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Friday, March 11, 2022

In Support of Our Criminal Complaint and Special Grant of Jurisdiction

 By Anna Von Reitz

We recently issued a special grant of jurisdiction to the International Criminal Court as a Non-Signatory State, engaging the Prosecutor's Office to investigate Crimes Against Humanity, including Genocide, based upon crimes of Unlawful Conversion and Personage attempting to change the political status of individual people and thereby reduce living people to the status of dead things.
This open discussion of the historical development of this fraud and the crimes of personage attendant upon it, is intended to assist the International Criminal Court in its investigations:
Abraham Lincoln was admitted to the Illinois Bar by a panel of three Maritime Judges in 1834. He was a Bar Attorney from that moment on to the end of his life.
As a result of prior actions taken by our Public Government and the American Federal Republic to amend the 1787 Federal Constitution in 1819, via adoption of the Titles of Nobility Amendment to that venerable agreement, Abraham Lincoln was ineligible to serve in any office related to our American Federal Republic or our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.
Read that: Abraham Lincoln was never our President. He was the President of a British Territorial Services Corporation under contract to perform services in this country as stipulated by The Constitution of the United States of America which was issued in 1789 as a separate contract.
All Bar Attorneys were (and are) prohibited from holding any Public Government Offices in this country, because their "privilege" to practice their form of law derives from the British Government and that creates a direct conflict of interest.
Our ancestors amended and ratified the determining Federal Constitution (1787) in 1819 with the Titles of Nobility Amendment which added to the original prohibition against such conflicts of interest established in the 1787 Constitution by establishing specific penalties for attorneys seeking to hold public offices--- penalties that include loss of citizenship.
So, what was going on with Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, being elected "President"?
It was a circumstantial fraud based on semantic deceit. The office Lincoln entered into wasn't a Public Government office, though it appeared to be. It was a private business office-- "President" of a British Territorial United States corporation, which, of course, had no objection to the British Conflict of Interest.
From this substituted "Presidential" Office, then, Lincoln proceeded to create an undeclared Mercenary War in this country, and this ultimately resulted in the corporation that Lincoln worked for being declared bankrupt in March of 1863, and also resulted in the creation of the Lieber Code out of thin air.
Among its other False Presumptions, the Lieber Code declares that all other forms of law are suspended, and to those ignorant of the circumstance and the nature of Lincoln's Office, it may have appeared to apply generally to the laws of this country--- but that is not true and not even possible.
All the Lieber Code could apply to are the operations of a renegade military services supplier, with reference to its own internal private corporate "law" --- and not generally to the Public Law of this country.
One cannot give what one does not have, and Abraham Lincoln acting in his capacity as a "President" of a bankrupt British Commercial Services Corporation had no right or authority to suspend any form of law pertaining to the General Public of this country.
Nor did Abraham Lincoln have any "Emergency Powers". One cannot create a grant of empowerment that is not memorialized and authorized. There is no such grant with respect to any so-called "Emergency Powers" in any known Treaty or Contract, and certainly none in The Constitution of the United States of America, and so, we must presume that no such powers exist.
Mr. Lincoln sought to claim powers that he did not have and used deceptively similar names and brazen fraud to accomplish his ends. The British Territorial corporation he worked for deliberately called itself "the" United States of America (Incorporated) in an effort to confuse itself with our Federation of States, The United States of America (Unincorporated). Lincoln deliberately misrepresented his office as "President" of a private and foreign corporation as our Public Office and/or as President of our American Federal Republic.
This is all fraud and it is all invalid from Day One. Everything derived from it is tainted. All claims of Emergency Powers are tainted. All Executive Orders issued by Lincoln including General Order 100 --- the Lieber Code itself -- is tainted. All subsequent Executive Orders issued by Successors to Lincoln are tainted. The Hague Conventions that resulted from the Lieber Code are tainted.
Despite all of this British manipulation and prevarication, our actual American Government, our Federation-level Government, has stubbornly persisted to the present day as the lawful agent of our fifty Sovereign States of the Union. All fifty State Assemblies have been called into Session successfully, and the political identity of the members has been recorded and served on the Public Record, so there is no basis to claim any exclusive legislative position.
We are faced with a situation in which erring foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services have proposed to substitute themselves and their offices for our actual Public Offices. They have treasonously and fraudulently proposed to impersonate our Public Government and proposed to "represent" us without our knowledge or consent, when we are perfectly competent to present ourselves.
Their motive in doing this is self-evidently to attempt to steal our identity and gain access to our credit and assets much as a credit card hacker does. Having secured access to our credit in this way, by impersonating our lawful Government, the criminals have further engaged in various forms of bankruptcy fraud and fraud upon the court, that seek to off-load their debts on the victims of these Crimes of State --- resulting in Crimes Against Humanity.
