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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

So Much For Ferdinand

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have been following along know the actual story of Ferdinand Marcos.
Marcos was the attorney of a man named Severino Sta. Romano who was the actual owner of most of the gold that was stored in the Philippines. Not all the gold, but a great deal of it. This same man had stashes of gold in banks all over the world, underwriting the bank's ability to lend.
Severino's gold came mostly from two sources -- ancient hordes of gold consolidated by Alexander the Great which was, over a period of thirty years, gradually transported to Rome, and Spanish Conquest gold that was stockpiled in natural caves in the Philippines and Indonesia.
We know where the gold in these stockpiles came from because gold from different locations has its own unique metallurgy --- its own "DNA".
When Spain ceded control of the Philippine Islands to The United States of America in 1898 as a consequence of the Spanish American War, the British Territorial Congress made plans to buy out the Filipino interest in the landmass of the Islands using our assets and paid 10,000 tons of American gold to the then-Filipino tribes and officials.
Having secured this interest "for" us, using our money, the U.S. Congress running the Scottish commercial corporation misrepresenting itself as "The United States of America, Incorporated" began transporting American gold offshore to storage facilities in the Philippines for "safekeeping".
And that's where the bulk of what Powell initially recovered from the Grand Canyon and Southwestern United States sat until the bankruptcy of the presumed Successor corporation run by the Roman Catholic Church resulted in our gold being placed into a trust and in 1934 created an "independent government for the Philippines" which was then named the Trustee of our gold stash in the Philippines.
Another 234,000 metric tons of American gold from the Southwest, West, Northwest and Alaska was added to the stash after WWII, though a significant amount of gold was plundered out of the Philippines by the Japanese during the War and not all of that has been recovered.
It was in his role as President of the Philippines that Marcos became involved as our Trustee, and this is the reason that President Kennedy met with him.
So you have one man, Ferdinand Marcos, working as both Severino Sta Romano's attorney, and as the Trustee of all the American gold stashed in the caves in the Philippines.
In neither of these roles did Ferdinand Marcos enjoy any ownership interest, himself, though when it was thought that the American gold transport manifests and deposit receipts were lost and Severino's heir was missing, Marcos came up with the outlandish claim that he was paid 192,000 tons of gold for his attorney services.
Later in his life, Marcos ginned up the fanciful story of the Maharlika Empire and he tried to pretend that all that "unclaimed" gold was for the unique benefit of the Philippines and the Filipino people, and was theirs by right since the time of Adam, etc., etc., etc.. He also claimed that the 10,000 tons of American gold used to buy the land interest in the Philippine Islands was in the basement of the World Trade Center (rather conveniently, since it was never recovered or reported).
In his Will, Marcos left everything to "King" Anthony Santiago Martin for disposition. What has followed has been a sideshow of major proportions, with murders and mayhem and various Filipino "Royals" claiming all sorts of power and money that self-evidently doesn't belong to them and never did, because Marcos could not bequeath powers and ownership interests that never belonged to him in the first place.
In the midst of this the United Nations and the Committee of 300 were given -- by Marcos -- an interest in controlling the assets in the hard money accounts, which by 2007 resulted in them locking down all the asset accounts to prevent theft and pillaging, but which also resulted in the actual owners not having control of or access to their assets.
All the actual asset accounts were taken "off-ledger" and a banker's trading platform system was instituted so that owners and managers of these assets could, theoretically, agree to leave these funds on deposit for a period of time and get kickbacks for letting the bankers use the assets for collateral purposes backing loans.
The bankers, of course, made out like bandits as a result, as they had the actual owners of the gold and silver and other hard assets over a barrel and didn't have to pay them anything but a portion of their own credit for the continued use of their locked down actual account assets.
Meanwhile, where was The United States of America and where was Severino's long-lost Successor?
The Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of London had by guile and deceit and non-disclosure so befuddled and confused the American People, that they didn't bring their own government back into Session for 160 years. When asked about this odd situation and "Where had the American Government gone?" the Perpetrators shrugged. It was obviously in "interregnum" and "absent" and they had been left in place as our custodians and "representatives" by default.
And as for Severino's Successor, he had been cashiered by the same scheme. CIA operatives removed him from his own country and dumped him on our doorstep and presumed him to be both a U.S. Citizen" and "citizen of the United States" like the rest of us --- a fraud scheme by which he and his assets were seized upon and used as collateral for their debts and they exercised custodial power "for" him, so that he had no control of his assets at all.
Nobody imagined that the American People would ever discern what had transpired and been done to them and their country, much less be able to dance through the legal hoops and bring their lawful American Government back into Session--- and bring their unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, back into play, but we did.
Nobody imagined that the plight of Severino's Heir and Successor would be discovered as part of our effort to bring Americans and legal immigrants all the way home to the land and soil jurisdiction of this country, but he was.
This past year, like many other Americans, he regained his full standing and shed the shackles of foreign citizenship obligations. Last week, he won his recognition from the courts.
The end of The Great Fraud is in view, the Truth is coming out at last, and a whole new world is shoving into view.
We may never know the whole story of Ferdinand Marcos and the situations he faced or choices he made after JFK's death, but we do know that neither his position as Severino's attorney, nor his position as Trustee for the American assets in the Philippines allowed for the actions that he took or the claims he made for his successors toward the end of his life.
We also know that the actions of the Committee of 300 locking down the actual asset accounts has resulted in an unnatural world economy that has become more and more unbalanced, more detached from reality, and more arbitrarily dependent on the profit-driven commercial banks.

Any continued deadlock denying the actual owners of the assets and credit access to their resources cannot be excused anymore.


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  2. 1 Corinthians 15 51-52
    Ironically, God has provided the means for a Utopia and straining the Natural order by utilizing resources inefficiently contributing damage to the environment does not equate to productivity or progress

  3. Perpetrators same tribe who stole the richest man in the world czar Nicholas.
    All ended up in NewYork Feds banks !
    Don’t know what las vagas Russian mafia card trick is in play but you can’t trust these people.
    Honest judges are rare the Vatican has been infiltrated by (((Jesuits))) Jewish masons like Jesuit Adam Weishaupt Rothschild agent.
    Excuse me for not trusting any of these hand full of like Pope Benedict and one or two cardinals the rest are corrupt.

  4. CIA according to FBI director Northern California Ted Gunderson turned whistle blower CIA created by CFR .
    First director known communist Bill Donavan known to talk directly to Stalin.
    JFK who was working to use assets to back new currency United States silver cirtificates.garlic to Jewish bankers.
    Senator who jumped into assamation said intelligence fingerprints all over it meaning they all had a hand in it John hated the CIA .
    We been duped like the January 6 fools by The crisis Actor Trump.
    Now the are trying to lure America truckers into DC
    Not realizing it’s a Foreigh jurisdiction.

  5. Rothschild air aka U.N. plain delivered unmarked goons to assault Ottawa same in revolutionary war same in civil war aka war of northern aggression 800,000. Mercenaries and total war targeting civilians same in world wars targeting civilians and cutting of food Churchill declare food (contraband ) confiscated it starving Indians Irish anybody that was a threat to zionest power.
    Solution, do what Jefferson envisioned break up like Soviet Union . Or at least Balkanize into china town centers with a full informed sheriff and strong well regulated militia basically all men like Switzerland..
    So well informed we can counter any attack .
    Texas is trying hard to become its own nation with no help from enemy war transmissions outlets .

  6. Are you familiar with Neil Keenan. dot com
    He is the appointed ammanah in Indonesia as controller of the gold reserves for humanity?

  7. Thank you Anna for this Bombshell article….