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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Letter to JP Morgan Chase

 By Anna Von Reitz

March 12, 2022

Chairman William B. Harrison, Jr.
CEO Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase Banks
270 Park Avenue
New York, New York  10017

Dear Sirs: 

I am the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America --- Unincorporated, and have recently inherited similar duties worldwide.  

All British Crown copyright claims and similar attachments have been overturned and the Crown is under prosecution and investigation for crimes of unlawful conversion, personage and breach of trust against the American people and other nations worldwide. 

My standing is already established, recorded, accepted, and absolute in all jurisdictions of the law. 

I have the signature and donor authority over the 1,181,336,675 metric tons of gold administered for The United States of America under Certificate of Entitlement by the Central Bank of the Philippines-- which was delivered to  Chase Manhattan Banks. 

We have the appropriate Federal District Court Orders. 

Ferdinand Marcos was our Trustee in this matter; Ferdinand Marcos had no individual right to or interest in our assets, and he could certainly not convey a right that he himself did not possess to his relatives, including Tiburcio V. Marcos. 

As the Donors, we have the controlling interest in these and all other physical assets held in trust, and as the Public Government, we are the lawful owners and protectors of all American assets in international and global jurisdiction.  

Some people have advanced the idea that when the Federal Republic ceased to function in 1861, it's powers devolved upon the British Territorial United States or reverted to the Municipal United States Government, or some combination thereof.   

In fact, all powers vouchsafed to the Federal Republic returned by Operation of Law to the Delegator of those Powers --- our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776.  

It is our role and responsibility to clean up this mess, take control of the assets, define the monetary standards, and issue both coin and credit.  

You presumably realize this, having a long history of involvement in the Civil War and its aftermath, including the issuance of "Greenbacks" and all the way to the present day credit crisis.  You know, or have cause to know, that none of the Congresses that have convened ever since the fall of the Federal Republic actually had the power to issue coinage or credit, and merely claimed to "represent" us.  It's time to correct all that and get this show on the road.  

I have all the original American-side records, receipts and manifests, so there is no point in arguing or fighting.  This is simply a correction that has to be made, and it is best made in public and with full cooperation on all sides. 

It is my understanding that you have, as of 2017, acquired the trademarks and names of the FEDERAL RESERVE and the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS respectively, and have been instrumental in the settlement of the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve System.   

Thus your cooperation in reassigning and using the American gold and silver assets and in negotiating the role of the FEDERAL RESERVE and status of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is both requested and required.  

As the responsible Fiduciary, I don't wish to cause undue disruption; I am not interested in any court battles --- those are already won; I wish for a prompt and amiable resolution of all differences between the banks and the actual asset owners, and I call upon you to work with me to help prevent an unnecessary worldwide economic collapse. 

Your prompt response is appreciated and highly desirable under the current circumstance.  

I can be reached at (907) 250-5087 or via email at

Time is of the essence.  Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

                                                        By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                                         The United States of America

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  1. OK ANNA!!! Way to go, I commend you.. I wish you success.

    1. If my math is right that equates to about 3 & 1/3rd tons of gold per American person. As for me, I'd rather have a well stocked, viable ranch in a community of similarly situated people than a mountain of gold.

    2. My preference as well, Patricia Ann!

    3. and NOTICE: this "anna"FICTION'S AuthorityFICTION may have been FICTIONALLYaccepted in the FICTIONworld among their fellowFICTIONAL CHARACTERS!, but actual God-created man does not accept any of this nonsensical FICTION!!! haha!!

      "ANNA and the IMAGINATIONS" can keep all the FICTIONALLYcreated FICTIONALauthorities they can dream up and use them on EACH OTHER, but otherwise:
      man is free and independent and under authority of our creator and is keeping ALL the gold, silver, air, water, mountains, rivers, thoughtsfromman, inventions, fingerprints, papers, decision-making, food, plants, animals, people, and so forth.

      there. :):):)

      now whadda'you FICTION/imaginations gonna do about that? :):)

      Nothing you can do... im not the only man/wo who knows this and has no intention to EVER willingly agree. ever.

      whadd'ya going to do? :):):) the same type of thing already perpetrated upon the aboriginal/ indigenous/native/ other nations and people?
      you really cant force or coerce us, threaten us or put us under any "duress"... agree-"ment" has to be from our intent. and now too many of us know what is true.

      nothing you can do about it, is there?
      maybe stop the FICTION?...