Individual living people and their earthly estates have been bound by this fraud scheme to pay debts for bankrupt foreign corporations, which have impersonated living flesh as incorporated franchises belonging to their criminal organizations.
These grim violations of the Law of Kinds and Law of Contracts have led to vast corruption of governmental institutions on a worldwide basis, and the accumulation of quadrillions of "dollars" of Odious Debt --- that is, debt alleged by means of fraud, of which the victims are unaware, and from which they do not profit.
Even in the definition of a "dollar" these miscreants have continued their operations in the nature of a crime syndicate and have deliberately confused the entire world about the nature of the "dollar" they are promoting and --again-- have used semantic deceits to obtain their unlawful and illegal ends.
The actual American United States Dollar is a set amount and purity of silver struck by our Mint and fully declared as species coinage. It is a non-speculative currency which underwrites the world economy as the Reserve Currency.
These criminal foreign commercial services corporations have misrepresented their own separate private scripts known as the USD, and as Federal Reserve Notes, which are debt notes (I.O.U.s), as if these were the same as the American United States Dollar---and then proceeded to use these fiat notes as instruments of credit for themselves.
This is obviously a Bait and Switch Representation Fraud tantamount to taking a photo of an apple and selling it as an actual apple. They established the basis for this fraud in their own 1934 Emergency Banking Act without any authority for their actions whatsoever, claiming a value for their I.O.U.s equivalent to our actual American United States Dollars on a one-to-one basis.
At last count, more than 55,000 of their "dollar" debt notes are pegged against each one of our actual American United States Dollars. This is a number that represents the devaluation of their "dollars" against our Dollar and amounts to saying that each debt note is now worth 1/55,000th of our actual Dollar, yet people have been accepting and trading upon these representations of "a" dollar in good faith.
This situation and the use of debt "as" credit has promoted an inversion of reality, imposed by private legal tender laws that, properly speaking, apply only to these private foreign corporations and their employees and officers, but which are nonetheless being foisted off onto members of the General Public.
As this situation has continued and spread to other corners of the world we have all endured a conflagration of fraud and criminality on an unprecedented scale.
It has become almost impossible for people to know who or what they are dealing with at any given moment, thanks to the creation of illegal Crown Copyrights issued upon the names of living people and Adhesions Contracts and citizenship obligations which have been secretly imposed on the innocent.
This is the very ancient crime of name-stealing and it must be brought to a stop or it will be impossible to administer justice, rely on public records, or assess accountability for anything.
In this country, we have the U.S. Attorney General's Office operating as the Wells Fargo Bank --- and it isn't even a bank; it's a securities firm with a banking license. We have Chase Bank operating as THE FEDERAL RESERVE and JP Morgan operating as THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS.
There are hundreds if not thousands of situations like this, wherein people think they are buying something or securing a service from a specific known company, when in fact, that company is long gone and their successors are merely trading upon trademarks and copyrights acquired in the course of business mergers and bankruptcies.
This makes it increasingly untenable to conduct business or international relations of any kind.
As a result of the fraud and personage crimes herein reported, we have no less than half a dozen entities operating under various styles of "United States of America". We have our actual unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. We have two foreign corporations doing business as The United States of America, Inc. and as the United States of America, Inc. respectively, and multiple foreign Municipal corporations doing business as USA, INC., US, INC., UNITED STATES, INC., and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. --- all trying to impersonate us and our unincorporated Federation of States or one of our service providers.
People are understandably confused and are often victimized and defrauded as a result of this proliferation of similarly named entities, or different entities operating under the same name.
We have also accrued multiple False Titles layered on top of every legitimate land claim. These white collar criminals have gone around and created all sorts of Districts and Service Areas and Units and Lots and Blocks and Numbered Plats and Parcels and on and on, all using different numbers and names for the same things, so as to establish multiple false claims of title ownership interest in private property which is actually only one property and not subject to their descriptions.
We have the U.S. Congress sitting for the British Territorial United States and we have the UNITED STATES CONGRESS sitting for the Municipal United States and both are passing themselves off as "the" Congress owed to the people of this country, when in fact these are "Congresses" of foreign corporations conducting their own business, not ours.
Something more than an universal awareness of the problem is needed; criminal prosecution for fraud, crimes of personage, press-ganging, racketeering, inland piracy, enslavement and peonage is needed. This has gone on far too long.
Prosecution of the offending States is also needed. The Holy See and its Vatican City representatives, the Government of Westminster, the British Crown, the British Monarch, and their affiliates have committed all these crimes against the American people, and our Federation of States, and humanity and other Public National Government worldwide, in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their Commercial Contracts.
