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Thursday, November 25, 2021

117 Illegible Pages of Legalistic Gunk

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning, Thanksgiving Day, we received in our California office, a 117 page document from the Insurrectionists in California--- Nancy Kremer, Wayne Whomley, Ron Kelly, et alia.
Much of the document is illegible because of poor print quality, but we don't need to read it to know that: "The truth is always simple. It's the lies that are complex."
1. Everything with the word "California" attached to it ultimately belongs to the people of California --- those who live there on a permanent basis and who claim the physically-described State of the Union as their home State. This includes the land and soil, sea coast, patents, surveys and all other property within the borders of the State. The Federation of States holds the international trademarks for the people of California, and all copyrights derive from the trademarks, thus all the copyrights ultimately are held by the Federation of States.
2, The only provenance for "California" and those ownership claims described above, derives from California's status as a State of the Union and a Member of the Federation of States. Read that: if you want to keep your claim to own California, you have to function as a State of the Union and as Member of the Federation of States, or you lose your claim including your reversionary trust interest, trademarks and copyrights. You lose your "chain of title" and are regarded as a stateless person regardless of where you were born or who you think you are.
3. The States of the Union only existed as "free, sovereign, and independent states" for approximately three months --- July 1776 to September 1776 --- at which point they formed the Federation of States for their mutual benefit and protection in international jurisdictions of the law. Ever since, all States of the Union are Members of the Federation, and all Members of the Federation are States of the Union. The two are joined together as land and soil are joined. Any attempt to alter, "redefine", or overthrow these relationships is a crime of treason and insurrection against the actual Government.
4. Obviously, the Federation of States has remained true to its purpose and has called all the States to Assemble and has loyally defended the interests of the states and the people in international jurisdiction, or there would presently be no State Assembly convened in California.
5. All the anti-Federation talk stems from failed leaders who want someone or something to blame other than themselves.
6. All the anti-Federation talk comes from people who have demonstrated a desire to avoid basic common sense oversight of their own activities.
We are standing here as we have stood here all these years --- not as fools who would give up their provenance and lawful claims, nor as self-interested criminals or politicians slavering after votes.
We are here for the clearly stated and defined purpose of assembling the States of the Union and restoring the lawful American Government. All States of the Union are Members of the Federation and failing that, they are not States of the Union.
The failed leaders of The California Assembly would have everyone living as stateless, brainless Insurrectionists, which is why we dissolved the organization effective November first and started over.
The dissolution of an Assembly during the assembling process is similar to the dissolution of Parliament --- new leadership is obliged to step forward and then, operations resume.
Those who led the insurrectionist activity are no longer considered members of the Assembly, though they may be recognizable as American State Nationals.
This is necessary at times to keep the effort on track and keep the people involved safe from legal and physical attacks from the Federal Government Subcontractors--- which have nothing to do with the Federation of States --- and are simply named after us.
The best advice we can give is to do the job set before you in good faith and honor. Study hard. Learn the history and the law.

Accept the oversight and instruction of the Summoning Authority that called you to do this work, so that you wind up with a lawful and fully functional Assembly that is competent to serve the needs of the people in your State of the Union.


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