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Saturday, May 1, 2021

A Non-Person. Yes, That's Right.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, Robert David Steele wrote to us about how he is "smashing Anna" with his new video and saying, "Anna is a non-person." And he will never speak to me again.
Looks like he finally figured out what I was trying to tell him for two years running.
He finally got it. I am a non-person.
No office of personhood related to the US, INC. or USA, Inc. for me.
I accept acting as an unincorporated Lawful Person, but otherwise, no thanks.
Personhood isn't for me. I like saying what I mean and meaning what I say. I like the truth come what may. I actually prefer what is actual and factual and dislike legal fictions to the bone.
I don't like cloak and dagger, either. Never have. And I don't believe in secrecy, because I know that just on the other side of the veil, absolutely everything is known anyway. Might as well let it all hang out, because God isn't deceived.
You can't build your own credibility by lying about anything --- or anybody. Life doesn't work that way. And forget about secret agendas.
We are going back to work and doing our job to self-govern our own country, and that is all there is to it.
No need for movie footage, music, and special effects. We were here before Hollywood and we'll be here afterward, too. If the Actors Union doesn't figure out who pays the bills, that time will be coming sooner than later.
So, here I am, one of the people of this country. Not a person.
And Robert David Steele finally got that straight.

I am mildly encouraged.


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  1. Persona a masquerade mask throw back to Rome in court you couldn’t address the court except in a fake character.or a mouthpiece.

  2. I just unsubscribe to his bitchute channel

  3. Way to Go, Anna!!! Proud of You!!! Happy May Day, Saints!!! 🌺

  4. I found this to be of some interest

    I went looking for this unincorporate Lawful Person and this definition sure sounds like if you formed an unincorporated entity that it is a person and those who are gathered under the one who formed it are also persons????????

    Check it out

    And I might add that we get this all the time that we own it all

    Funny one of their televised commercials is we want it all and we want it now

    I find it also funny that somehow these crooks can steal from the treasury and gain vast fortunes and yet it is worthless to the rest of us, it is debt???

    And I'm telling you right now with everything that Anna claims to know you would think that she would do her research on Robert David Steele and Sasha Stone but somehow that escaped her?

    Many have said up front on this blog he was an agent he is directly linked with the UN plan and open source of everything which is why the pricks could roll out the technocratic tyranny at this precise time along with BLOCKCHAIN and a global reset?

    Ever heard the term controlled opposition?
    They openly confront and bicker back and forth and yet they all work for the same team?

    An agent would take control of the newly unincorporated entity and pass it off as selling you your freedom and promising a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that we own it all and we are going to take them down when in reality behind the scenes the entity who claims to own it all is who the real culprits were to begin with???


    Correcting your status ensures you will be enrolled in the new plan

    1. Same thing with these folks here
      They enrolling folks directly with NAC codes all linked to the UN and human rights and publishes the 7 NOAHIDE laws and claims to own all the land and they two publish shit about Anna and Anna published shit about them and on and on it goes

      Meanwhile the brainwashed from the last few decades are marching with Greta to SAVE THE EARTH and their UN AGENDA MOVES FORWARD AT BREAK NECK SPEED
      Like Santos and Sasha Stone the live in a tent and sing fa la la la la la la la la
      Meanwhile they all work for the crooks

      Their fake ass ITNJ their international tribunal for natural justice bullshit

      Same thing with the international court of justice

    2. Shelby,
      If I recall correctly, TROH or one of the other ones, domeciled itself in Israel... I think it was given a tiny piece of land to operate out of.

    3. Thanks for the facts about the unincorporated Lawful Person...

      They have so many cross-overs and double-backs inserted in that it's hard to keep track of. On purpose.

    4. Yes, and as to most of the men and women who have certain types of channels and websites, yes, I think they're about ready to do the big reveal, if any, and disclose that they have been Acting As a Team??... (geeeeewhiz, we never even *suspected* a thing like that might go on! Coughcough!eyeroll) ...THEIR Reset seems to be coming to a conclusion.

      Like that Christopher James indicated he had been working with "anna" for 7 years or something or other like that.
      But I don't recall her ever mentioning him before.

      Were they supposed to be Acting like separate little Renegades from the System?! Out there on their own, endangering themselves and without any support except your donations?

      Surely no one would dupe the American people like that.