The perpetrators developed a criminal fraud scheme designed to enslave their victims --- who are in fact their Employers, Treaty Partners, and Allies. These were not political acts, nor part of any war.
These are commercial and international crimes amounting to obstruction of trade and illegal confiscation of credit, illegal securitization of living flesh, crimes of unlawful conversion of political status, press-ganging, human trafficking, inland piracy, impersonation, fraud, barratry, and theft.
This has harmed us, our States, and our people in ways that are incalculable. As they accomplished these crimes via the exercise and misapplication of our own delegated powers, we have declined to extend any further contract to these service corporations and have brought forward our claims against the Principals responsible for them.
We seek remedy, cure, and exoneration releasing us of any presumption of crime or responsibility for the Odious Debt resulting from these venal foreign practices and these run amok corporations.
Upon investigation and determination of the facts, we ask the International Criminal Court to order the nationalization and Public Government control of all United States corporations that have been created via the exercise of our delegated powers, and we request an Order of Liquidation recognizing our ownership interest in these offending corporations and their franchises, utilities, derivatives, and affiliates. This would naturally include all American-based franchises of international and trans-national corporations that are operating on our soil.
Nobody should profit from crime. Nobody should breach trust. Nobody should deliberately hide any term of any contract. Nobody should victimize babies in their cradles and unlawfully convert their natural political status so as to prey upon them and lay false claims against them, their labor, and their property assets.
These undisclosed registrations of American babies and the issuance of Crown Copyrights attached to their Given Names are actions Unlawfully Converting the birthright political status of Americans without their knowledge or consent. These actions-- these undisclosed and coerced registrations-- are serious violations of Article 3 of the Geneva Code.
These are recognized international war crimes and are capital crimes, which have been practiced against the American people by the US Military while that same military service has been receiving their pay from our pockets and has been self-interestedly misdirected in this activity by the British Monarch and the Government of Westminster acting in breach of trust and breach of our Naval Treaties with them.
This is, in part, what we wish the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate as one aspect of the explicit non-general grant of jurisdiction we have issued to the court. We feel that what has happened to our country as a result of these usurpations--- all based on fraud and breach of trust against their Employers by these same Principals and corporations serving them--- has come to impact and harm nearly all the other countries that are presently members of the United Nations.
We find that similar processes of undisclosed registration of babies followed by seizure of their estates, imposition of labor performance bonds upon their bodies, and their subjection to foreign law, results in kidnapping, human trafficking, press-ganging, unlawful conversion, evasion of international treaties, conspiracy against national constitutions, inland piracy, and de facto illegal uncompensated peonage and enslavement of civilian populations throughout the world--- by corporations that are obligated to serve lawful purposes.
These corporations, including the British Crown, the BBC, SERCO, WESTMINSTER, USA, US, Inc., United States, Incorporated, the United States of America, Inc., The United States of America, Inc., E PLURIBUS UNAM, FRANCISCUS and others found to be implementing and enriching themselves from this scheme are all naturally forfeit for engaging in these criminal activities and for directing others to engage in them.
Our actual American Public Government operating in international and global jurisdictions as The United States of America and which has functioned since 1776 as an unincorporated Federation of States, has been targeted, and our trust has been abused by these Principals and their incorporated franchises and affiliates. We are their Priority Creditors and we have suffered injurious harm to our Persons and our Public Trusts in contravention of treaty, international law, commercial service contracts, and the Geneva Conventions.
We wish for universal recognition of the fraud that was committed against our people and our country by Abraham Lincoln and his Westminster bosses. We wish the world to observe the fact that Lincoln never had any Emergency Powers related to this country, never had any right to impose the Lieber Code on anyone other than his own employees and fellow-officers, never had authority to suspend our Public Law or any other law in this country.
Please see Sections 40 and 41 of the Lieber Code published in 1863, which claims to "suspend" all other law and observe that while this has been ignorantly misinterpreted to apply to our American Public Law and our Common Law, the Lieber Code could not and did not apply to anyone or anything outside of Lincoln's own corporation.
We have been the victims of a fraud scheme that is now 162 years in the making, but having recognized the deceit for what it is, and having brought it forward, we ask for the ICC's investigation of these matters and overall concurrence with our findings. We wish for an immediate overturning of the Lieber Code as the fruit and implementation of fraud, and an end to the Hague Conventions as a tainted result of the Lieber Code and its adoption.
