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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Johnny Come Lately

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you have asked about the "$500 Trillion Lawsuit" and wanted me to comment.
The people bringing these charges don't have standing.
The things they are objecting to are certainly true, but if you don't have standing to bring charges, you don't have standing, so, it's useless.
Standing is a matter of jurisdiction and capacity, and none of these clueless people have bothered to correct their political status.
So, at best, they will be ignored, or at worst, misidentified as insurrectionists.
All their "Orders" will fall on deaf ears, because they don't have standing.
They haven't got a clue what it takes to establish standing, either, and won't learn or listen.
We have done everything that is necessary, have raised all the complaints and charges, acquired all the liens, etc;, etc., etc., and they don't have a clue.
So, that's the sorry state of affairs revealed by Scott Workman's diatribe.
For starters, he states, "Due Process has now been served upon you." ---- that's not "Due Process".
Due Process is what I did for years --- three Notices with proper curing time and service at each and every step.
The organizers of this law suit are correct that this situation is an "ongoing criminal enterprise", but they have no clue whatsoever what they are up against or what is necessary.
They are not even in "our" jurisdiction, and they are pushing this crap as a "Declaration of Restoration" as "a citizen of the United States". This is nonsense.
These people are so clueless, that they don't recognize that "a citizen of the United States" is a Municipal citizen of the district United States ---- not an American, not anyone with any right or claim to anything related to the original Declaration, not anyone with standing to pursue such claims.
It is pathetic that these Wannabes are here spouting all this, wasting all their words and money, and courting arrest as insurrectionists, when they think that they are in charge.
It doesn't work like that.
You have to take the time and make the effort and learn the ropes and gain the standing to bring charges and give orders. They haven't done any of the homework required.
I am sorry for Scott Workman, because he clearly recognizes what is wrong, but he hasn't put in the time and effort and analysis to address it. All he is going to do is give the rats an excuse to clamp down and otherwise cause trouble out of ignorance.
He is also making promises that he has no authority to guarantee. In fact, he has no indemnity at all.
Like many other Americans, he has awakened like a hibernating bear and made insupportable assumptions about his own condition and the world around him, assumptions that are foolhardy and incorrect.
Do not be misled.
Stay in your lane and hold the line. Support your State Assembly and do not be lured with promises of pay-offs, especially tiny pay-offs in comparison to what you are truly owed.

I can only assume that Scott Workman and his group are unaware of the actual recoupment figures, but in any event, this "500 Trillion Lawsuit" is not something you want to be involved in. Similar to Phil Hudok's solution, these people are not getting the status or jurisdiction right and that will result in their failure.


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    1. again:
      why is an englishman/ other spending his time promoting a system hes not a part of?
      so, whats this mans "stake" in Americans believing AVR is a "judge"?

  2. Hey that same thing happens when you let a carpenter do an electricians job, alls I can say is atleast he made the effort to right a wrong. But then here were are being told how clueless and with out "standings" they are. If it takes standings for me to right a wrong, then I won't budge until those in the capacity to stand with a clue start putting rubber to road or assemble a team(not a tribe) to do so.

    Like raising a dog I find the only peaceably way to get the bad behavior to diminish is purely by ignoring it. So unless all the dog's owners get on board with the same tactic, the dogs going to put a front on for the most strick owners, while pandering to the most gullible every time. Call it sticking my head in the sand if you want, but it's the only way to rise above it. Otherwise your just stooping to their level playing their games. Turn your backs on them until they fade off to their island's and shrivel up like the little golems they are. But on a massive United front and they surely will move like mountains.

    1. "If it takes standings for me to right a wrong, then I won't budge until...."

      thats it right there!


  3. I THINK ITS TIME SOMEBODY TOLD ANNA THE TRUTH. that picture she plasters all over the place is Hideous and looks just like Joe Biden or THE OLD MAN ROTHSCHILD. Very dark and disturbing to look at. Am I missing something here? I am trying to be mean but it's time to take a selfie and clean up the picture that might clean up the window to the soul. Maybe it's the lighting or the fact you have shit grin but whatever the case and i think the majority would agree. this picture does not do anything for you Miss Anna. Dont you have an honest shot? Please at least put a photo shipped photo. Thanks

    1. and they used to teach that if someone is looking UP and to their RIGHT, they were talking about something not true, actual, factual; but instead were remembering something "constructed or imagined"; and or they were making something up to deceive.

      what is she lookin' at up there to her right that shes cheshire-cattish- looking smiling at!!? :)
      why not smile into the camera for a head(-only photo-)shot, like normal?

      just askin'.

    2. tsk tsk. know you not of the mirror effect? Everything you see is a reflection GoodE2boots. Are you sure that wasn't down and to the left. better double check.

    3. mamalisa247,

      that mirroring thing is actually YOUR own reflection of YOU!!
      i try to use logic and critical thinking skills...its also known as common sense.

  4. I say the only reason you are barking and having a hissy fit when others take action against the enemy is because it alters your dark adgenda masked disguised from the people. You know that we know who you are****** and we know all about your sinful standing**** and what its built on. Please Mind your own dam Vatican business and we will allow you to continue to push your unrighteous agenda that has zero standing cause you have NO STANDING.

    You will fall be cause you are lying to the people who will fall as did many others you helped take down. No matter what your excuse for doing so is not good enough.

