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Thursday, March 10, 2022

The STARVATION MATRIX decoded: Russia, fertilizer, hydrocarbons, CO2, the Haber equation and crop yields explained

Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers and grain crops

According to the FAO (UN) and other analysts, Ukraine and Russia account for a combined 28% of global wheat exports.

As of today, Ukraine has banned all exports of wheat, oats, millet, buckwheat, sugar, cattle, meat and numerous other products, as reported by The Hill.

This move is certain to cause a global supply shortage crisis in these grains, leading to even more scarcity and price inflation for the next 1-2 years. This is on top of Hungary also banning all wheat exports a few days ago.

Read it all here:


  1. will,
    it seems like theyre messing with people-- want to leave that pandemic door cracked open a bit so they can, what?--- let all this calm down for awhile since theyve lost the support of most of the people, and then once people get back to their normal lives, push the Panic Button again and start it all up again?
    ... ive become quite the little curmudgeon thru all this. :):):)
    really though, im pretty much ready to just "check myself out of THEIR Matrix", not out of Society in general though. but ready to start building the one that is our right to live in. peacefully. safely. in good health, with good friends and neighbors.
    these people are so damned dishonest that i just dont think were supposed to live this way. it kills the soul.

    they owe us everything ....and they know it. they "have" nothing but what belongs to the people in the first place.
    i dont think this is going to go back to THEIR normal for them. i think people just, simply put, dont like these arrangements and since weve already been pushed off balance i think aLOT of people are not going to go back to the way things were. kind of like how once Trudee seized the bank accounts, the Canadian people became aware of how easy it was for the system to be used for their harm.
    i can sure see why you wouldnt want to converse anymore with that man you work with... it sounds like a waste of energy at present. you sound a bit disheartened, mostly about the people. but alot of people want to be taken care of from cradle to grave, and for some, that idea is especially attractive if they are taken care of using the sweat of someone ELSES brow. :):) Hence there will always be the NannyStaters.
    i thank God that we have other choices. will they ruin the earth or merr derr us all? i dont know. but i know i wont be intentionally helping them if they do. im going to be busy putting my life together the way i want it... with Gods help.

    1. Wow janmarie, your instinct was very spot on to move here, the previous topic seems to have vanished.

      I can't understand how America was thrown overboard so easily with the election and the installation of Biden. America is just this huge juggernaut and people with huge sense of self-determination unlike Canada we just kind of evolved as one of the Queen's little projects in the colonies haha!

      We had our own election fraud thing last September, but man you guys had the mother of all election fraud on a grand scale. They used threats and intimidation to prevent it from being undone, I know the recount in Arizona was a big start and I followed that very closely and still do. There is a site called the Gateway Pundit and they do a serviceable job of capturing what happens and they are very interested in the states that have shown an interest in de-certifying the results.

      Schwab's Great Reset can't work if America isn't under control, you can only have one super-power in the world. They want it to be China and America feels differently. Or should! We all have a vested interest, where America goes we all go it's that simple and we are joined at the hip.

      It's much easier to follow American politics than Canadian politics too, but I confess I have found it much easier to find references to the truth about America than Canada. I have been on Paul's blog going back many years and Anna shares the kind of information about history and what really happened to the world and she still does. Now look I know that you and others may quibble over some of the details, the kind of things that are being presented are things that certain people hoped would never be uncovered. They know we are on to them and I think that is what is influencing a lot of their decisions about what to do with us.

      For example, Anna has lectured at length that these deadbeats all want their priority creditors killed off now that the people know that such arrangements of using fraudulent arrangements in commerce to coerce people to squander their labor through the Birth Certificate fraud. Slaves don't own anything but we don't know we signed on as slaves, we all know the schtick. It's a brilliant deception but we know the deal, so the jig is up. And that is just one faction of the "elites" perspective on this. Even they don't march in lockstep on everything, there are differing opinions on strategy, outcomes etc.

      I have said before that what I think is driving events right now is financially corrupt banking overlaid with energy depletion problems. Energy is all there is and without energy to power all the economies of the world, all the best laid plans falter. Pension funds need to grow at 6% or even higher at 8% a year to provide returns on the promises that were made for people. Private pensions don't get to sprinkle some pixie dust around and suddenly there is enough money. Unlike the government, they can't print money to paper over the problem. Private banks are responsible for 97% of the money creation out of thin air, well to be more accurate through debt issuance coupled with the promise to pay the loan back. When a loan is paid back the bank skims the interest payments off the top and the principal amount goes back to zero like it never even existed. Erased from existence. That is one of the ways how inflation is controlled. Debt money doesn't hang around in the economy accumulating, it is called back in and extinguished and new debt money is created through new loans. Everything has to go just right and when it doesn't, like energy availability for economic growth falters, those promises to pay don't look so solid anymore and the whole thing starts to wobble and that is what is happening now.

