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Thursday, August 12, 2021

The CAFR Swindle - The Biggest Game In Town


  1. yeh, my first thought was "that is old news; that came out *years* ago."

    look at what theyre trying to do people!!
    pysops? distractions.
    to make you feel hopeless.
    operation gladio?

    stay strong-minded.
    dont waver.
    you already know whats true!:
    men intentionally did trespass on us, caused us grave harm, and made false claims on our God-gifted property.


    thats what happened!
    dont forget it.

    the rest is for distraction to get your focus off what theyve done!!

    take your mind for *yourself* and your own use and your own good!!

  2. Yes, look here! Not over there.. They spout evil-doings because they feel it draws the most attention and sucks the most energy.
    Fill the info-airwaves with distractions, offer complicated solutions, because it could never be as simple as pointing out to them what they have done to you, right? If you refuse to use the bad that has been given to you, then what does evil have left as their weapons.

  3. The Australian experience (And for the other commenter: Walter's videos are grainy old ones that are not so gorgeous to look at, but yes, he busted the CAFR originally, and has the website to prove it) which is from our federal government's corporate registry:

    I just remembered about this one, the Entity Type List,
    which comes from the federal government's corporate registry, as in:

    An example of the Entity Type List is in the link.
    The question is: how much is in all these Trust and cash management accounts:


    Entity types | ABN Lookup

    Entity types | ABN Lookup
    Provides access to the publicly available information provided by businesses when they register for an Australia...