      ...the FICTIONAL"logic" has gotten so thin that i sense its about ready to actually rupture and fall in on itself into a tiny blob on the floor. :):)

    4. someone deleted my comment where i noted that that was about 6666.66666666666666-to-infinity pounds of gold per man/wo.!!!!

  2. Anna, are you and Neil Keenan working together on this? Somewhere I got the idea that you are.

  3. You have taught the people that when you send a registered letter that you include the registered number at the top of the letter as proof that it has been sent. You have never included the registered number on any of the documents that you claim to have sent. What proof do we have that you have actually sent the documents that you claim to have sent?

    1. Who are you, that Anna needs to provide proof of anything?

    2. I agree with what Darrell said. There is no reason to conceal that info and it should be available for all to see if it was truly sent.

    3. Agreed. Proofs are vital. Truth in Transparency .

    4. I am so sure that Anna knows exactly what she is doing. She gave us the meat of the letter, the lawful details of the document, she does not. She knows what she is doing, you don't.

    5. Darrell,
      you are right. of COURSE Registered Mail "Identifiers" are necessary for proof!

      what i was told is that it is impossible to put the Regis.MailNo. on the mailing because REGIS. mail has to be completely sealed up BEFORE the Register Number is assigned by the Post Office Equipment. (unlike Certified.)
      did what you were looking at include a REGIS MAIL SLIP showing the Regis.No. along with who mailed it to who, and on what day?

    6. Only an idjut wood send reg mail...DUH!!!

    7. "Only an idjut wood send reg mail...DUH!!!"
      And that is according to WHO exactly? can lawfully use that Incorporated Registered Mailing System (which System is the only one readily available to us all right now) for his own **lawful** purposes; such as:
      • to simply show who is holding your papers as they move between you and the intended recipient
      • to show a proof of post in American common law court
      • man may decide to use the Unique so-called "Registration Number" as a Unique Number for his American common law claims
      • or for Identifying posts when recording notices in the newspaper pertaining to claims he brings to the American common law "court of record"
      • or for simple tracking of the progression or location of his post.
      it doesnt have to only be used to "Register" something in THEIR FICTIONAL Jurisdiction.

      man constructed man has authority over what man constructed: FICTIONS.
      otherwise you end up with Corporate Overreach/ Tyranny/ Fascism.

    8. True...who gave Anna the authority over everything American man and woman?? Who??

  4. Gerald George Duffy of PennsylvaniaMarch 12, 2022 at 11:24 AM

    You stepped up to the plate I commend you and your tenacity for getting things done where was anybody else. Trump.Biden. Obama

    1. Don't put Trump in the same category as traitors Obama and Biden! Please!

  5. Wow! This would ba an incredible God send if it can be implememnted! Anna you are amazing!

  6. Congrats Anna! Personally I tried to battle them, but be careful this is the Lucifers agents.

  7. Thank you Anna for all you do for humanity! I am sending you love all the way from Epirus!

  8. Thank you Anna. Keep up the good work. Is there anything we can do to help?

  9. It says "unknown" comments will be deleted immediately ! YET, I see comments by "unknown" ALL THE TIME ? ? ? ?

    1. maybe its a bunch of trolls who arent smart enough to figure out what name/url means. :)

      if so, theyre good for sharpening ones wit and sarcasm on!!! :):)

      enjoy!!!? :)

  10. Thank you Anna. I have been reading all of your research, books and hard work for a while now. I have not had a chance to participate with my state’s mural assembly yet. But, it is important. Have a great weekend.

  11. Anna, you are the best. God be with you.

  12. It is my opinion that Anna is just another Whitehat. Who is involved in the Greatest non violent revolution in our history . May our Source Light Shine upon ANNA and her journey.
    I will continue to pray each day to St Germain for her. "I AM THE HEART AND MIND OF THE MIGHTY I AM"

    Semper Fidelis

  13. When has the zionest ever gave ground ?
    They just as confessions of an economic hit man expressed .
    First the bribe the whole family of rulers, if that don’t work gorillas , and in case of to hard to penetrate due to good security the US military
    Ask General Smedly Butler he quipped Al Capone had nothing on him as he was a gangster on 7 continents.
    Not saying or wishing any harm but like studying history as Patrick Henry once said “ History is the lamp that guides my way”.
    He also said “Tyrants only understands one thing force “.
    We need the militia to know who thy are TJ Thomas Jefferson mothballed the navy and gave the militia row boats you guard your nation.

    1. bubba, "When has the zionest ever gave ground ?"
      yeh, it looks like we may need to understand just exactly what that means.