      But if something like that WAS to happen, all I've got to say is "It's a Damn good thing the actual living American men and women living peacefully and lawfully under authority of our own lawful Declaration of Independence are protected", and that we the actual NOT FICTION men and women are not under authority of THEIR CORPORATIONS' OWN CONSTITUTION that they might be under, ... BY being under contract!!? I'm suspecting that may be how it's going to end up.

      WHEW!! Thank you creator that The actual living American people (not People) are declared "publicly"/ other to be under your laws and the laws of nature that you created!

      Because it looks to me like the contracted U. S. CITIZENS could actually be made to stand for the CORPORATIONS debts. Hmmmm. Guess we'll see.

    5. As I have told you all many times now there are no living people in international or global jurisdiction. Therefore to engage in international trade or global commerce either one, you HAVE to act as a “person”. But you have a choice— to act as a Lawful Person and stand under the Public Law or as a Legal Person and stand under private corporate “law”.

      While our actual government was not in Session and presumed to be “in interregnum” we could not stand under the Public Law of this country. Now, thanks to our properly defined Assemblies, we can.

      What we are doing is not a Private Membership Association and anyone who cant’t tell the difference between a Public Government and a PMA needs to study a good deal more than “legal” definitions—- and become aware of the lawful definitions as well.

      Many of you are causing yourselves and others a lot of unnecessary confusion due to assumptions like these above.

      Look up “Lawful Person” in lawful source literature and you will see what I am talking about is nothing more or less than your Proper Name.

      So go educate yourselves some more, and in the meantime, you can stop trying to mislead and scare people and get off of my page.

    6. word-parsing can be used as a distraction for sure.

      but more important are the big questions like why have you included TWO Cancellations of All Powers/Prior Powers of Attorney in the "928" packet of forms you've made up, made available for free, and encouraged American men and women to fill out and pay to have recorded?

      in addition, its another actual ethical issue that you are directing people into essentially lying ... saying they are responsible or a least complicit in some way with something horrible and intentional that someone(s) did TO them and that they knew nothing about, that is: telling people to record they are "coming home" when its a lie-- they never went anywhere. someone(s) just lied to others and said we did for the purpose of taking our property from us and you know that as well as the rest of the world knows it.

      we're not going to lie.
      forget about it.
      its "off the table".

      its also completely unprincipled among lawful and peaceful people such as true Americans to suggest that we go along with you and robert david steele and sasha stone / others wanting to give men and women who pre-planned losses and injuries even unto de@th upon other men and women, give them "amnesty"!

      We. Will. Not.!!!
      absolutely NOT!
      We will not take part in all these trespasses and wrong doing that's been done to peaceful and lawful men and women, our cousins, here or anywhere else in the world.

      they did the wrong -doing.
      on purpose.
      tell them to get upon their own two feet and stand for what theyve done.

      we true Americans will not back them.
      we will not excuse them.
      we will not assist them.
      we will not consent to joining them.
      we will not lie for them.

    7. however the glut of "cognitatively dissonant" / conflicting information/ propaganda that weve had dumped on us isn't confusing us anymore and the bickering over words/word- parsing has lost steam too.

      we are just looking for whats true and so we can get rid of what isnt.

    8. as far as us going and educating ourselves some more:

      maybe we dont need to.

      maybe you should stop telling other people what to do, too...
      were waiting for you to step up and answer our questions about what you are doing and by what authority and so forth.

      and were smart enough to not get involved in lying. especially to then go record it. especially with two Canc if PoAs attached.


      answer the questions.

    9. Yes "Shelby" you are correct if a man creates and unincorporated entity, like a Private Trust, "IT" is a lawful person from Original jurisdiction, but still am artificial Person. The Point here and what is missing: What does God create with the spark of life in the coming together of the Ovam and the Sperm? A brand new living being in their image. Can you find the definition of "Living Being" in a law dictionary? This new life isn't artificial in any way. Man can not create this being of higher consciousness. The Body itself is Land. Men create "Persons" or they can choose to function in a lawful Capacity or put on the OFFICE of PERSON and go play in LEGAL FICTIONLAND. When I learned the definition of "Person" I stopped using the word altogether. The only time a living being is just a Person is when the spirit leaves and the Natural Person "Corpse" goes back to the land.

