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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Actual European Settlement of America

 By Anna Von Reitz

Like so much else that has been hidden, most Americans, even "Native Americans" have nothing much left of their history. It has been systematically destroyed and obfuscated by the liars. The much greater history of the world has suffered, too, until our view of the past is grotesquely foreshortened.
I am reprinting a research paper originally published almost fifty years ago. Fifty years, and our kids are still being taught falsehoods and nonsense? Instead of being told the truth about European interactions with America ever since the Bronze Age?
Some time ago, I told you the truth -- that America was named after the Amoricans, a seafaring Celtic tribal people who still live on the westernmost coast of Normandy facing the English Channel. I also exposed the fact that the Amoricans established a fur trade with North America and intermarried with East Coast Native Tribes like the MicMac long before Christopher Columbus.
Notice in this article that the Romans were told that the furs came from Gaul? Gaul is France. And where were the Amoricans? France. They were importing the furs from America and selling them on from their seaport bases in France. No mystery there. And no mystery about the name, "America", either.
This is your real history, folks --- and it is also the true history of the world, which the Church Fathers knew and chose not to share with you.
PREHISTORIC AMERICAN COLONIZATION Dr. Erich Fred Legner University of California
An interview by Thomas Fleming with Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University appeared in The Reader’s Digest in 1977. In this article Fleming stated that although most Americans believe that their history began with Christopher Columbus, historians have lately discovered hard evidence that Leif Erickson and his fellow Norsemen were exploring Canada and the northern tier of the United States as early as 1000 A.D. However, before that date the history of the New World above the Rio Grande had been a virtual vacuum, inhibited by scattered Indian legends.
Now the genius of Dr. Barry Fell may have caused a significant advance in knowledge on what is known about early American colonization. In his published book, America B.C., 1976 New Zealand-born Barry Fell, a marine biologist at Harvard (1974), offered evidence that there were humans from Europe, not merely exploring but living in North America as early as 800 B.C. This was followed by additional books in 1982, 1983, 1985 and 1985 where the dates of such colonization were thought to have occurred as early as 1700 B.C. (See Bronze)
The ancient settlers worked as miners, tanners and trappers, and shipped their products back to Europe. In temples in the rugged hills of New Hampshire and Vermont (Sce Photos-1 & Photos-2) and in river valleys in Iowa and Oklahoma they sang hymns and performed sacred rituals to honor their gods. When their kings or chiefs died, they buried them beneath huge mounds of earth in which they left steles—written testimony of their grief carved on stone.
Some of these steles were discovered in the 19th Century, and caused bewilderment over strange inscriptions carved on cliffs from the Maine coast to the Rio Grande and west to Nevada and California, or on stones that lay in obscure museums. However, the ancient writings could not be deciphered and were dismissed as forgeries or accidents of nature.
Dr. Fell’s expertise in this field known as epigraphy, which requires considerable knowledge of languages, is the tool which has enabled him to add a thousand years or more to America’s past. Fell first became interested in ancient languages while a student at the University of Edinburgh. He learned Gaelic, and began to investigate ancient tombs and ruins in Scotland. Then, in a study of the marine biology of Polynesia, he found hundreds of unreadable inscriptions engraved on rocks and painted on cavern walls. More recent studies by Catherine Acholonu of Nigeria reveal the probable existence of even much earlier explorations to the New World.
Intrigued, Fell came to Harvard in 1964 and spent the next eight years exploring the Widener Library’s unique collection of texts on obscure languages and writing systems. In the course of this effort he acquired a working knowledge of several ancient alphabets, including the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians = Punic); the script of the Carthaginians and Ogam, an almost forgotten script used by the pre-Christian Norse (often erroneously referred to as Celts—See Celts).
Fell finally proved to his satisfaction that the Polynesian inscriptions were written in the native language, Maori. But its vocabulary was a mixture of Greek and Egyptian that was once spoken in Libya after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. The alphabet was derived from Carthage.
The most remarkable of these Libyan texts was found in a huge cave in New Guinea. There a navigator named Maui left drawings of ancient but sophisticated astronomical and navigational instruments, as well as a depiction of a solar eclipse that enabled Fell, with the help of Harvard astronomers, to identify the year of the drawings as 232 B.C.