  14. And the CON continues

    1. STAR TREK

      The Next Generation will carry their lying ass torches forward through the use of their inbred kids

    2. Look everybody, it's 'Q' from Star Trek

      Hollywood is your thieves

      And NO Anna, you are not my fiduciary nor anyone elses
      You know damned well who these actors and players are and you've known all along

    3. Shut up already Shelby. You mouth running loser. Brush off the Dorito crumbs and head back to the basement for another round of YouTube videos that other people made and You just watched. Lol.

    4. whos telling people to shut up?
      who said shut up?
      is this your blog?
      if not, maybe you should shut up? :):):)

      hey, and another thing:
      why dont you put a username down so we will know when its you dispensing your wisdom and can skip right over your post without wasting any time! :):) lololo!!

    5. Looks like I've hit a BING clone nerve

      Dollywood is full of their clones

      Nope, don't eat poison doritos nor do I have a basement

      Their STAR TREK EARTH ENTERPRISE PLANS are in full view folks and it all comes down to their World Parliament that they have been planning from their dens in the Hollywood Hills and in SWISSY Land since their franshise ponzi scheme was schemed up

      Read this yesterday

      From this article we read the United Nations was fomented in a San Francisco WHORE HOUSE

      “Stanford ran one of San Francisco's more notorious brothels. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen wrote "the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford's whorehouse" because of the number of delegates to the organization's 1945 San Francisco founding conference who were Stanford's customers; many actual, if informal, negotiating sessions took place in the brothel's living room. Then-San Francisco district attorney Pat Brown's raid on the establishment
      helped lead to his 1950 election as attorney general for the State of California.”
      Caen, I would imagine, is a variation of Cohen. Yep. Which also makes me wonder about Cannes, the Phoenician harbour and movie industry hotspot.

      And is it not funny that the infamous UN letter just published follows this same narrative here

      Now run on over and get that paperwork done else you will be shot for not complying to the Earth CONstitution and their World Parliaments directives

      They're all in it together and they are everywhere

    6. Why in the hell do you think that baffoon Claud Schwabb wears the friggin darth vader costume

      It all relates back to their STAR WARS BULLSHIT

  15. Yes, Anna is our fiduciary. I can acknowledge how those who chose servitude can say that she is not, but Anna didn't ask your opinion or mine. Anna did what we were to ignorant or lazy to do. Anna, along with other people who had not let their brains be corrupted by lies, has saved our inheirltence for those of us lost in the confussion of contradiction and ignorance there of. Nature's God protects our fiduciary because she is who she is, and for anyone to question this, in my opinion, is incompetent or an imbecile and needs to have the supervision of a caretaker, "parens patriae". If you get upset with the words, please don't bother us with your complaints, this is what your caretakers call you. Their words, not mine, LOL.

    1. ya'll need to start looking this stuff up before you talk about things you think you understand but dont.
      i will just suffice it to say that "parens patriae" is a LEGAL FICTION Term and is from the same FICTIONAL jurisdiction you claim to be exiting.
      LOOK IT UP!

      i strongly suspect though that since you have accepted a FICTIONAL "GRANDMOTHER" FOR *YOUR* GOVERNMENT/ SOURCE, that it is *YOU*, in actual fact, who are under the "parens patriae".

      maybe youd better check that out?....jus tryin' ta help... if you dont, i will give you back what you put out:
      seriously, dont come bothering us with your complaints if you find out later that it is what *YOUR* care-TAKERS are calling *YOU*.



      As WinkWink has been telling everyone all along

      And you can bet your ass there are liars out there that are steering your actions and taking your $5 donations to get you right where they want you

  17. Dear Judge Anna,
    You do not have an army.
    They don't give a rip what you say.
    Have a good day, bye.

    1. their *IMAGINATIONS* they do!!!!
      thats the ONLY place though!

  18. Good work Anna but watch out he is a true psychopath.

  19. We have argued in thair court system ,brilliant men and women and rarely do anyone succeed.
    On larger scale trying to show a constitution hasn’t been properly ratified can’t even get in court .
    The government that’s a corporation and it’s foreign owned don’t seem to matter to congress, courts , certainly not the Rothschild /Federal reserve justice consortium.
    Will say the most dominant militia group in the south talking to their people.
    The Christians are the target and the largest concentration is in the Bible Belt.
    So like massive military drill mastering the human domain all red states were the enemy territory.
    They know we know it bullets will be more valuable than gold , your ability to feed yourself like Venezuela had to do.
    Hide your garden on the roof .