      What is the Big F*****g deal about having 2 Cancellations of all Prior Powers of Attorney in the 928 Documents? For Anyone who has been following along for any amount of time knows the "Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-conveyance" which most definitely makes that Declaration within, Anna Explained at least a year earlier. Then came a specific Template called "Cancellation of all Prior Powers of Attorney". I have made this powerful declaration within many documents, so what. Are we only allowed to declare something once? How ridiculous is that????? In FICTIONLAND you have to say things at least 3 times on paper before you are taken seriously. My Fee Schedule makes the same declaration, as does my Private Security Agreement and the first Affidavit of Truth which has been updated several times. I make this declaration within the administrative process documents just to make sure they know they don't have the right to put my Name on any of their documents without my consent. You can look up all my documents at Sussex County Delaware. Anna isn't telling anyone what to do. Suggesting to get more education isn't an Order. If we aren't learning we are just existing. If you, who ever you are, don't like the process why are you still here? No one is forced to do anything. You have just as much right to start your own lawful society as anyone else. Tearing down Anna, tears down each of us who are working to repopulate our lawful government. Unless you have the mindset to crawl up out of the restrictive box of LEGAL FICTIONLAND, pull out the Ladder, stop playing PERSON and actually feel reality, who you are and where you stand you will never take your power back.

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

  5. Your way over his head Anna. Robert David Steele is a bit bizarre and you make his head hurt. It might take several years to get your message through that last 1/16 inch of his skull.

    1. it looks like they (steele and anna) are both calling for amnesty for the men and women who have caused harm upon so many though.

      am i wrong about that?

      i would hear their explanations and see their proofs for why i could be wrong about that and will humbly and sincerely apologize if im found to be incorrect on that.

  6. .
    The sheeple are not in control of their lives, why?





    EGO = edging God out

    No back bone [as 1776] as no one pays attention to being open minded – see answers above

  7. Anna, you can tout how you're a "non-person" and I told you so, but none of that matters. We are dealing with criminals at the highest levels. You can have your paperwork with your "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed and recorded. They dont' give a rip about paperwork!!! They're criminals!!! You need to get real. History shows us, criminals ONLY recognize force. Yesterday ANTIFA/BLM marched and looted and burned while carrying posters of Marx, Stalin, and Lennin. We are in deep s**t and we need to be working with our communities organizing for when this escalates in our communities, and it will. We need to come together at the local level and begin organizing protection, food, and potable water. From there, organizing talents, medical professionals, law enforcement, retired military, ect. No one is coming to save us, nor is magic paperwork going to save us. We will either get the job done or be erased from the face of the earth.

    Tout all you want about your "non-person" and how you're right, when ANTIFA/BLM come to burn down and loot, the people being affected, will not give a hoot about whether you're right.

    1. What do you think the state assemblies are for?

    2. Exactly. The “force”— as in power of enforcement is via the Assemblies. Our States are the Parties to the Constitutions and the only entities that can enforce the Constitutions against the Queen and Westminster and the Holy See.

      And we are successfully day by day and week by week bringing the power of our International Treaties and Public Law to bear on them.

      You all have one (1) peaceful and lawful choice— join your State Assemblies and help force the octopus back into its cage or be strangled.

    3. Looks like evidence to the truthfulness of the saying that history always repeats itself but as a farce????

    4. right now the Public Law "anna" advocates seems to have included Noahide Law in the 1990s under Bush Sr.s term:

      Noahide Law is claimed to be a Jewish Law that advocates for k1lling christians and other religious peoples.

      why is anna trying to put people under Public Law anyway?

      can a free union of free men and women be put under someone else's religious law by the creators of that religious law?

      No. They can't be.

    5. You're living in La-La land folks. We have thousands of unvetted aliens pouring over our borders daily. Many are CCP operatives. When triggered they will begin attacking innocent people and furthering the destabilization of our country. Most of what poses as government officials are compromised by the CCP. We are in a war. You need to get real and get your heads around this. The enemy doesn't give a rip about paperwork and whether you're living on the soil and land. They want you dead! Wake up! If you were dealing with honorable people, you wouldn't have to correct your status. They aren't going to slap their wrist on their foreheads and say, "Oh no, you got us!". They're coming to take everything from you and kill a great majority of people. Let's stop worrying about pushing paper around like it's an impenetrable shield. I'll assure you that when they are rounding people up and you flash your paperwork at them, they'll have a special place for you. Now is the time to act. Form neighborhood groups. Know who's awake. We don't have a lot time.

  8. Thank you Anna for calling out the shills. DJT, Dr McKinney, Gen. Mike Flynn, Sheriff Mac, RDS, and associated "Patriots" don't get it, possibly on purpose. Are they miss guided, or bought and paid for shills, if you look at their track record, it becomes obvious.
    A true American patriot would encourages everyone who qualifies to correct their political status on the land and soil and to join their state assembly. None of the aforementioned folks are doing this, possibly out of ignorance, but most likely on purpose.