    2. For doing nothing, the bank piggybacks of our precious labor and basically control the issuance of money in a way that they should not have the right to do. They don't have any skin in the game, at least not the kind of skin that we all have in the game as we struggle to meet our commitments in a game that was rigged and threw us all overboard starting in the early 1970's. Well actually it started when Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 and then what was gold backed money, the American dollar became an unbacked fiat currency. Too many countries were redeeming paper dollars for gold when they noticed that governments were spending too much on the Vietnam War as one trigger that got people around the world suspicious.

      So basically I think there is more than one rationale for why the elites are doing what they are doing, and it isn't all a function of bad money. When there is enough energy to keep the plates spinning they won't necessarily always be nervous about their "priority creditors" they can control that sentiment. They can't invent more energy. Well that's not true, they can but not the cheap abundant fossil energy that the world has become addicted to having easily available. That rung is starting to break and there are ways around it, but our entire economic thought process has too much invested in cheap energy to entertain more expensive energy. I think this is why Covid was so attractive they could turn the world off and have a time-out which is why they are reluctant to let it go. And they are further reluctant to tell people what is really going on. Like Jimmy Carter did back in the day when he came out and told people to turn the thermostat down and put on a sweater. That kind of truth can't ever happen again, everything is spun way too much for that kind of disclosure. So it will always be about things other than what it really is. Nobody wants anything to crash for no apparent reason, so now we have to "Build Back Better" as a cover story for the truth.

    3. wonderful will! i feel like you gave me a smorgasbord for my brain in Basic World Finances :) -- tying together alot of loose ends,-- but, you know there are always so many details or perspectives, theories, rabbit trails, history, and so forth since almost all of this has been obscured, at best. theres so much i would like to say, ask, get your idea about, so i will just hit the main points.

      imo, what happened with "the US election" is that it isnt an election. its a poll. "see you at the poll", "your polling place", and so forth. because its not an election for the President of our nation, (Art. of Confed, Art 9, para 5), it truly just is the "upper managements" se-lection of a Foreign Corporations CEO, thats all.
      but they dont ever tell the people that, they just continue the gaslighting generation after generation now, allowing the people to think their vote counts one man/ one vote. when it absolutely doesnt. and it seems to me like what theyre trying to "get away with" now, (including the banking; medical merr der ing; prisons for profit; tainted food; Equity, Maritime, Admiralty courts run by Temple Bar Members wearing black priests robing; "education" that is indoctrination, if any, and so much more): is "soft disclosure". because theyre not only perhaps thieves, liars, and merr derr ers, but they are also cowards....they put in who they wanted, 2016: bernie sanders won the vote for democrat candidate, but ... it was GIVEN to HillBilly. there is no *voting*: one man/ one vote, just a Corporate selection mask-erading as an election. imo.

    4. schwabs great reset...

      well, i dont think *theyre* going to get America "under control"! loolol! at least not anytime soon.
      even though people are struggling to get back up to speed with knowing about our true history because its been so massively suppressed, one thing that us actual common everyday Americans DO actually understand is that were SUPPOSED to be FREE. its truly in our bones, cells, blood, mind, heart, and spirit. yes, are there NannyStaters, Parasites, Paid Attackers and Trolls, Lazy men, Carpetbaggers, SellOuts, Con men, Scammers... yes, and unfortunately, plenty of them, but the Americans who keep everything stable, who do the work, and keep everything going know they are FREE... that, imo, is why all this crap has been done mostly secretively,... the "pro-baiting" of "e-states" and so on ad naseum: because when the actual American people find something has gone wrong with their freedom, they want it FIXED. ...thats why Gateway Pundit is still churning thru the election articles day after day after day, because the American people will NOT move on! :):):)
      in my present opinion, it looks like Trump was going to allow Faustu to run wild with the covvie narrative, then Trump was going to just leave with all that pandemonium going on... just slide off of center-stage; leave but withOUT ever officially "CONCEDING"; but having NO plans to *ACTUALLY* *correct* the *election* and return to the whitehouse, because, he knows the score,... that it was just the Foreign Corporation's Masters' Selection of their next Foreign CEO and has little or nothing to do with the actual American people, except to put them maybe into debtFICTION for perhaps the next seven generations, like it looks like perhaps they have already carried out against the indigenous nations and people, in order to use their sons and daughters as slaves in repayment of the debtFICTION that *they* MADE UP out of thin air. just a theory. could be wrong. hope it is!
      anyway, i think its plausible that they may have expected they could obfuscate "the election" with CovvieChaos, while they kept doing "reveals" on the election cheating--- without correcting anything! and that then the people would realize that the people are "powerless" and that covvie and masks and man-dates and prono in grade xchools and near-empty shelves at walmart and so on needed their attention, so just to FORGET about the election and MOVE ON CATTLE, SHEEP!!
      But NO! Americans are basically, good people, fair, honest, and they. want. that. booggery. damned. election. ¡¡¡FIXED!!! :):):). STILL!!

