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Sunday, March 13, 2022

An Unacceptable Threat and Unacceptable Proposal

 By Anna Von Reitz

Date: 13 March 2022
To: UN Secretary General Guterres
From: Anna Maria Riezinger-- Fiduciary
The United States of America
Dear Mr. Guterres:
You have been in receipt of numerous communications from this Office and from our Office of the Head of State for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. While we are a Federation of independent and sovereign states, we are nonetheless present in international and global jurisdictions--- and while we are not Signatories of the United Nations and not possessions of the UN Corporation, we keep abreast of the most obnoxious and repugnant actions of your organization and hereby lodge our objection and protest against another such mindless overreach of authority. We refer to the attached United Nations Directive 001, The Start of the New World Order, etc.
Let us make this explicit: the opinions of incorporated franchises of any corporation, however much that corporation and its franchises may be involved in providing governmental services, are not binding upon the people or the assets of any sovereign nation. Period. Ever. At all. This applies to decisions of the UN Security Council as much as it applies to opinions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Please get this concept firmly in mind: The opinions of the incorporated entities don't count. The opinions of the owners of those incorporated entities and the Treaties and Contracts governing those owners are what count. The owners and employers of all those corporations are speaking to you now, so you can forget about what our misguided and misinformed employees have been doing behind our backs.
You can also forget about the misrepresentations of the Central Banks and the UN CORPORATION, which have colluded to create the idea that our countries are bankrupt and that our countries are deeply in debt. Neither claim happens to be true.
In fact, no sovereign state is eligible for bankruptcy protection by definition. None of our countries have ever been bankrupt. None of our countries have ever been incorporated as franchises of any other country. All our sovereign states enjoy state immunity and post indemnity bonds to cover our operations; the indemnity bonds are based on the debts already owed to us. Thus, there is no profit to be made by bringing claims against sovereign entities and no other avenue available to resolve charges against sovereign entities.
Another common misunderstanding is the idea that our countries are in debt to the UN CORPORATION and to the Roman Catholic Church, a misunderstanding that has been promoted by funky bookkeeping on the part of the Central Banks. These banks have kept track of the debt side of a ledger and have applied interest to the debt side of that ledger to promote the idea of "National Debt", however, those same banks have failed to balance the books by applying the equal and opposite "National Credit". Their excuse has been that nobody with the authority to commit the National Credit resources has given the order.
I have been given the authority over the Code FLAT resources and hold the American US Trust Resources, both, to straighten out this mess and I have informed the governments of the world that: (1) they don't have a National Debt because they have equal National Credit that simply wasn't applied; (2) we have given the necessary Order to clean up this little misunderstanding as the first step of transitioning out of the World Bank matrix and into the new Bilateral Banking System.
Because no country on this planet is actually in debt, does not mean that they automatically have credit in the new system --- which will be properly monitored to prevent any more chicanery. To obtain their pre-paid credit and access the full spectrum of banking, financial, and currency services available in the new system, each country will need to resume operation of their Public Government and establish their own Bilateral Bank. All Bilateral Banks exist under the same simple 12-page charter and connect to each other via a 1-page Bank Treaty.
Banking is no longer going to be a mystery nor is it going to be used to defraud and control the masses. Private corporations in the business of providing governmental services will no longer be running wild and seizing upon authorities and exercising powers that don't belong to them. And you can be sure and you can tell your bosses and your United Nations members, that The United States of America will not be called "the former United States of America" nor will it be called "America Area 0002".
The so-called service corporations have to drop this nonsense, or the United Nations and the UN CORPORATION will simply be called "Out of Business" and the persons involved will be serving lengthy jail terms or be facing execution for conspiracy against their own national interests. As for the banks, all the central and commercial banks are already bankrupt and in receivership. You will shortly receive your copy of the second World Bank transition directive.

Anna Maria Riezinger-- Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Replies
    1. that is putting it simply. The letter, just like the one to Morgan Chase, was brilliant. I was smiling all the way down reading the letter.