  9. The unincorporated "persons" discussed at § 801.50 fall under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 16 - Commercial Practices.

    Those Title 16 "persons" involved in commercial practices are subject to Federal Regulations. Why would anyone conflate the unincorporated Lawful Person that Anna discusses with a federally regulated person? Can you not understand that there is a difference or do you know and are attempting to confuse others that are trying to grasp these concepts?

    Ironic that some are using "controlled opposition" language here... makes you wonder.

    1. Because we are not talking about Legal Persons defined by Federal Code. 90% of all Federal Code does NOT apply to us!!!!!!!

      I get so damned sick and tired of trying to wake people up and have them come back with comments like this.

      We are talking about Lawful Persons which are also unincorporated but which stand under Public Law not private statute!!!!!

      How MANY times do I have to say this?

      The only Federal Codes that apply to us in any way at all are the approximately 8% of those actions recorded (note that word?) on the Federal Record — not the Federal Register.

      So here you are talking off-topic and getting everyone confused —yet again— by citing Federal Code that applies to Legal Persons when the rest of us are talking about Lawful Persons.

      Please repeat after me: if it is not published on the Federal Record, it’s talking about entities and stuff that does not apply to me.

      And over 90% of Federal Code has nothing whatsoever to do with me. Period. The vast bulk of the Federal Code is addressed to Federal Employees and Federal Corporations and Federal Operations and has nothing to do with us or our States of the Union.

    2. the Public Law you're advocating INCLUDES private religious law called Noahide Law... since around 1990.
      Public Law is US Territorial Law.
      isnt that why the private religious Noahide Law can be included in your Public Law?... because your Public Law being US Territorial legislated law is actually, whether in incorporated format or un- incorporated format, private law itself??!!??!!.... so itself being private legislated law, it can also include whatever other forms of private law it wants to, Noahide Law just for an example?

  10. It is interesting that these May 1, 2021 posts by Anna were nevertheless reposted on

    1. Why is that “interesting”? They pick up all sorts of info from all sorts of sources?

  11. Anna, I stopped listening to the Q/patriot narrative long ago. All it's done is make people sit on their hands and not take any action, waiting for DT to take care of them. All these so called "patriots" are doing podcasts, selling books and seminars and taking advantage of the horrible situation. Feeding their hopium addiction. people will not listen to the fact that there's a disinformation program running on both sides. We've been played by both sides politically for so long that people can no longer decipher truth from fiction. I can literally show people documentation concerning what the hell is happening right before their faces and they deny it. I broke my hopium addiction. Every person in this country needs a 12 step program.

  12. yes, this is all good stuff.

    all you have to do to avoid the bait and switch is:

    reject "the lord" unless you are actually jewish (galatians is new test)

    reject any "father in heaven" who is "not a christian" (avoids denying trinity -> straight to hell, the one unpardonable sin)

    reject isiah/ezekiel/revelation kabbalah zionism, these are neither old nor new test. if you want kabbalah, hit the zohar directly rather than the disguised/veiled "bible" version for "idiots"

    all the lawful person stuff is fine, just avoid the poison that has been mercuried in with it.

    reject all the extra-biblical extra-old test extra-new test zionism/kabbalah "persons" like "joshua" and "father in heaven" and "the most high" and everything is good.
    a disinformation program running on both sides
    none of that matters, and itself is disinformation.

    new test is light only, no darkness.

    "the lord" creates light and darkness, like saturn/time, aka "luciferianism". this is "eastern" like tao, nothing is true, nothing is false, duality, seasonal.

    "both sides" is just tao/alchemy/masonry/luciferianism. itself is a disinformation campaign -- for any actual old test or new test.

    with eastern religions this dualism is not only allowed, is normal and perhaps mandated; for western civilization it is the devil.

    and, you will note, zionist "father in heaven" and "joshua" and "the most high" doesn't openly do "dualism", at least pretends and attempts to put up a smokescreen/mirage of only being one-sided. has to masquerade as the "western" type

    the kabbalah has to be slipped in ezekiels/revelations "revolving wheels" for "westerners" and bible people, as religions inside of other religions, "secret books" as jewish encyclopedia "cabalah" calls them

    all is well, so long as you provide remedy to avoid the kabbalah poison that is slipped in

    reject any presumptions of abandoning new test or old or (if you don't like either) of ever accepting them in the first place

    where there is a right there is a remedy. both old test and new test cannot be banned without consent. the zionists/isiah/ezekiel/revelation people have zero authority or consent from actual jews/old test or new test to do so.

    nor do they have any consent from kabbalists/occultists/tao/alchemists/etc. to merge with "bible" stuff.

    as long as you reject all the presumptions about abandoning god for the devil and his worldly kingdom, then there is no problem.

    i suppose you can accept the devil's offers as "gifts" with no presumptions of change of god(s) attached. sounds good.

    win-win-win-win-win except for unelected "bishops" who want to manage everyone else and do a bogus state religion.

