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Saturday, April 30, 2022

It All Begins in Your Mind -- Plus, The Meaning and Destruction of Marriage

 By Anna Von Reitz

I wrote an article a week or two ago about "Keeping Your Mind" ---- meaning, keeping control of your own mind and being sure that you are thinking your own thoughts and not just drifting along like a filter-feeder ingesting whatever the media throws out.
If you stop a moment and think about it, you will realize that every response that you have, every belief that you hold, begins in your mind. Thought gives rise to feeling which gives rise to action.
Slavery begins in the mind.
It begins with the subtle and sometimes not so subtle demands that other people, "Authority Figures", make on you as a child, and this process only continues as an adult.
You have to do things thus-and-so because Mommy says so, and when we are very young and learning the ropes, such discipline is necessary for your own safety and to teach you how to get along in the world.
By age five, teachers take over that role, and after High School, Trade School or College, or the Military, the Boss or Drill Sergeant takes over that role. All your life, you have someone telling you how to think and what to do.
If you conform to this model, you might as well be an automaton, taking orders, fulfilling orders, getting your little allotment of "corn" and then doing the same thing the next day.
This is not natural. It's not what we need to build fulfilling lives, but of all the damage that this "model" of existence does, the very worst impact is that it cripples our minds. It reduces us to being dependent on other people's decisions and other people's authority, so that we never find our own will and our own authority.
We can never live as free men and women under conditions like these. We are not free, because our minds are not free.
When I was growing up, everyone had a calendar you could set your watch by. There was, in effect, a list of milestones that everyone had to meet. At sixteen you got a Driver's License, at eighteen you graduated from High School, at twenty-two you graduated from college, and God Forbid if you didn't then find a job, get married, and start having children immediately after that.
The Clock was always ticking and someone else set all the alarms.
Imagine the consternation I caused when I showed no interest in getting married straight out of college? When I wrinkled my nose and said, "Why do I have to follow someone else's time clock?" ---everyone I knew rolled their eyes toward heaven.
I meandered around for another ten years and when I did finally fall in love and settle down, it was with a man sixteen years older than me.
Everyone was aghast! You are marrying an old man? One old enough, technically, to be your Father? He will die decades before you! You will be alone! He's an artist! You'll starve!
I wasn't following the script. I was following my own mind and heart. And I was happy and we were successful and despite all the nay-sayers, here we are, decades later. Ironically, all my friends who married men their own ages are widows now.
I had both feet firmly planted, knew the odds, accepted them, and went forward anyhow---- because I knew my own mind. I knew what I valued. I knew I'd rather live in a tent with Jim Belcher than in a palace with anyone else.
When we turn marriage into a commercial transaction, it becomes a commercial relationship.
According to the State-of-State organizations that "license" marriages among their slaves, a marriage is a Joint Venture, in which the State-of-State shares a controlling interest and ownership of all the "products".
This is how they claim the right to distribute your property in a divorce, and decide who gets custody of the children---- by redefining "marriage" as a business Joint Venture.
It should be apparent that licensing of marriages is an outrageous concept, bearing in mind that a license is a permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.
Since when did marriage become illegal? And for whom?
For slaves and former slaves in the wake of the Civil War.
Are you a slave? Do you define your marital relationship as a business venture? Are your children "products" and "inventory"?
All the State-of-State organizations and Courts in this country deserve to have the stuffing kicked out of them, for this sin if nothing else.
You can now record, not register, your marriage ---and have a public record of the event, without getting a license and without entering into a privileged undisclosed Joint Venture with the Devil.
You won't be able to get insurance for your marriage and incorporated employers won't recognize it, but if you don't intend to give a "share" of your estate including a share of your children away to these Monsters, it is what it is.

Their stamp of approval on your "business plan" isn't required by your Creator, and it certainly shouldn't be required by your fellow man, either. It is long overdue for the people of this country and this world to rise up and tell our Public Servants where to stuff their licensing requirements --- especially any "licenses" related to the most sacred relationship we have.


