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Saturday, April 2, 2022

The future of MONEY pivots this Friday

 Putin sets deadline for dropping the dollar, requiring rubles for energy exports

(Natural News) Regardless of what you think about Putin’s morals or ethics, he is a genius strategist whose intellect is vastly superior to Joe Biden’s. Putin latest move threatens the very future of the dollar (fiat) currency and may spell the beginning of the end for the dollar.

Beginning this Friday, Russia will only accept rubles, gold or bitcoin as payment for energy exports to “unfriendly” countries. No dollars or euros will be accepted. And why should Putin accept dollars or euros anyway, given that the western financial system has told Putin he can no longer use dollars or euros to purchase anything.

As a result, Putin is demanding rubles, gold or bitcoin. And that means the Russian ruble is now backed by commodities exports, making it a currency backed by something real. If you buy rubles, in other words, you can trade those rubles for natural gas or oil.

As Natural News previously reported:

In a video posted to social media, Putin blasted the “theft” of Moscow’s resources and mocked the notion that first-world currency reserve holders are “reliable.”

“Let me reiterate, the whole global economy and trade have suffered a major blow, as did the trust in the U.S. dollar as the main reserve currency” of the world, the Russian leader says in a translated clip.

“The illegitimate freezing of some of the currency reserves of the Bank of Russia marks the end of the reliability of so-called first-class assets,” he added. “In fact, the U.S. and EU have defaulted on their obligations to Russia. Now everybody knows that financial reserves can simply be stolen.”

Read the entire article here:

The global UPRISING begins: Fiat currencies melt down while food and fuel inflation unleashes SUDDEN POVERTY for billions (who will soon face worldwide FAMINE)

The DOLLAR will DIE… and the Ruble will DOMINATE as “commodities-based” currencies make paper fiat obsolete


  1. King Herod asked for his wifes young daughter, Salome, to dance for him and His Nobles and Kings Men, and he would give Salome anything including up to half of his kingdom.
    Salome is thought to have been between the ages of 11 and 13 at the time.

    i have read several places where it is ancient custom in many cultures, where if the King Emperor Master has an insurmountable problem that the Priests, Nobles, and Soothsayers couldnt figure and the King was about to get his ass handed to him, hed put a call out to "All the Kings Men" who had sworn an Oath of Loyalty to him and he would offer up UP TO HALF HIS KINGDOM to the man who solved the problem.

    the only logical conclusion *AT THIS POINT*, imo, is, it looks like *maybe* "The Plan" was:
    • to suspend the Smith-Mundt Act to "Legal-ize" the unlawful pro-pagan-da-izing of the American people
    • in order to "Legally Allow" having the "Kings" own already proven-to- be-trusted-Agents come up with ideas and then "Spin a Yarn" and "Throw It Out as Bait" to the American people, to see what the people "Are Biting On".
    • for a GREAT prize... GREAT. HUGE.
    • for "Saving the Kingdom/ Empire":

    Battle Cry "SAVE THE *REPUBLIC*!!".

    1. even if this "hunch" is incorrect, it IS logical because for the most part, it looks plausible that all of these Agents, ALL OF THEM, are dependent on continuing to SSSUCK THEIR LIFE/ LIVE-LI-*HOODS* OFF OF THE PEOPLE, and, they know it!!! imo right now, there probably isnt one in 10,000 of them that has ever done an honest days work in their life!
      They are (the) Feeders.
      TELLING LIES ABOUT THE GOOD WHOLESOME PEOPLE THEY "TARGET" "STALK" "TER A RISE" FOR THEFT, ABUSE,: TRYING TO RUIN EVERYTHING THEYVE BUILT, INCLUDING THEIR HEALTH, THEIR FAMILIES, THEIR REPUTATION, THEIR HOMES AND FARMS (Mike Pompeo admitting it) To Get Their FREE RIDE on the peoples' backs, without regret or remorse. COMPLETELY WITHOUT CONSCIENCE. cold, callous, heartless- truly -to show their value in and get their promotion in the "Luciferian" Society? Gang. "GangStalking". like the worthless wimps the "men" are, and be-ing woman, i myself, imo, CONSIDER WOMEN who might be involved: to be WHAT WE USED TO CALL "SK@NKS" in High School. the guys called them "Shes an Open Trench" or "Dirty Leg". worthless.