    "you're fired" is a good slogan for the fake priests lol

    1. when someone comes around with a geneva bible (or kjv, or any for that matter) or "the most high" or "joshua" or 'yahweh' or "the lord" (for new test or old, there are multiple variants now, the kabbalah version and the non-kabbalah version for old) you can basically just "accept for value" as a gift without any presumptions attached.

      then, you don't get sucked into apocalypse, and the books remain balanced as it were

      accept for value, don't create any joinder with the devil, all is well. accept "joshua" and the kabbalized version of "the lord" as a gift with no presumptions.

      for actual kabbalists/alchemists/tao/etc. just accept the "bible stories" for value, with no presumptions of change of god/etc.

      you basically just have to separate the pure from the impure, accept the gifts without the poison.

      if the devil is doing alchemy, then reverse-alchemy is the remedy. the devil is doing dissolve and coagulate (break apart, then rebuild, at the "coagulate/merge" stage nowadays) so either reject the "new" coagulation, or reject the "separation" breaking apart in the first place.

      separate actual old test, actual new test, actual kabbalah/alchemy/tao/etc. from the apocalypse/zionist/isiah/ezekiel fakes.

      you can pretty much ignore whatever names things masquerade as, as that is a maxim. the names do not matter if the substance/body is certain.

      in a perfect world, there would only be one "the lord" and one new test christ, and one alchemy, and one kabbalah, so the names do matter in that sense, and very much matter for purposes of dogma, but the right mask/name is still no certainty if the content is all poison.

      for new test that is basically the purpose of "our lady" to kick down these fake mercury characters. nowadays jesuits have our lady of america with all-seeing eye on her breast. so that of course has been mercuried too (all for apocalypse/revelation, to attempt to "merge" with the religions inside religions of the "bible").

      (amongst many more other fakes)

      again, you can accept "our lady of america" for value, and reject the poison portions, just reject the apocalypse/zionism /all-seeing eye stuff mixed in, and stick with new test instead of hell on earth.

      or, stick with wisdom/solomon for old test, or stick with masonic father in heaven, reject the "merger" with joshua, etc.

      as long as you separate off the devil's presumptions and poison that is attached, you can basically accept all his many many many "persons" for value, as a gift, with no obligations attached, and all is well.

      freedom of religion is still good; since the devil is using alchemy and merging religions together to try to destroy it, reverse-alchemy can be used to keep all the religions preserved and pure without any poison mixed in.

    2. basically, you cant pay a debt with a debt.

      so "the lord" and old test is still on hold due to worldly israel "impurely" occupying the state of israel, there is still no 2nd coming/revelation, and "joshua" apparently is just a man, no trinity, not god -- a debt.

      its also basically nonsensical to reject "the fall" but then push "joshua" and revelation/isiah/ezekiel.

      if there is no "debt" for anyone, then there is no need for 2nd coming/revelation/ezekiel/isiah/joshua/new jerusalem/etc.

      you can basically "accept for value" all these bogus debts, and reject any such undisclosed adhesion contracts.

  13. Funny, ground zero is what they proclaimed about that infamous milestone event that took place
    It is no coincidence that same verbage is being used now to describe this Arizona plot

    And they know exactly what they are doing
    A clip from the article
    Not this month it won’t, Henry.
    You will perish from this Earth with your vision unrealized, and it will fall to ruin soon after you’re gone.
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

    This is what fat ass has had a huge hand in
    And their messiah they've groomed to reveal
    And in the link you will find this statement

    Vegas and the death star stadium
    Arizona and PHOENIX The Valley of the SUN

    They only need 500,000,000 million individual living beings to sign up and volunteer,00002c88ffffd377-nd

  14. How about just keeping our noses clean and our heads screwed on? No hopium. No occult. Just plain old American horse sense.

    And scholarship.

    My people ARE being destroyed for lack of knowledge and we are suffering under a powerful delusion—- but we CAN wake up.

