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Sunday, December 12, 2021

End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless (Documentary)


  1. all Politics/Governments; Religions/Theo-anything, including Theo-ries about Math (diff. from arithmetic) and Science; and all Money is man-made, that is:
    not found anywhere in nature,... not created by the creator of man,... and man has no obligation to participate in another mans IMAGINATIONS!!

    ((((( its All FAKE!!! ))))
    just like their Pandemic!

    woman, janmarie

    1. do you get it?
      look at DeclofIndep: para2.
      "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,..."
      = Man-Made.

      "...deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."
      To secure what God gave us.
      IF and only if we consent.

      **I**'m not scaring this up from out of nowhere, --- its ancient--- its the law that is common to all man and we have a right to live just this way in peace. our fathers and mothers knew this -- and so. do. we.


    2. i know im repeating but this may be the most important thing you may ever read:

      all Governments, all Politics, all Kings, all Queens, all Crowns, all Thrones, Nobles, Titles, Manors, Estates, Orders, Religions, Offices, Theo-retical Ma-theme-atics and Sciences, Chairs, Money, Funds, Banks, Bond, Debt, Credit, Charges, Certificates, Courts, Ac-counts, Notes, ARE IMAGINARY.
      apparently theyve been "spinning" this "wood, hay and (straw) stubble" into "gold" for 1000s of years.
      guys, listen...
      its all FAKE.
      its 'sawdust in the wind'.

      FOREIGN to man.

      we dont have to participate.
      they have to let us go.

      we have to SAY it.
      Stand there and say it... peacefully, lawfully, from our right, *be*-ing man.

      will they RESPECT that?...
      we will see.

      but be. peaceful.
      dont break peace. jmo.

    3. here are more man-imagined things... nothing wrong with that either... if it doesnt harm any man AND each man, sever-ally, agrees:

      commerce, constitutions, decrees, rulings, operations, federations, military, wars, treaties, contractors, contracts, entities, municipalities, territories, corporations registrars, secretaries, generals, holding companies, performances, assets, liabilities, temples, oaths, complaintants/plaintiffs, collateral, sureties, pledges, subjects, assignments, representatives, re-presentations, documents, dock-tores, value, donations, interest, interest in, terms, definitions, fraud, felony, misdemeanor, crimes, charters, slaves, Trusts, beneficiaries, grantors/settlors, Trustees, conveyances, trust contents, private/public-- both are "commerce", Lords, Ladies, experts, guardians, princes, advisors, councils, stewards, principals, all -"ships": owner-ship, town-ship, friend-ship, relation-ship; "recognize", boards, systems, banc-ruptcy, organ-izations, mayors, governors, andonandonandon.

      but, these things DO harm man...
      maybe they werent originally meant to, but the way they are used now DOES harm man, and thats not accepted or acceptable.

      we do NOT intend to participate in what we believe causes harm to man.

    4. man can sever the agree-"ment(al)" any time if it causes harm.

      this is how we have a God-given right to be living. Simply. Honestly. Freely.

      it is startling to realize how far off-track from the simplicity of just using common sense, common caring, common words and ideas weve been driven.

      but we can get back to where we have right to be. lets do it.

      these people are tapeworms.