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  1. 1 Corinthians 2 14
    True Christianity like spiritual discernment is a natural principle unavoidable and purifying while materialist delusions are just symptoms of a disease

    1. Judge Anna, good morning and Thank you for these Always Awesome words. Almost Three years ago I married a Chinese woman. I was 58 and she was 45. Her Mom was having a fit not because of my age , but because I'm an African-American. We didn't and still don't have much, but it's More Joy than I ever Imagined that I've experienced in All My Life. The Key is True Love, and not The Material wealth that many people especially Chinese are indoctrinated to! Thank you! I read this to my wife as well and why you couldn't see or hear her response, she Applauded you for going with your ❤. We hope to meet you one day in person. May God Bless you Always

    2. Under the direct influence of "Barack Obama" and other communists, Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris acting as the president of a defunct and bankrupt corporation have taken over your fucking country Americans! Do you actually not even give a shit? You have no country people! The United States of America is dead, gone, non-existant. There is no Republic to resurrect.. Joe and Kamala are simply lying to you just like all politicins are lying to you. Anna is full of shit. Screw your history!! GOD is taking over under the Law of Conquest. Your leaders are all mentally unstable, sociopathic or psychopathic. Their brothers in arms are waiting in the winds in the guise of the UN to assume full control of all military, police, banking, commerce and government. They did it all right under your eyes by keeping you distracted with politcal bullshit, social nonsense, entertainment,cults and LIES. Now, are you with the UN or Us? The US is gone, The CS remain. The UN is history. We suggest the United Confederate States of America. Whatever you call Us we are your government. Have an election and put whomever you want in office after you become a Confederate Citizen, Confederate citizen or Confederate American. Anna Maria Reitzinger; you cannot access any global funds without the seal and signature of John Curren Chapman...Grandfather, Father, Son and Grandson.or temporary relief with seal and signature of John Curren Chapman 111 (Jack).

      JOHN Sr. (GOD) (Curren Sr.) Annu
      JOHN Jr. (God) (Buck) Enki
      JOHN 111 (God) (Jack) Joshua
      JOHN 1V (god) (Curren Jr.) (Bucky) Son of Joshua
      TIAMAT (Queen Goddess) (Medusa) Holy Mother
      LUCIFER (Goddess) (Venus) (Seven of Nine) (Seven) Spook

    3. JOHN111
      that was one thing i wanted to ask you about:
      Lucifer is a woman / "female"?
      it is the "female" that is the anatomically correct "baphomet"?
      and this is why men/ males try so desperately to "present" as if they were "female"--- this is the reasoning normies have not been told concerning "gaymen" and especially about this "trans-" movement.
      also has to do with all angels being gendered masculine, doesnt it?
      im trying to comprehend some of the things you are saying, and want to clarify that what i am extrapolating from your words is actually correct.


    4. JOHN111,

      no, we are not losing *our* country JOHN.
      we are saying no.
      what they are tearing down is THEIR Construct that they built over the top of our country. but we are still here. so are the indigenous Americans.
      and were not leaving.

      they have to go JOHN.

      they need mans agree-ment in order to take over and we are not giving it to them.


    5. heres another one JOHN111:

      if you dont mind me asking, what are you using the 111 in your name to stand for? there is ALOT online about 11s, multiples of 11s; 111, and 1111.
      i dont recall what i have read about what it supposedly has to do with jesus-- but i remember that it was not bad in that context. thanks!


    6. janmarie - I think in our conversation last night he referred himself to the 3rd.
      I have several issues from last night
      The belligerent, vulgar and aggressive approach is not what I would expect from divinity. But I'm human and apparently he is above what we think
      Someone claiming to be from the spiritual realm but in physical form sure seems fixated on human materialistic values, lives like a pauper as we live as kings
      The interjection of comments from 2 Queens seems deceptive as they couldn't carry a conversation and JC disappeared.

      I personally dont know what to make of JC. But I do know that bloodlines of messiahs or holy kings are sought after by satan and his minions. He knows history and so does satan. I guess I am at a loss to his motive or agenda as he seems to focus on what Anna has that he believes is his birthright and inheritance. When questioned he details a communication issue with others but needed Anna to communicate for him. I also see a split personality, maybe even mind controlled. I don't like the idea that we are dissing a true savior
      What are your thoughts?
      And I am sorry for initially interrupting your conversation with him.

