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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Jeffrey Prather on January 6th and other false flags by the deep state.

"The communists always have a narrative"


  1. So it seems that once a "Reputable Source" ie "The Queen" says a "Person" like "Prince Andrew" is "Private", and then this "Statement" is "Publicly Announced", would it be reasonable to say that no "Commercial Court" can bring charges against him in his "Private Standing", only a "Common Law Court" could bring "charges". If this is correct then only those that could convene this court (If one actually exists) would have to be "People" , and not "Persons". So then "WHO" will be "CHARGING" Andrew (whatever his "Private Name" is now), and in what "venue" , or "jurisdiction"will this show take place. This is how "They" get away with it Folks. Just ask Kevin Annett.

  2. in law: common, American:
    there are no "Charges"Fictions... ChargesFictions have to do with the British BAR Attorn-erFictions creating DebtFictions in the form of Charging/Debit Financial Instrument Fictions they use to get access to the CreditFiction in the TrustFiction named after the DefendantFiction.

    our American common law courts are 'courts of record' that exist under authority of the people (everyday common man) who are the judges/jury-- not the People (the peoples' elected deputies and delegates); protecting the freedoms and unalienable rights declared in our Declaration of Indep. and all is under authority of "the Laws of Nature and Nature's God".
    so that:
    rather than ChargeFictions being brought before a Private Corporate Court of Blended/ "Special Admiralty" by one TrustFiction against another TrustFiction ....
    (a) *man* brings a *claim* before the people in an American common law/ court of record to be judged.

    this is absolutely what we absolutely have to get back to.
    without common law we will continue to hear like we have for the past 6 years (and more):

    "We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong."