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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A Blunt Message for the Alliance

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to my ears that you plan to "pull an FDR" and go around at gunpoint collecting privately held gold and silver. I have news for you.
It was illegal military confiscation of gold and silver in 1934 --- otherwise known as grand felony theft under color of law and in breach of trust, and it will be the same theft now, should you attempt any such thing.
Furthermore, all the legal presumptions that have legalized such thefts and impositions in the past have been overturned.
Our State Assemblies, which are the only organizations with standing to address this matter, have declared and issued a peace treaty, ending the American Civil War.
You can no longer rely on the presumption of war and emergency as a cover for your actions, and neither can any other group.
So the entire playing field has changed. It's peacetime. This is no longer a battlefield and you are no longer free to wage war "in our names".
Having imposed upon Mr. P to hand over the account codes, you are amazed that you still can't access the accounts. There is a simple reason for that. Those accounts belong to us, the Americans, your Employers. You don't have and can never access the rest of the information required.
We can access those accounts, and we can pay you in "gold and silver coin", but frankly, you aren't (yet) behaving in a way that would encourage that commitment on our part.
First, talk to us, the only ones with standing to act as your Employers. That is a requirement of the job.
Second, come to us when you need money for your operations. That's another part of the quid pro quo of doing work and getting paid for it. Don't even think about trying to rob the populace under color of law.
It might have worked in the 1930's. It's not going to work now.
Third, pay attention to what your job really is --- and that is, to protect the American people and their assets. Period.
At the present moment, approximately half of the population has received an injection of graphene oxide-polyethylene glycol, which is the same substance used to violently suppress the immune systems of organ transplant recipients.
As a result, the victims will be extraordinarily susceptible to infections of all kinds and many will die.
We have already (and long ago) pointed out that the Enemies of all Mankind make their money by borrowing a lot of money, and when it comes time to pay off, they kill their Priority Creditors.
This is simply the means by which they hope to kill off their creditors and blame it on an invisible germ that is merely presumed to exist.
And now, they are demanding that the United States Armed Forces all submit to this "voluntary" protocol.
It has, as we say, come push to shove. The Armed Forces have stood silent with their hands in our pockets and their thumbs up their rumps while the people of this country have been victimized, but now, it's your turn. You have become targets, too.
If you don't want your immune systems compromised and the Armed Forces of this country laid waste without firing a shot, it's time you got your heads screwed on and come talk to us.

We are the only ones left minding the store, so we are the only ones with the keys. Go figure.


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  1. Drop the mic! Boom! hahahah Love it and it's about time. Thank you Father Anu, Yeshua ben Joeseph, and the holy spirit! Praise and GLORY to you with much love lOVE LOVE!

  2. .
    ""Our State Assemblies, which are the only organizations with standing to address this matter""

    Where is the authority and enforcement to do this --

    Regulations in or on the federal requester; or where can we find the Facts and truth ?

    1. yes, and pertaining to:
      "Our State Assemblies, which are the only organizations with standing to address this matter, have declared and issued a peace treaty, ending the American Civil War."


      how many times has avr published that there WAS no Declaration of War ever declared? and that there was no Civil War (just as there isnt NOW) it was a "commercial mercenary conflict"?

      what kind of standing does it take then to issue a peace treaty when no war was ever declared?

    2. This woman is clinically insane. She is up and down dark then light.. She'stumbles and can't even remember her own words statements- that are published no less. All this as she keeps rambling on using others research that is true when she needs to sound brilliant enough in order to sneak in a dirty bomb / Lie aimed to advance her obvious bad agenda.

      All backfiring on her now, proving she is in deep dark zone existing inside a bubble she cannot burst out of at this late stage in the game. So she has to keep believing her lies. She cannot keep up with her own story!

      Now she says " THEY" Must come to her for the money and the Gold is hers and they cant steal it.
      Fast forward to how she's just playing along with their instruction manual in order to pull of " THEIR" Next Move/ Their next Heist. These Law Breakers are creating an illusion , an urgency, so all the sheep will Miss out on whats really taking place here.

      The Military are Key players and are being made the villains with intention.. After all, they did pledge their life unto death to a satanic Corporation , most believed was to serve and protect their country. They signed away their Freedom. So did Anna's Assembly Titles.

      Lets make the military look like victims shoot them up with poison vaccine. Anna's not that good at what she is trying to pull off with her shallow rolling intelligence level.
      Shoot anybody can read a script.

      And just to be clear, I am an American and She is not authorized to represent me and the majority of Americans.