    7. hi rmiraglia,
      JOHN111 will probably be back. On his own terms.
      no apology necessary from my perspective, JOHN111 and you were communicating well and some of my questions got answered just listening to you both, i hope you two talk again on here.
      i presently believe, but have right to change or correct that:
      there are, more probably than not, principalities and powers participating in this world. ref: ephesians ch6 and many more; jesus in the wilderness; job ch1; daniel ch4; ezekiel ch8-11; many more. i think the actual bible is true but has been messed with; example: judah would not be able to receive the sceptre. (genesis 49:8-12).

      ****** heres my basic point though:
      it seems, as bubba has brought up several times, like the mess were in goes back to Ancient times.
      and i think JOHN111 is probably giving the *actual* facts about some of what has gone on in the distant past, but its difficult to put those pieces together in a working order because i reeeeally think its possible people have NOT been, substantively, told the facts about ANYthing to do with "money", "religions", or "control"FICTIONS !!!..we may have been "Totally Matrixed" on those subjects.: "Whole Societal MKUltra" "Stockholm Syndromed" "Mass Formation Psychosis" "Brainwashing", en-forced using fear and openly committed violence and law-breaking ( that law is: harm no man).
      JOHN111 said he has ALL the MONEY and "anna" has the currency (paper) and they need to be put together for the jubilee but she wont taklk to the Vatican about it.
      and both seem to know that *man*s support is required. i believe that is because everything on earth and in the atmosphere actually was gifted to man for our use and enjoyment and even principalities and powers have to get our agreement (ref: jesus in the wilderness-- luke ch4).
      but we didnt agree with anyone to allow them to harm us, and thats a big problem now for anyone who has been Acting like we did.

      i suspect that JOHN111 knows the "heirarchy" and is commenting about it.
      but in the event that the WHOLE thing turns out to be a TOTAL hoax, even then it would not be a total loss because the DEPTH of the deceit used on us would be being exposed.


    8. Excellent perspective. I have read and researched so much in the last 10 years regarding history and religion that my brain can no longer disseminate what is the truth. I believe we have been lied to about everything, even the truth appears to be false. Your a very well educated and knowledgeable being and I enjoy reading your comments, though it can be difficult at times. :)
      I found it very fascinating talking with John 111 even though his temper could flare easily but I guess so would mine in his realm of reality and witnessing how satan has taken over as we have stood idle. Raised monotheistical it just never sat right with me after reading Egyptian or Sumerian religions with multiple gods or GODs. There has to be more to it
      I kept seeing conflicting comments. He has lived for 3000 years which is spiritual but yet he was calling the Holy See trying to get an appointment which is physical. His agenda with money is materialistic almost to the point of a false God. Maybe I or humans just have a hard time comprehending the spiritual realm.
      I was intrigued by his use of titles and meanings god, God and GOD as it closely resembles the mischaracterization of what we are dealing with. I also feel Anna's reluctance to deal with him as she deals in contracts and documents and if John 111 is in the spiritual realm he would have no such thing. When he spoke of reaching critical mass to take action he didn't seem to comprehend that with humans it takes more than words. Just as Jesus multiplied his followers by performing miracles.
      You seem well read with the bible, something I haven't noticed in your comments before.
      Anyway, I hope both John 111 and Anna are who they claim to be and if they are, especially after reading the first PDF file tonight from Anna, I see no reason why the two of them can't find a solution. GOD knows we could use them both right now.
      Thank you for taking the time to respond

  2. traditionally-speaking, man is not required to Record ANYthing at all.
    what other man are you required to Record what happens in your own home and family with?

    Answer: no man.

    1. and traditionally-speaking (IF a man could write) he did record his family's: births, marriages, deaths in the family Holy Book, if any, for a "memorial". or maybe he had someone who could write, do it for him.
      and man records/ makes record with (his own) voice:says, not "writes". *says*.
      when he stands before his neighbors and SAYS "this is my daughter/son" he:man DOES make record!!! thats how *man* makes record: he:man does SAY _____________; and it is so (concerning that man). and in saying that, he is also saying:
      • i will care for him/her until around age
      • he or she has a place in my home AND
      • this son/daughter is allowed to use my family's calling/name.
      --American common law.