If these were Libyans visiting Polynesia at that time, Fell reasoned perhaps they sailed on to South America. He soon accumulated more evidence and began lecturing on it at Harvard. His talks attracted the attention of a group of investigators led by James P. Wittall II, an archeologist, who had noted the similarity between numerous crude stone buildings in New England which farmers often called root cellars, and similar ruins in Spain and Portugal. The European buildings had been identified as creations of Celts who ruled that part of Europe during the Bronze Age, the period of prehistory, which dates roughly from 3500 B.C.
Whittall asked Fell to take a look at the Bourne stone, which had been discovered near Bourne, Massachusetts around 1680. (Scan Photos) No one had ever been able to make any sense of the writing on it. Now, Dr. Fell was able to read it. The letters were a variation of the Punic alphabet, found in ancient Spain, for which Fell had coined the word “Iberic.” It recorded the annexation of a large portion of present-day Massachusetts by Hanno, a prince of Carthage. Fell joined in a search for additional inscriptions at one of their favorite sites, Mystery Hill in North Salem, N.H.. (Scan Photos)
This site consists of a series of slabstone buildings, variously attributed to Norsemen, wandering Irish monks, and a vanished tribe of Indians. Studying the inscribed triangular stones, which had previously been found at the site, Fell found a dedication to the Phoenician god Baal, written in Iberic. Then promptly other people began to See hitherto unnoticed inscriptions in the area. The owner of Mystery Hill, Bob Stone found another table in an adjacent drystone wall. When Fell brushed away the adhering soil, he was able to read a line of Ogam script that read “Dedicated to Bel.”
Students of ancient mythology had long suspected that the Celtic sun god Bel and the Carthaginian-Phoenician god Ball were identical. Here, for the first time, there was evidence not only of this fact, but of a Celtic-Carthaginian partnership in exploration and settlement on a scale previously never even imagined.
In the following days Other Ogam inscriptions were located at another site in central Vermont (Scan Photos). Fell noted that it became clear that ancient Celts had build these stone chambers as religious shrines, and the Carthaginian mariners were visitors who were permitted to worship at them and make dedications in their own language to their own gods.
Then Whittall showed Fell a photograph of an inscription engraved on a cliff above Mount Hope Bay, in Bristol, Rhode Island, which was discovered and recorded in 1780. Because of vandalization, it was necessary to work from the photograph. Fell soon translated a single line, which was written in Punic: “Voyagers from Tarshish this stone proclaims.”
Tarshish was a Biblical city on the southern coast of Spain, and its citizens were among the boldest sailors of antiquity, famous for the size of their ships. In 533 B.C., the Carthaginians and their trade taken over by these ambitious, daring sailors destroyed Tarshish. Here was evidence of how the partnership between Celts and the Carthaginians began.
On Monhegan Island, 12 miles off the coast of Maine, another inscription was brought to Dr. Fell’s attention. It was written in Celtic Ogam and read, “Cargo platforms for ships from Phoenicia.” [(Also scan Photos) ] From these and other inscriptions, as well as an intensive study of historical data on the seafaring ability of the men of Tarshish and Carthage, Fell concluded that there was a highly developed trade route between America and the Mediterranean for at least 400 years before the birth of Christ.
The principal products from North America were probably copper, furs and hides. Fell noted that there was evidence of very early mining in the copper fields of Minnesota as well as of an extensive fur trade. The Carthaginians used to proclaim that they obtained their furs from Gaul. But when the Romans finally invaded Gaul, they found very little evidence of a fur trade. Thus, Gaul might have been a code word for America. A prevailing obstacle to verifying Bronze Age voyages from Europe to America is the absence of bronze tools among the American artifacts. (Please See Bronze Age Tools).
Data from America now began to multiply. Most important was Fell’s translation of the Davenport stele, which some people compare to the translation of the Rosetta stone—the 19th-Century breakthrough that enabled a reading of hieroglyphics and to grasp the awesome sweep of Egyptian history.
On this inscription, which was found in a burial mound near Davenport, Iowa in 1874, Dr. Fell was able to read three kinds of writing. At the top were Egyptian hieroglyphics. Below them was the Iberic form of Punic writing found in Spain. The third line was in Libyan script. This mean that there were Egyptians, Libyans and Celtic Iberians living together in a colony in Iowa in 900 B.C. It also means that we have to revise a lot of our ideas about American history in general and the culture of the Amerindians in particular.
