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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Mike Lindell (My Pillow) LIVE NOW AT

Cyber Symposium today through Thursday

The 2020 election was hacked and stolen for Biden.

$5,000,000 Challenge to attendee at the symposium that can prove that this cyber data is not valid date from the 2020 election.


  1. That website is "hacked to hell" ... nobody's going to watch that content, at least not with Android. I tried 3 different browsers to no avail. I usually can get around D-DOS attacks, but not this time!

    Thanks for trying though, YOUR link did it's job but the site failed miserably. If it's any consolation though, Brighteon has been suffering the same fate for about the last 3 days... I'm getting really sick of censorship!

  2. Replies
    1. is mike lindell doing the "Tented Fingers Pyramid" illuminati sign during this intro? .... the one like trump and merkel do?

      it looks maybe like he does.
      like he does it SUper-quick and then brings his fingers together out in front of him ... instead of spreading his tented fingers apart like trump and merkel do.

      does he usually use illuminati signals like trump?
      trump most often makes the tentfingers triangle upside down between his spread-apart legs when hes sitting down.
      being a woman, it reminds me of where a womans uterus is and how it looks.

      i was always puzzled that a man would spread his legs apart in public and use his own hands to superpose over the top of his own manorgans the image of a womans motheringorgans.

      seemed nasty and creepy to me every time i saw him do it.
      its a completely un-natural gesture for a man to make imo.

      like what? does he want people to think hes going to bring something out of "there" :):):).
      . or what??!!!! :):):):):)


  4. Mike Lindell's server is under attack.

    You can watch the Cyber Symposium here:

    1. Thanks for that link.
      Jim Stone posted a warning for Mike Lindell, but did his folks pay attention?
      OTOH RumorMillNews did set up Direct IP access:
      "Rumormillnews took my advice, Set up direct IP, and it works."


  5. The vaccine study pass it around