      Anybody can open up a Government, many have globally, all fighting for the prize, that is the people that will give them power and profit. Modern day enslavement. The Government posing as the US in DC is also a government
      and has a lot of people believing they are the one to follow, they are real and for the people. Not true! They are only as powerful as the people have made them by buying I to their Script/ Scam. The people made them Rulers and made them very rich with gold too.
      She /Anna just thought if she forced it on Americans like DC does and elected herself their LEADER the Americans would go along. The Americans would believe t
      her made up Government is Legitimate.
      Nobody with half a brain will ever go along now that the truth can no longer hide .
      Kill off the Creditors Anna? Your a liar and a fraud and killing by misleading, for what? What's the big prize? Where is this credit at today? What Gold? You can access the accounts? What accounts? Where did these accounts come from? You can pay them in Gold? Where did the gold come from that you claim is yours?

      You tell our enemies to come to you? Come to you the self appointed Fraud FEDUCIARY that is spinning Evil and Falsitys that have created Zero results for anyone other than yourself and your evil handlers.

      You say Come to you when they need money for wars and operations ?? you mean come to your father the Anti Christ who speaks Latin and Portuguese In Rome? Oh I see what you mean

      I HOPE YOU KNOW that you have paved your own doom, and the Heavenly Courts are in session Right Now! Whatever your claiming is in session is farce.

      Your on Trial with all rest of the Actors like Pelosi the self proclaimed Priestess of a False Foreign governmnet just like the one your spinning and we know your not acting alone.

    3. Mr P- Perceiving you are most sadly mistaken in your allegations here, in deed misjudging both the facts and intent of the Federation and Anna as its honorable fiduciary. Our Peace Treaty has ended the presumed War existing since Lincoln's day, empowering military occupation of American states via incorporated Territorial (British) and Municipal (Papist) usurpation "government(s)"; now both bankrupted. Time Now for self-governance of, by and for the people/People, peacefully lawfully via State Assemblies in Session for highest Good of All! Blessings to all positively participating with good intent to regain what has been stolen and usurped both unlawfully and with evil intent to harm the people.
      We are powerful and victorious as we stand for Truth & Justice, in proper status and standing as employers wishing our employees to righteously serve us (& themselves)... FreeMom7 :)

    4. sources, including "anna" admit there was never a War declared.

      so then, who is this Peace Treaty with?

    5. FreeMom7 nice try, how much are they paying you? you are under a strong delusion. It's easy to be in this day and age. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS GET YOU TO BELIEVE BONDAGE WAS FREEDOM.
      To boots what if the peace treaty is colorfully written as a pardon for the Vatican and B crown? The Assembly Persons acquiescing by signing in America!!!!;These Assemblies claiming to be Americans are in essence Forgiving all the trespasses and tort damages ect.Allowing the Filthy frauds to walk free but not before they according to other sources sell out their Entire estates that The culprits have beefed up with life Insurence policys and the like. They won't kill you unless they can harvest you for profit first. They are reorganizing the Evil fake Government to roll out a whole new system of enslavement light years ahead of the BC fraud/Genocide and what do you know they are doing it all by consent of the lost souls. Phil Hudok had a peace treaty too called peace treaty 2020 I think. Maybe this is where Anna came up with her idea. She knocks thoes that will not serve her but not before she steals their original work and creativity to claim has her own.
      Fortunately we have eyes to see and may be able to help those who are blinded by the light.

    6. some folks can't grasp this structure. it is for thei bad luck.

    7. mr. p,
      agree: i think this team of attorneys *has* already been busily forgiving themselves and each other; stands to reason since they all took the same oath of brother- (covering)hood to cover for one another.
      and colorfully-written?, yeh... under COLOR OF LAW maybe!

      the only persons/other these newly-formed Federations/ other have authority over are their own fully-informed, intentional Members.

    8. claiming to have taken possession of vatican- created fictions named Land Trusts and Labor Bonds is the same as saying you are participating with the Vatican... otherwise, imo, youd just say, "there ARE no such lawful things as a Land Trusts or (Slave) Labor Bonds and we wont pretend with you like there is or ever was."

      the ONLY thing we should be using those things for is for:
      1. proof that trespass was committed.
      2. records to be used to try to return stolen property to the man or woman or their family that it was stolen from.
      3. record of who committed the trespass to know who we will be having a "land" trial for, using our American common law authority.

    9. Americans have a right and a responsibility to try the lawful claims brought by American man and woman who have been harmed.

      just in the last couple of days,
      there has been release of photos of what results when man dna is mixed with other dna, if true.
      now the release of audio of the abdukkted son and daughter being frightened.

      if its true, alot of these people will not want to go through a trial. they know the proof of their trespasses, if any, is overwhelming and they will just go ahead and admit it.

      so, running around excusing themselves in their own ridiculous construct wont make any difference. they still have to have a lawful trial on the land where they committed their trespasses, if any.

      and theres really no where to hide.

    10. oh and look... theyre using mikepillows symposium to broadcast to "the conservatives" their announcement that the Foreign Corps-es is wiping their "voting" machines clean!!! is *that* what this symposium is really all about?!
      i mean, who is surprised? ..
      when theyve been rolling out proof of "voter fraud" since the vote was taken. no one needed any more proof, did they, so it stands to reason that the symposium really wasnt about that.

