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Thursday, January 13, 2022


 By Anna Von Reitz

In the world of commerce everything is negotiable.  Everything. 

Any offer is possible, no matter how big, how small or how outrageous.  

Remember The Three Musketeers? 

I offer to cut off your head. 

You offer to cut off my head and feed it to your dog. 

I offer to cut off your head, feed it to my pigs and hang your naked decapitated body at the nearest crossroad…. 

And on and on like this.  Mostly it’s just talk of a wild and intentionally inflated form, full of threats and wheedling and counter-threats and more wheedling. 

But when fraud is involved and things that actually cause harm to people, all this offer and counter-offer politesse turns ugly and things get dicey. 

I am afraid we are entering the ugly stage. 

Today’s patchwork of military disinformation and scuttlebutt (more butt than scuttle) includes the following: 

1. Joe Biden’s Administration hired 20,000 Mercenaries to go in and try to topple the Ukrainian Government—- unsuccessfully. 

2.  To prevent war with Russia over this and restore normal diplomatic relations with Ukraine, Biden and Harris have been removed and —get this—  Al Gore has been inaugurated as “President” in place of Biden, and the rationale is that this is okay,  because the 2000 Election was stolen from Gore by the Bush organization. 

This reflects rival elements in the military fighting with each other and trying to jockey into a position of plausible authority in the public’s eye. 

The Dem Lobby that is smart enough to know that Joe-the-Thug has gone too far are trying to pull their coals out of the fire and trying to find excuses for doing it. 

But—- “Al Gore won the 2000 Election so he is the rightful President now!”—— really? 


We can believe that Gore was cheated out of the 2000 election by the Bush Machine.  That’s believable enough. 

But it doesn’t matter now because then was then and now is now and the Dem Party didn’t run Al Gore for President in 2020. 

They could have, but didn’t. 

So they are stuck. 

Another reason — and ultimately the real reason this Pentagon Pigeon won’t fly, is that there hasn’t been a valid public election in this country since 1852. 

So from our standpoint as Americans it’s all nonsense. 

Our Federal Employees have been substituting their private corporate shareholder elections for our public elections for 170 years, committing fraud and breach of trust against their American Employers and usurping our lawful government the whole time. 

So, it does not matter which pirate cheated what other pirate out of which shareholder election to us. 

My Grandmother’s response to politicians applies to pirates, too—- “Red pigs, white pigs, blue pigs— they are all pigs.”  

What matters is that we recognize the fraud and disservice and usurpation for what it is. 

It’s interesting to see that the military has split into three factions and they are now fighting among themselves trying to regain control of the situation. 

The NATO/UN error in choosing Joe Biden as their candidate is self-evident.  So is their attempt to pull Al Gore out of the rag bag and find a plausible excuse for removing Biden and voila! — replacing him with Gore. 

The tawdry nasty nature of the quasi-Communist agenda pushed by Biden and Harris is also self-evident, along with the Chinese backing that influenced the NATO/UN choice of Biden in the first place. 

And then, coming along in the closet, is Donald Trump—- who is the only decent business brain in the room. 

For many Americans looking at the three choices it’s a choice between Yuck One, Yuck Two and Yuck Three. 

And for ALL of us who aren’t Federales in the first place, it’s a non-choice because we don’t have a dog in the fight. 

People are hard-wired to choose when presented with two options, so many Americans get seduced into participating in these foreign corporation “elections” because (1) they aren’t made aware that these are not public elections, and (2) they appear to have two choices and feel compelled to make a choice because of their neural net programming and (3) their own public elections aren’t available for them to vote in—- not yet. 

Until then, let me make it simple for everyone to see what is going on with these foreign for-profit governmental services corporations and their candidates. 

The most recent NATO-UN-EU candidate for “President” of “the” United States, Inc., Joe Biden, was promoted and pushed by Chinese influencers —but he isn’t working out.  

So the NATO-UN-EU, led by a miffed France, is now trying to change their own election results and put Al Gore in, instead. 

Though this would be a relief to most Americans and the entire rest of the world, it also points out the obvious. 

These are not American Public Elections. 

These are private foreign corporation shareholder elections. 

And Americans don’t even get to choose the candidates—- just elect them by default. 

In reality, President Macron of France chooses Al Gore, just as President XI chose Joe Biden, and this really should bring it home to Americans—-neither option is American just because these jokers were born here. 


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