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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Weapons of Mass Destruction --- Found at Last!

 By Anna Von Reitz

As I write this, the Russian Government is presenting definitive proof to the Security Council at the United Nations, that "the" US and various NATO Allies were heavily engaged in producing illegal, unlawful, and immoral biological weapons in over a dozen well-funded laboratories in the Ukraine.
The current Ukrainian Government allowed this activity and posed a threat to the entire population of this planet, just to make a buck and line their own pockets.
At the same time, Ukrainian Whistle-blowers have brought forward massive proof of the collusion and criminality of Joe Biden and his family members and their activities in Ukraine.
It's not just "the" US involved in this repugnant activity, it's NATO, too. The rot has spread until there is nothing but rottenness left. This is why Putin told the world that he was taking out the garbage. God knows, somebody had to, and once again, it fell to the Russians.
We are engaged in cleaning up our "garbage" too, which we recognize as a matter of gross criminality, not a political issue at all.
With corporations illegally substituting themselves for our lawful government, and employing private security personnel as police to protect themselves at our expense, this country needs the assistance of its own citizenry organized in their own lawful State Assembly Militias, and we also need the assistance of the international community to bring enforcement powers to bear on these criminals.
Recognizing these facts, we have issued a Special Grant of specific and limited jurisdiction as a Non-Signatory State to the International Criminal Court and the Office of the Prosecutor, allowing them to investigate and bring charges in international jurisdiction against US individuals and corporations and officers of these corporations that are involved in international crimes, including criminal Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract, human trafficking, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, conspiracy against the constitutions, press-ganging, enslavement, peonage, genocide, and crimes against humanity.
These corporation officers have been claiming Sovereign Status and State Immunity from such investigation and prosecution, based on their exercise of our Delegated Powers and our State Sovereignty. We have now formally rebutted any such assumptions and opened the door for them to be tracked down, arrested, and prosecuted. We do not intend for America to be a safe haven for pirates and criminals engaged in crime for profit.
Our investigations have affirmed those of the Russian Government concerning involvement of the US and NATO in offshore bioweapons production and the promotion and issuance of criminal patents by SERCO in its mis-administration of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which have self-evidently been used to accomplish crimes such as the September 11th disaster and the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner and yes, the current genocide-by-vaccination.
Along with the Special Grant of Jurisdiction we have provided the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court with specific "smoking gun" patents which demonstrate how the criminals have protected and enriched themselves via the indiscriminate and illegal issuance of Patents protecting criminal activities amid false claims of "National Security Interest". These Patents blatantly describe the means with which these infamous crimes have been accomplished, who created these evils, and their intended purpose.
We've also provided video depositions of expert witnesses having first hand evidence and eye-witness testimony of the development of the Covid-19 agenda and the development of the polluted mis-named "vaccines" which have been foisted off on the unsuspecting public without disclosure and without respect for human life.
As we speak, the madman, Bill Gates, is working feverishly on the development of a "vaccine" --- that's what he calls a bioweapon --- that will infect people like a disease and with the same effect. Gates has gone utterly off his rocker and needs to be arrested and taken off the street as soon as possible. The same can be said for various members of the Intelligence Community and NATO Generals who have mindlessly participated in this horrific experiment.
More than 4,500 Allied Troops have been forcibly injected with known biological weapons -- engineered smallpox, hantavirus, HIV, HIN1, Ebola, Hemorrhagic Fever, etc., to "test" the effectiveness of these biological warfare agents. These men were given no disclosure, no choice. Many of them have already died.
This is what the filthy pigs think that they can demand and do without opposition and without respect for the Public Law, as a "condition of employment".
It's time that these out-of-control foreign commercial mercenary operatives were prosecuted as pirates, keel-hauled, gibbeted, or hung, as the Admiralty Law requires.
It is also time that the corporations responsible for these activities were dissolved, their assets seized, their Boards of Directors and Officers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law.
I personally believe that Bill Gates III is criminally insane and needs to be apprehended and restrained and hospitalized under psychiatric examination as a Public Danger. He was already responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of innocent people throughout Africa and India before he successfully launched the Covid-19 pandemic and sought to profit himself by selling bioweapons redefined as "vaccines".
This behavior is deeply psychotic and this murderer needs to be arrested and prosecuted without further ado. Likewise Klaus Schwab and any other members of the World Economic Forum, the UN Corporation, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, the Roman Curia, the Skull and Bones Fraternity, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and all others who have knowingly participated in and promoted these events to profit themselves and their political agendas via inflicting genocide and unlawful conversion of the victims into Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs)--- which is already illegal and unlawful in this country, no matter what the Territorial United States Supreme Court may opine.
We've had crazy people in command for lack of determination and interest from the General Public to oversee its own government and direct its own affairs, but our Public Government, our unincorporated Federation of States, is now standing on its own flat feet and taking appropriate action. Enough Americans are awake now and declared and recorded.

Please visit the Documents Section at to see the jpeg pages of the Special Grant of Jurisdiction issued to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Office of the Prosecutor.