Paying closer attention to native Amerindian languages, Barry Fell next reasoned that if these pre-Christian visitors actually colonized parts of America, they mush have left behind them a deep impression on the language and beliefs of the people they encountered. He soon found abundant evidence to support this conclusion.
One of Fell’s colleagues brought him a book from Harvard’s Widener Library that was written by a missionary priest and published din 1866. It contained a document titled “The Lord’s Prayer in Micmac Hieroglyphics.” Fell saw that at least half of these hieroglyphics were Egyptian. He was able to prove from the written testimony of other priests that the Micmacs were using this writing when the first missionaries arrived. In fact, all the Northern Algonquians, the family of tribes to which the Micmacs belonged, apparently used it, having acquired this language from Libyan mariners and preserved it for over 1000 years.
As Fell began to study the Algonquian language, he found hundreds of Egyptian words in the dialects of the Northeastern Algonquians. The verb na, to See, is the same in both languages. So is nauw, which means to be weak, and neechnw, which means child. The names of many New England rivers, one thought to be Amerindian, turn out to be derived from the once widespread language of West Africa and which later evolved into Basque (See: Nyland and Acholonu). Merrimack, for instance, means “deep fishing” in Algonquian. It is too close for coincidence to the Gaelic Mor-riomach, meaning “of great depth.”
Barry Fell’s suggestion that Egypt might have had intense contact with North America is strongly supported by the huge boats, which were discovered in 1950 adjacent to Khufu’s great pyramid. They were buried between 2589 and 2566 B.C.. One has been restored and it shows considerable wear as if it had gone on long journeys. Its length is 43.63 meters, width 5.66 meters (See Egyptian Boat).
This ship was perfectly capable of crossing the Atlantic. The other boats were left intact, awaiting additional funding to rebuild them as well. An excellent article about these boats may be found in the April/May 2004 issue of Ancient Egypt Magazine.
Edo Nyland’s decipherment of the Horsecreek Petroglyph (See Horsecreek) in a West Virginia canyon using Basque showed it to be an eye witness account of a bison hunt, the animals being driven over a cliff. Nyland noted that the very large Ogam inscription in that canyon is written in a type of Ogam different from Irish, one that has never been used in Ireland. He suspected it to be Libyan Ogam (personal communication).
The Libyans and Northern Egyptians at that time were blond and blue eyed.. Edo Nyland suspected that the Four Khalifs who conquered Egypt and Libya around 500 AD drove the blond people from their homeland. They made it clear that they would not tolerate any Nonbeliever religions. The blond people had excellent boats and they all sailed first to Ireland, from where the more adventurous ones went to North America, where they eventually joined the native life style.
The 17th Century English settlers in the United States wrote home telling about native tribes with blond hair (Robert L. Pyle, All That Remains, pp 66) They were subsequently absorbed in the new population.
Evidence certainly abounds of much earlier contacts of humans in the Americas than has been presented here thus far. For example, there is a great diversity of human races depicted in Pre-columbian ceramic and stone artifacts scattered all over Mexico and Central America (See: "Ethnic Diversity").
Also the existence of human populations in eastern North America prior to the great die-back over 10,000 years ago is supported by the by the activity of mammoth hunters in southern Mexico and other parts of North America and the discovery of ancient small carvings on stones of camelids, the American lion and humans in northern American woodlands (See: "Early Humans"). There is conclusive evidence for the hunting by humans during the Pleistocene (See: Mammoths, Camelids, & Lions).
Perhaps even hominids, such as Homo erectus, could have been present (See: "Kansas Site"). The lesson to be learned by all who probe into human pre-history is that There are no foolish questions, and no person becomes a fool until he or she has stopped asking them.
Fleming, Thomas. 1977. Harvard scholar feels America discovered as early as 800 B.C. The Reader’s Digest Assoc., Inc., Pleasantville, NY. Fell, Barry. 1974.
Life, Space and Time: A course in Environmental Biology. Harper & Row, NY. 417 p. Fell, Barry. 1976.
America BC. Ancient Settlers in the New World. Pocket Books, NY. 312 p. Fell, Barry. 1982.
Bronze Age America. Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Toronto. 304 p. Fell, Barry. 1983.
Saga America. A Startling New Theory on the Old World Settlement of America before Columbus. Times Book, NY. 392 p. Fell, Barry. 1985.
Ancient Punctuation and the Los Lunas text. The Epigraphic Society. p. 35-43. Mammoth images = By Dantheman9758 at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, American Lion image = By Dantheman9758 at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, North America camel = By Sergiodlarosa, CC BY 3.0, Fell, Barry. 1989.

