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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Meaning of VAX Content

 By Anna Von Reitz

Two ingredients of the jab have a known interaction and medical use history; graphene oxide and polyethylene glycol combine to form self-assembling proteins that are used to suppress the immune systems of organ transplant recipients.

So, bottom line, your immune system is suppressed so you get sicker more often and stay sicker longer.

Thanks, a whole lot, US Government.


  1. Dr. Dan Takes on The Enemy - Youtube has deleted this once but it's been preserved FOREVER by patriots

    Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting - Dr. Dan Stock MD Video With Transcript

    MD's Debunking of Masks & Vaccines Goes Viral August 10, 2021

  2. The below article didn't have a comment section, so I am posting here.

    Monday, August 9, 2021
    Authorization to Act --- Joint Chiefs of Staff

    The second vote established the first new Public Law in over a century, which forbids among other things, commercial claims against people who have received patented scraps of DNA or RNA, which, without disclosure, serve to provide an excuse to label these people "transhumans" and claim them as property owned by the patent-holders.

    It is now formally and officially illegal to inject people with foreign DNA or RNA in this country, effective 1 January 2020, and the United States Provost Marshals, United States Marshals and Interpol and the American Armed Forces including the United States Army and Air Force are authorized to intercept, arrest, try, and incarcerate all corporations and corporation officials engaged in promoting injection campaigns and undisclosed unilateral contracting processes against unwary Americans.
    Question - So why aren't there any arrests, since they are still promoting & "mandating" the vaccines???

  3. Are they preparing for a mass organ harvest now or in the futue through these vaccines?

    The victim or donors memories are reitained in their organs; If weaponized electronic fields are used to remove or suppress the memory, the organs will have less engrams from the original person it came from (!)

    The vaccine apocalypse (Apocalypse means REVEALING) has to happen sooner rather than later, or millions of peoples organs will be harvested in the upcoming decade(s)

  4. Jim Stone claims that talk of graphene leaves folks vulnerable to looking stupid.
    My own science knowledge is lacking here; so, I merely put this forth to be considered. (Quote below is right above the bird image.)
    We don't need the graphene story line to prove anything about the shot being bad, but the graphene story line could CERTAINLY be used to make those who oppose the shot look bird brained and ROCK STUPID. And that is exactly what is happening. I look at the claims and want to barf. They are gallingly stupid. Absolutely galling.

    Sorry, I am not sold on graphene, and the claims attached are getting more and more bird brained and LUDICROUS every time the story line gets regurgitated.

  5. (Quote below is below bird image followed by things on white background which I could not copy to paste.)
    MY FINAL ANSWER: GRAPHENE IS A STRAW MAN THAT WILL BE USED TO KNOCK US ALL DOWN WITH. Even stupid doctors would call B.S. on the claims being made.