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  1. Anna thank you for your consistency! Phyllis

  2. God bless you Anna, and God bless America.

    1. God Bless you and Bless the Yaw of our faith!! I wish there was a way I could talk with you...instead of through here- as I am not aware enough to be able to decipher some things- and know the time is short- Am also in medical field- but not working in it per se' May Yaw protect us all as we serve Him....

  3. If the US is guilty, that is an international crime and China and Russia will have the right to demand onsite inspection of ALL US controlled facilities which means a heavy multi-nation military presence will be needed to take control of US facilities. This will be the end of the USA, fulfillment of Hopi Indian prophecy and fulfillment of Enoch prophecies.

    1. The "End" of America is not predicated upon "a heavy multi-nation military presence". Our demoralization into debauchery took care of that already. Our embracing of the world, rather than God. What Enoch prophecies, besides God's wrath coming upon these rich and mighty, that oppress His children, are you speaking of? That is the only one I am waiting for. I am unaware of any others, specific to what is happening now, other than the demoralization. "As in the days of Noah". God will save all those who "wash their robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb." NONE others will stand before His throne in white robes, or ever be called His Elect.

    2. anonymous:
      "Our demoralization into debauchery took care of that already."

      who you talkin' about!??!? with your "our" crap?! yourself??? whos this "our" you are referring to? :):):)

      if its Americans im American and you dont have permission to speak for me!
      you dont know other peoples hearts before god. you yourself may have/ be demoralized and debauched your own self, but alot of us arent and dont have any reason to be, so dont smear any of that inapplicable guilt on other people!
      if you want to accept guilt for YOU being debauched/ demoralized/ other fine and dandy, but limit it to that; or define "our", show you have permission to make such sweeping judgments on other people, and prove that what you say is true.
      its your responsibility to do so when speaking in "public".

    3. Me thinks Janmarie that you protest too much

    4. "me **thinks**"? lololol! funny! thats a good one!
      people are familiar with the ENDLESSLY- REPEATED GENERIC, MEANINGLESS inapplicable "replies" that comes from the Training Manual used by ignorant rejects who have been hired as trolls for their 50- 75¢¢ per comment back?:)

      ka-ching! another 75¢ added onto your paycheck? :):):):):)

  4. Anna, "Finally, be strong in the Lord and his mighty power. Put on the FULL armor of God so that you (we) can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this DARK world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm" Ephesians 6:10-20 God bless you Anna, and may God bless American and all those who are trying to help expose all of the evil in this world.

  5. TheConsciousRN..why is it ppl most usually say God bless this or God bless that blahblah

    God has already blessed this people & nation! Time & time again

    Blessing from on high is a 2-way street

    What is there to be said as to the people blessing the Living God? πŸ™ i/we bless you God of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob..we bless You Sovereign Lord, God of this universe and may the flame of piety continue to light the heart of man in supreme reverence and love for You, Your character, pure and holy nature; to the obedience of Your will and in devotion to heavenly service. Your kingdom come on earth 🌎 as it is in heaven. πŸ™

    1. MPS, please stay out of my spiritual business and mind your own. If more people would, the world we be a better place. Honestly!

      This last 6 years have been so hard to witness with my personal and professional eyes wide open. These sociopaths have been at it for a long time. They have poisoned our food, water, medicines and the very air we breathe. To wake up 6 years ago to the fact that the same industry I compassionately and faithfully served willfully and knowingly gave my beautiful baby boy vaccines that poisoned his brain? Hiding brain injuries under the classical autism diagnosis? Sickening! How much can one bare? The chemical criminals founded the AMA and started an orchestrated campaign to squelch natural remedies and weaken the population for power and profit. Disgusting!

      I have been censored, unfriended (by actual friends), called into admistrative offices and told to shut up, upon counseling my patients on natural health. I was told I was pissing off some cancer surgeons. Well! Piss off! Cancer has been cured several times over.

      Darpa? Project Mockingbird, MK ultra? Project Paperclip? When the plandemic started, I knew the Satanic depopulatikn goal and it sickened me. But God always has protected me. He moved me to an area of the hospital where I never had to administer the deadly clot shits or organ destroying remdemsivir. He protected me when I was granted a religious exemption and kept my job, he protected me when he taught me and guided my hand when I learned to detox my little boy. He is in college now. The doctors who are still brainwashed, tell us he must have been misdiagnosed for the last 14 years. Hogwash!

      What pains me most is to think of what this world could be like with all the technology and real science they have surpressed. It pains me to think of how the world might have been.

      God and his light always find a way. Many of my fellow nurses are aware of this evil agenda from vaccines to geoengineering to MSM. We have to speak hushedly in the hospital, but many see it. More and more are wiping the sleep from their eyes every day. The Great awakening IS happening.

      I have been reading Anna's articles for 6 long years. I have recently reclaimed my sovereignty. We are now moving steadfastedly in the correct direction in order to remedy these crimes against humanity.

      So...Let me yell it from the roof tops! First, thank you God for having a hand on Anna. God bless Anna and God bless America.

    2. 😒So sorry. 😊 Blessed your boy had you. πŸ™In Love I choose to go forward.