    5. You said...

      "It seems like theyre messing with people-- want to leave that pandemic door cracked open a bit so they can, what?--- let all this calm down for awhile since theyve lost the support of most of the people, and then once people get back to their normal lives, push the Panic Button again and start it all up again?"

      Yes exactly. Keep the pandemic door open a little so they can do what??? It could be that they are so proud of the way they have been able to mess with people that they can't help loving it so much that they caused people to be so deluded that they were incapable of basic thinking skills. Like all these guys got off on the high of messing with people that were too stupid to know what to think.

      And so the media started running stories that were so fanciful as to challenge credibility. At one point last year I remember that we were supposed to believe that this virus could fly thousands of miles over an ocean and find a US aircraft carrier in the middle of nowhere and "infect" the crew. And people were believing this stupid shit not stopping to wonder how that would be even possible.

      I think the psy-op worked so well for them that gullible people would line up to believe any ridiculous idea, that they were just so full of their own self-importance.

      Almost like a cheap drug that they could not stop taking to have that kind of effect on people to believe anything without question. It just appeals to their ego and emboldens them to keep pushing stupid ideas to see how far it could go. Like a little science experiment to see how far they could go. You can imagine that happening in a heartbeat based on what we know about these people. Plus there is the money incentive to keep big pharma raking in billions in profits. That kind of thing makes them giddy with excitement to the point where reason no longer is required. They just keep pushing the pleasure button to keep the money coming.

      And with the media in their back pocket it went far...way too far that it was able to stretch credible thinking and reasoning to retarded heights of stupidity.

      It is going to be awhile before the public in general, realize that they have been poisoned. It was recklessly arrogant of these elites to think that they could get away with it THIS way, the way they have done.

    6. having a late lunch, so just a quick note will:

      yes, its really been sad at times to watch the people (some) who reject obvious proofs laid out right in front of them.
      but im about over it now...

      they are rejecting it because they want to... ¿¿maybe they have been involved in intentionally causing harm to other people??

    7. so continuing: yes, the nonsensical narratives have gotten to be really ridiculous.
      in part, i dont think people are that organically stupid... but suspect its probably more like that the ones who are totally gungho may generally be the ones who are most guilty of "crimes" and/or have gained the most from the crimes committed by other people. like, knowingly participating in:
      human trafficking; celd sicx trafficking; false reports; false claims on land, family members, more; thefts; add rean o crowe m harvesting/ use/ other; poisonings of food, water, "medicine", air, other; nonconsensual experimentations, merr derr rs; and on and on and on and on...
      it takes a LOT of people, all sworn in to the same oath of secrecy, all being promised to be "rewarded" for their cooperation, and all "paid" using the same stolen lives and "property" to carry this xhit out.... lotta evil people out there.
      and weve ALL had numerous subtle "offers" to "join" over the years... many took the offer. i dont think they can get out after that, depending on how much they knowingly accepted... pretty sure that if they werent told certain things though and then when they find out later and dont want to participate, i think they dont make them, but they still have to keep their mouth shut about what they know. or they (usually) attack the family first.
      for those of us who never "made the deal", i guess were pretty scary to them!? :):)

    8. definately agree with what you see/ sense is going on psychologically with the psychopathic self-appointed FICTIONALMasters who watch the Maskers and the MaskNaughtzies harming themselves and/or trying to rule over others.
      and yes, that, along with the abject empty-headed obedience your: "...stretch credible thinking and reasoning to retarded heights of stupidity." probably puts them into a frenzy that is made even more (contemptuously) entertaining for them since the narrative itself doesnt even make sense and there still hasnt ever been a virus isolated.
      i am not even bothering to tell people who got the clotjabber about the ingredients in it.... maybe they were counted worthy to be spared and got the saline solution....but if they didnt, its too late to tell them now.

  2. Headlines for March 9, 2022 - Russia Challenges Satanist World Order
    "we are all tired of this shit..."

    Double Standard, guess who always gets a pass - Rothschild's Israel
    "Russia about to be thrown out of the World Cup by FIFA. The same FIFA that has repeatedly advised Palestinians its hands are tied on Israel as "sport and politics don't mix"."

    US Planned to Use Migratory Birds to Infect Russia

    Probably the same bastards in the US "government" who released the Covid bioweapon on the American people and the world. That's why they can't isolate the "virus" because it's a created in a lab bioweapon.