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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Fog Lifting

 By Anna Von Reitz

"The US" --- what is left of it, is mad. Angry mad.
They think that they are our government, but they aren't. They never have been. At most, they've been employees of subcontractors: "instrumentalities".
That news, which is over two-hundred years old, is just now hitting home in the Beltway, and no clamor of harpies ever gnashed so many teeth.
They have to claim that we privately contracted with them, even though we didn't actually, in order to legalize the situation and make it appear to be consensual. Otherwise, they are guilty of armed piracy and a long, long list of other capital crimes against their own employers.
Either we all individually, knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily contracted with them on a private basis to act in the capacity of British Territorial U.S. Citizens..... and later also took on all the burdens of Municipal citizens of the United States, too, or it's the Admiralty gallows staring them in the face.
Operation of Law kicks in, and silently, the world has changed for the better.
The immediate impulse of the Biden Administration was to mount a DOJ campaign to try to charge us with robbery, fraud, and messing with the dog---- but they've been advised by the JAG and the Vatican Chancery Court that that won't be possible.
The Labor Bonds, Birth Certificate Bonds, and everything else connected to our Good Name actually does belong to us. Not to them.

Imagine that.


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  1. So military and Vatican blocked the syndicate from
    FEMA camping and dusting off guilloteans .
    They have prepared for us dissidents domestic terrorist conspiracy theorist..amazing.

  2. Imagine that...I LOVE IT. Thank you Anna, keep it coming!