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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Oath Keepers FBI Interviews Contradict Indictment Charges


  1. I'm just doin my job

    One man wrecking crew
    Funny how the little ole machine he uses in named Cardinal
    While sporting the Freedom isn't free bullshit
    And thanking the veterans

    It's entertainment complete with music and picture on picture

    Be sure and go BUY BUY BUY some of their merchandise and support the banking crooks and COMMERCE

    They're building all kinds of storage unit places now
    Once you can't pay that fee they steal your stuff too
    STORAGE WARS - they made a tell a vision shew of it

    In this case it only takes one man and a machine culled a MULE
    No 2000 mules needed for this job

    2000 mules to elect one jackass is it?
    Thats Blackjack '21'

    Keep beLIEving all their BULLSHIT

  2. What is it you beliieve? I am pretty sure not to many understand what the storage untis are about. Not many know that the government plans to take everything you own. . But regardless what you believe or what I believe. We all know we out number them and a lot have learned what we are capable of . Especially collectively. So you can sit on the side lines and bash everything. But if you cant offer any solutions then you are part of the problem.

  3. now apparently theyre being forced to tell us WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW, that:
    their "DARK" Players and their "LIGHT" Actors are "Working the Same Total Reset *PLAN*"?!
    anyone remember 2015 or so and JADE HELM...JADE[Chinese?] HELM[ET]? "U.S.INC. Military" "Urban Warfare" "Simulation" "Training Practice" on the land in our home towns?
    i sure as hell do. it was speculated that for reconniassance(sp?) purposes, perhaps before attacking Americans on our own land that:
    they would go out at night and get onto peoples' land, tear things up a bit, make noise, allow themselves to be seen.... to see what people would do,... how many ignored it, how many fought back, called police, neighbor, sons?
    people were speculating that it was "Threat Assessment Exercises" before attacking.

    1. it was also speculated at that time that they were checking out the topography, buildings, barns, and farms; creek beds, ravines, wooded areas; and what kind of potentially dangerous heavy equipment people had and where it was stored.
      i remember the slogan was something like
      FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE, and the logo was wooden clogs/ shoes that people said was what was given to the Prisoners in some of the Prison Camps in the European Wars so the Prisoners couldnt run away.

      what a damm coinkydink that the "Voting" machines they apparently use to cheat with are named DOMINION.

    2. i just checked infowars and they put an article up yesterday:

      the AGInc CaliforniaInc leaked a large list of Concealed Carry/other Gun Owners
      there was even over 700 of "their own" on that list the AG made Public!:
      244 judges
      7 custodial officers
      420 reserve officers
      and 63 others: work permit;
      then also, around 2891 Standard Permit Holders.
      why just THIS particular 3500+ people? why not everyone?l
      cuz with all the turmoil being stirred up, it looks like maybe they are trying to let certain people know who is armed???? just asking.
      who would they want to give an alert to, if anyone, that someone unexpected is "packing"?!!!!
      or maybe its just another coinkydink.
      it would also be very interesting to know how these 3500+ people are "Registered" in the Corporations (fake) "voting" system, if at all.



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