to misrepresent you as a pre-judged UCC Contract Trust operating in Maritime Jurisdiction, the shameless rats will turn right around and try to misaddress you as a British Territorial Citizen of some kind. 

They will send you another Summons or Citation or Whatever, and it will come in what appears to be your Proper Name -- but isn't. It will be Upper and Lower Case and you might be taken in by this, but the proper response again, is to "Returned Service: No Territorial Office or Officer", sign it and date it as above, and return it to the Court Clerk. 

You can now use Priority Express Mail for this purpose as it is First Class Mail, and has tracking service included, instead of going through the entire ritual of sending Registered Mail, waiting for Green Cards, etc. Take a screenshot of the delivery service confirmation and be done with it for half the cost and a much quicker turnaround. 

Throughout this entire ordeal, keep it uppermost in your mind that these Vermin are deliberately seeking to involve you in a prosecution that doesn't involve you, collecting "war reparations" that you don't owe, and remember that they are not, technically, addressing you.

You are not the DEFENDANT or Defendant, either one, in any case. 

Also remember that they are acting on False Legal Presumptions and equally False Legal Suppositions, that lead them to believe that all DEFENDANTS are guilty by definition.  So don't bother trying to defend any DEFENDANTS.  It's just a waste of your breath. 

They, in their own minds, have an open and shut case against a criminal, an escaped slave, standing pre-judged on the docket in front of them.  

Instead, tell them in no uncertain terms that there is no Municipal PERSON "residing" with you and using your Proper Name.  No British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers (Taxpayers) or British Midshipmen in the Royal Navy, either. 

Don't allow them to give you any "titles" like Mister, or Missus, or Ma'am.  

Don't allow them to tell you what to do once your business with them is concluded. Just turn and walk away unless they physically detain you, in which case you respond, "No contract, and I have nothing more to say." 

Always report their inappropriate behavior and presumptions to the JAG Officers serving as Provost Marshals. Always complain to their Judicial Councils and notify them of liability.  Keep the heat on. 

They are misaddressing you and attempting to impersonate you as something you are not.  Don't be shy about correcting their error. 

And never accept any of these circumstances as anything normal or right, because they aren't.  


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  1. You are not normal and you are not right and we don't accept you because your wrong reason is premeditated and this makes you scum of the earth.

  2. What is a Ketter, or are you a kettle?

  3. OK, let’s say I have done all this and in spite of doing all this by the letter I am arrested, booked, processed put in jail , extorted for bond and released after the deputy removed the bond money in cash from my wallet ?

    This has actually happened and I am pissed off beyond your imagination.
    Now what ?
    Lein the Bonds?
    Sue the alleged Judge ?
    File a complaint ?

    I f’ing want justice. I want heads on pikes . This advise you give , Anna , has got a number of us locked up in spite of carefully following your “ suggestions”.
    Yes, my “ political status “ is corrected and recorded( in Yavapai County , Arizona)
    The State assembly here in Wyoming is in disarray to say the least, maybe someone should get ahold of Bill Snap and tell him to answer emails and get his shit together with the State ID’s .

    I realize this is a complicated situation and no one actually knows how to act and what to do but doing nothing will yield nothing but more misery from the errant employees.

    Somebody ?

    1. BTW , it’s your favorite protagonist Kevin Cote’.. you have my email, and phone #…

    2. From Anna
      They are the ones committing the crime against you and acting against the Public Law.

      I am the one trying to help correct this situation. Suggest you reserve the powder for those who deserve it and note that they are thugs and criminals by definition.

  4. 8:36 A from what you just admitted to it appears you do not control the conversation, when confronted. I was once like you looking for heads! Always remember dead people are always broke! The hardest to do is to keep control of the situation! I ask for them to show me that they have Jurisdiction under the pains and venalities of perjury, I also ask for the injured party, they will usually say the State, I then repeat what they just stated, so the State is the injures party? That completely disarms them, I have done that and every time they change their minds, I have also been called a Sovereign Citizen, I look them straight in the eye, and say what am I? they are now under the gun to show that they are confused. It takes practice, if you were arrested you should bring them to court ask for the injures party to appear.

  5. i just dealt with the court of the traffic infraction of not stopping behind the white line and i told them that i did stop so they gave me a reduced fine, and asked how i would like to pay and i told them i don't have a job and they offered up community service to a 501 corp. service as payment, well i just happen to be a man that likes to do outreach, so it's right up my ally, to reach out to more people that need the truth, i have the pamphlets in hand ready to go..


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