In all respects, we wish for international agreement and return to the Public and Common Law administration that living people are owed, on a worldwide basis. The Public Governments which are accountable to the people of each country must be restored, or we shall all face the prospect of a new form of Feudalism, one more terrible than any that dominated the Dark Ages: Corporate Feudalism, in which the Earth and the people on it would be dominated by the commercial lust of nameless, faceless, and unaccountable commercial interests seeking their own profit at any cost.
A concerted and determined effort to collapse these named Offenders and to return the assets and administration of these corporations to their Priority Creditors must be made without delay, whereupon we have engaged the services of the International Criminal Court to investigate the aforementioned international and capital crimes committed against the American States and people and most other Public Governments worldwide.
We specifically and urgently request an emergency injunction against the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BILL GATES III, INC. the Pirbright Institute, the Wellcome Trust, Microsoft, Inc., DARPA, Inc., DOD, Inc., NATO, Inc., BlackRock, Inc., Vanguard, Inc., SERCO, Inc., BBC, Inc., State Street, Inc., WHO, Inc., Halliburton, Inc., CDC, Inc., NIH, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., Bayer, Inc., Monsanto, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., CBS, Inc., NBC, Inc., ABC, Inc., Google, Inc., Facebook, Inc., the State of Delaware, Inc., PayPal, Inc., the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Inc., Government of the Ukraine, Inc., UKRAINE, INC., BANK OF CANADA, INC., GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA, INC., JUSTIN TRUDEAU, INC., the American Medical Association, Inc., AMA, Inc., AIG, Inc., UNITED STATES CONGRESS, INC., United States Congress, Inc., the UN, Inc., the British Crown, Inc., ELIZABETH II, INC., FRANCISCUS, INC., World Economic Forum, Inc., Trilateral Commission, Inc., Committee of Rome, Inc., and any and all other corporations found to be engaged in supporting biological warfare, forced eugenics programs, lying to and defrauding the public concerning these activities, promoting these illegal, immoral, and unlawful activities, profiting from these activities, misrepresenting these activities as gene therapy, bringing repugnant claims in commerce to the effect that their victims volunteered while lacking full disclosure to participate in experimental so-called therapies seeking to alter the genome of mankind and redefine living people as Genetically Modified Organism owned under paten by these criminal Perpetrators, and also seeking to promote a criminal agenda of depopulation and trans-humanism designed to deprive the victims of their Natural and Unalienable Rights, Human Rights, and Civil Rights, as the case may be.
We wish for Emergency Action by all countries and all courts and all law enforcement personnel worldwide to freeze the assets of these perpetrators, their officers, their Board Members, and for all responsible regulatory agencies to de-list all publicly traded corporations involved in these activities, and the issuance of immediate arrest warrants related to the Covid-19 atrocities and genocide currently underway.
It must be recognized by the International Criminal Court and the Office of the Prosecutor that the current effort to redefine living people as trans-humans and GMO products and to establish commercial claims against their rights, persons, and assets is just another round of the same venal illegal, unlawful, and immoral scheme that has been used to impersonate living people as corporations and as franchises of corporations and thereby also deprive them of their assets, freedom, and the protections they are owed by law, treaty, and contract.
It is a modern form of the ancient crime of name-stealing, one of the oldest, most pervasive, and most evil violations of law known to man.
We call upon all national governments still in existence, all people of goodwill, all those who are entrusted to uphold the principles of law and justice, all those who can now clearly see the international threat posed by Bill Gates, III, and those associated with him, to take immediate and decisive action to arrest these criminals and deprive them of any means to continue their hideous rampage of criminality and nip their False Claims in Commerce in the bud.
We, the actual Public Government of this country, do not recognize Bill Gates, III, as an American. He is a U.S. Citizen of the British Territorial United States and is owed no quarter. Let there be no mistake: we do not harbor or protect murderers, thieves, or pirates of any kind. Bill Gates, III, and Anthony Fauci, and all those specifically named in the depositions we have provided to the Office of the ICC Prosecutor, are stateless with respect to us and our country and are the responsibility of the Queen's Government to clean up.
We, the actual Public Government of this country, have overturned and obliterated any and all Opinions issued by the United States Supreme Court allowing or seeming to allow patenting of people as Genetically Modified Organisms.
We have already acted by roll call vote of our member States to establish binding Public Law preventing any such claim related to our people and we are fully within our rights to enforce our Public Law on foreign residents living within the physical boundaries of our country or working for any corporation established via the exercise of our Good Names and Delegated Powers.
We wish for the whole-hearted and complete support of the International Criminal Court and the Office of the Prosecutor, for the similar support and assistance of all the High Courts, and for the immediate action of Interpol and the National Security Administration and the County Sheriffs throughout this country to arrest and stop the operations of these criminal corporations and their associated worldwide web of franchises and interlocking trust directorates.
We call upon every country to organize their Public Government functions as quickly as possible, and repopulate their vacated public offices without delay, so as to put down this gross insurrection by public employees and so-called governmental service providers.
Genocide and personage are not among the services we contracted to receive.

