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Sunday, March 13, 2022

The "Story" of Kim Goguen --- and Ben Fullford, Too?

 By Anna Von Reitz

No doubt, if you have been hanging around long enough, you have heard of Kim Goguen and her claim to be the inheritor of the known world -- and also the organization that she and her supporters have fronted as "Life Force International".
Though, so far as I know, Kim has not published her relationship with the CIA, I have photos that show her with a core group of Operation Officers based in North Carolina --- other people who initially approached me to try to involve me in some kind of Sting that would have given the CIA access to large amounts of money through physical asset "off ledger" accounts.
It was a complex, multi-layered con game and even I fell for it, to an extent, at first; but not to the degree and in the way that would ultimately allow their plan to succeed. In the course of that contact, I learned various things -- like the fact that Kim Goguen has been set up to act "as" an heir to the Romanovs.
This claim, like many others she has made, isn't true. It's just more fluff and nonsense from The Liars Club Internationale, aimed at laying claim to physical assets for their Unjust Enrichment.
The past several weeks of investigation have disclosed why anyone would want to claim that they were heirs of the ill-fated Romanov Dynasty ---those engaged in making such claims have been assuming that gold left on deposit with the Bank of England by Tsar Nicholas belonged to the Romanov family, and they are busily trying to cobble together False Claims based on purported familial relationship to the martyred Royal Family, so they can justify a claim on ten billion metric tons of gold otherwise presumed to be "abandoned".
These guys are great at making presumptions that benefit themselves and also handy at making claims on abandonment----usually when assets are not in fact abandoned, and when the actual heirs simply haven't been given full disclosure.
Unfortunately for Kim and the CIA Black Ops she is implicated in, there are records and there are receipts and memos adequately demonstrating that the gold Tsar Nicholas left on deposit with the Bank of England is a combined stash of gold reserves actually belonging in part to the Russian government and in part to the still-existent Prussian government.
As a sidebar, it turns out that technically, Kaiser Wilhelm II couldn't abdicate the Office of the King of Prussia, because he had already abdicated it. Thus, the Crown Prince was the King of Prussia already and his administration was not invalidated by his Father's second and permanent abdication of the Office.
Thus, none of that gold is "abandoned". Not a gram of it.
The Russian government under Vladimir Putin still exists. The Prussian government under Georg Friedrich von Hohenzollern still exists. They simply didn't know about the gold and in the case of Prussia, they didn't know that their battered Kingdom stumbled through by the Hand of God, and their gold reserves were preserved by the ill-fated Tsar Nicholas in what would appear to be the least-likely bank on Earth.
Getting back to Kim and her bizarre Ooky-Spooky claims, she is a CIA Player with a criminal record for fraud, no matter what Ben Fullford says and no matter why he would give her a bully pulpit to spread more manure.
I understand that there are many groups and many interests that quail and quake at the thought of Prussia coming back on the world stage, and others who react similarly to the prospect of Russia being further empowered by receiving their inheritance from the Tsar.
I don't fear these outcomes and I want to explain why I don't fear these outcomes to the American People.
The actual American Government has a Treaty with the Russian Government which the Russians have always honored. While the Pack of Liars infesting the U.S. Government would have you believe in "the Russian Threat" and "the Chinese Threat" --- the fact is that the Russians have repeatedly saved our ungrateful bacon and waited for us to wake up and smell the java.
The further truth is that in over 5,000 years of recorded history, the Chinese have proven to be in-the-main far more interested in making love and products to sell their neighbors, than in making war. The only time the Chinese are a threat to our world is when they have been: (1) misinformed; (2) commandeered by foreign interests seeking to employ them as mercenaries; (3) or when they have been forced to be aggressive out of sheer desperation.
The real threat to peace is vested in the hypocrites in Washington, DC, who have pretended to represent us, while lying to, misinforming, and racketeering against us.
So if you are going to be afraid of anything, or fear any Evil Empire, don't look at Russia. Don't look at China. Look in your own backyard and see what is lurking there under its own foreign flag. Don't believe it? Look up the flag of the Municipality of Washington, DC --- purportedly an independent international city-state, though it has no permission from us to act as such on our shores, and its' actual Special Use perpetual lease with Maryland and Virginia is voided because of it.
Those who fear empowering Russia and Prussia by simply returning their own assets to them need their heads and sense of justice examined. The gold on deposit with the Bank of England is an inheritance owed to the people of Russia and the people of Prussia -- not Kim Goguen, not Ben Fullford, not the CIA, not Joe Biden, not you, not me. It's theirs.
How would you feel if you were the heir of a beautiful estate and all the money you needed to take care of it, and someone cheated you out of it, for no better reason than that they were afraid of what you were going to do with your money? Who made them the arbiter of what you do with your money, right?
Maybe Westminster and the United States are afraid because of their own guilt, the lies they have told, the crimes they have committed. Maybe they think that if the Russians and the Prussians are "allowed" to have control of their own inheritance, it will be payback time. God knows, with all the lies they have told and all the crimes they have committed, including crimes against their own people, the cretins of Westminster and "the" US deserve payback. They know it, too.
But there is a radically different pathway open for all of us, one of truth, fairness, mutual respect, and trust. We don't have to let the past dictate the future. We don't have to be driven like cattle by lies spewed from mouthpieces like Kim Goguen. We can do the right thing, the same thing that we would all want, if it were us and our inheritance as a nation was sitting in the Bank of England vaults "appearing to be" unclaimed.
It's their gold. Give it back to the Prussian government that survived. Give it back to the Russian government of today. Let everybody know that we, the actual Americans have been at peace since 1814, and we prefer it to be that way. We all have more than enough resources of all kinds to make the Earth bloom again and make the biome healthy again and make it safe for our children again.

