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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Read It and Get Angry

 By Anna Von Reitz

After the Second World War the victorious Allies declared everyone "dead, missing, whereabouts unknown" and the entire world was redefined as an occupied battlefield. 

This then allowed them to "salvage" the estates of the "dead, missing, whereabouts unknown" of all the people, whether they were ever in an active war zone or not.  They pulled it off in this country because they had never declared an end to the Civil War, so they just extended that to try to cover their butts for their nasty and unjustifiable acts and presumptions. 

It wasn't just Britain doing this.  All the other "Allies" did it, too, with the possible exception of Russia. 

So, you've just been born, are a baby in a cradle, and you've been deliberately misidentified as a person of unknown origin, an abandoned illegitimate child, so the British Territorial "Forces" that have been illegally occupying our country since the end of the Civil War claims that you are one of theirs ---- a "ward of the State" and a subject of their Queen.  

This isn't true, but they presume it is, and until you object and say otherwise, your name is marked down as that of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, as if you had been born in Puerto Rico. 

Of course, they never tell you a word about this.  

Next, under the provisions of the Buck Act and the Miller Act which make outrageous claims to own you and to own the benefit of your labor, they sell the British Territorial U.S. Citizen they created out of thin air and which they named after you, to the Pope.  

The Pope takes over as the manager of your estate and resources and makes up another entirely fictional PERSON named after you, the infamous "Strawman".  The Strawman in their original scheme was a Cestui Que Vie Trust named after you, a legal fiction representing your earthly estate, managed by the Pope and his henchmen for the benefit of the Pope and his British colluders. 

To guarantee that your estate isn't harmed, the Pope pays the Queen a bond in gold equal to your birth weight, and the Queen gives the Pope a Title to you and your assets known as a clearinghouse certificate, aka, Birth Certificate, allowing him to do all this in exchange for a share of the take. 

As the Party having the actual benefit and control of your estate through his MAGISTRATE COURTS,  the Pope collects taxes based on your labor (peonage and enslavement) and taxes on your estate (home, lands, businesses) and takes on your consumption (gas tax, electric and other utility taxes, alcohol taxes, tobacco taxes, sales taxes) and so on and on.  

After the Pope's men collect all this and the Pope gets his cut, the Queen is paid her share as an annuity owed for the use of her insured property, and you get to pay all this under force because why?   Because you have been misidentified as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen almost from birth. 

And because these Vermin have been allowed to pretend that they have some right to occupy our country, and keep everyone in a state of "perpetual war" ----when they don't have any such right at all.  

They have been "occupying" America and allowing their American Raj to run wild here since 1865, and they have been occupying the other countries of Europe using this insurance scam for over 75 years.

Are we the only ones who think the Brits and the Popes need to get a bloody nose and be told to take a hike?  


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  1. 350 million in America and they cant get one mind to get ride of Congress and the evil they spew .....................

    If 350 million cant be the authority and enforcement for holding CONgress in check then who can

    For 150 years people have voted in elections and nothing has changed except more corruption and evil.

    SFP is what people have.........

    1. well, as long as people keep accepting all these Fictional Roles assigned to them by the Perps who are abusing them, and keep refusing to live be-ing *man* under their rightful and lawful "dejure" system of [American] common law, theyre going to continue to be crushed by men and women who apparently want to see them ded.

      we are creator-created *man*, thats our station: *man*. thats where our inherent authority OVER all Man-Made Constructs the Perps make up was placed.
      man carries authority that is superior to ALL Man-Made Contructs.

      until men/wo accept their superior authority on the earth (it has happened at least once: parag. 1 DeclarofIndep) and require that what is inferior to them get back into that inferior position, they will continue to be injured, to deth. looks like evil doesnt quit before that.

    2. There are WW II pictures of several dozen Jews standing on train platforms in front of boxcars, waiting to be loaded onto them like cattle. In front of them are two Nazi soldiers with machine guns. Only two. There are other pics of hundreds of Jews, all lined up in formation. In front of them are only six Nazi officers - WITHOUT any guns at all.

  2. More ancient stuff? Or lies?

    Nothing that their made up UNESCO can't claim

    Think maybe this highway has something to do with the future surveillance state

    Hmm heyeways

    1. shelby,

      yes, EYE SEA what you are saying.
      you are so good at finding their hidden "Gems of Deceit".
      "... the hEYEways" .... and the bEYEways too. :)

  3. Continue the people know now most but lack a firm footing on how to fight back !
    The best plan is based in history what was stolen ?
    Our oversight that’s what
    Judge Dale makes clear cooperation is fiction yet through contracts they entrap you .
    What Dale omits is stealing our nation by supplanting a fake United States of America he does comprehend that the civil war was a smoke screen to turn our nation corporate.

  4. Judge Dale says civil war was a smoke screen to turn our nation into a corporation.

  5. Remember that google doodle and route 66?
    1;45 seconds in and the '7' states this mother road passes through

  6. Ah, and what do ya know a UNESCO world heritage site cover up
    18 minutes in to the video

    1. And gee just imagine that Getty Images is the only game in town their name splattered all over every photo of any and all of this shit

      Ever heard of Getty Oil?

      And their shit plan moves forward with the brain dead that work for them as these boneheads collect big salaries

      Like RAND gives a rats ass about homelessness
      It's all about the 'services' they can provide while they work to kill your ass

  7. Can't say it enough he has never altered his message

  8. Dumped at least 30 plane loads of chemtrails on north texas today
    I'd say that the midwest and the Mississippi are gonna take a beating in the next few days
    Floods, tornadoes anything they can whip up with their weather machines

  9. Share this one with you local sheriff or military personnel and those generals

  10. The only one besides Romley that has stated that the surname is what binds