America BC: Ancient Settlers in the New World. Pocket Books, NY. (revised ed.)


  1. Wow! At a Bible class in which "every nation under heaven" was mentioned the pastor stated that man did not get to the America's until 1000 A.D.
    Where does the missing 1000 or 1100 years of history fit?

  2. This data is completely believable....this entire "history" of America is riddled with lies, as is most everything else. Don't forget about the fact that Sitchin translated the cuneiform cylinders from Sumeria which told of Annuaki explorations into Mexico and North America pre-5000 BC. all documented in Sitchin's books.

    1. did you look at the references?:
      readers digest, pocket books and wikipedia!?!

    2. these references are all from the 1970s, 1980s and later i believe... after the JFK national trauma.
      do you realize that the SmithMundt ACT 1948 prohibited the Foreign Corporation pretending to be our government (the people are the government) from propagandizing the people with fake news and narratives, but that was repealed in 2012 under Obama?

      iow the Foreign Corporation no longer prohibits itself from LYING TO THE PEOPLE.

      the "Government" gave itself permission to lie. to make up untrue narratives and spread them around as the official story!!!

      C_A MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA was going on even when SmithMundt Act was in force though.

  3. Blondes are more than they seem, So interesting history, so people from Africa arrived here before the Europeans, Love this true history, Good to know, Thanks Anna/Paul

  4. glad to get some references.
    however the references cited are from what i consider (now) to be not particularly reliable sources:
    harvard! the readers digest, pocket books, wikipedia and wikimedia.
    also, the timeframe is questionable: almost all of the references being from the 1980s and 70s!!
    so what happened? did GeorgeHWBScherff decide to change history after the 1960s?.... that would be after the JFK national trauma was carried out....?

    1. im sticking with what we learned from our families.
      there is still an enormous trove of FACTS available to us through the GENERATION-TO-GENERATION passing down of facts through our families and the indigenous nations.

      even just from my own family, i actually knew people who were born in the 1870s and at least one who was born in the 1850s and spent lots of time with them growing up.
      people used to live long lives full of pep and their minds were clear. they were strong and healthy and fun to be with.
      and they told us, daughters and sons, about their grandpas and grandmas and their greats that they knew and spent time with who were born in the late 1700s and early 1800s, so the chain of facts is still intact and always will be.
      family records are literal American/other common law records. (follows more closely Saxon or Nordic common law, not Brith-ish/ English)
      voice records.
      voice records are American/other common law records. (more like Saxon/Nordic, not Brith-ish/ English)
      same with indigenous Americans.
      American/ Am.indigenous/ other common law = voice records that may or may not be written, to memorialze them. (not so much with the Brith-ish/ English).

      there is very little similarity between American common law and Brith-ish/ English common law.

    2. You are correct. I remember. Where is the Defender of the Faith? It certainly was never the Queen! How many times has the Stone of Scone overturned?

    3. Many many reference materials on the WEB is all recently created material from the likes of Harvard and all the others mentioned

      Like Santos and his Aldo Brandini
      I posted about that here recently
      Also Medici
      Aldo Brandini and that clan date back ? but yet their so called history on the wiki is sparce to say the least

      And Medici was spawned from a miniseries done on HBO
      Medici Land Governance and digital theft of your property by the myth makers

      Here is their creations known as UNIDROIT

      On the unidroit page I found this
      A picture labeled as follows
      Ancient view of UNIDROIT HQ,
      Villa Aldobrandini's gardens.

      And the only one I've ever heard talk about this family is Santos And ANCIENT???