So said, so signed, so sealed on this 10th day of March in the year of 2022:
By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary/Informant
The United States of America [Unincorporated]


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  1. everybody, take a look at this nonsense please:
    opening sentence:
    1. "We recently issued a special grant of jurisdiction to the International Criminal Court as a Non-Signatory State,..."
    closing paragraph:
    2. "So said, so signed,..."
    3. "By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary/Informant..."

    a non signatory state?
    by a "Fiduciary"/ "ResponsibleParty"!!!?? omg! lol!
    (im trying to keep my giggling down for you Fred.)
    NO!... i just do not believe theyre crunking this nonsense out!

    1. also:
      if theyre a non signatory stateFICTION, then by what authority are they "issuing" "grants" over any other FICTION?

      iow, what position of superiority do they hold over a so-named Internatl Crim Court FICTION if they have no Responsibility being that they are a non-signatory!!!?

      omg! this stuff is funnnn-eeey!!

    2. there are more obvious questions to be asked, but i would be here until next month!!
      so if just these questions above can be logically, lawfully, and completely answered, we would have a pretty good start on having an idea about the claims/other of authority being thrown about, imo.

    3. otherwise, it seems to me like perhaps this type of article is published to make fun of the people.... for perhaps "not being smart enough" to recognize a CrapWordSalad when its "served" to them???.. i am just asking, ... and i:woman peacefully and lawfully require correction be published right here, with verifiable facts, if any exist, if what i have put into these comments is not right. and i:woman have right to make wrongs right.
      Thank You so very, very much!!!
      i will be waiting....:)


  3. woman:janmarie You are stupid and scared. Who do you think you are addressing? Get in line and wait your turn. We will be with you shortly.

