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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Found: $700 Trillion in Stolen Life Force Value Annuities

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday we confirmed that the British Government and particularly, the Government of Westminster, colluded with the Vatican to replay an old insurance annuities fraud scheme in the wake of the Second World War.
We confirmed that Prince Philip received $950 Trillion dollars worth of precisely such "Life Force Value Annuities" from a Municipal CORPORATION in Canada, dba OTTAWA and GOVERNMENT OF OTTAWA and GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA in April 2017, precisely three days before his retirement from public life.
Now we appear to have found $700 Trillion of the stolen loot given to Filipinos, who are, obviously, still being misaddressed as our Trustees, long after the actual Donors have shown up to claim their assets.
A Filipino woman working for the "King of Koran" was given this gob of pre-paid credit and the security codes to it, but neither she nor her king have any actual right to it despite whatever the "World Court" or any U.S. Supreme Court might think they have to say about it.
As we pointed out, both the World Court and the U.S. Supreme Court are institutions charged with administration of Municipal PERSONS and Territorial Persons, none of which has anything to do with the assets of living Americans.
As I pointed out to her, no Filipino can presently claim to be "King" or claim to "own 248 nations", because:
(1) The United States of America owns the Philippines' land mass and without land, there is no national sovereignty available to the Philippines, no basis for any "kingship". We won the Philippines as spoils of war in the Spanish-American War (1898) and $20 million dollars in gold was paid "for us" in support of the Filipino Government, and thousands of American lives have been wasted defending the Philippines ever since.
No other valid successor land treaty has ever been established regarding the land of the Philippines and no repayment for our investment has been received, so all the Islands of the Philippines remain ours and in our possession and there is no room in America for any "king".
(2) Although the "King of Koran" may not have gotten the news, it has been illegal and unlawful to own people, that is, nations, since 1926 --- and we are all apt to have something to say about his presumption of lordship over us, especially as he is standing on ground that we bought and paid for.
There is widespread confusion on all sides but the land jurisdiction must be answered and our land treaties must be respected and both the value of the "Life Force Value Annuities" and the actual gold must be returned to the people it actually belongs to.
We hold the Pope and the British Government and the Government of Westminster totally accountable and the Government of the Philippines secondarily responsible.
All this pre-paid credit resulting from the British-Papist collusion in their worldwide insurance annuities scheme was most likely offered to the Filipinos in exchange for the actual physical gold assets in storage in the Philippines.
If so, this is just another example of the Vermin trying to give someone else's credit "as" payment to Third Parties in exchange for actual assets ---- more fraud and criminality, in other words. Someone else's credit is no "equitable" exchange for the same victim's physical gold assets--- and please note that both the credit and the gold belong to the same people being victimized by these pernicious Middlemen.
We assume that $250 T was held back as the portion owed to the Canadians, the $700 T was handed off to the Filipinos as "hot" goods owed to the Americans under the presumption that the Filipinos are our Trustees in the matter.
The actual "presumed" Donors of all these phony trusts and estates are here and the Filipinos are on Notice to yield back our assets with no further ado.
That includes the $700 T in Life Force Value Annuities and all our gold stored in the Philippines where the British placed it "for safekeeping".
We wish for everyone worldwide to take note of the following:
(1) The presumed upon American Donors of these trusts are not lost, dead, or incompetent; we are present and claiming return of our assets and credit;
(2) The Government of the Philippines is not a disinterested Trustee and must stand down; the money and blood used to buy the land of the Philippine Islands in the Spanish-American War and ever afterward, belongs to us, not the British Interlopers;
(3) Ferdinand Marcos was acting as our Presumed Trustee; none of our assets are any part of his estate and must be set aside if mistakenly encumbered;
(4) The Heirs of the D'Avila Trust, the Santiago Trust, the V.K. Durham Trust, the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust and many other so-called "Historic" or "Legacy Trusts" are Americans who are owed the return of their assets and investments made in their names;
(5) Hundreds of millions of people, Americans, Canadians, Australians, the countries of occupied Europe and Japan, have all been victimized by this insurance annuities scam and much else that has been perpetuated by Papist and British-affiliated Executors de Son Tort acting under color of law and conditions of deceit;
(6) These practices have been deliberate and criminal in nature, and based upon contrived presumptions of "perpetual war" ascribed to illegal mercenary conflicts engendered by the same British Territorial and Municipal Actors;
(7) Both the gold and the credit derived from it belongs to the people of each country and must be returned to them and to their lawful governments without obfuscation or delay.
The King of Koran is just another figment of desperate imagination, a convenient Fall Guy known to be a nice man, obliging enough to receive $700 T in purloined "insurance annuities" belonging to other people -- from the Perpetrators of this scheme.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff and their counterparts in NATO are under Notice and Demand. These crimes have occurred under your watch and require immediate correction. Your duty is to return the American assets to the Americans and assist in sorting this Mess out.
The assets, both gold and credit, need to be returned directly to us. We have Fiduciary Deputies in lieu of Trustees and no interest in Do-It-Yourself fulfillment of Bible Prophecies. We count on the True God to fulfill his own Prophets and leave all the Wannabes in the dust.

