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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Understanding the Birth Certificate Bond --- For What It Is

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are confused and think that the Birth Certificate Bond is something wonderful, a resource that they can seize upon to pay their bills, etc., but this is not true.
You don't have a birth certificate bond. A Municipal citizen of the United States -- a legal "PERSON" operating under your name, has a birth certificate bond. And that bond, which allows THEM to exist and to operate, is no good news for THEM, either. Technically, it's a Performance Bond guaranteeing that the Municipal PERSONS will be good little TAXPAYERS and pay their debts.
The Birth Certificate Bond is an instrument of enslavement imposed on Municipal citizens of the United States.
The Municipal PERSON (conveniently named after you) is the Slave, the Pope is the owner of the Slave-PERSON, and you are the Overseer, responsible for the Slave's Performance. The Pope names you his "Authorized Representative". If the Slave doesn't perform, you go to jail.
Are you beginning to get the drift here? It's an institutionalized Con Game based on principals of Black Magic. The Municipal citizen, the PERSON named after you, is a "poppet" used like a voodoo doll. And it is all run and enforced under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
And now, beyond these bare nuts and bolts, let's examine the debt and the rationale behind all this mechanism.
The bond establishes a debt to the Vatican for putting up the money. We come into this world (according to them) owing the debt of original sin and the sins and debts of our ancestors back to the “third and fourth generation”. When the Vatican puts up the gold for the birth bond, they are acting as a Bailor, just like a bail bondsman who accepts you “posting bond” to get out of jail.
This then not only indebts you to the Church, it obligates you to pay off your share of the purported “ancestral debt” going back four generations, so we would be stuck paying for any debts owed by our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and great-great grandfathers. This includes debts related to wars they engaged in —- so we would still be paying off any debts left over from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc., etc.,
The bond posted by the Vatican gives them an ownership interest in our labor and serves as the Performance Bond guaranteeing that you will be a good little TAXPAYER and contract labor slave.
In order to be “free”of their ownership claim in their system you would have to pay them back in gold the amount of the bond they paid “for” YOU, plus interest.
So….. people often get the idea that these bonds are an asset, but for us, they are a debt. The recipients of the gold put up to establish these bonds against your name invest it and very gradually make payments against the ancestral debt—- but by the time each of these are paid off, we are dead and our debts are rolled over onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.
This is the mechanism used to "indebt future generations" and it is complete Bushwah.
My Grandmother’s generation (born 1880, died 1963) worked and slaved and paid taxes to pay off the American share of the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War—-even though we weren’t directly involved in either conflagration.
This is how they apply “the sins of the Fathers” and guarantee themselves and other war-mongers excellent guaranteed returns and generations of new slaves pre-indebted to them virtually from birth.
To make this “legal” (but cannot ever be “lawful”) they give you a Birth Certificate —which is evidence of what they have done “in your name”. It’s like a coat check card, allowing you to come back and reclaim your “coat”, only in this case, it’s reclaiming your body, energy, labor, and intellectual property --- your "PKI". .
When your parents unwittingly sign the paperwork allowing this transaction and the use of your name to create a new Municipal citizen of the United States, they accept the Birth Certificate in return. This creates a private contract, which is the only way that the Vermin can get away with this scam.
You are an American and we’re never born into nor obligated to join this system of things. Your acceptance of any such ancestral debt was presumed upon you without your knowledge or consent. First, they rooked your parents, and because you never knew anything about this to begin with, they "captured" you, too.
What's the one contract you can't object to? The one that you don't know exists.
As a result, you don’t have to pay back the gold bond they placed on your NAME— you can be free, if you discover their schtick and go after them for it, but then, other problems shove into view.
Who pays the debts or takes the losses left behind by prior generations?
Plus interest?
How do we retire these debts without hurting living people?
As the ancestral debts were created by others, why would we or anyone else be responsible for paying them?
As we and generations prior to this were penalized in this fashion for this form of death tax and actually didn’t owe it and were not obligated to pay it—- how can we assess what we and our ancestors are owed back as recoupment for paying bills we don’t owe?
If they want to plead the Bible and verses from the Old Testament as their excuse for setting up this “system” and rationale, why aren’t they also following the Biblical instruction to offset debts every seven years and erase them every fifty years?