    2. look at how the man they call jesus told men to do things.
      he told people the Statutory Laws/Codes had come to an end.
      he said he put an end to the Law. the Law was made up of Statutes. Statutory.

      it has its basis in death: those who are dead: "in trespasses and sins"...
      that would be then that men had supposedly become like
      "Statues": that only look like living men but are carved out of cold stone and are set out in the "Public" in the Cities/ Munici-palities built of stone by men, often carved with their "Private" parts exposed to the "Public"... because they are only dead RE-PRESENTATIONS of men and are not living men, so they can supposedly be disgraced and disrespected? i:woman say no and that this is all made up of imaginations, lore, and myths and does not apply to us, living man; and send it, unaccepted, back to the creators, senders, and affiliates to do its intended harm on him/them; and it is so.

      see any tie-ins to men who claim Public and Private this-and -that over other men? in Commerce? using Municipalities? Public/Private? Statutes? Statutory Law?

      imo, the men who do this to other men WITHOUT first obtaining agree-ment: from intent, after full disclosure: have
      been exposed.
      Their companions have (already) ratted them out in exchange for better treatment.
      imo, all.


    3. and further:
      • no man can say for you what you mean-- you are the only one who knows that!
      so why let anyone do it?
      • no man can define your words except you.
      "of" can mean:
      1. part/portion pertaining to the whole OR
      2. without
      and at least 4 more definitions,
      ... so you can probably see why to insist on your inherent right being man to say what *you* mean for YOURSELF, without another man who pretends to have authority over you (for his own unlawful gain and advantage) unlaw-fully "interpreting" what you say with your own voice/ writing/ or records, Publish, memorialize, and so forth.

      they have no American common law right to do that and such claims can be recorded before man, for restor-ation; and it is so.


    4. quite a noteable number of Articles of altnews sources are saying that BAR Attorners who have functioned unlawfully upon the people *as[if]* they were "judges" are

    5. that is: are being rounded up for ped oh related "activities". apparently in conjunction with people turning them in for unlaw-ful activities in exchange for lighter sentences for themselves.

      i believe something like this, and more, IS happening.

      very brave men and women.... we will never know (in this lifetime) exactly who 99.9% of these HEROES are!

    6. meaning: the HEROES are the men and women who are quietly ridding us of this scourge of those men and women who harm sons and daughters... and OTHERS.

    7. . . . we among the grass nominate "women:janmarie (aka boot") Queen Empress of confusions, Field Marshall of Foolishness and
      General of Generalities" Hail., Hail Queen Empress, Impresario of everything!

    8. those 3 "anonymous" comments above are mine.

    9. oh wait, got in a hurry!... only the first two of those three are mine.

      some drunkard appears to have posted after me! :):):)


    10. hey anonymous 4/30/22, 11:21,

      you sound like that commenter "interested"'s fearful babblings;
      you are a coward to hide behind "anonymous" imo.

      a man who is too much of a coward to own his own words speaks worthless words.
      nobody cares about words their creator earps out and then goes and hides!!!


    11. 'Recording' or 'memorialization' seems to be used (from ancient times) as a way of verifying events, situations, etc. for later generations, when the event passes out of the living memory of members of a local society, and as 'proof' of the events, etc. to others outside the local society. This presumes, of course, that later/other members honor the intent of memorializations. Try telling the county recorder that the word 'forever' on a land patent means that, as an 'heir or assign', the land you're on means it's yours. They smile and say the patent is "in our possession, so the real property is ours" (actually, it's probably in the City of London, somewhere). Nobody in the municipal corporations will admit the fraud and deception (and threats and intimidation) used against the true land owner to obtain that patent . . .

      Now you have to go through the process of re-establishing the patent, down through successive transfers, 'RECORD' that with the county and then confront the fraudulent assessor's office. In some cases (see Steve Emerson's interviews re Florida) confronting means to threaten the county with a $400 million lawsuit in Federal District Court before they'll do what their attorney told them to do: settle, AND take the property off the tax rolls.

      Recording has its uses (and abuses). Agreed, not for private, family stuff. Mainly for other people.

