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Wednesday, March 9, 2022



  1. people may not know exactly what to think for sure but sooo many people do not automatically swallow the "Russia BAD" narrative hook, line, and sinker anymore.
    more and more people are questioning EVERYthing... especially since JB has only about a 35% approval rating; and variously around 70% of the American people think there was some cheating done with the 2020 election/s.

    1. Janmarie sent you a you tube video link e mail 4 minuets mark pialiate.describes Him had the figure of his mother blond hair and beard speaking to the inhabitants black hair and beard.

    2. thanks. i didnt get it yet so will try to look it up. if you can, post the link or info here... will check back later.

    3. oh bubba, i think ive posted this on here before but when i was really little, like 4, 5, 6, 7 i remember back then that the people in their 70s, 80s, 90s+ used to say that people with blue eyes were said to be in the lineage of jesus.

  2. I will never accept the narrative!

  3. The Texan is ignorant of actual history the red army liberated no one ask European about the Yalta agreement. Gave Stalin all of Europe turning it Communist.
    The misled Nazis the Vlasov battalion after General vlasov and admiral Kolchsk were fightin the Jewish Trotsky red killer Bolshevik. So get your history straight .
    The reds under the despicable minister of propaganda (((Ellie Ehrenburg))) told the red army kill kill women rape kill .
    2014 the Biden’s had mercenaries in killing in the Donbass.
    The hired Mercenaries cloned as Nazis slick marketing