Possession by pirates does not change ownership --- Bynk, Book One, Chapter 17.
By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Remarkable, what these people have done!!!

  2. Totally shameless and dangerous are these guys of the Deep Estate. Only Trump was able to stop them a little bit. Biden, on the other hand, is a stoogeof the Deep Estate and unless he gets it. We're all going to live to regret it.

    1. I don't think he gets it so much as he just doesn't care.

  3. We wish to thank the former U.S. Citizen and former citizen of the United States Federation of States and supposed Sovereign American Citizen Anna Maria Reitzinger for Her help in retrieving funds belonging exclusively to Confederate State Citizens and the Confederate States of America. We are governed by The British Queen Elisabeth 11 and The Superior General of the Society of Jesus John Curren Chapman 111 and John Curren Chapman Sr., President and Sovereign Lord of the Sol Solar System, et al...We are the Military and Papal authorities of Britania and the British-Russian Alliance of the Global Aryan Empire. The United States of America and The United States are conquored Nations and Corporations under our domain. All contracts, constitutions and treaties associated with The United States of America and The United States both corporate and private are hereby and hence forth abandoned, null and void. Goddess TIAMAT. Goddess LUCIFER. Lord JOHN 111. Queen LUV Arcula.

    1. Hey No-Balls Anonymous I can't tell if you are on the good side or the truly pitiful side but either way you should be able to proclaim who you are and where you stand.
      Otherwise you are a waste of time.

    2. Hey No Clit, My Name is John Curren Chapman 111 (Jack). I AM on the God side of Anti-Christ and the Devil. Elemental Continental Fundamental Devil Him Self. Now, who the fuck are you?

    3. I Stand on My Sacred Ground; this Planet, Where the fuck do you stand? JOHN 111

    4. JOHN111,
      "anna" said the King of Koran is JUST ANOTHER FIGMENT OF DESPERATE IMAGINATION.

      a FIGMENT OF IMAGINATION is a FICTION, and therefore:
      • it is false and it is not true; and what is not true is a lie;
      • it does not exist from nature in the physical world;
      • and being man-made, not creator-made, it is a False Construct that no man is required to participate in, but he may choose to participate if he believes it will do good for him; and he can leave any time he chooses. (common law principle).
      its a "free-will" universe.
      a mere Figment of Imagination (King of Koran) does not materially exist, so it has no physical hands to use to gather up any material substance...
      but then physical hands are not even necessary for receiving these referenced "insurance annuities" because the "insurance annuities" are Figments of Imagination too and dont actually exist either do they?... just like the Imaginary King of Koran who imaginarily received them doesnt exist?
      i believe thats the "Game" they are also playing in their "Commerce Courts", on our land, pretending like its the "Sea"...
      that is: cowardly men are making these Imaginary Claims on another mans gifts from creator, including our life, using Imaginary Characters like the King of Koran and Imaginary RE-Presentations of our inherent riches, like "Annu-ities" to hide their cowardly selves behind.
      thats what all this amounts to imo.
      i say its not working and never has, the people have always said no--- thats why they have used violence upon the people; violence is their only control mechanism when the people refuse to accept their lying. watch "Rolling Thunder" going on in Canada.... my guess is, the people will continue to gather in Ottawa and the crowds will grow. the people are peacefully saying no and KNOW it is required that they be heard!
      now it looks like "anna" could potentially stall the people for another 20 years by just using differing countries, different Kings, different History, commodities, hiding places, Generals, Jurisdictions, Wars in an endlessly repeating Storyline of "her" "rescuing" these Imaginary, Man-Made Constructs of "Annu-ities" and "Labor Bonds" and "Land Trusts" and other Imaginations from Imaginary Kings, Queens, and other Imaginary Characters! ---while the actual thieves keep and enjoy what theyve stolen, and abuse and bring violence on the people.
      its mans responsibility to get this straightened out, this world and everything in it is our gift from creator. i dont think anybody is going to do it for us but our creator will help us and already is. imo were going to have to come forward being man and peacefully require restor-ation.