      And talk about a sparce wikipedia page
      Wow for an ANCIENT history there sure isn't much wikipedia has to put up
      Or is this the case where they start adding the history as they go to fit the narrative?
      Like those colonial Maryland records that disappeared and are now coming up as this page does not exist before it was a 404 error now the page doesn't exist

      Villa Aldobrandini
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      The façade of Villa Aldobrandini
      The Villa Aldobrandini is a villa in Frascati, Italy. It is still owned and lived in by the Aldobrandini family, and known as Belvedere for its location overlooking the valley toward the city of Rome.

      It is the only grand Papal garden not owned by the state.[clarification needed]

      1 Construction
      2 Conversion
      3 Art
      4 Water Theater
      5 References
      6 Further reading
      Vatican prelate Alessandro Rufini built the original villa in 1550. Pope Clement VIII gave his nephew Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini the villa in 1598[1] as a reward for the negotiations he undertook with France that resulted in the peace treaty of 1595 and for his role in annexing Ferrara to the Papal States. Clement's gift also ensured the property remained in the family as Popes are not allowed to own property.

      Aldobrandini commissioned the Roman architect Giacomo della Porta to convert the villa into suitable accommodation in which a Cardinal could live and also entertain a Pope. Works started in 1598.[2] While the core of the villa was completed by the time of Giacomo della Porta's death in 1603, work continued for another 20 years on the various aspects of the villa and the garden under the supervision of Carlo Maderno, who added the loggia,[3] and Giovanni Fontana.

      The villa is aligned with the cathedral down its axial avenue that is continued through the town as Viale Catone. The villa has an imposing 17th century facade and some other interesting architectural and environmental features, such as the double gallery order on the rear facade, the spiral-shaped flights, the large exedra of the Water Theatre and a magnificent park.

      Inside the villa are paintings of Mannerist and Baroque artists like Taddeo Zuccari and his brother Federico, Cavalier D'Arpino and Domenichino. On the grounds is a monumental gate by Carlo Francesco Bizzaccheri (early 18th century).

      They're fucking lying to us and so is the shit they putting up on the internet all source materials of their creation

    4. Do you have a Private Natural Person ID card

      Comes complete with a swissy land flag in the logo
      And who in the hell is issuing them?

      I'm tellin you this is a set up and I've said it all along

      They had to figure out a way to get you to consent and build this self government world parliament federation bullshit for them and at no cost to them - your DONATIONS help them keep the fucking shit moving along
      And you VOLUNTEERING your time, skills and energy to the fucking set up they created and the end game is your fucking slavery

      Prepaid vendor cards and blue dot love banks my ass

    5. And the book I was reading about this leif character was so off the charts I had to stop reading it
      It was so rediculous

      I'm looking for it now I will find it

      Here have a look a early early pre programming through their BROADCASTING CORPORATIONS
      54 minutes in I wonder if these Planet Outlaws and this council here with their star of david sitting on the council table are at all related to the events of today?

      They put a helmet on him it's a wipe his memory clean shower cap

      This is getting to the point that it is almost comical

      Put those Shinola Sensors (SS) of yours to work today!
      Don't let another brain cell go to waste


  5. Does anyone know who the Galatians were? Would Gaul be the code word?

  6. He is mentioned in this book somewhere

    I was reading a book a while back about this very subject
    I'm looking for it now, hope I can find it

    Interesting the LINKS to Iceland the so called newly colonized no central bank island myth

    The transatlantic connect the world via the internet all linked to SWISSY LAND AND CERN

    And while reviewing this this morning looks like the same damned picture of nutinyahoo

    And this joker goes from dancing with the stars to representing the Ukrainian people
    4:37 seconds in to the video
    Dancing blindfolded on DWTS

  7. The fiends are busy right up to today erasing as much history as possible. There is a very large push to expunge our cemeteries of dates that go too far back to warrant the current historical narrative. Go find as many small privately held ones and photograph the oldest headstones.