    2. ______
      from what i keep hearing they have to find something that (i think it is:) 80% of the people "agree" to.

      but look, the people dont seem to be "Biting" on anything IF that is even the actually The Plan. idk. just guessing for now.

      it seems the people are still saying "no." to everything. jfkjr, aliens, "asset"- backed and "crypto" currencies, perceived false flags.

      maybe if they havent already they should just stand up like men for once? and the women just get up and try to find something to actually do... ??? just speculating. could be wrong. we will see pretty soon i think.

    3. okay now some of that was pretty rough.... who knew at the time that some of those very same girls who "had bad reputations" were possibly being sax ully abused at home?
      nobody i knew knew it.
      but its above likely that thats what was going on back then. too?
      so now what? weve got that going on?...
      from what ive read, and who knows if its true? i dont...
      but some say when they get too old, they use them other ways. do they ever get out?
      who is going to rescue them if they want out? word has it the same thing is done to men too.
      ....? so where does all this end? if the "authorities" *are* actually somehow involved, we better be figuring out what to do to rectify this, if its happening right here on land that belongs to us, the true American people.

      sincere prayer is a start imo.
      i hope people so-led will join with me in that intent.

    4. You said:

      "maybe if they havent already they should just stand up like men for once? and the women just get up and try to find something to actually do... ??? just speculating. could be wrong. we will see pretty soon i think."

      Yes there is nothing as terrifying to anybody as the loss of that which they have come to rely on. For the majority of people it is a job or income stream. Like a cornered animal they will come out swinging and grasping for anything to hang onto. How does a guy like Prince Harry and family walk away from the monarchy and then as cashier at a 7-11 or something like that?

      He does have an inheritance from his mother and probably Charles kicks in some stipend to keep him from having to sell his body on the street like a common gigolo haha! He could pimp his wife out again on TV and movies and make the rent. Harry is a young man in a young man's world. By the way I have a feeling that he knew that William was always going to be the gilded one and Harry may have been smart enough to know that there could be a small chance that the truth about the monarchy could spur another Marie Antoinette moment at the castle and who wants to be on the receiving end of that? Get the hell out to America and at least they will have to swim across the ocean to get him. I think it was an insurance policy to ward off death by hanging by going across the pond.

      But if the Brits got a grip and kicked Charles to the curb it would be more difficult. I guess it's easy for me to speculate but starting over at his age would be traumatic. Marie Antoinette did not have to fuss over such details she got out the easy way.

      Monarchs don't have a lot of current job skills, so maybe William would get a job in the armed forces running a helicopter like he did before he was a breeding stud. Maybe his wife could get a job in the steno pool like a 1960's typing clerk. It's all so droll but before somebody jumps all over my ass for being crude about mocking the afflicted, the point is that all these people won the life lottery and don't have to learn how to do anything except look good in a photo-op and don't get lost on the way to the bathroom. That's about it. And these are the pikers that want to run your life?

    5. Oops, yes prayer is encouraged. Group prayer energy even more so and I for one will join.

    6. I am providing a chapter that is as true then as it is today. If it hasn’t already been read consider reading if it has been read maybe read it again along with a few of the following chapters to see how The Lord God talks directly to the ones that Love Him, and how those that Love Him know every/all particulars even down to the least minute detail(by even being given the location of a needle in a haystack). Good Prayer Will...
      1 Samuel 8 AMP;

