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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Answer to a Request

 By Anna Von Reitz

Do you have any favorite Oldies But Goodies you like to play? Here's one of those from the Patriot Movement that caused quite a stir when it first appeared and got published on this side of the Pond in 1997: Order 1778 of 1997, United Kingdom Law.
It's the simple story of how Queen Elizabeth II controls and amends Social Security for "the" United States of America.
Now, this should not be a shock to my Readers, who know that "the" United States of America refers to the British Territorial United States of America and to its Territorial citizenry known as U.S. Citizens.
Why wouldn't the Queen have a hand in determining pension issues for her employees and dependents?
Those of us who knew the truth about this already just nodded. More proof. Those who didn't know that there was another "United States of America" had meltdowns and thought that the Queen had conquered our country and was ruling over all of us.
Well, she came close, but no banana, by using a fraud scheme and loopholes.
That's always the British way. If they can't win by force, they try to win by guile.
Every once in a while, they get sloppy, tip their hand, and there it is in black and white, the Queen doing a little number on SOMETHING called "United States of America" even if it isn't our version of "United States of America."
This is where we get into the endless debate of "these United States" versus "those United States", too.
It will be a big surprise to most Americans to note that we don't have Social Security in America. Only Federal Employees, dependents, and political asylum seekers are eligible to join (and pay for) the Social Security program.
Guess which one you were supposed to be?
You were "presumed to be" a political asylum seeker voluntarily subjecting yourself as a Ward of the State and standing under the control of the British Territorial Raj and their incorporated "governmental services" corporation being run by the British Crown.
Nobody told you that.
You weren't seeking any such thing. You were lied to by omission and told that you "had to" sign up for a Social Security Number if you wanted to have a [federal] job. They just forgot to tell you the "federal" part of it and left you to think you had to have an SSN to work at any job, which was not true then and is not true now.
More British Bushwah. Lies by omission. Flagrant misrepresentation and deceit. But they were desperate to have rich Americans paying for their pensions and giving their foreign British Territorial "Congress" a fat slush fund to steal and play with.
Oh, yes, and it's coming nicely to a boil, because fraud vitiates everything it touches and they are once again "broke" and about to tell you that they can't pay what they owe everyone --- but the Queen can, and we aren't forgetting that little bon-bon, either.
For those of you who have been tilting your heads to one side and thinking that I am crazy when I tell you that there are two (2) "United States" and two (2) "United States of America" --- pay attention. They admitted it in the newspaper and in Parliament in 1997.

Look up Order 1778 of 1997 if you don't believe there is a British version--- the United States of America,Inc. versus the American version, The United States of America -- Unincorporated.


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  1. Hey Paul!
    Order 1778 of 1997, United Kingdom Law...
    It isn't easy to find. Any tips where to look?
    All The Best, Wirkin

  2. This should help


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    "So, were you impressed by the microwave weapons used in Canberra? These will be deployed internationally, after a little refinement.
    Taxpayers paid for this and we intend to ensure that they get their money's worth. Why not? It's not as if we can be stopped. I keep telling your readers this and like everything else, my advice falls upon deaf ears. Wait until you see what other weapons we have. These are coming to a street near you. Suffering is good for the soul.

    The masses are compliant, expendable filth. We continue to use Paradigm Magick because it's comparatively easy to do so.

    The Alpha Lodge will be at the apex, beneath them the banks and companies, after them the politicians, followed by the armed services, security services and police and at the very bottom the herd of serfs.​ The Alpha Lodge took over these authorities - political parties, the military, the public service, financial institutions, the legal profession, churches, charities and others - by a variety of means and in this way will continue to achieve its aims.​

    The battle is an old one. In every generation there was the promise of victory, but now it is already ours. At least when we use children, we make no sanctimonious excuses.

    By keeping entertainment below sixth grade level and offering a varied assortment of distractions, we have achieved our aims of working towards a stratified society where​ ​we are at the top and the ten-watt masses are kept happy by rigid rules, implacable laws and poverty.

    We maintain that the more misery we can give, the more satisfied and manageable the herd will be. "We believe in the law of the Aeon, which is sacrifice and in the letting of blood. It's the only doctrine to which the masses have ever been faithful, that and the aesthetic of disgrace". And we give praise to our Prince, the Fire-giver and look forward to His reign and the pleasures which are to come! ......"

  6. When is the queen going to pay us back what we have put in to the social security system? I don't mean that piddly 1800$ a month at age 67 the statement says I'm entitled to. If the social security system is based on fraud then we are entitled to a lump sum return, like yesterday, with interest. How do we make this happen?

  7. Help!!! I just got summons to jury duty and do not want to be because I have filed all neccessary paperwork that I should be exempt. How should I Convey this information to the court judge. Maybe a link or video to help me...thanks in advance

    1. If you got a jury summons, your name is on the corporate voting roll. Until you have it removed you will continue to be subject to a jury summons. At least that's how it is in Mississippi, I assume it's that way in e ery state.