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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Not Our President

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I got a copy of a video entitled "This is what Biden did to our family in one month...." in which a tearful young Mother reported the increase in the cost of insulin that her family pays for her young son. This is what Biden did to our family in one month.... - YouTube
Under Trump the insulin was $60 a month. Now, she has to pay over $300 per month. And without a coupon from the company itself, it would be $500 per month for non-negotiable life-saving medicine that she needs for her son.
And you all voted for this?
No. No, dear, we didn't vote for it. That's just the point. With or without any election fraud.
Many of us didn't vote at all, because we were disenfranchised many decades ago, and can't vote in the private share-holder elections that result in the US, INC. choosing a new CEO.
That's right, Joe Biden is just a "President" of a commercial corporation, like the President of General Motors or the President of IBM. Joe Biden's corporation is in the business of providing essential government services, but it is still just a corporation ---- and it's a foreign corporation at that, like Target, Inc., or Mitsubishi, Inc.
We've been employing these same jokers to provide the same services since The War of Independence, but over the years, they've morphed into a crime syndicate. Their own employees and shareholders are the only ones with direct oversight and those constituents only speak once every four years.
So, "the rest of us" , the actual Employers, got motivated and called the actual State Assemblies into Session. This has several immediate impacts.
First, we deny these foreign "service" corporations any Public Trust Interest. Second, we start talking turkey with the foreign governments that are actually responsible for the bad behavior of these organizations. Third, we deny them the ability to assume a continuing contract after bankruptcy.
That's where things stand right now.
Joe Biden isn't our President. He's the President of a foreign governmental services corporation, and he doesn't have a contract.
The actual American public office is: The President of The United States of America.
We haven't had one of those since the Civil War, but we are working on it.
Meantime, if you are fed up with the DC Circus, you can actually do something about it. Vote with your feet.
Declare your birthright political status as an American, record it, and join your State Assembly. Go to: to find your Coordinators and Recording Secretaries.

Yes, dear heart, there is an answer to this problem, and we don't have to wait another four years for the Federal Civil Service to vote on it, either.


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  1. Debra Travaris @stop the crime net
    Says it “what we have are foreign for profit corporations that calls themselves government “.

  2. .
    What happened in 1860 -61

    Do we have a lawfully seated CONgress

    What happened in 1871

    Are we the enemy of the state

    What happened in 1917

    Then why are these people still in power ..................

    1. .
      Yea -- forgot 1913 with debt money people think is real and love to be taxed on it.................

    2. .
      One answer

      the people think they vote for their controllers that are called representatives

      but forgetting that the 17th amendment was not enacted lawfully - Is that correct?

      What about the changes in the CONstitution after 1791 by changing two words which ties into the 13th amendment?

      Is that why we have 70% of the representatives in CONgress’s [nationwide] are attorneys?????

    3. The first 10 articles of the Bill of Rights are for The Republic. The rest of the [amendments] in the corporate constitution are for U.S. Citizens. Inherent Rights don't follow you into LEGAL FICTIONLAND. Learn to come home Dorothy! Read the Book, "U.S.A. The Republic, the House that no one lives in"....67 pages

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator


      nobody knows...............

  3. Declare your birthright political status as an American, record it, and join your State Assembly. Go to: to find your Coordinators and Recording Secretaries.
    Yes, dear heart, there is an answer to this problem, and we don't have to wait another four years for the Federal Civil Service to vote on it, either.

    So filing the paper work and ?:
    Insulin goes down in price? Food is reasonable? Fuel is affordable? Our very souls are now changed and all is well upon the ground we now occupy? Russia and china go their way? Poverty is ended? Justice is done? So be it! Anna and the great William Belcher have done their duty and the blood line continues?
    The Gold is ours and the U.S. Navy and military will never attack Anna with an earth quake again!!!!
    Yes, i am angered, but this is righteous anger and i am not amused! Can not believe people believe and eat this stuff up!

    1. A lot changes when you drive your own car and are not subject to the whims of gangsters. Yes, we can dispense with many evils—- not all, but many. Or would you rather just sit on your butt and whine?

      We have already come a long way toward analyzing and correcting these problems— and what I can’t believe are all you angry people who can’t focus that anger into any useful or helpful action.

      Too many just sit and gripe and gripe some more when there is SO much work to be done. Of all the reactions to this situation there are, grinding your teeth and feeling self-righteous has to be the least productive one.

      So boot yourself in the butt, please, and look around to see where you could do something to help?

    2. Right on Anna! Most of us here appreciate all your work and are willing to help set ourselves free. Just complaining and putting others down as they fight to free us, is not going make things any better. I am so thankful to know all I have learned and am continuing to learn, from you!

    3. .
      there is no pharmaceutical or medicine/drug that can cure stupid only, willfully ignorant

  4. While I certainly have empathy for your situation of your medicine being unaffordable perhaps you can see the blessing in it and turn it around in your son's favor. Diabetes is a healable through diet condition. An example is a few years back David Wolfe (a nutritional and health advocate) worked with diabetic people using raw, live and organic food and got people off of diabetic medications in as little as 30 days. I say "Let food be thy Medicine" and cut big Pharma and Joe Biden off from their easy money at your expense !!!! Fresh fruits and vegetables = eating a rainbow every day !!

  5. Danny is right = All "medicine is poison" and don't get me started with their "vaccines'

  6. Fast carbohydrates: rice cakes , potatoes without peel pop corn . Will not only burn out your pancreas trying to cope with trying to produce your own insulin.
    But insulin is a storage hormone that make you store away excessive carbs into fat .
    That not bad enough it triggers bad hormones that shorten your life drastically you know when your good hormones are dominating as your hair fingernails grows good and fast .unrefined,complex carbs , balance of protein .
    To add top notch veins us what heart doc Schmitt refers to as root a rooter full complex c that is bioflavonoids buck leaf or rose hips and nothing sweet at all .
    Your cells have one mouth or receptor it prefers sugar to its detriment it need full c to repair all cells especially your veins.
    So cut even lactose it just sugar .
    Surprise raw organic veggies are the greatest fuel for our biological machine.

    1. Raw organic fruit is our species specific fuel. Veggies are to hard to digest.

    2. Good way to go futose is best form of sugars as it don’t trigger insulin and all the nutrients.
      I’m an old model t that don’t like premium.

  7. Yes voting is for the indoctrinated fools.
    The electoral college picks the CEO of this insolvent corporation.
    Citizens on the ship of fools