    1. agree bubba.
      thats why the only solution is to SEPARATE.
      and if theyve been doing the things we hear theyre doing, theres no saving them,... then theyve already crossed the line with God and blasphemed the Holy Ghost and theres no forgiveness for that in this world or in the world to come. refs: kjv mark 3:29; luke 12:10; matt. 12:31-32.
      if theyd treat god that way, they will treat us even worse.

  20. Jade Helm operation infiltration of local community
    Rounding up dissidents hand on their heads off to FEMA military districts for interrogation and like the infiltration into the college leaders of weather underground said 40% can’t be reformed and be disposed of.maybe that why the 30,000 Guillotines are on station?

  21. Hurricane Harvey the refuse to feed us or even bring water like Anna said they wait and come in offering loans .
    ATM’s won’t work no were if you didn’t have 20 30 FRN’s you couldn’t buy food in the few stores that 4 days later allowed a small group 5 minutes to grab something on shelf .
    Survival mode zero fuel to be had especially diesel .
    7 days of shutdown. All 20 Walmart. Stores boarded the doors with flimsy excuses remained shut even after the 7 day mark .
    Eye opener for sure seeds can sprout without sun
    And with some power can grow micro greens.
    Sprout beans ok . Eggs non existent from day one .need to build stores of dried beans canned sauerkraut as it’s the numbers one super food super high in organic vitamin c and probiotic.consider Brazil nuts particularly super high in selenium.
    People in China that had high concentration of selenium in soil stayed healthy.

    1. bean + grain = complete protein.
      dandelions. GREAT healthy food!

      online: wild edibles. YUMMY!!

  22. one of the recent Stories published here said BLONDES are from Libya and another Medit/ Middle Eastern, desert/ equatorial regions.. but common sense alone shows that to be outside the laws of nature in that 95% of TRUE BLONDES have blue/light (gray, light green, hazel) eyes. people in desert and tropical countries need the pigmentation in their eyes the same as in the skin to protect from nearly year-long sunshine theyre blessed with.
    god wouldnt put light skinned, light haired light eyed people in desert or tropical regions with inadequate protection from their natural environment.
    BLONDES are naturally from farther north.

  23. Meanwhile the rape of middle class continues
    Civil asset forfeiture
    Look at a case
    State of Florida v 1990 Buick
    What ? How can a car defend itself?

  24. Right boots, dandelion excellent antmost nutritional is stinging nettles.
    Need omega 3 all cells are composed of good oil as one host says after Dr Judy Merkivitz (hemp) a plant is excellent oil.

    1. looks like:
      theyre continuing to bring forth more of what they did wrong to *man*, but under FICTIONAL NAMES AND FICTIONAL JURISDICTIONS that THEY MADE UP: such as the FICTION they named: "In Rem",... it looks like they nay be trying to do that so they can FICTIONALLY DISCHARGE THE "crime"FICTIONS in the "jurisdiction" they made up and therefore have complete control over.

      its just too gawdammd bad for them.
      because their effing WRONG-DOING still stands *being* wrong done by one *man* to another *man* in American common law.
      and we can still bring our lawful claims for restoration for the harm caused to us by another man at anytime. Anytime.
      we can even bring forward claims for the wrongs done to our fathers and mothers many generations before we were born.

    2. and also:
      they have been using the Holy Bible to take their Public Oaths on; and whether they meant it or not, they still DID it. with intent yo deceive????

      2 Samuel 9:(6), *7* (+ 8-13)
      King:David told Mephibosheth, Sauls "grand"son: [partial: vs 7] ...and [i, KingDavid] will restore thee all the land of Saul thy [grand]father;...".

      now ive read some crap where the lying merr derr ing imposters are, imo, trying to connect mephibosheth back to Osiris or something!!! but the Story is obviously heavily flawed, as usual!

    3. and finally:
      the pattern is there though..
      this seems to be how they have done absolutely EVERYTHING... just make shit up and then go find the worthless ignorant rejects in the towns to carry out their wrong doing in exchange for a "cut" of whats robbed from the people.

      no more though, too many of us know one thing:

      simple as that.
      American common law. :):):)
      mans lawful authority under our creator's authority!

  25. What in hell the foxes I controld of Vatican account for that mater you can’t trust clergy the Christian soldiers upon returning doing clergy both catholic and rabbi had forged papers stealing their land only the German titanic knights help some recover the property.
    Bottom line you can only trust your own people race is important contrary to what Jewish media propagandizes.