Let it be so.


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  1. kings and kingdoms, empires, are all FICTIONS that have only DERIVED authority, if any, over substance: land, gold, food, water, air, so on:
    only the common man and woman hold INHERENT authority, and that: for themSELVES only;
    so that no FICTION or any other man speaks for (a) man who DOES NOT INTEND for them to do so. period.
    that cannot be changed.

    i:woman call for and require that the references and supporting papers, if any actually exist, proving this Story true: be publish here along with the Story, for man the inherent authority holder to judge whether they are true or not based upon verifiable facts/ other require-ments.

    otherwise there is nothing to set this Story formed up by the FICTION named "annavonreitz datte commerce(?)"/ other apart from the other FICTIONS! or from "KimGougen", "BenFulford", Storytellers/ other.
    FICTIONS and Stories being false, that is: not true: and whats not true being a lie: then man judges that all unproven claims are lies and are false.
    so, finally, this time in the very simplest of words:
    "prove the claim/s or the claim/s are lies".

    1. I'm tellin ya they are trying to pull off World Godvernment/Parliament and set you all up on UBI that is what the mutual offset credit vendor card is all about

      All of these fake Godvernments set up by the crooks are following the same script and they are taking orders from their banking MONOPOLY MONEY MASTERS of the banking cartel that they themselves set up in SWISSY Land

      CERN is the world wide web not some fucking hadron collider BULLSHIT

      There is a main brain and operation to this entire set up and they hid it in plain sight under the guise of CERN
      It connects the world and their 5G UN SMART Cities and stack and pack villages of millions of people piled on top of one another is the plan while they steal everything else and claim DOMINION over every last inch of it including the friggin air you breathe

      It's all there folks in black and white

      WEF is the World Earth Federation in disguise and the Earth CONstitution is their new creed

      Read the shit I tell ya it's all there

      And this set up is nothing but them getting your consent to self govern yourselves right in to slavery at the hands of the very same crooks

      Ever heard of a GAIA ID - well it's connected to GOOGLE Gmail folks

      Mail as in commerce folks - all electronic mail is commerce just like going to the regular post office

      I've posted this shit so many times it boggles the mind but folks don't seem to want to read

      Dismantling the corporations was part of the World Parliament plan - read it yourself
      They are taking away their corporation person status in one of their legislative acts - GO READ THEM
      So this BULLSHIT Anna is spouting off here is from the same playbook

      They are taking over all world patents to to ensure safe keeping MY ASS
      All of this is the exact same shit Anna has been spouting off for years now

      Guess what a ONE WORLD BANK (probably a blue dot love bank) is opening up in my Mega Region SMART city soon a new banner was just placed on a bank building in my neighborhood full of VILLAGES of there now immigrated displaced peoples from all over the world

      Stack and packed and piled on top of one another all over the place

      5G massive infrastructure going up in record time even during the plandemic
      Cameras on every fucking pole every fucking street light is 5G surveillance, the list is endless

      She ain't stopping shit - she got you to get on board that new world order ship to hell is what she did and is doing

      Your land is now registered under Medici Ventures through BLOCKCHAIN and under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
      They digitally stole your friggin land

      So many lies have been told here that it would take books to cover the shit being shoveled

      No matter what way you slice it they dug this hole for all of us and they expect us to pull ourselves out of it while we donate our time energy and that their fake fiat currency to their end game

      NO DEAL
      NO DEAL
      NO DEAL

    2. shelby,
      "Yes janmarie I KNOW IT IS ALL FICTION"
      well super.