    7. willsmith,

      i just spent about one hour writing to you about gold and when i went to post it it was wiped out, even the copy i made is gone!
      there is not a single word left of it!
      anyway, you will "get" this:
      here is the crux of my other note to you:
      i ever more strongly suspect that GOLD has some kind of life *sustaining* properties (not life-GIVING) that are held in secret.
      i felt like it was pretty damned important!... then it just getting massively wiped out like that semi-confirms to me that it actually may be damned important!
      its too late though....i already know/suspect what i know/suspect, and im sure im not the only one who is clicking these pieces of the puzzle together! other people are too!
      oh and i wanted to tell you, i am not a "mystic" or a "seer" or anything like that. im not a teller of the future, of fortunes, or "a psychic, medium, or channeler", i dont have "spirit guides" or "shadow people" around me and ive never seen a ghost, an angel (that i know of), BigFoot, a "grey, draco, a reptoid", pucks, sprites or a Sasquatch ! :):):)
      what i have are pictures that show how an abstraction/ abstract/ or spiritual law or principle works......not any fortune telling or ANY kind of divination, trances, channeling, or anything like that.... i would not intentionally entertain that kind of thing even if it presented itself for my "consumption".

    8. willsmith,

      im happy youre joining in prayer!

      your last paragraph is so true. these people do not ever learn problem-solving skills! i mean like you, you spend every day of your working life doing what?.. *problem-solving*... its what you *DO*! :) ...who better to study a problem/issue and come up with options? and im not putting it off on you, its for almost all of us to be involved with. im not a professional problem solver like you but i luv to make things and anyone who can semi- skillfully sew, do woodworking, make patterns, make yummy food, on and on is using some problem solving skills throughout those processes. thats why we, us people, are far better qualified to actually solve these problems.
      our ancestors saw this too no doubt.
      plus, the mooches, bums, thieves, liars and SOCIAL SPONGES dont want it solved. its their FREE LIFELINE TO THE FRUITS OF **OUR** LABOR.
      huuumphffft. :€

    9. willsmith,
      i also wrote to you about how i love girlygirl creams and makeup and hair and skin and (home) spa treatment stuff and so have spent decades inadvertantly learning about the ingredients. some that are even gross, including earthworm slime and animal parts, but way back occasionally they would have a reeeeeeally expensive skincare cream with gold in it, like for $280 an ounce and they were very, very coveted.
      so i decided to see if there were any online now and the one product line i know of thats been around for decades that has it now is La Prairie, at Nieman Marcus, it was something like 1.7 ounce Gold Cream $890.00; 1.0 ounce Gold Concentrate, $890.00; and Gold Eyecream 0.7 (zero point seven) ounce: $665.00!
      so you know its doing something utterly fantastic.
      im beginning to suspect, just suspect, that what they say about add reno kr oame may be what happens when pure soft 24karat gold is processed a certain way and internalized...??? maybe its a medicine? an elixir? the fountain of youth? just speculating. maybe it has something to do with light/ light properties, photons...???? for something that is worthless they sure as hell want to hoard it dont they?? :):):)
      i think im on the right track somehow, and just dont have the lines drawn from dot to dot.

      i mean, hell, they could just just make up a ton of that Tungsten Gold you talked about and give each of the "Stupid Serfs" their own "fortune" couldnt they? thinking, they'll never know the difference if nobody tells them.....

    10. about the gold and light: gold is the only incorruptible substance as far as i know.
      this is funny willsmith:

      i thought, "im going to look it up before i publish this comment" and put "gold incorruptible" in onesearch and the first thing that came up was:

      "As a physical substance, gold is quite literally incorruptible: it is highly resistance to chemical reactions and is immune to the corrosion that affects baser metals.
      [now this part, this gives me goosebumps:]
      It is also intrinsically luminous, seeming to shine with a light of its own."

      okay now one more i just stumbled across: same Source:

      "...imperishable splendour... for many in the history of religions, gold has not merely symbolized the imperishable but embodied it."

      all from
      i also wrote to you about Ezekiel 38, but will do that again later. i think i know about a video that relates to it, about inside the Vatican, Inc., if its still up on UTube.

      bye:):):) prayers:):):)

    11. oh, and:
      you: " advanced age..." lol!! quite the comedian you are!
      remember when they came out with "Sixty is the new Forty"?
      well, it still applies willsmith, so buckle your seatbelt, your Ride probably isnt over for a long time yet! :):)


    12. Only one question needs to be answered;
      In the known history of mankind, and mankind relationship with "Gold" how many have suffered, and died because of "Gold" vs. Those that have been saved by "Gold"?
      "Gold". What is it really?