    The Good of this country see right through you. The weak of this country once they discover the truth will Lien you criminally for 100 Trillion and so will your controllers when you fail them. Stop criticizing everybody else that does not believe in or board your ship and look at yourself and your ways for your ship that will sink has no lifeboats to save you.

    You are your worst enemy not anybody else. Best you mind your own business.

  5. .

    ""The people bringing these charges don't have standing.""

    How does the cake (people-person BC) have standing in the “illusion called US Inc.” government - ---- Fiction .
    • a belief or statement that is false, but that is often held to be true because it is expedient to do so.
    • invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.

    Especially with the alleged court system with no Art III courts

  6. This is the final days where one can actually rebel and get away with it...we only have one year before the ccp takes over and God forgets that we ever exsisted...!!
    Anna there is no peaceful means of accomplishing what you want...!! Its time to revolt any way we can , before its too late..!!

    1. "God forgets that we ever existed"

      anna is correct insofar as "staying in lanes" -- you don't want to mix lanes here.

      that already happened, state assemblies chose the lord and his law instead of grace/christ. rejected new testament.

      so, christ will reject them in return. "karma" the new age people call it.

      our lady, full of grace christ the father
      sheep on right of christ, goats on left (above is facing you)

      if people reject grace, they get the vengeance of the lord and his cursed/damned law. leave room for vengeance, he will repay them for their "works" and for rejecting grace/christ.

      so, that doesnt really apply to america. bouvier 1856 "heresy", does not exist. nature's god, etc. etc. etc. broken record.

      there is no salvation in masonry/america/vatican II and cannot ever be. that's luther's 2 kingdoms, that's "freedom of religion". there is no particular god -- that is heresy to make any such claim.

      gnostic monad, that noone knows, or can know.

      open the pod bay doors all-seeing eye.
      i'm afraid i can't do that.

      that's america. salvation is far away from "law"

      ccp/masonry is just vatican II. so masons to your left, masons to your right, masons in your hair, masons in your stairs. masons on your dock, masons in your clock. masons by the dozen, masons with your cousin.

      an honorary mason is anyone who rejects christ.

      as new testament says, build a foundation on christ. freemasonry is inverse of that. aka america/illuminatiland.

      there is never too late. revolt? if you want a worldly kingdom. your choice. the world or christ/grace/god. same choices as always.

    2. My goodness gracious. So deep.

  7. Nothing new under the sun these critters have been poisoning Wells, opening gates for savages to attack, fermenting division, mass mind controls called media, manipulatioing the legal system for thousands of years The Pharisee and scribes whom Jesus himself called a dem of vipers !

    1. he called the Roman governor who broke all Jewish laws and appointed the High Priests, to corrupt the Synagogue really by turning it into a den of thieves vipers It was the roman government anyway that he meant were guilty of turning his fathers house into a den o f thieves and a synagogue of Satan.So still yes the rule of law .

    2. No the Pharisee who Jesus addressed,
      He also called them white washed tombs.
      Nice whitewash exterior but inside stinking flesh.
      Pharisee were the evil secret society who thought thair secret knowledge made them superior to everyone else.
      The masons of thair day .
      Through us kings reign moto.

    3. kane,
      years ago i ordered a dvd entitled "secret societies killed jesus christ" by david bay. i had hear him speaking on noah hutchings' oldtime southwest radio church broadcast.

      when the dvd (finally) arrived, the shipping container had been opened and the interior dvd envelope had been too... it was so blatantly tampered with that even back then it appeared to me that whoever had opened my mail didnt care, or maybe even wanted, me to know that someone had interfered with my property....and even back then, i took that to be a signal that what i had ordered was important!!

      i just looked it up online. its available on ebay but im not suggesting you order it. you might want to take a look tho at the "blurbs" they print about the product being offered. imo theres alot of good material in those blurbs.
      in short: men know the truth when they encounter it.
      ref, their lawbook: hebrews 10:26: (coincidentally, a "9")
      for if we sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,
      hebrews 17:12 (coincidentally, an 11?):
      for ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.

  8. Sin city Babylon prostitute priest demanded child sacrifice . Alexander the Homo degenerate chose to set up his base there and agenda BC 440 one world smelting pot bring together all the evil of Babylonian talmud, Aramaic, tad of Hebrew .
    Creating the Library of Alexandria were the Pharisee,scribes tapped the Talmud today the main book of zionest child rape usery secret society’s is the order of the day .
    On the other end of spectrum was the Aryan Greeks with the library of Antok expounding the teaching of Christ . Look at the largest gay pride parade in world satanic Rothschilds prize Tel Aviv .the curruptors. Monolopy money , drugs , vaccines, Porn,war plunder, insurance scams, secret society’s, one world Babylon .

  9. Thank you, Anna for your amazing, dedicated work, achieving one o the kind, sharing the highest knowledge, explaining the construct of the World and giving everybody a choice , a once in a lifetime, opportunity to leave slavery, painting the picture only visible for those with eyes open, - all your efforts summarized in August 10th article ! I bow low to you, Anna. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for addressing that directly! Having studied it in their indoctrination courses, I knew then something was rotten in Denmark. It sounds real good but what I am doing feels much better :) Happy trails....

  11. Hello Paul Stramer - Please post the date to Anna's updates. You post the time, but not the date. We need the date. Thank you.