    3. oh looky!
      my reply back to the ignoramous "coward":anonymous has been deleted!
      so, does it have ITS OWN NANNYTROLL that comes along behind it to delete the replies it is too MENTALLY WEAK to deal with?!! :):)
      omgosh, hiding replies back to a worthless ignoramous! how funny!

    4. would NANNYTROLLS make more than 75¢? do they get, like, what?:
      $1 per Delete?! :):):)

    5. No one has the right to demand proof. It is everyone's responsibility to take personal steps toward the truth. If he wants documents, it is up to him alone to make the effort to get them and pay the costs to obtain them. Those who inform us of the existence of these documents should not be found guilty of not providing them. Everyone must take responsibility for finding their truth. Spitting on Ms. Von Reitz demonstrates limited mind and blatant laziness proving a refusal to take responsibility for herself.

  2. After a string of somewhat incoherence, you speak of the "Khazarian Mafia", who assumes the "Names" of others - called the "Name Stealers" for thousands of years, from China on their east, to Europe on their west, this is what they were called. Clif_High has a good Video on that last week, laying it ALL out about them - very surprising. That is what they did - assumed the identity of others, after they learned everything about them, they murdered them. Much like they have done with our own names, but a different twist. We are said to be "lost at sea" - dead. Then they steal our name.
    These are not Jews, but FAKE Jews. Genetics shows that 97% of those calling themselves Jews today, in FAKE Israel, possess no trace of Hebrew genetics. 80% of the Palestinians they persecute, possess traces of Hebrew genetics. So the Anti-Semites are the ones calling themselves Semites. Revelation speaks of them, "...and I know the blasphemy of those who call themselves Jews, who are not, but are the Synagogue of satan."
    What is happening is that this all dovetails into the Albert Pike Blueprint. The Luciferian Directive given to him. The 3rd World War, which is being brought into existence now, has the ultimate objective to bring "the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into Public view." This is the arrival of the man of sin, the 1st beast of Revelation 13, who is also the 7th king of Revelation 17. The Fake Messiah. It is all a lie, from top to bottom.
    We have Fake Jews in a Fake Israel, which will be instrumental in a Fake Armageddon, to justify a Fake Messiah, who will sit in the Fake temple of God that exalts him with his obelisk ejaculating the cross from it - the Vatican. The "rebirth of Osiris" as Christ. Osiris is Apollyon. Osiris soul escapes (eye over the pyramid) to possess a king, 6 times prior, since the Flood.
    Anyone with any sense can figure out the rest, although there is not much more than that.

  3. well, theyve wasted a lot of their energy because were still here and were staying here.:):)
    the earth was made for man and were staying right here. if someone wants to go "offplanet", go ahead and GO!... buhbye :).

    i guess theyre going to push it until they find out for sure that WE *KNOW* there's NOTHING they can do about it.
    theyre not in control.
    theyre not in charge.
    if they say theyre in charge, you know its a lie because they said it!
    these pumpkinheaded "inbreds" in charge of what creator created? :):):) no.
    even the book they say is theirs because they messed with it (and isnt theirs): psalm: 94:20 "shall the throne of INIQUITY have FELLOWSHIP WITH THEE, which frameth mischief by a law?"
    No, theyre not in charge!! and creator will not scoot over and "share his throne" with them either, or take it over completely either.

    keep watching... they're DOWN!
    ooooh, lookatmeee!!ive got all the gold!!!
    oooh, ive got all the papers i made up and scribbled on that says you all are my slaves!!!!
    ooooh, lookee!!! i am hoarding all the food and you cant have any unless you bend your knee to us, your Masters!!!

    bullxhit! :):)
    theyre just trying to see how many people they can pull down with them as they are eradicated.

    there are two photos supposedly of KS on the bluewater channel, bit shoot. i have tried to get the link to copy: if it doesnt work, i will be back with the details.... this is sickening but would explain alot, if true.

    nope. didnt work.
    be right back.


  5. yeh, okay, there... i think this will work now.

  6. Swift bs your all over the map yourself, incoherent not so lot to correct that’s been altered personally I care less what you think .
    I find friendly in only areas that Christian patriots gather it’s not here this is a more Jewish bent group if you haven’t noticed.
    You touched on fake Jews not even scratched the surface and don’t like talking to smart as.

    1. Please. Bubba you can't figure out which side of the fence you want to sit on. Pathetic.

    2. bubba, i can easily tell which side youre on.
      ..."coward"anonymous here is probably just ignorant concerning the subject matter .... AGAIN!!