  8. Forced card payments only

    Its how they remove the fake debt currency and introduce fake card digital currency
    Prepaid vendor cards anyone

    Even big chain gas station in my are is one register is taking cash payments only
    This is to remove fake fiat money from circulation and force digital shit on the masses

    Same game, same fake bankers

    And I'd like to know just how it is that if fiat is debt notes how in the hell do you buy gold and silver with monopoly money debt notes?
    It's like you never paid for it at all

  9. Smart woman and she's not selling you a pipe dream

  10. Yes Anna and readers, there were many groups and civilizations inhabiting the American continents centuries before Columbus. But today anyone who wishes to escape the thrall of controlled and purposely incomplete history of our American continent as it now stands incomplete, ignoring the true facts, can easily do so. To enlarge your views of populations inhabiting the American continent read an easily accessible, most excellent, invaluable book containing first hand eye witness records of self conscious followers of Christ and their history, who migrated from Jerusalem to the American continent about 600 BC. True to customary record keeping of their day they wrote their history on gold and brass plates. The book is literally filled with "Hebraisms" i.e. literary conventions, writings, words, genealogies, phrases, poetry which are unique products of the Hebrew traditions, making the book interwoven with literary evidences that in fact it did originate from a people well versed in Hebrew customs and beliefs.

    The Book of Mormon is a more detailed, personal, first hand, serious book ongoing over centuries as a testament of the most precious learning embraced by these people. It is full of extremely important prophetic revelations, and most valuable to everyone today.

    That record now is easily available to people who are non prejudicial and truly intent on finding truth about early America, who can read and study its contents. As we know many are quick to condemn and mis inform in order to keep people from coming to the truth, or to attempt to appear sophisticated and informed, (a long time tactic of the realms of the adversary) so doubtless many of you have heard from such influences about this extremely valuable book about some of the early inhabitants of American lands. Resist the mis information, go directly to the source, resist prejudice, learn the unvarnished truth about former American continental inhabitants, read the book thoughtfully and learn about these spiritually value driven descendants of the tribe of Joseph of, descendants of Jacob the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, and how they worked tirelessly to preserve the lessons, covenants, and traditions of the house of Israel by living the law of Moses until the advent of Christ, (an event also also powerfully described in this book), from 600 BC to 400 AD, when they were destroyed by the other inhabitants of the land who refused to hear and live by the word of God.

  11. Well well had my comment removed !
    Be a fair deleter refute what I said I double dare you in public..
    Talk about removing history .
    Come on Paul refute my what I said your the only one who has the ability to remove comments.

    1. post it again bubba.

      youve posted history on here for years and paul always leaves your comments up when he deletes comments before closing articles out.

      plus, did you notice how this blog is suddenly just CRAWLING with troller-types again who know nothing about the subject matter and do the name-calling bit instead of presenting any on-topic facts!

      im guessing you must be doing damage to someones lying narrative if your historical facts are being deleted!!:):):)

      POST *MORE* COMMENTS? :):):)

  12. Wow. Great information. Thank You for sharing.

  13. oh shit bubba... all of a sudden the truth of that clicked.... no WONDER the "Jews" "Nazis"/ other name: experimentation was on BLONDES. I mean, weve heard that, but i literally JUST NOW watched a utub video by Canadian Girl titled California Eugenics where this man was talking about being sterilized while he was in one of the "RESIDENT"ial type Homes when he was little... and both he and his little sister were these just perfectly- beautiful little blondes.
    almost all of the Monarch/ MKUltra victims seem to be BLONDE, maybe red or strawberry blonde. but no or almost no brunettes.
    im pretty sure they wouldnt leave brunettes and people with coalblack hair out of the experimentation though. prob. just a different program.

  14. bubba, thats what i was always curious about: about calling white people caucasians! were not from that region!... were distinctly much to the west of there, and generally much much farther north.
    so of course then they would always give us their forms to fill out that dont have *our* genuine ethnicity listed on them as one of the choices! and then tell us "if youre white, check the box for caucasian": an ethnicity that WE ARE NOT!
    they have worked very hard at perping this fraud on us.
    too damned bad for them that they wasted all their damned time like that!!!

  15. We crossed over them also called the pass of Israelite’s good show is several Christian talker show host brilliant not to forget several women know Lauren and Dr.lorain Day both can speak on true Christian Identity and Loren
    Can talk common law like wow I told her I have no did no dis agreement with you you get it.
    Another lady from TLB talk we had a great conversation on the air she host also a doctor
    And touched on CQV trust and how the courts tap your bond.

  16. Unfortunately males are kinda slow and can’t talk and chew gum.

  17. You best have a listen