    1. reeves ©, commerce:
      i wrote who i was talking to: "everybody"...
      how in the world did you miss that when it was my very first word! :)

      and as for stupid and scared,...
      please, do post one verifiable example of me being each, and i will humbly agree that you are right!!
      ...otherwise you just *sound* like a loudmouthed, bumbling, scared ignoramous yourself, who is in waaay over his head and is pissed off because he is too stupid to figure out what the hell people are even actually talking about... but i know that doesnt describe *you*, reeves ©. :):)

      now,... i will wait..... :).

    2. also, copyrighted reevees, (whatever the hell that is:):)):

      :):):) you *must* stop flattering yourself!:):) you have absolutely nothing im interested in! all.
      so, no thanks, there'll be no waiting in any lines formed up by you and your group for me.

      im way ahead of you.

      you go on and stay back there with the other incompetent fake "grandchildren" where you belong though,... if thats actually even going on. :):):):)

    3. janmary Wow, impressive. Deflection and projection. Karen.

    4. reevees copyright:
      whats the problem now?... cant you verify anything youve said about me!!!??
      so now youre going to try to hide that behind more namecalling?!:):).

      that makes you look like an angry and uneducated loser. comeon, get with it. youre falling behind. again.

  4. man have right to hold his lawful court, in peace, for wrong done.
    our American common law courts of record will come together fast. it wont be overnight, but will seem like it.
    be prepared to bring your own court before your people for their judgement pertaining to your law and your claim/s.
    i sense that one of these days, the gate will swing wide open.
    we can make it easy on the jurors by being ready with our lawful, proveable claims. imo. :)

    1. woman What standing do you have to convene an unincorporated Superior Court? How many electors are required to convene an American Common Law Court? How are ballots tallied to elect Jural Officials? Unanimous tally? Democratic form, 51% majority. How about a 2/3rds majority? Tell me O wise one. Dazzle us with your knowledge. Thank you very much.

    2. please, copyrighted reevees ©®@,
      continue revealing your lack of comprehension of anything other than whats been stuffed inside your otherwise empty head with your inapplicable questions. :):)
      its really quite amusing.:):):)
      carry on!
      im waiting for more "fun".:):)

  5. I feel your pain Karen. You must be so confused and angry. Why else would someone come here and tilt at windmills. Go back to your life coach and review your results. You may want to politely ask for your money back. Thank you very much Karen. I am waiting for you to answer my questions about the election ballot tally. You have a lack of honesty and honor. You are an educated hack. hack=idiot I was referencing the line leading to the gibbet not the line leading to our assembly. This is fun. Touché. I yield to truth and knowledge. It seems you are lost for lack of, yes Karen, knowledge. Thank you very much.

    1. thats your own pain youre feeling.
      so dont suggest you have some kind of connection with me because i wouldnt give you the time of day.
      you still have nothing but namecalling to put down: no applicable questions, no verifiable proof that anything ive ever said is incorrect.
      imo youre just spinning and spitting your own crap out... hoping you can get some of it to stick on other people to lighten the load of it on you?

      hey, if you ever have any cogent questions or grow up and can carry on respectful conversation, i wouldnt mind trying to talk to you.
      but right now youve got nothing i consider worth my time and youre repeats of the namecalling have gotten kinda boring. yawn.

  6. ooooh janu mary, oooh yer stoopid janu mary!!! ooh jump in a hole..... hahaha! gawd, reevees copyright, youre a weakling man.
    jmo of course. :):)

  7. oooh janukaren. oooh good one:):)
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    oooh "YOU DONT KNOW JACK SHIZ"!!!!
    OOOH, im so huuuurt, whatamigonnadue? reeves copyright called me karen.mary.june.jack!!

    too funny!
    thanks for the entertainment!

  8. You don't have much staying power Karen, You ran out of hot air way too early for a pro. You really should educate yourself and not embarrass your family any more than you already have. Heck, I'm embarrassed for you. go to and read everything there. Go to Sign In America Training and find your state coordinator. Email them and they will contact you and invite you to your States Assembly meeting. Correct your status and join your assembly. It won't take long to gain standing as a Properly Declared American. Come on home Karen. Thank you very much.

