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Friday, March 11, 2022

The FOOD RIOTS of 2022 have already begun… they will spread globally

New intel on scarcity of food, minerals, telecom equipment and more.

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  1. B Scott-in re:

    Mr Adams and Crew,

    I appreciate your efforts to expose the cabal, their minions, corrupt politicians, and so forth.

    I was surprised that someone of your research abilities has not learned about how cover crop farming provides the natural nutrients aka fertilizer for farmers fields, reduces weeds, and preserves moisture in the soil. When and if these cover crops are "laid down" or gently tilled into the soil it will also help in carbon management.

    This form of farming with cover crops is called GREEN MANURE and provides the beneficial microbes a cozy home to do their magik. One of my connections in Kansas also tells me that a bed of this green manure will also act as a food source of sorts and help protect the beneficial microbes.

    There has been so many microbiologist killed in recent years, in suspicious circumstances. Who have been sharing the advantages of utilizing microbes in many different areas. Since i live in StLouis, MO where the radioactive dump is literally in my back yard, I have learned about a strain of "metal eating microbes" that actually hunt like predators their chosen food sources. The 'geo-bacter' strain of microbes.

    Our creator knew what it was doing, when the smallest organisms on this planet will take down the baddest substance on this planet in Uranium. Different microbes feed on different substances, I'm sure there are some that would feed on the chemicals left over from the chemical farming that has ruined the productiveness of the greater percentage of farmland in the usa.

    Just like different Microbes will remove different pollutants, there are also different Plants that can remove pollution in the process called phytoremediation. Once again our Creator has/had a plan to counteract everything the Cabal and its minions have been doing for eons. Its not Rocket Science-Its Phyto Science.

    These same plants could be used as buffer strips along side the streams and rivers that supply the water sources that people drink out of. I vaguely remember you talking about this a time or two in the past or at least warning about this fact sometime.

    Its not all DOOM and GLOOM. less chemical farming will have benefits: less pollution in our food, opportunities for farmers to relearn trix that were used long ago, and cleaner streams in our countryside.

    I have blogs full of actual science, science studies, and actual Proof; behind everything I mentioned and more if you would like some references or other info about this Old But Forgotten Farming practice.

    My best to you and yours. I mention your GMO seed "natural reversal" occasionally on twatter. Wish you were still there so I could tag you in the info.

    No FEAR WE GOT THIS, don't be a Debbie Downer. Positivity breeds Positivity.