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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Trucker’s Convoy Encircles Washington DC Beltway, Will Continue Daily Until Demands Are Met


  1. oh, you have to SUBSCRIBE now, to see their news? did i see that right? :):):)... maybe not...

    1. we, the actual people have come along way though.

      im guessing, but i would say a minimum of 5-6% of the American people now actually understand the basics that: not only the actual American people but also what belongs to us (our gifts from God), was Trafficked by HORRIBLE, LYING, ABUSIVE men and women, who didnt and dont care if/that what they do causes death, pain, injury, other to other people.
      that's huge.

      thats enough to move a mountain.

    2. i am so proud of us.
      we are the stabilizing bar, the "backbone", of the peaceful, safe, abundant groups of people who are going to form and build the kind of homes and towns WE desire to live in.
      we can do it.
      we WILL do it.
      we are already on our way.
      nothing can stop us now.
      i used to think we had to have 60% of the people, then 40%, then 15, now i can see that we have enough now.
      is it still "dangerous"?
      but use your head.

    3. two things i strongly sense:

      1. its an honor to be part of this;
      but if we go forward in our own egoes or in anything other than humility, were going to end up building the same kind of wreckage we find ourselves sitting in right now.
      so, caution:
      if anyone/s is/are trying to set themselves up as "The Big Cheese", then, they are trying to SUBJECT other men to themselves and thats a re-working of the old Slave/Master System we have a right to refuse to be part of.

      2. when man harms man, the harmer has to restore the man he harmed.
      or the man harmed can forgive the harmer.
      but if neither of those two things happen, then according to American common law, its the people who decides what happens to the harmer.
      the moral of the story is:
      harmers cannot be allowed to run loose creating harm upon other man.
      its just common sense that:
      if not held responsible, then we will just end up with a repeat of what seems to be going on now or worse.
      -in American common law and/or

  2. I've read that the Epoch Times is a north korean outfit?

    Same culprits, different mask

    1. They're incorporated. Owned. Enough said.