    2. "In fact, no sovereign state is eligible for bankruptcy protection by definition. None of our countries have ever been bankrupt. None of our countries have ever been incorporated as franchises of any other country. All our sovereign states enjoy state immunity and post indemnity bonds to cover our operations; the indemnity bonds are based on the debts already owed to us. Thus, there is no profit to be made by bringing claims against sovereign entities and no other avenue available to resolve charges against sovereign entities."

      can you explain what this means?
      and what authority/ "juris-diction" and law are used?
      who agreed? where is the agreement? when did it take place?

      i dont see where theres any proof of agreement, but if it actually exists, i would love to read it.

    3. you must know it is not 'here' or 'there,' the law. "for we know that the law is spiritual." it does not appear, is not available to be seen, as having form. "while we look at things which are unseen." The law is unwritten, it is alive, and may be observed to be discovered. That is all that men agree to, ie "we hold these truths to be self evident..." what "proof" will satisfy your eyes? And then what? Should such present itself which you were formally unaware, would you then be bound by it/subject to it? Of course not, as you know. God as promised, has written His law on our hearts, and we all know from childhood that inner guiding light. These things all men have agreed, and it is written. What are you looking for? What is sovereignty? On what basis does it extend to man? Why the supreme court acknowledged the sovereign in/of this land is 'the people of the states.' What is so special about these particular people? whose law is from the least to great are royal, and every man a king upon the soil? aka all men are created equal.. behold, a peculiar people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood and holy nation. Our forefathers saw and scribed in agreement those things which are unseen, which truths were yet self-evident, they knew who (and Whose) they were, and recognized the trust, the common wealth arising out of the new covenant, the people's business, what Joshua called "My Father's business," arising of the Covenant between God and Abraham, Issac, Israel, administration of which is called the "kingdom," and the government shall rest on His Shoulders. We the living are the living members of His living 'corporate' Body; with feet standing on the earth and whose Head is in heaven. It is the 'elementary principles' revealed as 'the gospel of freedom' in new testament scripture which were foundational for our government because of our faith, we remain as we began (in spite of decades of border invasions) a white, protestant majority nation (or in fact, "company of nations"). There's something that could use agreement; are we therefore ephraim or manasseh, see?

    4. Hi Paul. You wouldn't happen to know Steven Spiers from my country, the Commonwealth of Australia?

    5. kurt, i do not. Nice to meet you though, from Australia!

    6. pleased to meet you mate.

    7. would you like an invitation to our discord group? we share a lot of information about who we are as a People and Men of our Realm.

  2. What is the registered number for this directive?

    1. :):):) ...and for all others too.
      i:woman require proof of all "filings"FICTIONS/ records/ other
      along with:
      • by what lawful authority
      • using what law
      • exactly how that law and authority is claimed to obligate i:woman.
      EVERY MAN living under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator is SUPERIOR to EVERY FICTION constructed by ANY OTHER MAN
      is not inherently subject to it, he must agree freely.

    2. What you are talking about is CONTRACT.
      All LAW is by consent, so there must be a CONTRACT that binds, and that CONTRACT must be entered into under conditions of FULL DISCLOSURE, else said contract is null and void.
      Mandates are a CONTRACT where a group of people CONTRACT someone else-a company, would-be government-to deliver a service that the mandating group is unable to provide themselves.
      Governments cannot mandate anything, because they are the CONTRACTED party, and so only have the ability to operate as to the terms of the original CONTRACT.
      This is what Anna has been saying all along!

    3. I forgot to mention: the CONTRACT is the Law.
      From a letter I wrote to the local Electoral Commission that tried to fine me for not voting in the local council elections (Australia):
      To: G Fxxxxx

      Acting as:
      Prosecutions Officer for the
      Victorian Electoral Commission

      Re: Penalty Reminder Notice 27 May 2021/
      Infringement Number: 52xxx

      3 June 2021

      Dear G Fraser

      Hello again, G Fxxxxxx.

