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Thursday, November 25, 2021

The American Holiday

 By Anna Von Reitz

In many parts of the world, Thanksgiving is referred to as "the American holiday" and our snobby British counterparts sniff at it disparagingly from the end of a long British nose.
However, Thanksgiving is more than a holiday and concerns more than turkeys.
Thanksgiving is a mindset.
Thanksgiving is a way of life.
Thanksgiving is our secret means to gain excellence and victory.
The Monarchists among us have little cause to celebrate or give thanks, because whether they are bowing down to a King or Queen, or bowing down to a Corporation's CEO, it still means that they are not free, that they are in fact abdicating their responsibility for their own lives, and practicing idolatry instead of worshiping our Creator and Sustainer, Divine Providence.
That is precisely why our Ancestors came here to found a New World and a new social order.
And that is why we give thanks today and every day, above and beyond all else.
We saw the eternal Truth and we grasped it close and were glad for it. We celebrate it every year.
It's impossible to feel sorry for yourself when gratitude fills your heart.
It's impossible to be afraid when gratitude floods your mind.
Thanksgiving isn't just an odd American holiday nobody else celebrates.
Thanksgiving is our secret weapon in the Spiritual War now gripping the entire world.

Be grateful that you have hearts and minds and hands and feet. Be grateful that you have friends and family and neighbors. Be grateful that our Earth continues despite all the attacks of the Evil Ones against her. Be grateful for the wisdom that guides every waking hour.


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