    5. anonymous may 1, 22; 2:52 a.m.

      "the immortal judge smails" is a BAR attorney? who said "youll get nothing and like it?"
      listen to him if you like, but those words are probably getting ready to come back and bite him.

    6. Lol. That was tongue in cheek. Humor. Divine humor. He's an egotist drunk on illusions. That quote was from the movie 'Caddyshack". A fitting quote for children drunk on self importance.

    7. Oh. Looks like Paul hit the censor button already. Sorry Paul. No more accounts/registrations for me...that's just the way it's gonna be. Delete away as you so choose.

    8. YOU people as well as Anna the King of Koran are figments of MY imagination, Anna is simply a Name and the Koran is a book. All Names came from My imagination and books were concieved by Names. God is not a respector of Names. Humans are simply numbers on a soul production line. Your Name is your Nick which can be Saint Nick or Old Nick. A Saint a Spirit ain't and old Nick is Satans Nick Name. A Spirit ain't or Satan stole Annu's Soul ID and changed u to a or Anna. Annu = 300 English or soul ID#300 + serial #. A Gem. Anna = 180 A Flaw . Annu = A Gem Anna = B Flaw. Anna = Bitch Flaw. Annu = Gem Law or Jim Law, Son of Anu, Father of Annu. JOHN 111, Grand Son of Annu; Great Grand Son of Anu.

    9. Make certain that 'Anna' knows that I have Offically declared War on the State of Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland, Vatican City, Washington in old DC and the fake Government calling itself The United States of America. This is Total War. I will take back this planet if I have to kill every fucking one of you. JOHN 111

    10. The big star fish said to the little star fish "I am your GOD"
      Then the octopus ate both.
      The psycho-babbler upon witnessing this consumption, exclaimed
      'dar ist no shortage of megalomania in dis universe.

    11. you just proved yourself right on that with your own psychobabbling comment! why not just let people post what they want instead of making a spectacle out of yourself being a control freak? dont you like free speech? are you a Marxist who wants to control what other people are allowed to say?

    12. why is there a "colon" in your name?

    13. My father sggest never complain never explain, when you explain you r losing. not certain that's always tru but lot of complaing and explaining go on this blog.

    14. joe,
      you know how "colons" are used in grammar/ "sentence structure"? ...thats one of the ways im using it.... another has to do with "jurisdiction".

    15. hi mary,
      i think i'd like your dad!... a no nonsense kind of guy! :):) he was probably as honest as the day is long, too.
      i wonder if he'd just haul off and punch'em in the nose if he found out they'd been stealing from him using the Birth Certificate, and CHARGING him for their "service"?

    16. I googled it. Is this what you mean?

      Women "thus" janmarie?
      Or Women ---"FLASHING ARROW TO" Janmarie
      Or Women --- "as follows" Janmarie + +
      Or Women --- "which is" Janmarie"

      So you might add your children to "as follows"
      Or it's like a neon sign pointing you?
      Or it's like, the important part may be you are a "women?"

      I get that somewhat now, but what about "jurisdiction??

      "Many people are confused about using colons, but their function is actually quite straightforward. Think of it as a flashing arrow that points to the information following it. When a colon appears in a sentence, it usually gives the silent impression of “as follows,” “which is/are,” or “thus.”