    1. oh, i see... youre a PRO!!?
      How much do you get per reply?
      75¢? lololol.

      oh wait... dont answer that...i dont care.

  9. Karen We are through. It's just not right between us anymore. We can still be friend though. Goodbye forever sweet Karen. I will always cherish our time together. Goodbye again sweet Karen. How many times have you heard that from a Fred. More than once I wager. Thank you very much.

    1. oh look at you, continuing, and now making nasty suggestive type remarks

      .. going from abusive type remarks, now moving to inappropriate suggestive insults...

      im pretty sure paul wouldnt want that to be part of his group.

      ...maybe law enforcement should have notice of information concerning electronic harrassment, especially if you already would have a record for that.

    2. She's a nutter butter for sure. Anyway, thank you! That was a great read and cleared the stink out quite nicely.

    3. anonymous,
      did you ever find a verifiable reference for that "PEACE FLAG" yall are waving around?!?
      lolol!!? hahaha!!? that FICTIONAL FLAG. from the 1640s! colony!
      hahaha! omgosh!!! too funny!!! ooohhhahah!! let me know when you find it will ya? hahah!!

  10. Always guilty of what you accuse, faker.

    1. "Always guilty of what you accuse, faker." ...not an original! is that in your training booklet? :):)

    2. hey, anonymous, im still waiting for you to provide proof that that PEACE FLAG was ever approved for use, by whom and when, and so forth. :):):):)

      dont you forget now!
      cause im sure not going to.

  11. shift change?

    75¢ per reply?
    :):):) just asking.

    1. where'd ya go?

      busy doing research on that PEACE FLAG??!!! lolololll!!

  12. moved on to different accounts?

    have to think too hard in this one!?
    exposed for having no relevant content to share?
    insults arent working?

    just asking!

  13. woman:janmarie you don't sound to good like your jealous or scared or just a troll,you should go lay your head down now ya hear: good night
    jus lookin

    1. omg juslookin!

      im totally CRUSHED by your words! i wont be able to sleep tonight!:):):)

    2. hey jus lookin' after you "sleep it off", tell your coworker "anonymous" to get that research on the FICTIONAL 1640 British Colonial PEACE FLAG ready.

      im waiting! :):):)

  14. It is my belief Anna has it right, the truth is the truth, and from the creation of time there has been one who has been in the business of trying to convince us that the truth is a lie. He is the Father of all lies, and he has everything so screwed up it is going to take devine intervention to fix this mess. That is fast approaching. On that day the truth about all this will be revealed to all and nobody will be able to refute it, and all those who have scoffed at the truth will be eating crow and crying "woe is me", while those of us who have declared the the truth in the face of persecution will hear "well done my good and faithful servant". There are many that don't believe this, but the TRUTH is no amount of unbelief will ever change the truth!

  15. The cheerleaders come out and repeat the talking points we hear endlessly.anyone say the emperor has no clothes gets called names (Karen) new fashionable kids playground bs.
    Name calling best they got and repeat talking points .
    We want proof , and yes we can Handel the truth.
    So far it’s loose at ever confrontation with zio created
    Fourth branch of government wasn’t enough Mossad chertoff creat private army like Alaxender Hamelton (((Cohen))) realname created first standing Army like chertoff making himself head of it all.

    Destroying out militia fake Oklahoma bombing blamed milita and used the other arm of Jewish ZOG to destroy our militia
    Same thing standing militia in confederate south the media blitz controld the playing field.
    If for one second they are threatened the shown they will use overweening force want examples? War of northern aggression Waco JFK.9/11 pearl.

  16. According to this
    It doesn't sound like the icc can do anything. And it appears as though they have accepted the incorporated US as the lawful government. Thus ignoring any request from the lawful government fudisuary. So how and who is taking any of this seriously. How can we seek remedy through any courts that do not even recognize the United States of America (unincorporated)

  17. Anna- the last sane and responsible person on the planet. Thank you.