    13. Thanks kindly janmarie and Foscolos00 for your contributions to the discussion, it's very important. It all needs to be talked about.

      Well janmarie, I guess that means that Sixty-Four is the new Forty_Four then LOL? Honestly there are some days when I feel Fourty-Four and others when I feel Ninety-Four. Getting old sucks, don't do it...

      But there is important work to do and although it may not be readily obvious, it is an amazing time to be alive and seeing the turmoil and hopefully planting new seeds for a new and better understanding as you suggested in your post Foscolos00.

      I like the message in the old 60's song by the Fifth Dimension "Age of Aquarius" the message and the hope is so uplifting. Astrology aside if that is not your thing, the lyrics are super thoughtful. It's what we should be, and it doesn't have to be a utopia like the song suggests, even an incremental improvement in the way things are done forever on this planet would be an improvement. It's not everybody that can appreciate that there is even something that is not right. You have to be able to listen to hear the dull hum of the reactor core. Or put another way, a disturbance in the force...

      So I will get to the work I should have done yesterday (oops...) and later I will continue, janmarie you are onto something about the gold and I will tell you all what I know about it.

    14. willsmith :)

      im really kind of excited a little bit to hear what you know about the gold. no pressure... im not trying to pressure you to hurry up, i mean. im just kind of excited to be on this track.

      yes! lots of people are holding a piece/s of the puzzle.
      i suspect its going to be very bright and interesting from here on out.
      sorry you missed getting your work done yesterday. now the background info has been/ is being shared though, so thats good. foundations.
      the getting old thing :):):)
      i remember when linda evans, who was just gorgeous-looking, did a commercial when she turned 40 and said "Forty isnt Fatal." that actually had an impact on all women... women, young and old, seemed to realize that they werent just/going to be automatically washed up and unattractive at 40 like Society/media had been driving into their psyches for decades.

      anyway, having a tadbit of a head-start on you in that category :) i can tell you three things i have found are true:
      1. at its absolute *worst*, 95% of "age" really is a number. people can almost all take really good care of themselves and not lose much. its not selfish to take excellent care of onesself.... to the contrary, it usually keeps one from needing someone else to do it for you.

      2. keep the "sub-clinical" /unrecognized inflammation down. its an energy robber. many people believe turmeric/other herbs and nutrients support some types of low inflammation levels.

      3. hateful stupid selfish people will wear ones ass out:
      so dont let 'em.

      imo, these are the three of the main things that seriously suck the life and vital energy out of people and theres just no sense offering onesselves up on some selfish ignorant persons "altar" so they can live their life as an empty devouring pit. imo.

    15. corrections! was in a hurry at lunch and didnt re-read. do it for *them.*
      nutrients support *keeping* some types....
      ...imo these are *the three main things*...

    16. I am back with some thoughts on gold, especially following from something that janmarie raised. I don't feel a verbal marathon coming on like yesterday, it was Saturday after all. By the way I happened to post something on a blog yesterday and I posted on the fraud of the PCR test and how the CDC has walked back their official support of it starting Jan 1 this year. I have been been vocal about this development and that it should have been a prominent part of the signage by the truckers convoy in February.

      I had to smack down a fanboy of the status quo, he seemed like controlled opposition and I said so. He came back with another condescending comment so I ended up shutting him down. Never come to a battle of wits unarmed buddy. He was a troll actually. So the "other side" is still out trying to keep the narrative alive. The government is still trying to keep covid alive, they don't want people to forget in case they need to turn up the heat again.