    3. Hi Janmarie yes fleas on a dog we got Troll s,dime a dozen.

  7. I've never trusted Fulford. That Robert David Steele always plugged him enthusiastically just made it easier to off two birds with one stone. RDS was also "ex" CIA, whatever that actually means (sorry, officially we should say "meant", although even past tense seems provisional these days)...

    1. RDS was featured on this very blog

      He is an OBUDSMAN
      World Legislative Act #31 Enabling Legislation for the World Ombudsmus
      Short Title: Ombudsmus Act

      This goes all the way down to the local level folks I have traced it all the way down to a speed limit sign which communities can get grant money to have one brought in to their neighborhood

      The new OMNIBUS bill that fake Joe and the fake congress and house are working on is all INTERNATIONAL folks and it all comes from SWISSY LAND

  8. You are so special. I am lost for words right now. Thank you. ONE LOVE.....

  9. Anonymous I’m studying archeology now to add a more perfect picture .
    You Yahoos come in thinking your the shi t. And find some pretent flaw to act arrogant..
    Swift is not as swift as he thinks he is he’s managed to make notes after listening to s video.
    One piece ! It thousands of years in making yeah Albert Pike we all know about his book Morals and Dogma ‘.
    The missing link is more biblical thousands of years ago.
    I speak with far more intelligent individuals on the air we’re it counts .
    Thousands of listeners on line a time to touch the hearts and minds of men and women.
    You guys are hostile and frankly not worth trying to talk to you started it ! I’m glad you showed your heart so I can ignore you from now on.

    1. bubba, im trying to find out if this anonymous:COWARD is a MENTALLY WEAK buffoon that has a NANNYTROLL that comes along behind it and DELETES the replies people make back to ignorant, 50-75¢ comments.

      will let you know as soon as i find out!

  10. Oh and by the way use something other than anonymous so we can skip over you easier pls .
    I got me swift shooting his mouth off number .could have been more hospitable and less hostile but show yourself is fine another to skip over.

  11. Trying to obfuscate and pin the blam on kazarian fake Jews as origin of the name changers.
    Wrong the real thieft and biggest identity thieft in history is how the Pharisees and scribes a secret society in Babylon moved back into Palestine .
    The Israelites were long gone into captivity back 725BC . The called themselves Jews fine but not Israelites.
    The devils in the details the conversation wit Jesus and the Pharisees, Jesus said I come but for the lost sheep of Israel.
    They responded you mean the dispersion.who were in bondage but we have never been in bondage!
    Exactly not Egypt not Assyria not Babylon your Canaanite.

  12. As Shelby stated Hemp is a building material that the corporate feudal conglomerate that runs the dumb sheep with rights removed unlawfully.
    Not permitted.
    The amount of omega three is off the charts because that it’s the best seed on the planet

  13. I did this research in the early 80’s when I was first introduced to the hemp decorticater machine. These obviously aren’t my original research sources however they’ll do for here, and now;
    The Tragedy of George Schlichten; Or Reconsidering Cannabis Conspiracies – Points: short & insightful writing about the long & complex history of drugs & alcohol
    Forgotten Genius: Royal Raymond Rife - Live Blood Online
    People | EscondidoHistory - Henry Timken
    Henry Timken - Wikipedia

    The Canton, Timken plant is only 7miles away
    Take notice to whom both these great inventor’s were tied to, and how their inventions became relegated to obscurity. Who really was Henry Timken, where did he really come from, and where did his true loyalties “reside”, and would this be an inherited multigenerational mantra that is interbreed.
    A good litmus test used to verify where an “American” Company’s true loyalty is rooted can be proved if they have moved their “Head-Quarters” to China.

    High Times Greats: Jack Herer | High Times
    The above is a republication excerpt of an April, 1990 article that gives a lot of the specifics on hemp. I was pleasantly amazed to have just found it, and to have been able to reread it after so many years even though I recall more info that was written that seems to have been redacted.

    And let Us not forget about Stanley Myer who was also just a few miles south of Timken “Roller Bearing” Plant, in Canton, Ohio.

    1. For over fifty years I’ve had to endure the beguilement that was continually propagated how everyone’s life was going to get better from the research, and breakthroughs of the technologically advanced “NASA”, Transportation, Medical, Pharmacological, New Farm Crops, all of which has never come to the fulfillment that was promised or presented in a fashion causing everyone to believe. There is definitely a pre written narrative that is undeniably been in use for over one hundred years.
      I just started reading this book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution”;
      I am at chapter 3 presently.

    2. This was jammed out back in the early 80’s
      The Pretenders My city was gone;

    3. What's the odds that I just received this;
      Not Since 1917 – Part VI - by Will Zoll - Prussia Gate