    We can remember who we are.

    We can learn and apply the Public Law.

    We can enforce the Constitutions.

    We can sue in international court to get our stuff back

  15. How about just keeping our noses clean and our heads screwed on? No hopium. No occult. Just plain old American horse sense.

    And scholarship.

    My people ARE being destroyed for lack of knowledge and we are suffering under a powerful delusion—- but we CAN wake up.

    We can remember who we are.

    We can learn and apply the Public Law.

    We can enforce the Constitutions.

    We can sue in international court to get our stuff back

    1. it looks like Public Law includes the addition of Noahide Law, a religion's private law, since around early 1990s.

      is that true?

      also, many people think Noahide Law calls for de@ths of men and women practicing other religions. like christians.

      does "anna" confirm that Noahide Law is part of that Public Law shes promoting?

    2. you didnt quote the bible verse "my people are destroyed...,"
      what? you have people now?!?!
      well, i guess if people agree to be your people /property they can be, but:

      1. Public Law applies to FICTIONS, and Americans are men and women and people; we're under authority of the laws of nature and its creator; the Decl of Indep,; (an American common law paper claiming our property, rights, and standing forever/ "perpetually"); and American, not British or other, common law for the people living upon the land.

      2. we do remember who we are,... quite well as a matter of fact: we're the peaceful and lawful people whose, from right: consent is required in order for us to be governed.

      3. their corporate constitution doesn't apply to us people;
      it was not ratified by the people;
      and we haven't had actual elections to determine who is going to be allowed serve us as our Deputies.
      in the meantime, being peaceful and lawful men and women who are self-governing, we have no problem continuing to follow the law: don't harm anyone or what belongs to them;
      and are freemen and women who have the right to defense, if need ever be.

      4. the people can't "sue":
      we're not corporations,
      were not legal entities,
      and were not in commerce.
      we can't sue.

      5. we have our courts.
      its the people.
      the people are the court on the land.

      i am the court. shelby is the court. bubbapatric is the court. xerces is the court. carpenter, winkwink, and so forth.

      the people are the court.

      We're in America, and here:
      its all the peaceful and lawful people who are the court...
      just like its all the able-bodied, free, peaceful and lawful men are the militia.

      6. the people are not going to go to international courts for trials for the trespasses done to us on our land by other men and women. maybe for assistance with enforcement of our juries' verdicts-- as a last resort.
      we ARE the court.
      we make our law.
      we will hold our courts here.
      in our courthouses.

      we already have our militiamen. we already have courts.
      we already have our courthouses.
      because we are peaceful and lawful and are so motivated, it wont take much to bring it all to fruition because, again:

      1. we, being the courts, already have the courts and we bring our law and our language along with our courts
      2. we, being the militia, already have the militia

      we bring our law and our language with us, on our land, to the courthouses that belong to us:
      the laws of nature and natures creator, that is;
      dont harm any man or his property; and if you do, make him whole again.

      if there's a trial, the claimed wrong-doer gets an open trial before (in front of) the people he lives around;
      and a jury of 12 men or women, with two alternates of his EQUALS, not his PEERS --thats British for his betters, his peerage, those accounted to be superior to him: the Barons.

      our language is Common American language, not "English".

      American Common Law is straight forward, uncomplicated, true, and protective of those men and women doing right to their fellowman.
      Thats our law.

      Public Law is legislated U S Territorial/ British Law just like their Constitution Law and their BILL of Rights Law is theirs.

      Americans just *HAVE* rights.

      We have no need to BILL a British commercial legislative body for them.

  16. Noahide Law was adopted by the Corporations and is NOT Public Law. Some of the people commenting here are so ignorant they should be forced to do their homework before even opening their mouths — a practical recommendation they ignore to their detriment and everyone else’s.

    1. anna,
      what is the second Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney in the *928* packet of free forms used for?

      Doesn't it cancel out the first one?
      How about the forms in between, does it cancel them too?

      wouldn't it be easier to just be nice and answer the short questions than to write rather unfriendly comments?

      it wouldn't take much time.

    2. goodE- a good declaration bears repeating; actually three (3) notices are ideal and lawful(1st could be considered the cover page listing). No rebuttal with 3 notices establishes a matter as Truth, fact, and evidence. Recording same in public record and publishing same is what makes Law. Affirmation repeated, not cancellation, dear One.