    12. wow interesting comment jake :). thank you so much. great summary on the how and whys re: memorials.

      i dont have a question at the moment about what im about to write, but am interested in your thoughts and present opinion on the following, if you care to share it with me.

      i believe these things to be FACT, and have right to make right if they are not:
      The formation of our States, and the States of America, and the Confederation and Perpetual Union stiled The United States of America is about much much more than land, although it is about land too:

      Point Number 1.
      The States formed, united, and named the *States of America* occurred
      • from consent of the people
      • who *used their own inherent authority* be-ing *man*, directly under authority of mans and natures creator, with NO MAN IN BETWEEN,
      • to declare their independence from other mans rule
      • and also to declare their dependence upon their creator to sustain them.
      They used our July 2[two], 1776 Unanimous Declaration of Independence, to declare same before man, the world, and God and to memorialize same.
      Point Number 2.
      Those, our people/ancestors, be-ing *man* who is formed from the dust of the earth, KNOW that so-being: they have inherent right to use the earth: land, water, air, and what it produces without getting permission from another man AND without interference from other man!
      *Now heres my specific point in reference to your comment:
      Point Number 3*.
      Our ancestors therefore did NOT, i repeat, did NOT apply for, nor did they ever GET, any so-called "Sovereign Letters PATENT" issued by the "Pope"/ Rome/ Vatican, ... who is merely "other man"!!!!

      it is my belief that they knew that what God created cannot even BE "Patented" because Patents, as used, seem to be used to show The Owner/Creator of something.
      if so, then: not only did the "Pope" not create the land, but to indicate or say a *man*/"Pope"/ other than God can issue "Patents" and or claim/presume/ or otherwise make any indication of being the Creator/Owner of land, is blasphemous, and they refused to participate in that Papal/British/ "Crown" System of claims upon Gods creation, that they knew God/creator had already given to man to use for FREE, being his GIFT to us, all ready prepared for us and waiting for us when we get here. [example: ref: gen 1: day1 light; day2 firmament/waters; day3 sea/land with plants; day4 heavenly lights marking times ans seasons; day5 creatures in the sea and air; day6 earths creatures = good;
      then finally, after everything else was already prepared, he created man after his own image and likeness, blessed him, and gave him all these gifts and dominion over them = and said that is *very* good.]

      there is more, but thats enough for now :).


  3. Google and their 666 cartoon this morning

  4. I thought she shared some interesting information about this area

    Like the names of some of the national forest and such

    1. yeh shelby, looks like they smeared their paws on just about everything.
      its still ours though.
      well just have to clean it up.
      the filthy azzfekkers. yick.

  5. Well marriage license or no marriage license the fascist state will still make you take a blood test to determine parentage of children and still drag you through their illegal court rooms and tell you what to do and extort money from you for the rest of your life and still separate you from your property are use the word property because men don’t have children they have offspring to avoid their word salad

    1. thats my present understanding too, that:
      that "children/child, boy/girl, male/female" are words that are specific to certain Jurisdictions".

      i use sons and daughters, deriving from American common language; i American cmon law authority.

  6. Thank you all on the comments for revealing your spiritual origin.


    They would like nothing more than for you to step forward and claim it

  8. What are the odds that this WIG, Marshall, as this man refers to him as, has a net worth of $144,000 and 88 slaves pre civil war
    This Marshall was a representative of Talbot County and was present when Georgia succeeded from the states of the union prior to the war between the states
    14:55 in to the video
    15 minutes in to the video where this historian gives details about his net worth and how many slaves he owned

    Lines up with this stuff he's published including
    Georgia and the Georgia Guidestones
    And these guys are located in Georgia uncovering graves (lost souls and raising of the dead perhaps)?

    This shit is not a coincidence folks

    It starts in the mind right Anna and whether you beLIEve the lies or truly wake up to the whole lie

    1. Hmm Marshall Plans abound

      The green love the living earth, Gaia deal BULLSHIT

    2. 1933 film by GUESS WHO - Hollywood

      Ignore the sex shit at the top (unless of course you are in to that sort of thing) scroll to the bottom for the link to the film

      More of their shit
      Not sure who this angel white channel is but it all comes back to hollywood folks

      Pastor Steven at 28:00 minutes in looks a hell of a lot like this actor from the shew LOST
      Can you spot him

      The shew LOST, like spitting in your face as these hollywood fucks hynotisze the world with this horseshit

      SIN Social Insurance Number
      They've had this same game/scheme going on for decades
      Broadcasting their horseshit from coast to coast and sea to shining sea as they OWN and CONTROL all media

  9. More to the google doodle

    1. Root 66

      Those putting on the shew all wearing mask

      BO the fraud wearing a mask along with the rest of their inbred family members

    2. At 17:28

      I've listened to someone else that said that Missouri is Miss Our I (Eye) as in third eye?