      So janmarie, you picked up on the idea of some other reason for gold other than a monetary metal. Why are people so obsessed with gold and silver to a lesser extent. Silver is more of an industrial metal, solar panels use a fair amount. It also has medicinal properties as an anti-microbial or anti-biotic to kill unwanted bacteria. God's medication for infection if you like. This property of silver has been known for generations but when electricity was discovered and harnessed, it became possible to create ionic silver or "colloidal" silver where the silver floats as nanoparticles in distilled water. I make it every week and use it preemptively. Because I am old...

      There is another isotope of gold that I have heard referred to as monatomic gold and you can also make colloidal gold that I don't think is strictly anti-microbial but it does have properties that the body considers medicinal. I would have to look it up again it has been a long time and I have never made colloidal gold anyway. You have to have 99.99% gold to make sure there is nothing that would likely react unfavorably with the body like...oh I don't know maybe tungsten! Could not resist doing that.

      Beyond that gold is a very unique and special precious metal that most people would like to have, for reasons that they really understand except that they can sell it to someone else or use it as a medium exchange in a grid down scenario. They say under that condition cash will work until it doesn't, gold is great and silver is good.

      Maybe the connected people at the top of the chain have a long lost understanding of what gold is useful for that has been kept a secret. I don't spend my life looking for every trivial piece of info about everything, we will soon find that such pursuits will take a back seat to survival in an energy depleted world. By the way that is not going to be soon, I think we have a couple of years left before it becomes a noticeable problem.

      Except for high gasoline and natural gas prices, most people would not know what to look for to know what will happen. Well unless I told them what to look for. I see it everywhere, but it takes training. A bit like the way janmarie you were suddenly aware of a lot of chatter about money like you said.

      If it turns out that gold is nothing more than being good for pounds of jewellery on some trophy wife, I am likely going to be a bit disappointed in mankind for being so gullible.

    17. I realized I didn't really give much context for the alternative uses for gold, and this could be a different beast if it has any merit. Monatomic gold apparently can be consumed as kind of a fountain of youth type of application. It evidently keeps the mind sharp and wards off mental decay.

      At the risk of sounding like a jerk there are lots of reasons to think we should make up a batch of youthful gold syrup and rush it over to Biden at the White House he sure could use it according to what they say he does and says!

    18. wow willsmith,
      i just checked back here before getting back to finishing up what i was doing earlier...
      your comments look interesting. will sit down and "digest" them later.

      but did you notice that our last two comments were both posted at 5:37? im pretty sure we have a couple of timezone changes in there somewhere, but still.... wow.

    19. okay, now the next two posts: yours 6:13; mine 6:14.
      the comments i make on here get messed with frequently, so maybe its that?

    20. willsmith, :) yes, :) the trolls are just THICK.

      your: "Maybe the connected people at the top of the chain have a long lost understanding of what gold is useful for that has been kept a secret. I don't spend my life looking for every trivial piece of info about everything, we will soon find that such pursuits will take a back seat to survival in an energy depleted world."

      one thing i found interesting is it is used for immune system function.
      the ancient chinese used it medicinally and called it the Gold Solution. India: Liquid Gold.
      leprosy. plague, epilepsy, longevity elixir, VD, mental diseases...
      a seller of colloidal gold said the more you study CG, the more mesmerized you become because it can affect every condition in the body-- or something along that line... also it used to be consumed for higher consciousness and spiritual connectedness, and [acts like acupuncture] to clear energetic meridians.

      its used in the targeted delivery of drugs, DNA, and antigens.....
      info about it seems endless.
      "It has been argued that Gold nanoparticles could be used in almost all medical applications: ...."
      from: accelerated health products website.

      but it has something to do with light (it seems) and thats the part that is (likely) obscured.

      even in wikipedia it mentions "self-assembly" of gold rods; the light-scattering properties of suspended gold microparticles
      ... light refractive index... more.
      maybe gold can be used as a light/heat energy source, too... or something, like uranium. my guess if theres a secret, it is longevity and near-perfect health and possibly a concentrated light/ heat/ raw energy source.