      Blessings 2 All BEing & DOing 4 highest Good of All!
      In Love, Peace, Joy & much More... FreeMom7 :)

    3. freemom7,
      thanks for the input!
      heres where we differ:

      man is only required to make his declaration one time...
      3 notices is part of their babylknian system.

      when (a) man/wo speaks it *is* true because man has dominion....

      a mans declaration cannot *BE* rebutted.
      (you'll note how often the babykonian system uses *as*... example: 'stands *as* truth';
      Acting [in legal fiction] *as*
      a judge. Acting. *as 'if'* they were a judge but theyre not, theyre just Acting and so on.)

      true and truth are not necessarily the same.
      what is true never changes.
      something not true can "stand *as (if it is)* truth.

      evidence is not proof.
      circumstantial evidence;
      so-called 'reasonable-suspicion' without actual probable cause; two or three witnesses can lie as we seem to be seeing done by county election boards;
      or the coyotes bringing sons and daughters over the border time and time again, with the people who are getting in all saying that same little boy is their son...and two witnesses confirm it!! when none of them ever saw that little boy before; ..
      but the Agents have seen him before -- because that little boy has been 20 other peoples' little boy that very same day. and so on.

      the first isnt a cover page: its the form dealing with unlawful conversion and/or false claims upon man's property and rights and standing.

      no man/wo has to ever write something down or publish it... most people in the world cant read or write and never will.
      a man is only required to intend, declare, and do.

      If there was no intention by a man to obligate himself, there is no agreement or obligation formed.
      "Affirmation repeated, not cancellation, dear One."

      yes, freemom7, cancellation *is* repeated.
      i want to know why thats all.

      why would that be undisclosed?

      all the best to you too.
      janmarie the woman

    4. goodE- You've been answered on this already. Truth bears repetition. 3X is appropriate; once can be on 928 cover page or Declaration of Service of notice(s). Affirmation & repetition seem necessary to establish or awaken some. Blessings 2 All BEing & DOing peacefully lawfully 4 highest good of All. FreeMom7 :)

  17. The families that have made this nonfiction planet a reality for us all need to be dealt with for their crimes against humanity & all life on earth with their pesticides & poisoning us all with their chemical additives in food.

    The family of 13 & all of their ilk need to be exposed & the corporations they run taken down & all their wealth they've stolen through the banking & govt fraud handed back to the people. Our lands have been stolen so these families can enjoy a life only the rest of us can dream about while poisoning us all with their pesticides, chemical additives in food & drinks & aerosol spraying of our atmosphere for their climate change agenda.

    We've all been manipulated & lied to so these families can stay rich & in control through their Eugenics, corporations, govts & pharmaceutical companies all for what nothing more than shiny stones paper, gold & silver.

    Nature & life on this planet is more important than any riches, nature is the riches we should all be looking after that has been left to us by our creators.

  18. To RDS, (I'll leave Sasha out of this for now) We ARE forming in the LOCAL communities (really 'on' the local communities, ie. on the land, not in the land, that’s what ’they’ do, tunnel-in, right? ) we are empowering the people, not just getting into a self defense, prepare for this or that survival mode. We are way past that. Important to know, is How to walk through this and understand WHO you are, stand with correction, on the record, otherwise we are presumed, like all other sheep, ignorant of who they are. We ARE Pushing Back by organizing the intended 'governing' BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE!! (It doesn’t say person, it does not say citizen...It says PEOPLE. People is plural, person is singular. The true original wet ink documents’ intent, by, for and of the people. If people cannot understand by now, we were then and are now ‘perceived’, as well as our ancestors, duped/pillaged and deceived. We must learn quick, pick up our jaw off the ground, shed the boogie man fear and STAND tall while moving into ACTION from within, locally, and those that cannot are to step aside. The only way to have 'standing' is to correct the presumptions/assumptions, record it and unite with one another to restore the POWER of the people and to the people. We've had the mind- set so ingrained as to what a 'government' is, its been redefined for us not by us, 'taken care of ‘for us'. We’ve been well conditioned to 'vote in' a representative for 'us' because we are to en-trust someone else, yet this has NEVER resulted in what we understood it to be, has it?
    (part one of three) see below

    1. rense,
      great comments.
      yes, and we have to be very careful on the local level too.

      dc and the state capitals are filled with people who came from our towns, -burgs, -villes, and count-ees.

      we've got to "scrub the whole place down",.... there's swamp water everywhere.

