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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Here in This Late Hour

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone needs to remember and heed and understand something I told them months ago: President Trump remains as the Commander-in-Chief for almost a year after any election.  Technically, he doesn’t leave that Office until September of 2021.

This is to ensure continuity of government and to give the new President time to get up to speed.  It is also a fail safe mechanism against the sort of thing we have just seen happen during the last election cycle.

If an election is stolen or forced or otherwise left in doubt or dishonor, President Trump has the means to declare an interim government and new elections and it looks to me like that is the circumstance.

If so Mr. Trump has only a few days left to take action to remove Biden and show cause for the action. 

I am presuming that there will be a series of public announcements and revelations and that the military will be deployed to assist in the process of educating the populace both about this little known overlap of authority during the first year of every new Administration, and about the evidence that foreign governments interfered with the foreign elections of the District

That is, these foreign corporations have been interfering in their own elections—-one against the other, and all of which have nothing to do with us, though many people assume that we are in the dog fight taking place between the British Territorial and Municipal Government.

These same people assume that they are subject to mask mandates and forced vaccination programs, lockdowns, and other privations and impositions, when in fact we are not. 

All we have to say is, sorry, I’m allergic, and your corporate elections are your own business. Bye.

In times past these corporations have been able to get away with outrageous things based on the presumption that, well, the Civil War was never “officially” ended, so we have an excuse to presume that this entire country is a battlefield and act accordingly.

But this year we woke up and those with the declared political standing to do so, issued an official Peace Treaty formally ending the American Civil War as of 1 August 2021.

This removes the presumption that we are at war, and everything that goes with that presumption. 

So stand back and enjoy the show. And don’t take any wooden nickels or sign any paperwork with an unrestricted signature. Always use a by-line and/or a private copyright notice (small c in a circle) or the words “without prejudice” or “all rights reserved” or similar terms.


I hear that they are discharging your bonds — taking 80% for themselves and to pay their debts, leaving you 20% which they then also claim to have a right to control and proceed to tell you how much of your money you can access, when, and how, etc.—— when in fact they have no such authority.

Imagine someone taking $10 out of your pocket, and giving you back fifty cents.

This is the big “RV” they are offering you.

Just say, “No” and vote with your feet.

And notice also that their fancy Rainbow Notes are still promissory notes, still private military script, and still predicated on a debt-based legal tender system that you ultimately are enslaved to pay for.

Again, say no, we are not deceived.


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  1. my comment just got wiped out and pauls website got shut down
    i was suddenly sitting out on googggleland.

  2. what i was saying is:

    just like ive been saying it looks like all those sealed indictments have possibly all been discharged and thats why were seeing only token arrests and perpwalks... guessing: they open the indictment, get 'charged', they plead guilty, and then use bonds to setoff the charges; or the pro se cutter just discharges the debtcrime; or worse yet, they probably already have protection from even being charged in the first place... using something called/or similar to diplomatic immunity.
    i actually think anyone who has the money can buy it.
    however, that is to only cover manmade "laws": statutes, codes, ordinances.
    it was never to cover HARM DONE TO MAN OR WOMAN... no one is exempt from American common law: that is: causing harm to a man or his property.
    of course, its not too likely that theyve honored that in the past.
    "anna" disclosed that Municipal U S INC "discharged" all their own debts Nov 5, 2020.

    now "anna" is disclosing:
    "I hear that they are discharging your bonds — ..."

    i take that to mean they are discharging THEIR debts (fictions) held in bonds (fictions) THAT THEY OWE TO ME.

    well, they can scribble and stamp and sign all they want, but they still owe me.

    they can play dressup in their costumes and discharge their fictions with a bibbitybobbityboo to their hearts content and pretend like what they owe me isnt there anymore, but it still is and they still owe it.

    they still owe me.
    they still owe me.
    did i say they still owe me? oh yeh, i already did. :)
    and they DO!
    still owe me i mean. :):)
    also "anna" is indicating in another article that theyre saying:
    the social security number isnt yours
    the birth certif isnt yours
    the accounts arent yours, and so forth.

    yes, that may be true.

    My life and
    the fruit of my labor and body is my property...
    ...that is what theyve used, without my knowledge or intent as the CONTENTS of their construct and is what gives their construct its:
    COMMERCIAL ENERGY in the Markets.
    i strongly suspect that is one big reason why the borders are wide open.
    but the contents and all derived from the contents belongs to me.

    you can see exactly what im saying by even looking at the last paragraph here of "annas" article:
    "...their fancy Rainbow Notes are ...promissory notes, ...private military script, still ...debt-based legal tender system that you ultimately are enslaved to pay for."

    your lifes "value" (fiction) is what they (slave-)trade ... along with the "value" of your portion of the land you were natural born upon.

    this new world order they talk about is just an old world slave trading system, repackaged... like they repackage themselves.

  3. "I hear that they are discharging your bonds — taking 80% for themselves and to pay their debts, leaving you 20% which they then also claim to have a right to control and proceed to tell you how much of your money you can access, when, and how, etc.—— when in fact they have no such authority."

    Wait a minute. A couple of weeks ago you said on your webinar that people in the assembly are "stupid enough" to want all of their credit at once and that you won't allow them to have that. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? I know I can't spend all of the money/credit I'm owed all at once, but I have acute needs such as a home, since mine was stolen by the bankers 2 years ago and I now pay a huge amount in monthly rent, which doesn't seem to be covered by the vendor cards. Why does "the assembly" get to decide what amount will be doled out to me and to others without any discussion or vote?

    1. not so fast -- (luv it!) :)

      "anna" also just wrote this in the above article too:

      "[taking 80% for themselves and to pay their debts, leaving you 20%]:
      *****...which they then also claim to have a right to control and proceed to tell you how much of your money you can access, when, and how, etc....******

      well, isnt that what "anna" is doing?!!

      and "she" also called ya'll in "her" Federated Assembly ***"stupid ***(enough)"?????

      see now why our ancestors said NO TO A FEDERATION??!
      no vote.
      no say.
      no rights.

      Americans' true government system is a CONFEDERATION for very good reason.