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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr.’s Heroic Resistance to the CIA’s Continuing Covid Coup D’état


  1. I will bring clarity, and shine the foscolos on the who, what, where, and why.
    Take notice to see it(sun glasses might be required ie., “They Live”).
    All those that are still masked up are mostly “GOVERNMENT Employed”, ie., WHO, CDC, SCOTUS, POTUS, AG’s, SOS’s, “Judges”, “Prosecutors”, “Paid Talking Heads”/Media…, basically all of the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” whirled wide, and “HOLLYWOOD” that have, and continue to relentlessly push all of this scam which has morphed from “Pan” “Demonic” upon all of Us of A that are from the #1, the only One. “They”, are doing this because “they” have found that there is no other recourse of action to do other-“wise”(Wisdom no longer abides within “Them”). “They” know that “they” have been exposed as perpetrating the biggest fraud against our Creator’s Newborn Babies, and “They” have all been complicit in the continuance, and also the perpetuating of this scheme upon Us All that are from the One. “They have been utilizing any, and all means that “they have at “their” disposal against Us of A#1. “Their” whole wide whirled’s foundation has been built of monetary values, to the extant “they” have become gold blinded. Whereas nothing else can be seen by “Them” even to the point of “Liquidating US”. “They” have been wearing so many masks, and playing so many roles for so long that “their Master” has finally mandated a permanent one for everyone to identify “them” with. Heck there’s so many that even “Their Master” probably needs these masks as this identifier to recognize his own[ed].
    However, those of Us of A#1 know that we are the “Walking Gold”, and nothing comes to fruition without Us because we know where we all came from, and where all that we have ever done comes from.
    Here’s an old mantra that I have taken to heart, and have written on many a workplace wall;
    “We the willing, led by the unknowing have had to do so much with so little for so long that we are now expected to do anything with nothing.” Hope this helps all that have been befuddled.

    1. It was brought to my attention by another commenter (who seems to be some sort of an anathema on this site)that I omitted the work force regulars in my above comment ie., those that work for “McDonald’s” and other like establishments that are also on the“GOVERNMENT’S PAYROL” because all corporations are actually franchises of the”Parent Corporation”… so I added this to help bring more clarity;
      Right on, and this is what my above message has also stated. Those that do their own research will see that the "Mere"(Mother) CORPORATION has most everyone entangled within its "CORPORATE TENTACLES”.
      Case in point; which one of US doesn't have a "Birth Certificate"? So even those that are unawares of the machinations of this "Evil", are still a part of it, and the evidence is the donning (dawning) of the "Mask". This is the time where Ignorance is not Blissful. It is one thing for someone(s) to draw up a bunch of mumbo jumbo on a canvas, it is another for some folks to believe it, and to have themselves play a part or role(roll)in it. I would venture to say the number of those that have a "Birth Certificate" will directly correlate very closely to the number of those that have worn a "Mask". Marcus exposed this years ago(about 9years ago), and went into great lengths on the subject of "Masks" in his "Servant King" videos. It has now become so prevalent (Mask wearing) that it is becoming culturally accepted(the only time that masks were accepted was during "Halloween"/ "Day of the Dead"). This is what "They" have wanted, and needed it to be, and have finally created a movement en masse(whirled wide). The future ramifications of this movement will be most horrendous. As stage two took effect shortly after with "Tests", then stage three with the "Jabs", now stage four with division of those with, versus those without, stage 5 the blaming of those without (the “Jab”)as a contagious type of "Typhoid Mary", possibly next, a stage six with lock downs, then “Their great finally a stage seven with the justification of "Culling the Herd" to save the "HUMAN SPECIES" will be instituted, All of this has been, and will be mainly agreed upon by all those that are “Mask" wearers/inoculated zombies/ walking "dead"/believers in fictions. It should be quite clear now who, and what all of Us are surrounded by.
      If no one made a stand when "Jesus" was crucified,(or the hundreds if not thousands before, and after his Crucifixion)and the untold gruesome executions that have continued even to this day, while those whom instigate this carnage believe "They" are never going to be held accountable. In fact it appears to be the contrary that "They" are rewarded quite handsomely, and so is "Their" progeny educated to continue in like manner.
      There are very few. of Us that know the score, and fewer yet that have the ways, and means to settle it. A good start however is to just say "No" just like the Greeks did when “ Mussolini” tried to waltz into Greece. The Greeks celebrate this day every year that they call Oxi Day. Oxi Day - 28th October 1940 - Greece Says No - Greeker than the Greeks;

    2. Then if just saying “No” doesn’t work than maybe Jeremiah 48? 48&version=KJV
      Jeremiah 48:10 Commentaries: "Cursed be the one who does the LORD'S work negligently, And cursed be the one who restrains his sword from blood.
      Jeremiah 48 Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary
      I bring this forward only because “They” believe as if there is no accountability for “Their” actions against all of Us.
      Eddie Murphy said it best in the Movie “Life”
      …“They gonna be some consequences and repercussions”…
      It’s well past due time for “Them” to get “Their” own Corn Bread.

    3. As far as those believing that “RUSSIA” is the “Last Remaining Christian Country” I most staunchly disagree.
      For someone to make such an assertion shows their ignorance, especially when it comes to Russia, and Putin.
      From my research, and personal experience all of these “Religions” are “STATE” ran, paid for and bought off. Don’t believe me? Go to ewer “Father”/Priest and request ewer “Baptismal Record”. I guarantee that ewe will be given a copy of ewer “BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE” not the Original. Or like me when I pressed the “Issue”. I was “informed” that mine along with others where lost due to “Water Damage”… Yes ewe read that right “Water Damage”.

    4. Quite correct, I agree. Seems a simple enough foundation to use as ewer bulwark.
      It's interesting though how a "Stateless" Man/Woman is perceived as, and the just penalty that will incur for a being in such a "Stateless Position".
      Once again as I queried with Ready007 please provide ewer "Lawful Identifier" proving ewer are not "Stateless". What was the "Governing Body" that provide this to ewe?
      Nice can of worms isn't it?

  2. General McInerney
    BREAKING - U.S. Supreme Court blocks Biden's federal vaccine-or-test mandate for large businesses. Some people are going to make a lot of money off of these large corporations. Sue sue sue.

    Americas Frontline Doctors
    America’s Frontline Doctors provided an Amicus Curiae brief to SCOTUS, delivering the real science and law that prove Biden’s mandate is illegitimate, and a terrible violation of the Constitution.

    Today, the tide has been turned against tyranny.


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