  19. It is OUR responsibility to self govern. Look at All the public distractions.... radio, newspapers, t.v., youtube, fbk., etc...all paid actors-‘mockingbirds’, echoing the words on the page. THINK people, THINK. If you stole all the money in the world, hired cons to do the dirty work, are ill intending, are with covert abilities, perceive you are 'in control' to think up countless schemes to continue the fraud, and have gotten away with it for nearly two centuries, in this country….while infiltration/spying (something RDS is grossly familiar with) is their favorite M.O., Why? Because it provides fodder to their agenda, while compartmentalizing everyone else involved. All to protect the few at the top... and so, they continue. 'Ordering' compliance. Have you read a MUO (Mutual UNDERSTANDING ORDER)? ( I have, there are plenty of them hidden in the archived public records at the SEC, of all places, complete with the flag of England proudly displayed across the top)
    (part two of three see below)

  20. We ARE pressing forward. No amount of scare tactics, bullying, fake news riddled with half truths, coated thick with lies, nothing can stop what is happening in the exposure of each and every one of you. We out number them, We know the truth, We know the dirty tricks/tactics, and We choose to stand with God and one another in his full armor, with OUR record’s corrected. Ive never heard RDS speak to any of this. Not once. He's puffed up, tight and more concerned about making coin than restoring our rightful and lawful country. (he pouts, and fires off like a hot air balloon with a tiny pin hole, leaking and spewing around the airwaves). This isn't about 'arrests', 'move them out and continue onward because we got the perps', nor ‘assume 'their' role behind the scenes and do a better job’. 'Their' governance is NOT our governance. Their entire political platform never was for 'our' well being. Rounding up the neighborhood pedophile isn't going to put an end to it all, nor stop those who have perpetrated and condoned the bad behavior(s). This will NOT get us any where. We don't want 'their' role as our governance, get that through your fat head. Common law-Gods law, has been turned inside out, spit at, sliced and diced and absorbed by monsters...hidden in the belly of the beast. ‘Government’, is not what we think it is, in fact they’ve been hard at making sure we didnt think about government at all. Preoccupying us with parades, stories, headlines, sex, hotdogs, beer, sports, T.v. all for the purpose of ‘programming’. They conveniently changed and redefined us, right down to our names and how our names are spelled,(get it? 'spell-ed", as in, a spell or witch craft) then defined that a hundred different ways to sunday till we find ourselves so far from the truth, so far from home, 'they'll never ' know the truth' and this is 'an order'. (Book burnings come to mind, drugs and our children). They muddy the water and you can't see the bottom, stir the pot and every one spins dizzily along. No, RDS, you are on slow boil if you cannot or will not step out of your own blinding reflection. Who are YOU, RDS? Answer that one. We all know your self proclaimed ten minutes of fame or is that shame? Im talking about who are YOU? naked before the creator? We are not in competition, nor money grab, this is not a quick, quick..."cut to the chase, problem solved" 'Look at me, I wrote...blah blah blah' Look at me, I have met, blah blah, had dinner with him, blah blah’. I've NEVER heard once a 'humbling' word out of RDS’ mouth. (You worked for these cut throats, seems to me, you might want to re-evaluate who you are working with today. Lone wolf, doubt it. Con-sultant? Perhaps). Sure, pedophilia and satanic ritualistic murders may not be your thing, and you find it disgusting, most do, but this is lawlessness, pure and simple. Acts against that which is the blatant core is the wicked contrast of good and evil? Immoral 'acts' are the result of what? A dis-compassionate, dis-connected, dis-eased mind, one who first dis-respects God, himself and others at all cost. You must ask yourself, where and how did they become this way, who misguided them, held harmless and fostered this mindset? Who turns a blind eye and fails to hold them accountable through hush money, or blackmail ? Who is complicit? We know and can smell ‘them’ a mile away, now. We are onto the evil amongst us. Use your eyes and ears and shut the trap for once. We've got this!! You? not so much. Who are you protecting? But you, RDS, won’t answer that, will you?

    1. pure gold, every word of this.

  21. I think it's time to start blocking these idiots who speak against the Assemblies and Anna. They are NOT a part of the solution, so that means they are a part of the problem. They offer absolutely no assistance and are only here to complain and cause confusion....

  22. Scriptures say that God it no respector of persons. So many that profess to follow the scriptures and do Gods will have no idea what a person even is. Everyone looks in their system of persons and thinks since they are so high and mighty to use persons and defy God that they are the new God. Ignorance is no excuse and the Kingdom of God is harmed due to ignorance. Obviously respecting persons is warned about and not to be done by those with any wisdom concerning the taking up of a person cloak and going around acting like your someone or something else


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