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Saturday, April 30, 2022

About Richard Warren and His Teachings --- Plus, Filipino Accountability

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have repeatedly warned Richard and everyone listening to him that what he is teaching is not about our American Government.  It is information about the British Territorial and Papist Municipal Governments.  Therefore, anyone listening to him and mistaking this for having anything to do with our American Government is making a grave mistake.  

It is one thing to learn about their foreign practices and rules and presumptions so as to know what they are doing and why, it is another thing to participate in these sins and errors, and it is especially NOT RECOMMENDED (emphasis added) for anyone to "access" the value of the Birth Certificate Bond or otherwise mess around in these foreign jurisdictions.  

Any such "access" to the Pope's Birth Certificate Bond is an insurance claim posed by a British Territorial U.S. Citizen seeking damages related to harm to their estate. 

Are you a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and a Subject of the Queen?  If so, what are you doing in an American State Assembly?   If you admit to that status, you also inherit all the debts and obligations of it.  

Our Assemblies are for Americans who wish to function as Americans and who claim the blessings of their own birthright.  They are not for British Territorial U.S. Citizens trying to get their due out of a venal foreign insurance scam.  

The reason that we require everyone to declare their birthright status as Americans before joining a State Assembly is precisely because we are drawing a line between ourselves and our British and Papist Employees.  

When you go off the trolley and start acting as British Territorial U.S. Citizens in order to get some benefit out of the Pope's insurance bond, you are getting ensnared into their system again and forsaking your birthright for the sake of some porridge. 

You are undermining the credibility of your declarations and other paperwork, and opening yourself up to being an accomplice to these international crimes of baby-snatching, kidnapping, peonage, enslavement, conspiracy against the Constitutions, inland piracy, and more.  

This is why I don't teach people to "go onto the GMEI" or establish any accounts in that system whatsoever.  Those accounts are for British Territorial U.S. Citizens.   Not Americans.  

There will be restitution for Americans, but it will come at a much larger scale.

So far, we've tracked down where at least $700 Trillion of the $950 Trillion in ill-gotten gains purloined by Prince Philip were lodged after 2017. 

A Filipino woman working for the "King of Koran" was given this gob of pre-paid credit and the security codes to it, but neither she nor her king have any actual right to it despite whatever the "World Court" or any U.S. Supreme Court might think they have to say about it. 

As I pointed out, no Filipino can presently claim to be "King" or claim to "own 248 nations", because: 

(1) The United States of America owns the Philippines' land mass and without land, there is no national sovereignty available to the Philippines, no basis for any "kingship".  We won the Philippines as spoils of war in the Spanish-American War (1898) and $20 million dollars in gold was paid in support of the Filipino Government, and thousands of American lives have been wasted defending the Philippines ever since.  No other valid successor treaty has ever been established and no repayment for our "investment" has been received, so all the Islands of the Philippines remain ours and in our possession and there is no room in America for any "king". 

(2) Although the "King of Koran" may not have gotten the news, it has been illegal and unlawful to own people, that is, nations, since 1926 --- and we are all apt to have something to say about his presumption of lordship over us, especially as he is standing on ground that we bought and paid for.  

There is widespread confusion on all sides but the land jurisdiction must be answered and our land treaties must be respected and both the value of the "Life Force Value Annuities" and the actual gold must be returned to the people it actually all belongs to.  

We hold the Pope and the British Government and the Government of Westminster totally accountable.   

I suspect, though I cannot yet be certain, that all this pre-paid credit resulting from the British-Papist collusion in their worldwide  insurance annuities scheme was offered to the Filipinos in exchange for the actual physical gold assets in storage in the Philippines.  

If so, this is just another example of the Vermin trying to give someone else's credit in exchange for actual assets ---- more fraud and criminality, in other words.  Someone else's credit is no "equitable" exchange for the same victim's physical gold assets.  If the Filipino Government has been stupid enough to agree to any such arrangement, we will hold them accountable, too. 

All Americans and especially everyone associated in any way with our American State Assemblies need to stop muddling around and trying to get any benefit from these criminal activities.  Not only will you inherit the sins of Babylon and rate as an accomplice to these crimes if you don't correct, you will miss out on your actual inheritance.  


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  1. i am really tired of hearing about what "The Pope" says or agrees to.
    who is going to trust the Perpetrators to suddenly become our Saviour?... not me... it just sounds like a replay of the old Hegelian Dialectic tactics to me, and i would be willing to bet thats just exactly what it is:
    • create the disasterous problem
    • wait for the people to react in fear and panic
    • then rush in as Saviour with the pre-Determined "SOLUTION" ---that takes away more of everybodys freedoms, like Michael Chertoff rushing in with 20,000 TSA scanning machines a few days after "The Underwear Bomber [imo:] false flag.

    "no" to the Perpetrators being the one who cookup and APPROVE a SOLUTION to the very problems they pre-meditatively Constructed and then carried out on the nations of peoples for CENT-U-RIES, grubbing and grabbing and grasping at absolutely everything, with not even so much as a backward glance at the people theyve merrr derrr ed or the families and lives and health they ruined, AND DIDNT CARE... ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS???
    you have *GOT* to be kidding me.

    and as far as the indigenous nations working with the Pope? youve got to be kidding me again.
    to me that is a smear on the indigenous peoples because not only were their families genocided, they CAN SEE THAT IT HASNT JUST HAPPENED TO THEM! so why would they team up with those who are responsible for genociding their families, against OTHER families who have also had similar types of things done to them by the same Perps?
    i dont believe they would. Especially not, with ALL THE PRIOR BROKEN TREATIES!!!!
    would you?
    as far as im concerned, he and his affiliates are the ones whove been involved in plotting against the "kindred, tribes, tongues and nations", so he doesnt get a vote.

    many people did not elect to come here, they were SHIPPED over here as PUNISHMENT by the KING AND POPE as POLITICAL PRISONERS!!!! especially the IRISH!
    its a dammm disgrace.-- to load people who refuse to worship a MAN up in a boat, haul them half way across the world and dump them out on another continent and use them as slaves to Empire Build. THEN turn around and blame them for being there.
    seriously, what in the hell are these people who come up with this crap using for brains?

    We can and will work it out together. All this nutty "were trying to save our ass" crap has GOT to go. they ""knowingly" committed the crimes". and now its time for those of us who have been harmed by them to peacefully figure out what OUR OWN FAMILIES, who have now all been formed by our creator from *this* land and water require for restor-ation.

    if we need any monkey wrenches thrown into the works, well be sure to keep the Pope and his Affiliates on speed dial.

    1. we, American people, already have our own permanent Treaty of Peace with the indigenous Americans [indians] made by my (grand)father, Simon Kenton and Others in 1808, in Springfield Ohio.

      you can look the Memorial for this Treaty up for yourself on:
      HMdb dto org, the Historical Marker Database.
      the Historical Marker was placed, in 1924, by the Lagonda Chapter of the "Daughters of the American Revolution" group.
      The inscription:
      This Marks the Site of
      the First Tavern in Springfield
      Near Which
      In 1808 A Permanent Peace Treaty
      Was Made By
      Simon Kenton and Others
      With the Indians.

      39° 55.461' N, 83° 48.414' W.

      i:woman:janmarie do say that my family and i and Others do keep and honor this Treaty; and it is so.