    17. Woman, colon of Janmarie or Jan Marie, a colon. A colon means a stoppage in your intestine..Intestine or In test in e. An e means matter or material. An a means anti-matter or non-material. Matter accumilates in the colon where it is tested for parasites by anti-matter. Woman, a stoppage,colon or asshole janmarie. The jurisdiction you are using is your asshole. Show any of us where a colon has anything whatsoever to do with jurisdiction in Law. JOHN 111

    18. Hmmm John Curren Chapman (John 111) you seem so angry. And you make some extraordinary claims as to who you are? "We are governed by The British Queen Elisabeth 11 and The Superior General of the Society of Jesus John Curren Chapman 111 and John Curren Chapman Sr., President and Sovereign Lord of the Sol Solar System, et al...We are the Military and Papal authorities of Britania and the British-Russian Alliance of the Global Aryan Empire." John Curren Chapman Sr., President and Sovereign Lord of the Sol Solar System? Wow

    19. JOHN111,
      i know what a colon, part of the intestine, is;
      joe asked why i used a colon in my name. i told him two reasons and neither of them had anything to do with intestines. thats coming from your mind,... nobody is talking about that but you.

      however, *YOU* said to *me* that:
      the jurisdiction i am using is my asshole:
      then you said to me:
      "show any of us where a colon has anything whatsoever to do with jurisdiction in Law."

      so, im saying to YOU:
      for YOU to show any of us how one uses an a-hole for a jurisdiction and after you have sufficiently explained that miracle, i might consider telling you how i am using a punctuation mark called a "colon" to have something to do with jurisdiction in law, not Law.


    20. Ah the Glorious Beauty of the common! Which in common use by the common people, are free to agree upon the meaning of anything binding. Being a common man, and simple, i will say i view her "sign/mark" as information about her, which she is responsible for and wishes to express. If i were to conclude presuming to know what she intends in the first place, showing myself a fool, but an educated guess? I'd say it points to her wishing to express her identity; how she identifies in the first place; with exquisite caveat of 'conservation of energy,' most effect for least exertion, minimum essential requirements to contain the necessary information. Preserving her first and covenanted birthright estate, she is man (one with a womb) made by her Maker/Creator (possibly even Father?!), a spiritual being; offspring; descendant; heir of Most High God, one of many forming covenant community of unseen faith and trust.., that all being recognized and reserved by her sole and first; primary; principal; expressed word. The second, last, final word says the miraculous light being just described and fearfully and wonderfully made, living, breathing, thinking, walking, talking, standing with standing, and all other things men and women are commonly capable of doing, also has and holds as free gift; a given name; which is obviously not her, but her name. My best guess anyway. Well done woman named janmarie, if you dont mind me calling you that. I was careful not to take liberties with my supposition.

    21. paul,
      that is one of the most beautiful things ive ever read.
      youre soul was showing, and its gorgeous.

      you understand so deeply the heart of my "sign/mark"; and the way you expressed its brevity had me smiling. then i kind of fell in awe of how well you can express how even a simple two word "sign/mark" is connected to our connection with our creator and that the use of it tells the world we know who we belong to and we know who we are.
      i love that!!! thank you thank you for sharing the beauty inside you with the rest of the world. we need it!!

      woman:janmarie :)

  4. Interesting article Anna. Thank you.

  5. Why not clearly disclose subjects like Marrage vows ? Why only first names only ?
    Who really got joined ?
    Let us start to pull back the curtain ?
    Massive fraud !

  6. Well little John, step out from your hidey hole. Show yourself fuckhead. We'll see who gets killed. You. Chained to the bumper of a Chevy and dragged down the blacktop til there's nothing left but a ham hock bouncing around.

  7. Whatever you say, dear.

  8. Let us all speak kind words to each udder

  9. Hey we're rich!!! THEY just found receipts for twelve credit assets now with interest worth ten quadrillion bazillion obligations! I mean dollars. As soon as they print a paper bond worth that much, and give it to us, we'll have all the money in the world. Until they print another gadgillion making ours worth less, then our people were poor again, and starving.


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