  3. God must intervene. Man is too corrupt!

    1. But evil men and seducers shall grow worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived (II Timothy 3:13).

  4. I dont see how any of this is going to matter. Considering the new battlefield is the brain Our brain. Say hello to Dr Giordano

    1. So you're a little slow to the show. Our brain has been the battle field at least since the MK ultra / monarch programs started.

      Calling it the new battle field is like saying the communists are now trying to gain a foothold in America, when in fact they have been here since long before any of us were born.

    2. Okk, I give you that it is not a new battlefield. However to weapons are far more advanced then mk ulta or any of the 60s and 70s experiments.That stuff is childs play . I would say your a little behind the times. Its much more advanced and sophisticated then any of it may be an old battle field but the technology has advanced a bit.And the battle is over who gets to our brains first and who controls the remote. And not just our brains but changing our data in such a way that we are no long who we are.

    3. our hearts and minds have been the battlefield since the beginning of religion including the oldest in europe and the world really ,of Paganism which is ultimately satanism.

    4. Good Catch! and agree with the replies

  5. they wont be reading this site .Thats the problem Theyre too trained to comply.

  6. From Anna's article above: "At the present moment, approximately half of the population has received an injection of graphene oxide-polyethylene glycol, which is the same substance used to violently suppress the immune systems of organ transplant recipients.
    As a result, the victims will be extraordinarily susceptible to infections of all kinds and many will die.'

    After fact-checking, I surmise that Anna got these alleged facts from a viral video, an interview with a woman of unknown credentials (see While the Reuters article itself cannot be simply taken at face value, neither can the word of the woman in the YouTube video referenced. When Reuters asked her to comment, "Karen Kingston" replied (by encouraging) Reuters to ask experts how they could be certain no graphene oxide was in the vaccine, but offered no further remarks on the documentation referenced in the interview. Asking any manufacturer "how they could be sure" that one of their products did NOT contain a particular ingredient seems peculiar. It's not like asking Nabisco how they could be sure that none of their cookies contain rat droppings; the ingredients of a vaccine should be presumed to include only what the maker intended to put there.

    I have followed Anna's website for years, and acted on her recommendations to declare my lawful status to be American (rather than any form of "citizen") and have proven to myself the benefits of doing so (see my blog article at However, I'm disappointed at many of her recent postings which lack supporting references and which advocate life-threatening decisions (such as not being vaccinated against Covid-19). I see that the states with high vaccination rates are also the lowest in new cases of, and death from, Covid (and the states with the lowest vaccination rates are highest in new cases and deaths). My bottom line: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I follow the truth as best I can determine it, not "gurus" (including anyone named Anna).

    1. Anna was on the right path for a little while until she made a deal to save herself from prison. She's in the witness protection program in Alaska so is Destry Payne in Alaska.They act like they are enemies but under the same Protection and working for the exact same frauds they claim to be against
      . Weak pathetic souls.

  7. Jay Spencer
    You must be getting your info from the very sources who have lied to us all these years. The alleged Covid-19 virus has NEVER been isolated, identified, and shown to be contagious using proper established scientific method. So, there are NO cases since there is no virus. Also, the "test" being used to diagnose the cases doesn't test for the virus. It tests for a piece of nucleic acid taken from a lab. The pieces of nucleic acid being tested for in the "tests" also occur in over 90 different places in the human body as well as over 90 different microbes that live in and on our bodies. The CDC is discontinuing the "test" as of 12/31/2021 and advising doctors and labs to use a different test that will differentiate between Covid-19 and seasonal influenza. The implication being that the present "test" doesn't. The CDC and FDA and over 40 similar governmental agencies throughout the world have been asked to furnish the isolated, identified, characterized and shown to be contagious Covid-19 virus that has been isolated from a sample from a patient with symptoms and diagnosed with Covid-19 that the sample has not been mixed with anything else like a cell culture. That, by the way, is the definition of isolation. THEY ALL GAVE THE SAME RESPONSE. WE CAN NOT FURNISH THAT INFORMATION. It doesn't exist!! All of the virologists who claim to have isolated the virus did not isolate it from a sample of a patient. They mixed the sample with a cell culture and claim that the vessicles/exosomes being given off by the cells are the virus. NOT SCIENTIFIC. SCIENTIFIC FRAUD!! The virus was not isolated from the sample before it was added to the cell culture. I am a retired medical professional who has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours studying this entire virus spectacle/scam since December 2019. I have been very disappointed in the medical profession and have had a paradigm shift from germ theory of illness to terrain theory. Try reading the Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon-Morell

  8. Where are you getting your knowledge. Not the CDC they don’t know how to report COVID-19. Citation is a book over 2 years old. Sincerely searching