    3. We need to get rid of those vaccines they now list for all children to get. excessive and unnecessary.

  6. By the way the Phoenician founding of America is bogus the archeological artifact of Christian crosses and ancient Hebrew not the fraudulent Yiddish replacement,
    Was dated 700AD near Denning NM.
    Smithsonian history erasers.missed getting those desposed of .
    The famous 7 cities of Cibila in Montana a trading post Roman coins dating back 700 AD.

    Fraudulent Columbus is BS altered history
    He was actually fleeing the Spanish Iberian Peninsula as the Jewish/African moores were cast off by Christian forces in 1492 . Google that when did Christian Spain take back control .

  7. Anna, it may be necessary for you to create departments that can lead military men and women to arrest Gates and his henchmen. The average citizen would not have tactical abilities to do so. yes everyone who took Schwab's class should be under suspicion and anyone who is a politician should not be put into office. Only patriots. Thank you so much for all you're doing for our country and it's people.

    1. I don't think she was meaning that you or I or any average person should go out and start arresting the traitors. The Assemblies and those holding the responsible positions in our gov should begin planning such actions. Lawfully, and with support, not Rambo having an apoplectic reaction.

    2. william d:
      thats what janet said:
      "...lead military men and women to arrest Gates and his henchmen. The average citizen would not have tactical abilities to do so..."

      cant you read?

  8. Exactly unlawfully built the 4th branch of government under the despot Roosevelt.
    And Obummer ,Berry. Said he wanted a civilian military equal to Regular armed forces ..
    The Mossad boss Micheal Chertoff over all alphabet gangs and Homeland assault force .
    Not to mention the complete repurposeing of sheriffs and while we’re at it (one) sheriff not hundreds of clone deputies in emergency he can deputize militia members just fine
    The out of control Masonic brotherhood of the robe and title of nobility criminals need banned according to constituents and 7th amendment judge only hear cases under 20 dollars.

  9. Watch that Lawyer Brent Winters trying to salvage the money-making bills of attainer bills of fines and punishment the founders frowned upon.

    1. i know who you mean bubba.
      how is he trying to do that?!!?

    2. Anna recommended his expensive book years ago now Terry the host of web-x is recommending him
      I had argued with him on conference call about the use of case law he insisted it’s ok sorry not it’s not America its British.

    3. you are right bubba theyre Brut-ish common law System is NOT our American

      ¡¡¡unfortunately for their people, THEIR Brith-ish System has now essentially put COMMERCE in over THEIR common law!!!

      that is NOT our system.
      thats what we broke away from!
      (para.1; DeclofIndep).

      we dont have to go ask some *man* pretending to be a QueenFICTION to decide for us!
      we go straight to our own peaceful and lawful people who are under authority of the laws of nature and natures God to judge our claim.

      BIIIIIIIIG difference!

  10. You must be really bored. So, where's the evidence? Why do you think that? You are why conspiracy theories are so lampooned. Quick, over there, bigfoot.

  11. you're the one who seems bored william d.

    and not very interesting either.

  12. great comments as usual bellarian1, imo. :):)

  13. Conspiracy yes and a factual one !
    As Cicero said you know the truth in your gut .!
    Can’t hide your lieing eyes.
    The truth will come out.

  14. Bellerian1
    Yep they planned this whole set up all along
    It's the last leg of the Babylonin System that was not past tense but NOW

    You have to come out of their TRANCE to actually see it

    DeMOCKracy is self government

    And if you go read world parliament documents you will see that it clearly states that all citizens must take part in their self government and that the new bank set up will be funded by the masses and that World Parliament will incur no debt as the transition takes place the people will donate their time energy skills and their money to MAKE IT HAPPEN

    It's why they don't mess with her web site


    They're looking to pull the wool over our eyes again and this one is a doozey
    Make note that the real actors behind the masks on the world stage will skate off to spend their golden years on a private eyeland while the shit shew goes on with their inbred family members playing the new roles

    And by the way that so called bill the faker is signing is an international world parliament bill directly tied to their banking den in SWISSY LAND
    OMNIBUS bilateral all this shit is World Parliament BULLSHIT

    Global Governance by 2025
    In 2010 they teamed up for this event planning
    Make sure you read about the 'von' and what it denotes about the faker behind those mask

  15. Dr. Lorain Day orthopedics surgen under communist regime in Syberia was a shock hoe cruel the KGB was and they were everywhere.
    Gorbachev after the fall said to politburo disregard that we’re going to have communism,.
    Purim is from KGB he may look like a liberator but the NWO group are all Masonic and buddies .
    He’s the fall guy it’s his fault the collapse the inflation.
    Not always on script Putin’s disrupts the Syrian operation.
    But allowed Ukraine to be coup by CIA.
    Enough is enough take out the trash.?
    Actors and theater could be to a point .
    JFK tried to bring the actual Federal Republic back not the fake imposter installed in our position .as the fraudulent identity thieft continued everything looks normal .

  16. She said non venomous snake have round Pupils
    Were as venomous ones have vertical slits .
    Satins mark .
    Lots of picture of control opposition that during speaking their pupils go to vertical slits.