      Once again, in regard to your Penalty reminder Notice of 27 May, I must remind you that you: G Fxxxxx, have already acquiesced to the previous statements I made regarding your need to demonstrate how gary became a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN of the CITY of GREATER Gxxxxxx CORPORATION, and all other matters detailed in those previous correspondences.
      Full disclosure is required in the above regard, as well as proof of CONTRACT with the CITY of GREATER Gxxxxxx CORPORATION.
      The CONTRACT is the Law.
      The CITY of GREATER Gxxxxxx CORPORATION, I must again remind you, is also not a Constitutionally-recognised form of government.
      None of my requirements have been met, on the part of G Fxxxxx, or the Victorian Electoral Commission, the latter being another incorporated entity.
      This being the case, G Fxxxxxx is making a fraudulent and non-applicable claim for monies.
      Until all requirements I have previously requested have been met, no valid claim for any monetary penalty can or will be considered.
      G Fxxxxx’s Proof of Claim and full reply to my initial statements are requested within 28 working days.
      Registered Postal Address:

  3. Lines blurred jurisdiction of the air spirit stuff for religious leaders what a con game morphed int hundreds of Trusts of various kinds .corporations
    Tom dick and hairy can incorporate some other joe blow ., what ever happen to accountability?
    Maximum of law you can’t delegate something you didn’t creat .
    Alphabet gang has power of judge jury and executioner.
    Sorry no unlawful, men and women have right to trial by jury and innocence till proven guilty .
    No we’re not a straw man voodoo pin doll to superimpose a magically a corporate U.S. citizen
    Blacks law 4th U.S. citizens are
    Corporate entities.

  4. Again blind to the elephant in the room with red Rothschild star on it
    It’s the pope rhe queen .
    Never ever acknowledging the terrorisim perpetratuted by American Israel Action Committee.
    JDL.SPLC, Jewish Mossad hand in all false flagrant world wide .
    Can’t see that !
    No we get white wash 180 degree spin job it’s the NAZI’s they did 9/11 .
    Classic bait and switch war by deception.
    Total stomach turning alteration of history once again by the media manipulator .
    Sounds like I’m a crybaby but not right blaming Russia/ Germany when they when not full of Bolshevik Jews are the good guys .

  5. Telegram:

    Take all of your money out of your bank accounts - Second request

    Bioweapons designed to kill only people of particular race
    Scientists warn that humans should be worried about being wiped out by a killer pathogen that is specifically designed to kill people of only a particular race, based on their genetic material. Dangerous like Israelis with race specific weaponry.

  6. The true 12 tribes of Israel the Israelites were held in captivity in Egypt,Assyria,Babylon. They were used as security guards as they were expert archers.
    As the fleeing north over the Caucasius mountains were we get our name Caucasians!
    Special violin cases not with Thompson’s but our prize bows ,🏹
    Women wore the same leather armor and drew the bow maidens not permitted to Marry till they killed an enemy in battle,
    Under the law ,the common law Ten Commandments .
    Slick marketing has stolen our history by what Jesus our leader said you are of your father the devil for there is no truth in him”.

  7. Going further north becoming the Norseman/Viking the Viking (Ruse ) were the Russians came conquered the Turk kazarian.700 AD and no evidence of any adopteing the Jewish faith.
    The reminder of kazarian Turks innernread with blond russ Or ruddy complexion Abel to blush.
    And we get the current strain of white skinned blue eyed with mixed blood but one drop of mobster blood all of a sudden their made men untouchable mob members .
    Consolidated force with the Canaanite/Phoenician gangsters to become the super mob .
    As Anna once said the federal reserve is the upstart kazarian not the elders of Zion .

  8. Go get 'em, Anna! We're right behind you with claymoors and shields gleaming in the new light of truth.

  9. Dam enemy google made me go through a sign in process for no reason