      Now I don't agree with some of what she interprets but I don't have to
      They are speaking to one another with this shit

      Java Joe, Build Back Better

      Two faced Montana
      I da ho as in the statue of liberty

      New Madrid and Mississippi
      Illinois Kansas Missouri all along the Mississippi

      Texas is being set up big time with their massive new maritime and land logistics running up from Mexico through Texas up to Kansas and on up in to Canada
      If destroyed infrastructure is the plan with the alternate being that of the mississppi becoming an ocean/sea port

      What is coming is far worse than a global fascist/communist state. What is coming is a devastation so massive humanity is going to plead for a New World Order and a messianic-style king.

      And this google doddle bullshit is their advertising (code talking) as to the massive shit they got planned

  10. New Hampshire being transparent said the removal of 13 amendment merely an “omission” and that the the fraudulent constitution rewrite in 1871 was intended to be used ONLY as a corporate “mission statement “. for the ZDistrict of Columbia.


    Blockchain and internet chains/links


    The INTERNET = The WORLD WIDE WEB = SLAVERY = the CHAINS / CHANGE / CHANG-E, the FLOOD GODDESS, binding humanity to the illusory 3D Trance State for the simple purpose of casting a veil over Reality and Wisdom.

    The INTERNET is built on LINKS = LINK-ON = LINCOLN = the LION KING = the SPHINX. This is yet another aspect of the FLOOD meant to perpetuate the Trance State.

    All of the INTERNET PIRACY Bills, and PRIVACY Bills, being brought forward at this time by different governments throughout the world, is the LION KING at work, manipulating the masses to enter into the secret sacrifice chambers of lunacy. Not only does humanity enter willingly into this realm of madness, … they scream, they protest, they resist, they rebel, they resent, they retaliate, they reject any suggestion relating to their loss of freedom of speech and expression of thought… (kind of a sorry sight) … when after all, … it’s just an illusion.

    Without the internet, the Arab Spring couldn’t have come to pass. All of the bullshit stories in regards to world events, especially since the WTC attack couldn’t have spread throughout the world, ever deepening the Trance State as people listen to whack-jobs and their ever-so-convincing orations that the world has entered into a mass awakening, … a bond with true consciousness, … when all the time, these charlatans are assisting in bringing to pass, the luciferian agenda of lunatic styled stupidity.

    The elite of the world are so obviously indoctrinated in the insane notions of the egregore Thought Process, but it’s the TRUTHERS, the CONSPIRACY PEDDLERS, the REPTILIAN AGENDA nut cases, who unwittingly, and unknowingly, are a major driving force in fulfilling the agenda of hypnotic control. Bringing to pass unequalled confusion and hysteria never before seen in the illusory existence of this planet. … and none of this could be done or accomplished without the internet, … the computer, … that system established to allow the presentation of the Ego, … to perpetuate the insane Mind of the Thought Process, … to hide, to veil, to deceive, … with the single notion of the destruction of Truth, Reality and Wisdom.

    … and so we worship the inventors of windows and gates (even as the 2 faced god Janus) … and we link into the madness of the 2 faced god of LINK-IN (1’s and 0’s, a penis and vagina), … LINK-ON, the god of Lincoln, … the deity of the Sun and the Moon. This is CHANGE, … definitely CHANG-e … the Flood Goddess we’ve been implanted to BELIEVE IN.

    CHAINS(change) you can beLIEve in
    MY ASS

  12. What the hampshire legeslature didn’t say is that :we Americans are actually Sovereign and all government courts and agencies are unconstitutional private foreign corporations that have no authority or jurisdictional power over the sovereign Bond v U.S.
    Judge Dale

    1. Thank you for bringing to our attention! Valuable to all. Especially New Hampshire, NH HB 638 is signed confession of illegitimate actors; last sentence sec V reads; "As long as the original Thirteenth Amendment is concealed from the people, there shall never be justice or a legitimate constitutional form of government."
      directly inspiring following post

      With Gratitude and respect


  14. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  15. It is not easy to use a calendar to set ones watch.


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