    21. Nooooo, janmarie I had a terrible stupid moment and lost everthing I wrote back about gold again tonight. Almost like seeing your life pass by your eyes as it disappears into the abyss. Ouch...

      I discovered today that gold is often flashed onto high quality lenses for laser systems for cutting and engraving. I did not know that.

      There is probably a long lost thing about gold from eons ago that we don't appreciate because the knowledge went down with Atlantis or something like that LOL!

      Thanks for the replies, food for thought as always.

    22. ouch for sure! ...that sinking feeling:):)!

    23. gold and slaves seem to go together.

    24. i should have said " up together."

    25. i definitely think there is waaaay more to this "gold" thing. the facts about it are probably SUPER-obscured.
      they likely wouldnt want people who are capable of figuring it out, or who get too close to figuring it out (it: information they dont want the rest of "humanity" to know about and be able to use) actually FINDING the info.
      theres ALOT of "soft disclosure" being done now about how they send trolls and tracers, "informers", "watchers", "handlers", --- so many names-- to do what Nancy Pelosi called "The Wrap-Up Smear" and or other slander or defamation of character, on people.
      i mean, people actually agree to take money for doing that kind of evil to good people.

      now seriously, thats what i call a whore.

    26. i think we people had better be super involved when other people are setting up a money system because that seems like thats the deth of us, maybe even literally.

    27. willsmith:)
      i think one of my comments might have gotten deleted or posted somewhere else? my comments are heavily trolled!
      anyway i said something like: this issue about gold came up when i was commenting that MMT/ Randall had said gold could be used as an IOU.
      then, he started talking about sovereigns/ sovereignty. and i wasnt sure how gold could be an IOU which brought up the question of what makes it valuable.
      Im not sure where you "landed": that is, with making a switch from Austrian school of thought over to MMT. i think you said you did.

  2. Will;
    As far as keeping up with articles being published don’t sweat it. I along with many have been at this for over Ten(10) years. We’ve furnished Anna with copious amount of eye opening data through our diligent research, that I know for a fact she was not aware of (I have the exact dates).
    (#1) What I, and others ie., BubbaPatric, Bellerian1, Wink Wink, Shelby,Goode2… have been waiting for is the article that their has been a moratorium placed on all Birth Registrations whirled wide. Period.
    (#2) "Local" Land, and Customs offices are reopened for everyone to make/place their Lawful recordings at/in.
    When a new Arrival/Blessing comes on the Land, a Father can make/state a full testament, and add this newly acquired Land to His “Real [E]state”, and make a record that will stand for all time. Paying a small Custom’s Fee to the Country ie State, (not State of) in order to keep Custom House/ Land Recorder’s Office open, and functioning in perpetuity. This is just to wet the whistle. Basically this is just the short of it. I’am sure there are those out there that know more concerning the particulars.

    1. Manufactured statelessness and the UN's plan to make everyone count

      Of course the inbred hollywood star promotes their UN agenda after all it is their inbred families that created the damned monster in the first place
      At 3 hours 20 minues in listen to the self rightous inbred tell us about how they wish to make everyone count and how she is appauled by the conditions and the travesty of these folk

      The nation state was created by the very same crooks and it was operated to fail so they could launch this fucking world wide slavery plan of theirs
      Manifest Destiny

    2. Hi Foscolos00,

      I do agree that cancelling all the registrations, which Anna would call an Adhesion Contract is a big step. I agree that recording entries in a county recording office itself is another goal, if we go back to it. I don't know if it works, but I recall that it should be possible to cross a border with just the family bible since all the details of the family should be there.

      If that can be done today then it should serve as proof that all is not lost and there is some understanding by border personnel that there is a long lost tradition. Maybe that would help to establish precedent on the land that they are forced to accept, although I think it would be with reluctance. It could create a path to further inroads for no need to register? I don't know.