As I observed to the Pope’s minions, there hasn’t been a Golden Jubilee Debt Forgiveness (the 50 year kind) in over 800 years.
This failure to forgive “ancestral debt” in this continuous cyclic fashion — which was how this system was supposed to purge and renew itself— has led to the unrestrained accumulation of insurmountable odious debt being foisted off on newborn babies.
When I first learned that the Catholic Theocracy running the Municipal United States Government was operating this system in this country and foisting this huge debt off onto innocent babies worldwide, I wanted to throw up.
When I (and Chief Fasthorse and others) held them feet first to the fire for failure to honor the Jubilee process for over eight hundred years there was dead silence. What could they say?
It was already apparent that the world economic system had reached a “debt morbidity crisis” and was going into paralysis twenty years ago when we brought all this up and began stomping and snorting about it.
It was already apparent that they had hypocritically promoted the idea of ancestral debt and profited from it—particularly by promoting wars for the “reaping of souls and estates” and purposefully running up more debt, and hadn’t applied the debt forgiveness across the board every seven years with a total erasure every fifty years—- that balanced this Ancient Hebrew economic system.
You can’t have it both ways. Without the checks and balances of the cyclic debt forgiveness properly applied, what happened can only be termed “Debt Madness”.
They began trading debt “as” money, which is akin to mistaking Jesus for a priest of Baal.
When I questioned them further, they replied that they had provided for “debt forgiveness” via bankruptcy — to which I replied that incorporated entities chartered by sovereign governments are the only entities eligible for such “forgiveness” and that they were trying to pass off the debts of legal persons as if they were debts owed by living people and were actually just doubling-down and increasing the debts of the living people, because the debts of bankrupt corporate entities become public debts— which people are burdened to pay.
In other words, from the perspective of living people, bankruptcy increases their debts and no actual debt forgiveness as required by the Biblical instruction is received.
Besides which, I pointed out, there is absolutely no provision or authorization anywhere permitting the invocation of a bankruptcy court in America. So, even that specious excuse that bankruptcy provided the required “debt jubilee” was full of bushwah.
They were operating in Breach of Trust and outside their granted authority to even set up probate courts and bankruptcy courts outside the District of Columbia.
And there was certainly no seven cycles of seven years of partial debt forgiveness followed by entire debt forgiveness every fifty years —-not for anything or anyone. Not for the people that were supposed to receive the benefit of the jubilees and not even for the incorporated entities, either.
I mean, I was steaming. Hot. Those priests got a lesson in logic, history, and a tongue-lashing like they haven't heard since Jesus chased the money-changers out of the temple.
“If you used the Bible as your excuse,” I hissed, “it stands that you accept the Bible’s remedy, too.”
Law requires carrots as well as sticks, but these fellows conveniently forgot that.
End of story, just as I told Mr. Trump in my first ever YouTube video about the National Credit, we live in a Zero Sum world, where every debt creates an equal and answering credit. Karma applies to credit.
What these characters did was to create a system that accumulated debt but never accounted for or issued the answering credit— either directly— as a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption as stipulated by the Federal law, or by cyclic debt forgiveness, which the Bible requires.
Imagine a “system” in which innocent babies are being burdened with their “share” of 800 years-worth of “Ancestral Debt” and the hypocrites responsible are “bonding” them to pay this debt when they were only a few days old— but never explaining what they were doing or why, never justifying their actions, and never applying the remedy plainly stated in their own playbook?
Or scheme?
I vote for the latter interpretation of the situation. The Popes are never stupid people.
In any event, you are witnessing the release of all this “Ancestral Debt” and the payback in the form of debt forgiveness —-and the burden of public debt is being shifted off the people and onto the corporations where it always should have been.
Unfortunately, we still have to deal with ignorant idiots, criminals, grafters, and pirates like Jamie Dimon and madmen scratching their rumps in high places.
The restitution you are truly owed could never be paid with a few pounds of gold plus interest. Forget about a bond a Bailor paid to guarantee your performance, that is, your performance paying your share of a bogus Ancestral Debt.
Doing so sets you free to embrace your actual inheritance —- freedom, land, soil, water, peace, your own assets and a share in all the wealth of all the world.
We will soon have our own banks and not have to worry about any of this crappola any more. So hunker down, and pay attention, and be aware.

This Mess, as I call it, is the result of ancient fraud, graft, greed, and institutionalized evil ---- and a good portion of it is coming to you directly from the "Christian" Church. even though 99.9% of those calling themselves "Christian" are victims along with everyone else.


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