      Yes I know that Anna's whole reason for being in this regard is to change your status as the magic elixir. The litmus test would be the moratorium on registrations if her paperwork process is having any effect, I can see that. Very good point, very logical.

  3. Now tell me what you think

    All the earmarks are there folks and this is how they will lead the blind in the DIRECTION they want them to go

    You will notice the CAST of this film as the CREDITS roll by at the end

    And bitcoin and the internet not controlled by the very crooks is absolutely rediculous because it most certainly is

  4. A five year old's intellect would be far superior to Joe Biden's; but yes, Putin is a genius.
    Maybe that is why he and Trump got along-they both have high-functioning intellects.

  5. Interesting sign they ran across here of the INCORPORATION of a town in Georgia 40 years before 1871

  6. Years ago I researched colloidal silver, and bought some. Colloidal gold, and monoatomic gold also had showed up then (20years ago) however it really didn’t pique my interests so I dismissed it then (I, for whatever reasons inherently have never had any interest in gold). I have seen many people talk about monatomic gold in the past, and now that it is brought up, I wondered who actually invented it, and when. This was the first site to come up;
    David Radius Hudson Ormes - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements - Monoatomic Gold
    Take note on the four flags that for whatever reason are displayed on this website.
    United Kingdom,  Spain, Italy, China.
    So then I queried something along the lines of this question;
    What is the difference between Monatomic gold and colloidal gold?
    and this came up; Customer Questions & Answers;
    is Monatomic gold and colloidal gold the same? if not what is the diference? Thank you
    It is not the same. I found this website that provides a great explanation:
    Janelle Martovitz June 8, 2018
    So I went to the website that Janelle Martovitz provided, and they also have a short Biography of David Hudson that differs to the one above which seems suspect
    Colloidal Gold vs. Monatomic Gold - Monatomic Orme;
    I then checked out a few videos, and where it led at the bottom is quite eye opening to say the least. Especially when one takes into. account the time frame from when monatomic gold is first discovered back in 1976 to it’s present uses(46+ years of research). Along with it being stated that it (monatomic gold) is a carbon when it is in this state, and with the further research how graphene oxide which is also a carbon can readily, and easily be attached to it
    Local entrepreneurs tout the benefits of eating gold - YouTube;
    This video shows how nano gold foil is absorbed into skin;
    Tiny treasure: The future of nano-gold - YouTube
    (Published in 2015 or 2013? See link below for webpage);
    In the description box this link is provided however when the page was opened;
    Nature - Not Found;
    So on the page above I queried “nano gold”
    nano gold | Nature Search Results
    159 pages containing 50 articles each on “nano gold came up. Here is one of them;
    “Gold-patched graphene nano-stripes for high-responsivity and ultrafast photodetection from the visible to infrared regime” | Light: Science & Applications;
    It has been touted that the The Annunaki created mankind for the sole purpose to mine gold for "Their" use on "Their" planet. It was used by "Them" for "Their" planet's atmosphere...
    Yes, that's right, to help control the climate...

    1. Oh no, I did something super stupid and lost almost an hour's worth of posting just now. Perhaps I was not meant to say the words tonight but it really sucks. I should know better and save it, sometimes I do but I forgot.

      Anyway Foscolos00 thanks for the excellent research on gold orme and colloidal gold links. That was super thorough, I will have a look. I recall reading that Monatomic gold is a less common isotope that is only found in small quantities, sometimes in water which explains the old fashioned panning for gold.

      The late Jim Marrs had a video mentioning Monatomic gold with his series on Egyptian history that was good. Jim was a great author and journalist, and a sensible boy from Texas.

    2. Yes, Jim Marrs was the guy I've been racking my memory to remember when I was first acquainted with monatomic gold. Thanks.

  7. I know what you mean, I sometimes wonder who elected Natural News as the news source for everyone. Too weird that he is always on top of all that insider news. It's a bit too convenient.

    There is news now that Russia just became the defacto reserve currency by proxy by backing with 12,000 tonnes of gold. Geez there's that gold thing again.